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Pliable Inhibitions by Zenobia Renquist

Pliable Inhibitions

High Relief, Book 1
by Zenobia Renquist

Ellora’s Cave: Exotika

eBook ISBN: 9781419991707

A hypnotic coin, a sure bet, and a woman willing to succumb.

Emily’s negative body image is killing her marriage. She doesn’t believe her husband Lucas when he says she’s desirable, especially since their sex life is nonexistent.

Lucas has a radical solution to their problems—hypnosis. Emily was wild in her college days and he’s convinced she can be wild again with a little help from a so-called magic coin. While college was a lifetime and several dress sizes ago, she’s willing to play along. She’ll experiment with friends, neighbors, coworkers and whoever else Lucas chooses if it means renewing their wedded bliss.

She knows the coin is a fraud and hypnosis isn’t real…but what Emily knows and what really happens when Lucas uses the magic coin are two totally different things. And what happens is sex so mind-blowing neither Lucas nor Emily will ever be the same.

Inside Scoop: This title contains lesbian and ménage (m/f/m and f/f/m) sex scenes so steamy they’ll leave you gasping for air.

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Chapter One

Emily gave her husband the most incredulous look she could manage and still felt it wasn’t strong enough. “Say all that again because I know I misheard you.”
“I found this magic shop.”
“Yeah, I got that part.” She tossed the shirt she was holding into the laundry basket near the bedroom door and then stooped to grab a discarded sock while glancing around for its partner. Why Lucas couldn’t leave his clothes in a pile, since he refused to use one of the three hampers she’d bought, was beyond her.
“And the old guy behind the counter showed me these three coins.” Lucas held up a bronze coin dangling from a silver chain. “This one with two heads, another with two tails and a third with heads and tails. This one makes the person under the spell do anything I want. The two-tails one makes it so the owner won’t be seen or heard no matter what they do. The third one is a combo of the two.”
“And you got the first one obviously. For how much again?”
“Don’t worry about that.”
She shook her head. “Which means it cost way more than it should have and you don’t want me to pitch a bitch when I find out how much.” She caught sight of the missing sock under the bed, grabbed it and straightened so she could look Lucas in the eyes. “I can’t believe you wasted money on that.”
“It has a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee with a no questions asked refund.”
“Sure it does.” After walking the socks to the basket, she looked around for any articles of clothing she might have missed. The bedroom floor was clean…for now.
“No, listen. The cutoff date is on the receipt so there’s no mistake. I have until 11:59 that night to a full refund, with or without receipt. The place is twenty-four hours and it’s three exits away. What’s the harm in trying it out? I can take it right back if it doesn’t work.”
“The harm is that you spent money on it in the first place. The harm is that those one hundred percent satisfaction guaranteed products always have some hidden fine print that keeps you from getting your money.” She grabbed the coin from him. “What is this thing supposed to do anyway, besides look ugly?”
The face on one side of the coin was a demonic-looking monster. His snarling visage sported a gaping maw full of sharp teeth. The flip side should have had the same picture but instead the monster smirked, still showing sharp teeth but in a condescending sort of way. If this was a play on the happy-face-sad-face, it fell a little short.
Lucas took the coin back. “It’s a mesmerizing coin. It puts a person under hypnosis.”
“Yeah right. I can’t believe you fell for such a blatant lie.”
“So let’s try it out and see.”
“On who?”
“I bought it, so I’m the owner. You be the hypnotee.”
She shook her head again. “No way. I would be out of my mind to put myself at your mercy. You would probably have me doing weird stuff, like pretending to be a rodeo clown.”
“I would never do that. If anything, I would use it for sexual favors.” He wiggled his eyebrows.
“Sexual favors like what?”
“All the kinky stuff you’re too scared to do anymore.”
“What kinky stuff? You never said anything about wanting to try something. Did you want to tie me up? You don’t need a trick coin for that.”
Lucas perked up. “Really now? You’ll let me tie you up?”
“No, which is why you don’t need a coin for it.” She stuck her tongue out at him when he rolled his eyes.
“Come on, Em. Let me hypnotize you. It’ll be fun.”
“For you.” She headed for the basket, walking away from the conversation because it was too silly to keep participating.
“I’ll make it fun for you too. I promise. Cross my heart and everything.” He drew an X over the left side of his chest with his right index finger when she glanced at him. “Nothing embarrassing and only sex-related stuff. Stripteases and blowjobs and anal—that type of thing.”
“Anal, huh?” Emily faced him and put her hands on her hips.
“Like the good old days when we were young and wild and didn’t have kids. I miss those days. Don’t you?”
“You mean when we were young and doing stupid shit at frat parties, which got us the kids.”
“Like I said—wild. Those were good times, Em. You have to admit that at least. We hooked up at a frat party and started dating after, remember?”
She crossed her arms. “I remember you being number four in a seven-man train and then a week later you asked me out when your frat buddies reminded you of that fact.”
“Yeah, I was more than a little tipsy and things were a blur but I could never forget what a fine ass you had.”
