Snow White And Her Seven Lovers by Jenna Ives

Snow White And Her Seven Lovers by Jenna Ives

Snow White And Her Seven Lovers

by Jenna Ives

Ebook ISBN: B006PW0O4Y

[ Contemporary Erotica ]

After waking up in the ER, poisoned and with no memory, I accepted my gorgeous doctor’s offer to temporarily move in with him and his six friends. But each man attracted me powerfully enough to want to explore these feelings. Intimately. That is, until the day my fiancé showed up.

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Chapter One

Today was Saturday.

That meant sex with Doc tonight.

Not only was he a real doctor, but his favorite sexual fantasy was to “play doctor” with me. And frankly, my favorite activity was to spend the whole week thinking up ailments that he could, um, treat me for.

Mostly they were gynecological.

Yes, if I was honest, I’d have to say that Saturday was my favorite day of the week. Not that I’d admit it to my six other lovers. I was very satisfied with — and by — each of them, in their own special ways. But Doc was my clear favorite.

And it wasn’t only because of the sex.

Hmm. Maybe I should start this story from the beginning…

Doc was the first person I’d seen on that fateful day three months ago when my entire life had changed. I’d opened my eyes to find myself in a hospital emergency room, with the most incredible pair of baby blues staring down at me in obvious concern. I’d been nauseous, my throat painfully sore, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember what had happened. Or even who I was.

However, I could definitely appreciate the sight of my gorgeous black-haired, blue-eyed doctor. I’d probably fallen half in lust with him right then.

Doc had patiently explained that I’d been poisoned. And that a bunch of his friends had found me lying unconscious in a nearby orchard and brought me to the hospital where he worked. And sure enough, just minutes after I’d regained consciousness, there were six additional sets of eyes looking down at me with equal concern.

Wow. Seven hot men, one more gorgeous than the next. Well, maybe all but for the last one, that is. He had a slightly vacant expression on his sweet face. Or maybe that was just because I had to struggle to make my eyes stay in focus by that point. My ordeal had exhausted me.

Doc took personal charge of my case. He kept me in the hospital for three days while he ran various tests to make sure I was okay, and at least two of his six friends stopped by to check on me each evening. With no memory — and so no family I could contact — the friends’ visits became my favorite part of the day, especially as I got to know them better. The policeman. The librarian. The teacher. The computer whiz. The engineer. The sweet-faced baker, who brought me chocolate chip cookies to offset the bland hospital food. Together with Doc, they were an amazingly diverse bunch of guys, yet clearly the best of friends. And so comfortable in each other’s company that they often finished each other’s sentences.

And these men shared more than just friendship. I discovered they all had a deep sense of responsibility — they obviously felt very protective after rescuing me in the orchard. They were loyal, too, keeping me company each day as I struggled to remember who I was, where I lived, or why I’d been in the woods that day.

Unfortunately, after three days of wracking my brain, my mind was still a complete blank.

On the night before I was set to be discharged, they’d all gathered in my hospital room, concern etched on each and every male face.

Doc frowned, his sapphire eyes troubled. “I don’t like it, but the hospital has to let you go tomorrow. You’re perfectly healthy now, and yet… you were poisoned. By cyanide. Which can be produced from apple seeds. And you were found in an apple orchard.” He blew out a breath. “I’m convinced it wasn’t a suicide attempt, because there are much easier ways to kill yourself than by meticulously crushing half a cup of apple seeds and then ingesting a fatal dose. And besides, even the hospital shrink says your mental state seems far from suicidal. But that leaves us with this: it’s been seventy-two hours, and no one’s come to the hospital looking for you…”

“…or to the police station, either,” the cop, Tom, added. He shoved an obviously frustrated hand through his sandy brown hair. “There haven’t even been any leads I could follow. Nothing was left behind in the orchard, and there were no witnesses I could track down. It’s odd — if someone was trying to kill you, my police instincts tell me they’d be snooping around, wanting to know if they’d succeeded. There should be some clue I could follow. This doesn’t make sense.”

“After all,” the engineer, Steve, pointed out logically, “you don’t exactly look like a runaway who doesn’t want to be found — ”

“— or some vagrant street person,” the sloe-eyed librarian, Brad, agreed.

No, I didn’t feel like a runaway, a street person, or someone intent on suicide, but there were a host of other possibilities, like … was I married, for instance? Doc told me I hadn’t been wearing a ring when his friends discovered me in the orchard, but even so, several times over the last few days I’d stared at my finger, even feeling the skin for a possible indentation. But there was nothing. No tan line, no mark, just smooth skin. And if I was honest, in my gut I didn’t feel married.

