The Agency (Box Set) by Michelle Hasker

The Agency (Collection) by Michelle Hasker

The Agency (Collection)

by Michelle Hasker

Changeling Press

eBook ISBN: 06857-02208

Richard’s got his best agents on a very important case, but their animal instincts are getting in the way of their assignments!

This collection contains the previously released novellas No Monkey’s Business, Serpent’s Kiss, Monkeying Around, and Bear’s Den.

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Chapter One

Jessica Ward pressed up against the wall and wondered how the hell she’d ended up here. Where was a savior when a woman needed one? She held a death grip on the drainpipe, but it wouldn’t hold her weight forever. Dear God, was nothing going to go right on this assignment?
“Is that a monkey?”
Shit! She’d been spotted. With another curse at her bad fortune, Jessica slipped another inch down the drainpipe. Her boss’s words fluttered through her mind again.
We’re counting on you, Jess. Remember, someone in that house is leaking information, and until we can figure out who and why, we need our best agents on the case. The objective is to find out who is selling our secrets and put an end to their dealings by whatever method necessary. We have complete faith in you to complete your special assignment.
“Faith, my ass!” she cursed as she slipped another inch. Not only had she been caught in this predicament, but she needed to find a way to get out of it without having her cover blown.
“Where did that monkey come from? Somebody get my gun.”
A gun? Double shit and shenanigans. She’d dropped her weapon into the bushes below. She needed to get her gun back and get out of sight before she ruined the chance of completing her mission with her cover intact. The last thing she needed was a hotshot recruit nailing her with a stunner while she hung from a drainpipe.
Her savior appeared in the form of Chase Montgomery. When she slipped another inch, Jessica held her breath, braced herself, and then launched herself at the unsuspecting man.
“Incoming!” she yelled, but it came out sounding like a garbled shriek as she fell from the side of the mansion. She’d always wanted to know what it would feel like to be in his arms, and it looked as if she was about to find out.
Chase looked up, shock in every feature. Bet he never thought he’d see her throwing herself at him, let alone looking like this. Biting back a hysterical giggle, Jessica aimed for the arms he now held outstretched to catch her.
She landed in his arms and looked up at him, making a kissy face with her lips. He cracked a smile and tried to dodge her mouth as she planted a big wet one on him. Jessica smiled, leapt out of his arms with more agility than humanly possible, and scrambled into the bushes after her gun.
Once she had her weapon safely in her possession, she hightailed it through the bushes and around to an unguarded section of the house. Since she’d already scouted this route, she relaxed her guard enough to picture Chase’s face when she’d kissed him. He probably never thought he’d catch a monkey in midair and then be kissed by it. Especially not in the suburbs of Philadelphia.
Jessica was still laughing when she’d slipped into her bedroom, changed back to her human form and tugged her clothes on. Every encounter with Chase left her body humming and her libido in overdrive. Apparently it didn’t matter if she was in human form or monkey either, judging by the state of her body’s arousal.
His gorgeous blue eyes and thick black hair were a devastating combination. Especially when on a body that was tight, firm and capable of fulfilling many of her erotic fantasies.
This training exercise was a breeze. By the time she was through with the men, her boss would know she could handle being put in charge of operations, and they’d know exactly which of the men needed more training, and which of them would pass with flying colors. Quite a few of them were goofing off and taking the “orgy” seriously. Why did The Boss think he could have a training mission that covered a man who liked to throw orgies and not have the agents get into the full spirit of things?
A knock on the door startled her as she tugged on her boots. She might be staying at the mansion of one of the wealthiest men in Pennsylvania, but she dressed for comfort. A T-shirt, jeans and boots were staple clothing for her, but sometimes, when she looked at Chase, she wished she looked more feminine. Why was he here anyway? He was the best agent she’d seen pass through the Academy. Was he really here as part of the training? Or was he a test for her?