“Had. I was a size six. Now I’m pushing a size twelve.” She curled her upper lip as she looked down at the mommy weight she couldn’t seem to shake. Actually, she had no issues shaking it. Getting it not to shake or make her favorite jeans feel too tight, that was the problem.
“You’re still hot as hell. Sure we hooked up under some questionable circumstances we can’t share with our kids when they ask how we met, but we turned out okay. Our second date was a lot better.”
“You mean the second date you set up so we could fuck again while you were sober?”
“And then a few years later, we got married and lived happily ever after in the wedded bliss of boring sex.”
“Correction—we got knocked up, had a shotgun wedding and lived happily ever after with two kids in the house and no time to have sex because we’re both too exhausted.” She looked pointedly at the pile of laundry that required her attention.
Lucas heaved an annoyed sigh. “Come on, Em. Live a little. It’s summer. The kids are gone. Cut loose and pretend life is for having fun. You can’t tell me you don’t miss those days. How about a gangbang for old time’s sake?”
“Not going to happen. The last thing I want to do is be naked around our friends, especially Claudia. I get an inferiority complex every time I stand next to her.”
“She exercises almost every day to look like that. You could do the same thing, if you wanted.”
“So now you’re saying I’m fat.”
“I didn’t say that. Em, stop. Just stop. You look fine. Claudia is cute and all but she’s her. You’re you. If you want to be as small as her, then exercise like you did to drop that weight for your high school reunion.”
Emily groaned. “Don’t remind me. That was horrible. I said I would never do that again. Crash diets suck.” She hefted her breasts. “Besides, if I lose weight, I lose the double Ds too. I know how much you like them.”
“Which is why I said you’re hot the way you are. Leave my fun pillows alone.” He waved the coin. “Come on. You always turn down Duke and Claudia’s invitations to their after-hours, close-friends-only parties with some excuse about not being able to find a babysitter or some other convenient lie to get out of attending. There was a time you would have been the first one there, stripped and ready to do everyone.”
“That was a long time ago.”
“Not that long. I know you’re self-conscious. Think of this like hypno-therapy. Once you’re under, you won’t care about your weight. Don’t you want to feel that carefree again?”
She looked at the coin and then at Lucas. “Hypnosis to get sex. Is this what we’ve resorted to?”
“Call it a spice.”
“For you. I won’t remember anything.”
“I’ll tape it.” Lucas nodded. “Yeah, I’ll tape everything I do so you can see that I didn’t do anything weird or embarrassing and that you enjoyed it. It’ll be a great keepsake.”
“A keepsake that better not end up on the internet.”
“It won’t. Promise. So what do you say?”
She regarded Lucas and the coin and couldn’t think of a solid argument against his request. It wouldn’t work anyway. What was the harm in saying yes? “Fine. You can hypnotize me, but let’s make it interesting with a bet. If this doesn’t work, you have to admit you’re gullible.”
“And you have to come with me to Yolanda’s wedding.”
Lucas groaned as a pale blush rose up his neck. “Come on. No.”
“Then I’m not doing it. That’s my deal. Take it or leave it.”
He looked at the coin. “You know what? I will take that action. If it works, and I know it will, I don’t have to go to Yolanda’s wedding and you owe me once-a-day blowjobs for two weeks for doubting my judgment.”
“You are such a dog, but you’re on.” She stuck out her hand.
Lucas shook it. “We’ve got a deal. No going back when you lose.”
“Same to you.” She pointed at the coin. “So where do we start?”
“With a time limit. It’s a thirty-day money-back guarantee, so you give me twenty-eight days to make it work. That’s plenty of time to get the refund.”
Lucas grinned. “I’m going to love this and so are you.”
“It’s not going to work but knock yourself out. Now that that’s settled, I have laundry.”
“Hold up. The laundry can wait. I want to try this out.”
“Right now?”
“Yes now. We’re already in the bedroom. Sit down and relax.” He waved her toward the bed.
Emily shrugged with a soft sigh and sat on the foot of the bed.
After pulling a folded piece of paper from his back pocket and reading it, he said, “According to the directions, I hold up the coin and you have to stare at it.” He held the coin out.
“You don’t have to swing it?” At least if he swung it Emily wouldn’t be left to stare at the snarling monster. The thing made her feel as if it would jump off the coin and attack her any second.
“No. You just stare at it. I say the magic words and then you say the trigger word or phrase.”
“Me? Not you?”
Lowering his hand, he reread the directions. “Yeah, it says you make it up so it’s personal to you, like a safe word. You have to have it in mind before I start the spell. You come up with the termination word or phrase too.”
“Okay. Give me a second.” Emily closed her eyes and tried to think of two phrases that wouldn’t be everyday. She knew how safe words worked and opened her eyes when something came to her. “I’ve got it.”
“If this works, and I’m not saying it will, but if it does, you seriously better not do anything I wouldn’t do if I was awake and aware. I mean it, Lucas.”
“I wouldn’t do that to you.” He cocked his head to the side. “Now when you say things you wouldn’t do if you were awake, is that just now or back in college too?”