But who in the world was I? Not knowing made me sick to my stomach.

“This is j-just awful,” the sweet-faced baker Paul fretted. “What’ll you d-do? Where will you go?”

“When we found you, you had no purse with you,” the teacher, Bob, reminded me. “And no cell phone…”

“…which means you have no money,” the computer whiz Jacob finished. “No I.D. even. Can’t do much in the world without those.”

It was true. I was basically a non-person. On top of no memory, I had no way of supporting myself. How did an amnesiac go about starting a new life? What the hell was I going to do?

There was a heavy silence in the room, until Doc rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “You know, you could move into our house.”

That suggestion was met by a chorus of male heads, all bobbing in eager agreement.

“Great idea!”

“Of course!”


It was an incredibly generous offer, and their enthusiasm touched my heart. Still…“You guys have been great, but…”

“Please, consider it,” Doc urged. “We all live together in a big place on the outskirts of town — an old bed and breakfast we converted back to a house. You’d have free room and board, and in return, maybe you can cook a few meals for us. With a place to stay, you wouldn’t feel such pressure to force your memory to return. After all, the standard prescription in cases of amnesia is time. You’ll remember when you remember. Plus, if you move in with us, I can watch over your recovery.”

I blushed a little self-consciously. During these last three days, I’d found that I’d like to do much more than cook for these seven gorgeous guys, which was another reason I was convinced I wasn’t married. In getting to know them, I’d discovered that each one of these men had qualities that attracted me, whether physically, intellectually or emotionally. How was it possible that such decent, good-hearted guys were all still single?

I fidgeted in my hospital bed. “I don’t know…”

“If you stay with us, I can keep my ears open at the police station for any news on your case and report back to you immediately,” Tom pointed out. “Or, if your memory returns sooner than that — and it turns out someone really did try to kill you — you’ll have me right there when you remember the identity of the perp.” He paused. “And if your memory doesn’t return, you’d be safest with seven of us around to protect you if that scumbag should decide to try again.”

I swallowed hard. Was it possible there could be another attempt on my life?

Goodness. There were so many logical reasons for me to move in with them, in addition to this attraction I felt. How could I argue with all that?

“But you need a n-name,” the sweet-faced baker declared. “What’ll we call you?”

Right. First things first. I didn’t even have a name.

The question seemed to stump them, until Doc raised a hand and looked at me. “How about Blanche? Blanche is the French word for white. And you’re white, in a way. Clean, like a blank slate. You can create your own life and identity from here on out, or at least until you remember the one you had.”

Blanche. I rolled the name around in my head for a minute. It sounded awfully old-fashioned and it didn’t strike any memories, so obviously it wasn’t my real name, but I suppose it would do as well as any other. At least for the time being.

“What do you say, Blanche?” Doc asked quietly. “Will you come live with us?”

I hesitated. Seven best friends was one thing, but… “Why is it that you guys all live together?”

Doc shrugged. “It was just Tom and me as roommates at first. What with a doctor’s crazy shifts and a cop’s long hours we barely ever saw each other. But then Bob needed a temporary place to stay after his divorce. And Steve moved back to town after a few years out in LA. And then Brad came to visit and wound up taking a job here. We’re all good friends, so we ended up moving into the old B&B out on Mulberry Street because it was more convenient for everyone to have their own space.”

So. Nothing too weird about them all living together. Almost like a hotel, of sorts. I’d just be another guest.

“It would be the best option for you right now, Blanche…” Tom urged.

I looked around at seven expectant faces. It was true that with no money I didn’t have many alternatives for living arrangements, but in the end it wasn’t really a hard decision to make. They obviously wanted me to stay with them as much as I was tempted to accept. This tight-knit band of best friends had saved my life, and even though I’d known them for only three short days, my gut told me I could trust them.

“Okay,” I agreed.

They took me home the next day.

During that first week, I’d fully expected Doc to come home from the hospital with news that frantic relatives were looking for me. Or Tom telling me that someone had finally filled out a missing persons report at the police station. But there was nothing. I tried to keep my depression at bay as the days passed, but then the days turned into weeks, until two months had gone by with no word from anyone. And no return of my memory, either.