“Who is it?”
“Chase. Got a minute?”
Jessica ran a quick brush through her hair and made sure her gun was safely tucked out of sight. It would do her no good if he wanted to take it and it was in plain sight. The instinct to trust no one was too well bred in her. Until she knew why Chase was here, she’d treat him like the other agents. That he was one of the top in the Agency didn’t make things easy.
The Boss had her room on video and audio surveillance. Even in here she didn’t get a reprieve from the assignment. She’d learned a lot in this line of work, and the one thing that stuck in her head the most was to never take anything at face value.
When she opened the door, Chase pushed his way inside and shut the door behind him. The lock clicked in place before he glanced around the room. He was looking for something, but what?
Jessica had a sinking suspicion he’d discovered one of her secrets. Her most important one. Maybe he only suspected. That damn stunt on the side of the house might have cost her everything.
“Did you hear all the commotion?” He continued to look around her room. He walked over to the closet and opened it. “What’s this?”
Jessica blushed when he rubbed the fine silk of her light blue dress between his fingers. “What are you doing, Chase?”
“I thought I saw a monkey sneak into your room. You don’t happen to have a pet you didn’t tell us about, do you? One that maybe crept up into Anthony’s bedroom to spy on him?”
“If I had a pet you’d have known by now! I’ve been here nearly a week. Where do you think I’m hiding a monkey?”
Chase laughed. “Okay, I know it sounds weird, but I really did see it sneak into your bedroom.”
Jessica smiled and turned up the charm. This far into the game she wasn’t about to let The Boss’s favorite figure out her secret. She wasn’t going down without a fight. Let The Boss see her reduce the man to a puddle of desire and her walk away unscathed.
“Why did you really come into my room?” She closed the distance between them and leaned into him, pressing her breasts against his broad chest. Mmm. I wanna feel this without the barrier of clothes.
“What?” His expression almost sent her into a bad case of giggles, but she focused on maintaining control.
She walked her fingers up his chest, enjoying the feel of hard muscle under the soft fabric of his shirt. Jessica leaned up, wishing, not for the first time, that she was taller than five feet, and pressed her finger against his lips. “You were just hoping to catch me alone, weren’t you?”
“No. I did see a monkey. I caught it. It kissed me –”
Jessica laughed as she remembered his facial expression when she’d kissed him in monkey form. The shock on his face had been worth it.
“What’s so funny?”
“You.” Jessica concentrated on the scent of him and the feel of him under her hands. She pressed her body completely against him, and felt something hard. Unless he carried a gun where his dick was, and that was unlikely, the man was more than happy to have her plastered against him.
Chase was one man she’d be more than happy to seduce in the line of duty. Hell, she’d want him even if he was here to mess things up for her. Granted, fucking him could ruin all her plans to advance, but oh what a way to go down. “Your dick says I’m right, Chase. You came in here, but not because of a monkey.”
She wouldn’t try to convince him he’d imagined the creature. Others had seen it, too. Now she’d be restricted in how she obtained the item from his room. No one had ever come this close to catching her. Perhaps if she could get Chase to make a pillow talk confession she could find out what he was really doing here. He’d been a last minute addition to the roster, and she still wasn’t convinced the big bad spy needed additional training.
He sucked in a breath, his eyes darkening as she rubbed her body against his. “You could tempt a saint, and I’m no saint.”
“Good. I’ve been watching you, Chase, watching you ever since you arrived.” She slipped her hand around his neck and gently pulled him toward her. Something in him called to her. Even if it destroyed her career, she was going to have this man on his knees one way or another. “Watching and wanting you.”
“I’m a dangerous man, Jess. You don’t know what you’re getting into.”
“Getting into? I just want to fuck you, Chase. Hard and fast, nice and slow, and every way in between. Is that too much to ask?”