She started to speak, stopped, thought about it and then shrugged. “I’ll be fair. If I did it in college, it’s fair game. But only stuff I did in college up to now. If I haven’t done it before then you can’t make me do it.”
“You’re leaving yourself wide open, you know that, right?”
“It wouldn’t be the first time.”
Lucas snorted. “True.” He held the coin in front of her face. “Ready?”
“Ready…to not be impressed.”
“Just give the trigger and termination phrases when I say and stop being a smartass.” He lifted the directions so he could read the strange words that didn’t resemble any language Emily had ever heard.
She stared at the coin and tried not to laugh at how serious Lucas appeared. He really thought this would work. She was looking forward to him showing up at Yolanda’s wedding. The two were exes from college who had ended as awkward friends. That awkwardness had followed them into adulthood, except Yolanda had gotten over it and invited Emily and Lucas to her wedding while Lucas still blushed a little whenever Yolanda was a topic.
Emily couldn’t guess what the two had done but it was something neither wanted to talk about. That made her all the more curious.
“Trigger word.”
She said, “Snip-snip out.”
Lucas read some more from the directions and then said, “Termination word.”
“Sew-sew in.”
He read the rest with a frown. At the end, he lowered the coin and asked, “So-so?”
“Not S-O. S-E-W. You know, you snip something out and then sew it back together. I figure that makes sense because I’m not supposed to remember anything you make me do.”
“Ah. Smart.” He looped the chain attached to the coin around his neck. “Let’s take it for a test drive.”
“Whatever. Prepare to be disappointed.”
“Snip-snip out.” Lucas stood wearing an expectant expression.
Was he waiting for her to start glowing? If so, she would be curious to see what color her dark-brown skin would give off. She was a spring. Maybe she would glow yellow. A soft orange would be nice too.
She didn’t glow or anything else. Lucas watched her and she stared at him, trying to figure out how long she should sit there silently before telling him to go get the refund. Except he wouldn’t because she’d agreed to twenty-eight days of this. She repressed a sigh. This was not how she’d planned to spend their kid-free summer.
Lucas said, “Sew-sew in.”
“Told you it wouldn’t work.”
“You don’t—” He stopped and then shrugged. “Yeah. Didn’t work. This time. I still have twenty-eight days to figure it out.”
“You do that. I have to get started on the laundry.” Emily rose from the bed, grabbed the laundry basket and left the room. This bet was as good as won. She would finally get Lucas and Yolanda in the same room together and maybe, just maybe, she might be able to pry out of them why they were so uncomfortable around each other. It would serve Lucas right to have a few of his insecurities on display the way Emily’s always were.
Cool air fanning across her chest brought her attention to her open shirt. The top three buttons were undone. She set the basket down and grumbled nonsense as she did them up. She needed to stop wearing this shirt. The buttonholes were worn and loose so it never stayed secure. All she had to do was bend over or stretch and her breasts decided to try for freedom…the way they did when she stooped to retrieve the basket.
But this wouldn’t happen if she could find button-up shirts in her size that didn’t feel baggy and frumpy. The buttons popped free again. She decided to give up a losing battle. “Whatever.”
She walked into the laundry room and started piling a load of dark clothes into the washer. The one good thing about the kids being away for the summer meant laundry day became laundry night, meaning she didn’t have to devote the whole day to it.
“Em, you forgot these.” Lucas stood in the doorway, holding a skirt and pair of panties out to her.
“Thanks.” She grabbed them, put the panties in the delicate pile and the skirt in with the rest of the darks. When Lucas didn’t leave, she glanced at him. “Did you need something?”
“Just admiring you work.”
“Instead of admiring, you could help. There’s laundry in the dryer that needs folding and most of it is yours. Or you could do the dishes.”
“Folding it is.”
“Thank you.” Emily tossed in a detergent ball, dialed in the cycle and then looked over at Lucas. He was gone. She frowned. When did he leave? Better question, why had he taken the clothes out of the dryer and left them in a heap on the folding table? She tamped down her annoyance as she faced the doorway. “Lucas, why didn’t you fold the laundry?”
“Because I’m in the kitchen doing the dishes.”
He poked his head around the doorjamb, grinning wide and appearing pleased. “Did you need me?”
“Every minute of every day. You know that.” She blew a kiss at him and then stuck her tongue out.
“Uh huh. Just wait.” He held out the chain around his neck. “This coin is going to ensure I have the last laugh.”
“You know what they say about he who laughs last, right?”
“He laughs the best.”
“No, he thinks the slowest.”
“Ha. Ha.” He returned to the kitchen and then called, “You want to watch a movie after I finish the dishes? The kids aren’t here to hog the remote. We should celebrate with one of those after-hours movies from Skinemax.”
Emily started to say no, but changed her mind. “Sure. I might even let you get to second base.”
“Promises, promises. But I don’t need your handouts. I can use my trusty coin to score a home run.”
“If it worked.”
“It will.”
Emily decided to let Lucas have the last word. They could argue about this forever but time would decide the victor.
“Oh hey, Lucas, do want to have some of our friends over for a barbecue this weekend? Nothing fancy since three days isn’t much advance notice. Just some food and adult conversation. You haven’t fired up the grill in a while.”
“That I haven’t. Sure. I’ll get the word out. You get the food.”
“Will do.”
Lucas appeared to be in a good mood. Usually doing the dishes made him grumble. Maybe something good had happened at work or he liked the idea of a barbecue more than he let on.
His good mood was infectious. As she folded the laundry, she contemplated playing along with him one time. Lucas hated being wrong. Better to let him think he’d won than put up with his pouting.
The next time he said the phrase she would be the perfect hypnotee, let him crow about it and then take the coin for a refund once he lost interest in it. If that meant going to Yolanda’s wedding alone, Emily didn’t mind. She’d known Lucas wouldn’t go.
The once-a-day blowjobs didn’t bother her either. Lucas was right. The kids were out of the house for the entire summer—a feat she was still amazed they had accomplished. Why shouldn’t they take advantage of that fact with some much-needed grown-up time? There was nothing in their bargain that said Lucas couldn’t go down on her while she was blowing him.
An aroused shiver tickled up her spine. How long had it been since she and Lucas had really indulged in one another? Sex nowadays usually meant a quiet quickie once the kids were asleep. It was as utilitarian and routine as making coffee in the morning. Sex shouldn’t be that way and Emily couldn’t remember when it had become that. Maybe that stupid coin was a good purchase after all. If it got their sex life back on track, she was all for it.
* * * * *
What Actually Happened…
Lucas looped the chain attached to the coin around his neck. “Let’s take it for a test drive.”
“Whatever. Prepare to be disappointed.”
“Snip-snip out.” Lucas watched her with an expectant expression.
Emily let out a small sigh as her shoulders drooped.
“Em?” Lucas waved his hand in front of her face. “Hello?” He poked her nose. “I’m not touching you.”
She blinked at him but didn’t say anything. She wanted to. She hated when people touched her face. It didn’t matter if it was Lucas. She tried to touch her face as little as possible and didn’t want others touching it at all.
“Em, I’ve got my finger on your face.” He pushed at her nose. “You hate when I do this. Why aren’t you saying anything?”
She continued staring at him, allowing him to continue because she couldn’t make him stop.
“Say something.”
“Something,” she said without a hint of humor.
“Funny. Like that joke isn’t older than both of us.” He frowned at little before taking his finger from her nose. “Em? Emily?” Disbelief entered his eyes. “It can’t. Em, say I want to enjoy lots of sex.”
Her voice was deadpan when she said, “I want to enjoy lots of sex.”
“Say oh baby. Yeah. Do it like that, daddy. Harder.”
“Oh baby. Yeah. Do it like that, daddy. Harder.”
“Holy shit. This thing actually works.” Lucas stared at the coin and then at Emily. “No fucking way.” He wiggled his eyebrows and a sly grin split his lips. “Em, squeeze your tits.”
Emily grasped her breasts, squeezed them and then lowered her hands back to her sides.
“Not like that. I guess I have to be specific. Squish them together. No, wait. Unbutton your shirt, pull up your bra and then squish your tits together.”
She undid the buttons one at time. Once her shirt was open, she gripped the middle of her bra and pulled it up to her neck. Her breasts spilled free, jiggling and nipples hardening in the cool air. Placing her hands on either side of her breasts, she pressed them together and then let go.
“Squish them together again and hold it this time.” Lucas’ grin grew as she complied. He moved closer and pushed a finger between her breasts. “Nice. This is better than nice. This is fantastic. It really works. I had doubts but this thing is the real deal.”
Pulling his finger free, Lucas used the tips of his index fingers to move Emily’s nipples in small circles. “Feel good?”
She didn’t answer.
“Em?” He pinched her nipples. “I know you feel this.”
She blinked at him. She felt it fine but couldn’t react.
Lucas stopped and his grin slipped. “Great. I made my wife into a blowup doll with a pulse.” He straightened and ran his right hand through his sandy-blond hair. “Hold on. I mean. Just stay like that.” He picked up the directions from where he’d discarded them and read them. “Ah. Okay. That makes sense. I got this.”
He put the directions aside, faced Emily, clapped once and then rubbed his hands together. A little throat clearing and he said, “Let’s do this. Em, you’re going to react like you normally would, but you won’t be shy or uptight or worried about your weight. I want you to be completely honest. You’ll still do as I say too. You won’t remember anything you did while you were under. You won’t feel any aftereffects from sex acts once you’re awake. Understand?”
Emily sucked her teeth and rolled her eyes. “Of course I understand. Why wouldn’t I understand? I’m not stupid, Lucas.”
He laughed. “Hot damn. There’s my girl. Now let’s try this again.” He poked her nipples as he watched her. “Like that?”
Emily licked her bottom lip. “Mm-hmm.”
“What about this?” He flicked his fingers up and down her nipples.
“Mmmm.” She arched into his touch.
“Damn this is fun. I don’t know what I want to do next. Wait. Yeah I do.” He stopped flicking her nipples and stepped back. “Em, you have a hidden toy cache somewhere, right? Something beyond the stuff we use occasionally.”
“Yeah. What about it?”
“I knew it. Show me.”
Emily stood and went to the walk-in closet. The back wall had built-in shelves for folded clothes, linens and the object Lucas wanted. Because she still held her breasts pressed together, she couldn’t reach for the box hidden behind the winter blankets. Trying to get it with her elbows didn’t work.
“Come on, Em. I told you react like you normally would.” Lucas snapped his fingers. “I also told you to do as I say. Fuck. This shit is tricky. But don’t worry. I’ll figure it out. First off, let go of your tits so you can show me the toys.”
She dropped her hold on her breasts, pushed aside the blankets and pulled out a medium-sized lockbox.
“That’s your toy chest? I thought that was a safe for important documents. Lady, you are slick. Open it up.”
Emily picked up the box and carried it out of the closet. After putting it on the bed, she went to her nightstand and retrieved the key from the drawer so she could unlock and open it. “There.”
Lucas whistled low as he gazed at the contents. “Most of these are anal toys. Matter of fact, all of these are anal toys.” He picked them up one at a time and placed them on the bed. “A vibrating anal wand, vibrating anal balls, a dual-penetrating vibrator, an anal bead rod, a suction-cup dildo, various sizes of butt plugs and a…tail?” He looked at her. “You have a foxtail anal plug?”
“When did you get it? Forget that. When do you wear it? I know I’ve never seen it before.”
She shrugged with indifference. “When I’m home alone. I like to wear it while I’m cleaning. That’s why I have so many long skirts, so I can wear it without worrying about getting caught.”
He arched an eyebrow. “You’re telling me you have this up your ass on the days you’re wearing a long skirt?”
He looked down at the tail and then at Emily before shaking his head. “You wear long skirts almost every day. I think I’ve seen you wear sweatpants a handful of times. Only at home, right? I would like to think I would notice if you wore something like this out.”
“Only in the house. I take it out before the kids get home from school.” She allowed a small smile to curve her lips. “One time you came home early from work and I had to wear it through dinner because I couldn’t find a moment to take it out and put it away.”
“You’re wearing a long skirt today.”
Her smile turned to a grin and she gave a short laugh. “I put it in after I returned from dropping the kids at the airport. I took it out right before you walked through the door.”
“Damn. I’m beginning to think I don’t know my own wife.” He set the tail aside and perused the rest of the toys. “I can assume the tail is your favorite since you wear the thing almost every day. Which is your second favorite?”
Emily picked up the pink dual-penetrating vibrator. It had a beaded anal rod with simulated penis head that was the same length as the realistic dong. Both created a U-shape above the handle, which housed the multi-speed controls that delivered individual or matched vibrations depending on the user’s preference. Emily tended to prefer a soft rumble in her ass and pulsing in her pussy.
Lucas took the vibe from her. “How often do you use this and when?”
“Two or three times a week when I’m taking my shower. It’s waterproof. When I’m on my cycle, I use the wand.” She pointed to the black beaded wand. It didn’t have the same vibration choices as the dual penetrator but it served its purpose when she felt like using it.
“What about the plugs?”
“I got them to see if I like them but I don’t wear them. I prefer the tail if I’m going to wear anything.”
“The balls?”
“Toys really need a try-before-you-buy option. I thought I would prefer them to the rods but I didn’t. They don’t reach as deep as I’d like.”
“So you don’t use them?”
Emily wiggled her ass as the memory of indulging in the balls surfaced. “I do but only on the odd occasion, usually when you and the kids surprise me by leaving the house all day on the weekends.”
“And this?” He hefted the suction-cup dildo—ten inches of thick, pounding fun. “Please tell me this is not for anal play like the rest.”
Just looking at it made Emily’s pussy tingle. She squeezed her thighs together. “Vaginal only and also an odd-occasion toy, when I’m sure you and the kids won’t return for a while. I like to attach it to the side of the computer desk since it’s narrow enough for me to put my legs on either side of it when I’m on my knees.”
Lucas stared at her with his mouth open. “What the hell? Is that why the desk is so damn wobbly? I thought the kids had done something to it.”
“It’s old. We were going to need a new one eventually.”
“I’m betting you would insist on a narrow one to accommodate your little playdates.”
“Of course.”
“Of course.” He looked over the pile of toys. “You’ve been having a lot of fun without me, Em.”
“These walls aren’t that thick. The kids would hear us. That’s why I do all this when no one is home.”
“What about when I’m home and the kids aren’t?”
“You’re busy or I’m busy or you act like you don’t want to be bothered.”
“Em, if you had told me you wanted sex, nothing I was doing would have been important enough to put you off. You should have said something.” Lucas made a dismissive gesture. “Never mind that. We’re going to make up for lost time. The kids aren’t here, the coin works, and I’m going to take full advantage of it starting now.”
“How so?”
He piled all the toys into the lockbox, except the beaded anal wand, and set the box on the nightstand. “Does this thing have batteries in it?”
“No. I never leave batteries in. I don’t want them to corrode or the toy to get jostled and turn on by accident. They’re in the bathroom in the middle drawer.”
After retrieving the batteries, Lucas shoved them into the controller of the wand. “Panties off. Skirt up.”
Emily stepped out of her panties and then pulled her skirt up to her waist.
“Better yet. Skirt off. Bra too but leave your shirt on and get on the bed. Hands and knees with your ass facing me.” He looked around. “Where’s the lube?”
She said as she undressed, “The bottle is in the bottom cupboard pushed behind the cleaning supplies.”
By the time Lucas returned with the bottle, Emily was on the bed. She watched him over her shoulder, eager to find out what he planned to do, though the wand he smeared with lube was a good indicator.
Lucas said, “You sprung for the good stuff I see. I’m still trying to figure out when you bought all this.”
“I got it—”
“You don’t need to answer.” He came up behind her. “Head down on the bed.”
Emily lowered her head to the bed and widened her knees.
“I love this view.” He rubbed her ass. “You’re wet, Em. Did talking about all your toys get you excited?”
He waved the wand at her. “You want me to use this on you, don’t you?”
“After this, the next time we’re both home and you want to use any of your toys, you’re going to bring them to me. You won’t think about why you’re bringing it to me and you won’t think it’s strange and you won’t stop to worry about whether I’m busy. Got it?”
“Got it.”
“Good.” He smoothed the tip of the rod over Emily’s asshole, spreading the lube there.
Emily shimmied and pushed back. She wanted it inside. With all the end-of-the-school-year madness, she hadn’t had many chances to indulge in her normal play. Wearing her tail had been the closest she’d gotten and it wasn’t enough.
Lucas twisted the rod from side to side as he eased it forward. “Yup. This hole is totally used to taking toys. I barely have to do anything. You’re sucking it in. And to think you make me talk you into anal, when you want it bad enough to have a box full of toys devoted to it. You’re a piece of work, Em.”
She grinned at him. Lucas might act annoyed but he was smiling as wide as her. The front of his pants strained to hold his arousal, but she could see the tip peeking out of his waistband. Her inner muscles clenched at the thought of him using his dick in her asshole after the wand.
He pushed the wand until it reached the controller. “There. How do you feel? Comfortable?”
“Too deep?”
“Not at all.” She rolled her ass in hopes of moving the toy but it stayed put.
“Let’s start on high.”
The controller beeped several times in rapid succession as Lucas dialed it up to the max setting. Emily let out a high-pitched squeal of delight. The deep vibrations resonated through her body, making her bounce her hips. Lucas let go and stepped back, watching her move.
Since he wasn’t going to do it, she reached for the toy so she could pump it and increase her enjoyment.
“Hands on the bed.”
She returned her hand to the bed but whimpered.
“What’s wrong, Em? Not enough?”
“No. Move it.”
“Like this?” He grabbed the controller and stirred it in large circles.
Emily panted as the tip wiggled inside her. “Yes. Yes. More.”
“How about this?” He pulled the wand out until the tip almost left her hole, taking it nice and slow so she felt the vibrations of each bead as it exited.
Emily pushed up on her shins, lifting her ass higher. That didn’t keep the wand from leaving her but it did help Lucas when he shoved it back inside. One quick thrust and Emily moaned loudly while clawing at the bed. He did it again—slow out and then a quick thrust in.
He said, “Back up so you bend over the edge.”
She nodded quickly and scooted back. She started to go to her knees but Lucas grabbed her waist, stopping her.
“No, no. I want you up.” He positioned her so she bent forward with her hands braced on the bed and her feet spread. As he unzipped his pants, he said, “Gap that pussy for me, baby.”
Emily shifted her weight to one hand and then reached under her body. Her juices slicked her fingers as she parted her lower lips.
Lucas guided his erection into her channel, sliding to the base. “Ahhhhh. That’s the way. I can feel that vibe. Little thing is strong, isn’t it?”
She nodded because she couldn’t speak. Her legs shook and she had her jaw clenched. She was close. Double penetration always made her come fast. Lucas knew that.
He framed her hips with his hands. His thighs slapped hers as he stroked inside her. “Rub your clit. Nice and quick. Don’t stop until I come.”
The instant Emily’s fingers contacted her clit, she climaxed. Her inner muscles tightened, squeezing Lucas’s dick, and she cried out her pleasure. It didn’t end. She was rubbing her clit the way Lucas told her—fast back-and-forth motions that kept her trapped in the sensation of her orgasm.
“So fucking tight. Love it.” He thrust faster, pushing his stomach against the end of the anal wand controller, which sent the toy a little deeper before Emily’s muscle contractions edged it out again.
The effect was almost like having two men in her at once. She hadn’t felt the same since college. She reveled in it now. Her satisfaction ebbed and flowed like a roller coaster. Each time she peaked, she moaned loud.
“Oh yeah. That’s it. Right…that…yes!” Lucas slammed against her as he spilled his release against her core.
Emily let her hand drop from her clit, thankful to stop yet hungry for more. She and Lucas hadn’t had sex this good in years.
He dialed down the anal wand at the same time he withdrew his dick. Once he was free, he pulled out the wand. “We are definitely doing that again. Isn’t that right?”
“Yes. Very right.”
While tucking his spent dick into his pants and zipping up, he said, “Put your toys away but leave out the tail and dual penetrator. When you’re done, come back and sit on the bed.”
Emily straightened and did as she was told. Her clit twitched every time she moved, a delicious reminder of what had just passed. After sitting on the bed, she stared at Lucas and awaited what he would say next.
“Do up your shirt.”
She buttoned up though the top three buttons kept popping loose because her bra was missing.
“Don’t worry about the top three. It’s fine.” His grin returned. “In fact, you don’t notice that you’re missing your bra or your skirt and panties. Go the rest of the night without them but think that you’re wearing them.”
She nodded.
“Stand up and turn around. Hold your ass open.”
She stood and held her ass cheeks open as she presented Lucas with her back. She let out a happy yip when he wiggled the slender, teardrop shaped plug of her foxtail into her asshole.
“There you go. Sit down again.” He waited for her to sit and then said, “Once I let you out, you won’t notice you’re wearing the tail either but you’ll shake your ass so it wiggles each time I say something to you.”
She nodded.
“And last for now, after I let you out, you will obey the trigger words but won’t remember me using them. It’ll be like you didn’t hear them at all and you won’t see my lips moving if you happen to be looking at me. Matter of fact, you won’t see the coin anymore either, even if I’m holding it right in front of your face. Got it?”
“Good.” He heaved a breath and rolled his shoulders. “Let’s see how this works. Remember I said you won’t feel or notice the aftereffects of sex, so you don’t feel that semen dripping down your leg. And you won’t remember anything you did.”
Emily glanced at the inside of her right thigh and the trail Lucas mentioned. She didn’t know how she wouldn’t notice that. She hated being wet when she should be dry. And her asshole still tingled with the memory of the wand. That she would notice without fail.
“Moment of truth. Sew-sew in.” He stared at her, searching her face and waiting.
Emily said, “Told you it wouldn’t work.”
“You don’t—” He stopped when she shifted against the bed, trying to wiggle her tail but failing since she was sitting on it. He shrugged. “Yeah. Didn’t work. This time. I still have twenty-eight days to figure it out.”
“You do that. I have to get started on the laundry.” Emily rose from the bed, grabbed the laundry basket and left the room, foxtail bumping against the backs of her legs and a thin line of cum dribbling along the inside of her thigh.
Cool air fanning across her chest brought her attention to her open shirt. The top three buttons were undone. She set the basket down and grumbled nonsense as she did them up. The buttons popped free again and would continue to pop free so long as she was missing her bra, allowing her ample bosom to press against the front of the shirt. She stopped fiddling with it. “Whatever.”
She walked into the laundry room and started piling a load of dark clothes into the washer. Each time she bent over to grab more clothes, her pussy pushed free a little more cum mixed with her moisture, extending the trail making its way down her leg to the floor.
“Em, you forgot these.” Lucas stood in the doorway, holding the exact same skirt and panties she was wearing, which couldn’t be the case since she was wearing them. She didn’t have any other skirt with the peacock pattern. Emily wasn’t the type to buy two of anything since that was a waste of money. The light had to be playing tricks, making the pattern look like a peacock when it wasn’t. She had a skirt with a phoenix motif that slightly resembled the peacock one.
She wiggled her ass so her foxtail whipped from side to side as she grabbed the skirt and panties from him. “Thanks.” She put the panties in the delicate pile and the skirt in with the rest of the darks. When Lucas didn’t leave, she glanced at him. “Did you need something?”
“Just admiring you work.”
Wiggle. Wiggle. Wiggle.
“Instead of admiring, you could help. There’s laundry in the dryer that needs folding and most of it is yours. Or you could go do the dishes.”
“Folding it is.”
Wiggle. Wiggle. Wiggle.
“Thank you.” Emily tossed into the washer a detergent ball and dialed in the cycle.
Close to her shoulder, Lucas said, “Snip-snip out.”
Emily wiggled her ass and then stopped moving.
“I could watch that all day but you’ll only do it when you’re wearing the tail.” He pulled it free and set it aside. “I was going to save this for later but watching you shake that ass has got me eager to do it now.”
After he emptied the contents of the dryer onto the folding table, he beckoned Emily over. She walked to him, which made him smile. “You follow nonverbal too, huh? Good to know. I really need to read through those directions later and find out what all I can do.” He pulled the pink dual penetrator from his back pocket. “Bend over.”
The folding table was a little higher than waist height, which made it the perfect level for Emily. She bent forward and rested her head on the warm clothes.
“How about if you put one leg up?”
Emily lifted her right knee onto the table and then shifted so the edge didn’t dig into her skin. “This works too.”
“Good. Hold that pose.” Lucas pulled the lube bottle from his back pocket, spread some onto the penetrator, and then positioned the toy against her asshole and pussy entrance.
Emily whimpered with need.
“Horny, Em?”
She nodded.
“You freaky girl, you. You just came a few minutes ago. But then I knew about your appetite when we got married. That’s why I know you want this as badly as I want to give it to you.” He pushed the toy home as he dialed up the vibrations.
Emily rolled her hips and moaned loudly while gripping the opposite edge of the table to maintain her perch.
“That’s it, Em. Ride it.”
She switched from scooping her ass to rocking. Lucas held the toy steady as she availed herself. At random intervals he changed the speed. One second her pussy had pulses and her asshole had humming. The next both openings received ascending and descending vibrations that complemented and enhanced each other.
Lucas reached around her side so he could rub her clit. Emily let out a happy cry and moved faster. He kissed her shoulder. “Tell me before you come.”
She nodded quickly. The moment was close. So close. Emily’s frantic pumping made the folding counter squeak and shake. “Co-coming. Coming. Coming.”
He pulled the vibe free just as Emily clenched her inner muscles. With the path unimpeded, the liquid proof of her release jetted from her channel. The last of Lucas’s cum exited her pussy and pooled on the floor beneath her.
“Thar she blows.” Lucas laughed and stopped stroking her clit so he could pat her ass. “I knew my Em was still a squirter. She hasn’t done it in a while. For me anyway.” He tapped the vibe against her back. “Do you squirt when you masturbate?”
“Not all the time,” she said in a breathy voice.
“I guess that makes me feel a little better.” He retrieved the foxtail. “Let’s put this back in.”
Emily purred and dipped her hips as he pushed the plug back into her asshole.
“You can’t still be hungry.”
She wiggled, trying to swing the tail, but her position made it awkward.
Lucas cupped her slit and rubbed it, chuckling at the way she slid over his hand. “Or you could. I think I’m going to need some help from more than these toys or you’ll wear me out.” He bent over her and caressed her pussy faster as she tried again to shake her tail.
“Oh yes, Lucas. Just like that.”
“It’s been a while since we had friends over. A long while. How about we have a get-together? A barbecue maybe?”
“All familiar faces, I promise.”
“When?” She inhaled quickly. The act of shaking her tail, shifting her pussy over Lucas’ hand, was about to make her come again.
“This weekend. That’s enough time to get invites out and gather supplies. We can set up in the backyard and then our friends can help get you off. And we don’t have to worry about the neighbors. The Tripps are off on vacation and Noah will probably love to see you like this. What do you say?”
“Yes. Yes. Yes. Lucas, yes. Coming.” Emily came again, panting and trembling.
“Good.” He backed up a few steps. “Remember the conversation about the barbecue but forget the circumstances under which we had it. Also don’t think about all the sex talk. This is just a simple gathering of friends.”
She wiggled her ass. “Okay.”
“Actually, don’t remember the conversation. Bring it up later. I want it to be your idea.”
“Great. Now. Back to the washer with you.” He helped her straighten off the folding table and planted her in front of the washer. After opening the lid so the cycle stopped, he exited the room. Over his shoulder, he said, “Sew-sew in.”
Emily closed the washer lid and then faced the folding table. Lucas was gone. She thought he was folding the clothes. Instead he had left them in a heap on the folding table. He must have snuck away after agreeing to do it.
“Lucas, why didn’t you fold the laundry?”
“Because I’m in the kitchen doing the dishes.”
She wiggled her ass, wagging her foxtail. “Oh.”
He poked his head in the doorway, grinning wide and appearing pleased. “Did you need me?”
She waved her tail. “Every minute of every day. You know that.” She blew a kiss at him and then stuck her tongue out.
“Uh huh. Just wait.” He held out the chain around his neck. “This coin is going to ensure I have the last laugh.”
Wiggle. Wiggle. Wiggle. “You know what they say about he who laughs last, right?”
“He laughs the best.”
Wiggle. Wiggle. Wiggle. “No, he thinks the slowest.”
“Ha. Ha.” He returned to the kitchen and then called, “You want to watch a movie after I finish the dishes? The kids aren’t here to hog the remote. We should celebrate with one of those after-hours movies from Skinemax.”
Emily started to say no, but changed her mind as she waved her hips. “Sure. I might even let you get to second base.”
“Promises, promises. But I don’t need your handouts. I can use my trusty coin to score a home run.”
She wiggled her ass again. “If it worked.”
“It will.”
The foxtail waved harder since she wiggled her ass while walking over to the folding counter. She might as well do it, since Lucas hadn’t. Something wet was under her foot but she ignored it. It was nothing. “Oh hey, Lucas, do want to have some of our friends over for a barbecue this weekend? Nothing fancy since three days isn’t much advance notice. Just some food and adult conversation. You haven’t fired up the grill in a while.”
“That I haven’t. Sure. I’ll get the word out. You get the food.”
She smiled as she waved her tail. “Will do.”
A barbecue was just what she needed to start this summer right. They were kid free for almost three months and she planned to enjoy it.

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