Which left me with two possibilities: the frightening fact that someone had tried to kill me — and might still be out there looking for me — or the equally upsetting thought that no one cared enough about me to even notice I was missing.

And if my amnesia remained, I might never know. Ever.

So I made a decision: I resolved not to dwell on the depressing possibility of never knowing, but instead be grateful that I was safe in this house with these wonderful men.

And now, after three months, I honestly couldn’t imagine my life any other way. I was deeply happy here. These seven friends had welcomed me with open arms, treated me like a princess from Day One, and I’d decided somewhere along the way that I wanted to do something to repay their kindness and support. Slowly, I set about discovering what each man seemed to be lacking in his life, and then resolved to fill that need in whatever way I could. It was my way of giving back.

Granted, it wasn’t too much of a surprise in a house full of bachelors to find that what was lacking in their lives was a meaningful relationship with a woman, but it was a surprise to find how much I wanted to be that woman. For all of them.

In whatever way they needed. Physically, intellectually or emotionally.

Yes, I’d come to love all seven of these men, each in different ways. And as we’d settled into a comfortable routine here, that routine came to include my spending some private time with each man on a different evening of the week.

Seven men. Seven days. To do whatever they wanted.

But I definitely loved my time with Doc the best. And our Saturday night sex games were definitely a part of it. With a shiver of anticipation now, I knocked lightly on Doc’s bedroom door, then turned the handle and let myself in. He looked up from the thick medical journal he was studying at his desk.

“Excuse me, doctor. I’m sorry to bother you, but I have this pain…”

A slow smile spread across his handsome face. The game was on.

“I see.” His voice dropped to a low rumble, and his blue eyes darkened to the sexiest shade of sapphire. I loved it when he looked at me like that. It made me go all shivery inside. Shivery, and a little breathless. It reminded me of the first time I’d opened my eyes in the hospital emergency room and seen the intensity in his. “Where exactly would this pain be?”

“Between my legs, doctor.”

“Hmm.” He pushed his chair back from his desk, looking at me thoughtfully. “Is it a sharp pain, or more of a dull ache?”

I feigned innocence, playing my part. “I’m not sure. It just feels… uncomfortable.”

“Ah. A medical mystery. Well then, I’ll definitely need to examine you to determine what might be causing it. Take off your clothes and hop up on the bed.”

All my clothes?” I made my voice sound sweetly naïve. God, how I loved playing these games!

“Oh, yes. The discomfort might be between your legs, but it could originate in another area of your body. You never know.”

“Well… all right, doctor. If you say so.”

He rose from his chair and headed for the closet. I knew he was going for his medical bag, the one he always kept in the house for emergencies, the one which had been enhanced recently with a few special, er, instruments that he only used on me.

I shivered in delicious anticipation and slipped out of my clothes, letting them fall haphazardly to the floor. Then I laid on his bed, spreading one arm demurely across my breasts, my other hand modestly covering the curls at the juncture of my thighs.

Doc turned from the closet. He was wearing his white lab coat now, and carrying the black leather bag. “Now, now, there’s no need to be shy. You have a beautiful body.”

“Do you think so, doctor?” I asked demurely.

“Absolutely. Let me see it.”

I tentatively moved my arms, and heard his low growl of appreciation, which turned into more of a throat-clearing kind of sound as he tried hard to stay in character for our game. “Yes, well, just scoot down here to the edge of the bed. I need your legs bent, and your luscious bottom right here at the edge so I can perform my examination.”

I did as he ordered. I particularly loved this part of the game — the moment of complete surrender and vulnerability, that nanosecond of breathless anticipation before he touched me for the first time.

It was a delicious rush of pure sexual excitement.

He knelt on the floor at the foot of the bed and gently pried my bashful knees apart. I resisted for only the merest instant.

Mmm. Beautiful…”

I loved that, too, the unmistakable catch in his voice, the raw, rough honesty of his words, even if that one comment momentarily broke the spell of our little game.

He caught himself quickly, and again made a show of clearing his throat. “Yes, well…” He reached into his bag and pulled out his stethoscope. “Let’s listen to your heart first.”

“My heart? But the pain is between my legs, doctor…”

“Patience. I have to be thorough in my examination.”

The stethoscope was ice cold against my chest, but that was nothing compared to the feel of it when Doc purposely moved the round end up the slope of my breast to tease my nipple. I gasped at the shock of cool metal against that sensitive point, but my body responded exactly as he apparently hoped it would. My nipple hardened to a tight little peak.

“Good. Your reactions are within the normal range.” He repeated the process on my other breast, with the same satisfactory result. Both my nipples were now hard and erect. He slung the stethoscope around his neck. “Now. Tell me if you feel this between your legs.”

He took one nipple between the thumb and forefinger of each of his hands, and twisted them in the most deliciously erotic manner. Intense pleasure shot straight from my breasts right down between my legs.

“Ooooh.” My head arched back into the mattress as my body jerked. “Yes, doctor, I feel do it down there. Is the problem in my breasts, then?”

“No. That’s just a symptom.” He let go of my nipples and settled himself again between my legs. “The real problem is here, but it may be hard to pinpoint. I’ll have to perform several…tests.”

I struggled to catch my breath after the wicked pleasure his fingertips had just given me. “T-tests?” Mmm. I liked the sound of that.

“Yes. First, a visual inspection.”

His thumbs sank into my soft curls and spread my feminine flesh apart. His face was so close that I could feel his hot breath on me there. The caress of warm air every time he exhaled made me squirm with excitement. His mouth was so close …

Please, please…

“Hmm. No problems that I can spot with a visual onceover,” Doc pronounced, pulling away and disappointing me. “I’ll need to try a digital exam.”

A digital exam? Okay, that had possibilities, too. My muscles clenched in delicious anticipation an instant before he slowly eased two fingers inside my body, penetrating deeply. I was wet enough from his earlier teasing that he slid in easily. “Ooooh, doctor.”

“Now, now,” he reassured me with mock patience. “It’s just a quick assessment. Relax.” He made a big show of furrowing his brow in apparent doctor-like concentration as his fingertips curled to examine me from the inside, inspecting me thoroughly, until he found a particularly sensitive spot.

Oh, God. My G spot. He began to slowly stroke me there, driving me insane with pleasure. “Oh, yes doctor, right there.”

“Hmm, yes, I think I’ve discovered the source of your discomfort. But I’ll need to use a special probe just to be sure. Luckily, I have it here.”

He pulled his fingers out of my body, and I ground my teeth in silent frustration. I could easily have come with his mouth or his fingers, but he was driving me crazy by exciting me and then not following through. I expected to see him go for his black medical bag now, but instead, he reached down for the zipper of his pants, and quickly freed his impressive cock. Even at this angle, I could see it was thick and hard and fully erect.

Ah. The special probe.

Thank God. I was more than ready for it.

He reached into the pocket of his lab coat and pulled out a condom. Rolling it on quickly, he guided himself to the entrance of my body. “Now, don’t worry. This won’t hurt a bit.”

Hmm. He was using his best ‘bedside manner’ voice. Amazing that he could still be in character for our game, when all I could think about was where the game was leading. And how quickly I could get there.

You’re supposed to be his patient…

Clearing my throat, I let my eyes go wide in pretend shock, and stared uncertainly at his cock. “Well, I guess so. I mean, if it’s what the doctor ordered…”

With a low growl of approval and one determined thrust, Doc pushed inside me. I thrilled at the intensity of his initial penetration, the excitement of this first sensual invasion. His cock was rock hard, and every subsequent stroke of his powerful body pushed me another inch up the bed, until eventually there was enough room for him to climb up and join me on it.

I smiled. There was something particularly naughty about my being completely naked while he was still fully clothed and wearing his white lab coat. It was wanton, somehow. Wicked.

“Let’s see if I can finally get rid of your discomfort now, hmm?” His husky voice was full of promise.

His body pressed mine into the mattress as he drove into me over and over, each hard thrust forcing me steadily toward that breathless peak of pleasure.

Aah, aah… God, it felt so good…

What finally sent me over the edge were his fingertips back on one of my nipples, twisting it hard, sending those sharp bolts of pleasure shooting straight down between my legs again. Oh, God. Coupled with the fast, hot friction of his thick cock, my body surrendered to his, jerking in wave after wave of toe-curling pleasure.

Doc felt my reaction and murmured his approval, and then he, too, surrendered to his pleasure, sweetly calling the… operation…a success.

But that amazing orgasm was just the beginning of our night together. Doc insisted that he had to be sure I was cured, so it was long hours later — when we were both boneless and exhausted — that I finally snuggled into the warmth of his strong arms.

Mmm. Thank you, doctor. The discomfort between my legs is definitely gone now.”

He chuckled, low, and hugged me close. “Anytime, Blanche. You’re definitely my favorite patient to… treat.”

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