“Hell, no,” he growled. He wrapped one hand around the back of her head and reached down to cup one of her ass cheeks. Chase massaged both spots as he lowered his mouth and kissed her.
Jessica put her all into the kiss. Using every feminine wile she possessed, she kissed him back and squeezed her hand in between their bodies. She stroked his erection through his slacks. If he’d been wearing jeans it wouldn’t have been as easy to lock her hand around him and massage him through the material.
“It’s just sex,” he said when he broke the kiss.
Who did he think he was kidding? His breath was coming as fast as hers, and he was hard enough to use his dick for a jackhammer. She wasn’t just a body, he wanted her. “Whatever you say.” She tugged his head back down for another sizzling kiss. She buried her fingers in his hair. Heat raced through her body like molten lava. Every nerve ending stood on edge screaming for more.
When he broke the kiss a second time, it was to lift her in his arms. He carried her over to the bed and placed her gently on the comforter. “I’ve wanted you since you arrived here. If Anthony hadn’t proclaimed you off-limits –”
Jessica interrupted him with a snicker. “Are you serious? That baboon told you I was off-limits?”
“That explains why no one has propositioned me yet.”
“You know there’s more to it than that.”
Jessica grinned and winked. “Yes, the men are smarter than I gave them credit for.”
First Chase’s gaze, then his hands slid over her body. He slid them down, then up her arms, and over her collarbones. His palms moved too quickly over her breasts and down to her waist before he grabbed her T-shirt and tugged it up, exposing her.
Jessica shivered at the chill in the air and the desire in his eyes. Damn, the man was potent. Her anger at Anthony and fear of being found out melted under the heat in the look Chase shot her when he discovered the lacy bra concealing her breasts.
“It’s beautiful. And sexy.” His breathing deepened. “And a surprise.”
“I like to be comfortable, but I’m still a woman.” Jessica gasped when his thumbs brushed against her sensitive nipples. They pebbled under the caress, straining for more of his touch. He really should be labeled a lethal weapon.
“Yes, you are. Mission be damned. I want you, Jess.”
“Anthony and the mission have nothing to do with this, trust me.” Jessica moaned when Chase traced the lace covering her nipples.
“Good.” Chase’s deep voice rumbled through her, soaking her core and drenching her underwear.
Jessica gasped for air when the sensations almost overwhelmed her. How did this one man have such a strong effect on her? Why did it feel like she’d die if she didn’t have him buried deep in her in the next five seconds?
“God, Chase.” She dug her fingers into his biceps and hissed when he bit, then sucked on her nipple through the fabric.
“Feel good?” He dragged his teeth over her nipple, scraping then licking at the hard bud. He looked up at her, his blue eyes sparkling with mischief.
“Mmm.” Jessica arched her back, pressing into him. She struggled to control the rising tension. It had been so long since she’d been laid, and Chase was more desirable than any man she’d been around for months. Her inner monkey shrieked for her to wrap her arms and legs around him and fuck him hard and fast.
“I wanted to take it slow and easy the first time, but I need you too much.”
The first time? Jessica gasped and then moaned, the thread of thought forgotten as Chase kissed a path to the waist of her jeans. He unbuttoned them and tugged them down.
When he got caught up on her boots, he growled. “One would think you were ex-military the way you’ve tied these damn knots.”
Jessica chuckled and kicked at him. “If your hands are too clumsy to untie my hiking boots, then I’ll do it for you.”
“Clumsy? I don’t think so.” Chase had her boots and jeans off in under a minute.
Jessica whistled. “I’m impressed.”
“That was nothing. Wait until you see what I can do with my tongue.” Chase reached up and grabbed her lacy underwear, sliding them down her legs before tossing them aside. Jess took off her bra and threw it on the pile of clothes.
“Wait! You’re still dressed.”
Chase pressed her legs apart and attacked her pussy with the fervor of a starving man. Normally, the overused phrase would have sent her into fits of laughter, but the things he was doing with his tongue drove every thought but pleasure from her mind.
He held her open to his ministrations as he licked and sucked at her entire pussy. He left no area untouched, and even dipped his tongue in her canal. Jessica moaned and clenched her fists tight.
The beginning of an orgasm rose up deep within her, every nerve ending in her body tingling. Chase slipped three fingers in her core, pumping them into her hard and fast. She moaned and tightened around him. He scissored his fingers, and fastened his mouth on her clit.
Jessica screamed and arched her back, her body quivering as her orgasm rocked through her. Again and again, Chase worked her with his fingers, twisting them and rubbing against her inner walls. “God, Chase!” she gasped, fisting her hands in his hair as her orgasm went on and on.
“You taste better than I imagined,” he murmured against her clit, the vibrations sending shivers up her spine.
“Chase, please.” Jessica stared into his lust-filled gaze. “Please fuck me.”
“I plan on it, sweetheart.”
Jessica moaned and tightened her hands in his hair.
“Ever since you arrived I’ve wanted nothing more than to do this.”
“Is that why you avoided me?” She meant to sound sarcastic, but the words came out in between gasps.
“I avoided you because of Anthony’s claim and the mission.”
Jessica wanted to ask him what he meant, but he pulled away before she could. “You aren’t leaving are you?” She tried to ignore the sudden panic that gripped her.
Instead of leaving, Chase tugged off his shirt, and unbuttoned his pants. “I’ve wondered why you are here. I’ve seen you in action. You don’t need a training mission.”
She blushed. “I had to see what I was missing.”
Chase pushed his pants down and stepped out of them. “Whatever the reason, I’m glad you came.”
“So am I.” In more ways than one. Jessica smiled and pushed up on her elbows. She licked her lips and waited for Chase to remove his briefs. They were tight and his erection almost came out of the top of the waistband.
“If you’re going to change your mind, you need to do it now.”
“Change my mind?” Jessica laughed. “You’ve got to be kidding me!”
“Is this business or pleasure for you?”
“Pleasure. That’s why I’m confused by your statements. Now get over here and fuck me. You talk like a woman. Too much!”
Chase chuckled and slipped his thumbs into his underwear. She’d thought he’d been tormenting her before, but that was nothing compared to this. Inch by agonizingly slow inch, he slid his briefs down until his cock sprang free. Her mouth watered at the sight of his long, thick penis. She wanted to get a taste of it before he covered it in latex.
Jessica pushed up and slid off the bed. She dropped to her knees and wrapped her hands around his length. Chase moaned as she closed her lips around the tip of his cock. She traced her tongue around him and then licked the tiny slit. Pre-cum teased her taste buds, making her moan in delight. She sucked on him, drawing him deep in her mouth.
“God, woman.” Chase fisted his hands in her hair and pumped into her mouth.
With a low hum, she accepted his eager thrusts, and cupped his balls with one hand. She gently squeezed and massaged the sac, reveling in his guttural sounds of pleasure. She’d wanted this man since the first time she’d seen him at the Academy. Because of her special shifting abilities, she’d been trained with a select few agents, and kept away from most of the other employees. Despite all that, this was something she’d fantasized about, and she wanted to give him as much pleasure as she could. It might be the only chance she got. Especially once The Boss saw the video.
Chase stared down at the petite sex fiend laving his dick with more attention than it’d had in weeks. He’d seen her a lot around the Agency and at the Academy, but she’d never been in his classes, training or field activities. He’d lusted after her from afar, waiting for his chance to approach her.
This woman was a surprise in more ways than one. Why did the Agency keep her tucked away? So far on this mission, she’d kept herself hidden while the other agents scurried about like mice in a maze searching for cheese.
Getting asked to attend this training mission had given him the means he’d needed to approach her. He didn’t need the training, but he didn’t want to pass up the opportunity for a chance to seduce her.
She worked him with her mouth and hands, bringing sounds he couldn’t and didn’t want to hold back. When Jessica drew him in even deeper and hummed again, he almost came in her mouth. