Prophecy of the Undead by Fiona McGier

Prophecy of the Undead by Fiona McGier

Prophecy of the Undead

Mayan Alien Vampires, Book 1
by Fiona McGier

Eternal Press

eBook ISBN: 978-1-61572-798-8
Print ISBN: 978-1-61572-799-5

She wanted to find a way to increase the intelligence of humans to save the world. What she found was the secret to eternity that had come from the stars and a love that would save her.

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Chapter One

She was surprised at how uncomfortable she was when she woke up. At first she couldn’t figure out why her body ached so much in unfamiliar ways. She tried to move the parts that were hurting, and realized that she was tied up, her hands behind her back, and her ankles rubbed raw by the ropes that held them tightly together. Judging by the amount of stinging pain she felt, she figured her wrists and ankles were probably bleeding, the bonds were that tight.
She was also in a small, dark, enclosed place that appeared to be moving. She tried to scream in her panic, but there was a ball-gag in her mouth, so the only audible noise she made was a whimper.
I want to live through this! If I keep up this panic I’ll hyper-ventilate and pass out again! If I’m conscious, maybe I can escape. If I’m unconscious, I may not ever wake up again! Think, Keisha, think! What’s the last thing I remember?
I was walking down the street trying to get to the train station. I thought I was being followed…obviously I was. I was grabbed from behind, then I felt a needle in my neck! I was drugged! Now I’m in the trunk of a car, trussed like a turkey. What the hell do I do now?
The motion of the car ceased and she could hear music briefly, then it was turned down and she heard male voices arguing.
“What the fuck did you do that for? I like that song!”
“I thought I heard a noise from her back there. I don’t want her waking up until we are ready to get rid of her.”
“Can’t we fuck her first? She’s got nice tits.”
“Fuck yeah. But we don’t want her struggling around back there. We gotta keep her drugged up until we are in a nice, isolated spot. That’s where we’ll dump the body.”
“Well I don’t hear anything and the light’s changing. Turn the music back up.”
“Okay, okay. She’s quiet now. It must have been part of the song I heard.”
The car started moving again, and the noise of the road under the tires made her unable to hear much beyond an occasional squawk from the radio.
She was alone with her thoughts again, but that was not a good thing. She had spent too many days and nights on the run, never sure just where the next threat was coming from, but always aware that she was being followed. She had no idea how someone always seemed to know where she was, but no matter where she hid, she had been found each time. She was so sick and tired of being chased that it was almost a relief to have been caught…almost. Of course there was the whole gang-rape and eventual death thing to make the relieved feeling extremely short-lived.
She tried to remember just how long she had been running, but the passing time had just become a blur. When you are living a normal life, you have calendars, clocks, job responsibilities, all kinds of things to let you know how many days have passed, and what day of the week it is today. Once she had escaped from the men trying to kidnap her after breaking into her apartment, she had been running continuously. She had emptied her back account as one of her first moves, so that any money she spent on motels and food wouldn’t be traceable, as if would have been using a debit or credit card. But no matter, her pursuers were always close behind her.
She couldn’t remember the last time she had a good night’s sleep…or even a shower. She had been wearing the same clothing for more days than she could remember, and her stomach had taken to growling at odd times to remind her that her food intake had been drastically reduced to problematic at best. Some days she ate, others she didn’t. She drank water whenever she was near a tap of any kind, and had even drunk from decorative fountains. She knew she must look terrible, because that’s how she felt. Her head ached, her bones were tired, and the muscle aches were not just because she was tied up in an uncomfortable position. She knew she should be thinking about a way to escape, but all she felt was an overwhelming tiredness. She wanted this nightmare that her life had turned into to be over. One way or another, it had to end.
The car was slowing down. The radio was silenced and she could hear male voices swearing loudly. The car seemed to coast to a stop. She listened.
“God dammit! We are out of fucking gas? I thought you filled it at the last station you asshole!”
“You didn’t give me enough money for that,” the other voice whined. I had to buy cigarettes and beer too. I got us a half a tank. I thought that would be enough.”
“We are in the middle of butt-fuck no-where and you thought a half-tank would be enough? The last gas station was about twenty miles back! Now we gotta walk back there to get it!”
“You want I should stay here, to make sure the bitch stays in the car?”
“Hell no! I can’t trust you not to pull her out and fuck her the minute I’m not here. She’s smart enough to escape once you are not paying attention. I know what you are like around women. Besides, one gas can only holds two gallons. That wouldn’t even get us back to that station, let alone anywhere we want to go. We both have to walk back there and both of us will have to carry a coupla gas cans each back to the car.”
“I can’t walk twenty miles.”
“Then I’ll just shoot you now, how’s that?”
“Aw you’re just fooling, right dude? You need me to carry a coupla cans back.”
“You’re damn right, I sure do. Come on, let’s get moving. It’s already getting dark. We gotta get back to the station before it closes. Then we’ll put the gas in the car, drive up to a more deserted place, set the car on fire and dump the bitch in a ditch.”
“Yeah, dump the bitch in the ditch. You’re a funny guy!”
“Move it.”
The sound of two car doors being opened and slammed shut was deafening. The voices continued to argue as the men walked away from the back of the car, presumably back in the direction they had just come from.
Keisha had been holding her breath, praying that the men wouldn’t think to open the trunk and drug her again before they left. Once she was unable to hear their voices anymore, she tried to figure out a plan.
Think, Keisha! Think!
It was too dark in the trunk to see much, but she moved around until she could feel in the air around the back of the car for a latch. She knew that some of the newer car models had a hanging latch so that you could pull it to open the trunk in case you were ever locked in it. But there was no latch.
Just my luck! Those creeps have an old car!
She turned herself around so that she could feel with her feet, for the corner end of the trunk. She knew the lights were somewhere there. If she could just kick out one of the rear lights, maybe she could get someone’s attention.
Yeah, right! I haven’t heard another car passing us since we stopped moving! And if we really are in the middle of nowhere, they might not have much traffic here. Especially at night.
She felt panic rising like bile in her throat. A scream bubbled up and out of her mouth. All that did was make her throat hurt. The ball gag prevented most of the noise from escaping, and she had to pant fast through her nose to try to get herself under control again.
Tentatively she began to kick purposefully at the corner of the car. At first nothing was moving. Then she felt as if her foot was making headway in pushing part of the car out of the way.
Kick…please God, let me escape again! Kick…I promise I’ll be a good person from now on! Kick…oh God, please don’t let me die here, in the middle of no where! Kick…kick…kick…

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  1. Thanks so much for giving my first chapter a bigger exposure to your readers! I hope some decide to check out the book that made the finalists last year for the Angies awards for inter-racial paranormal romance.

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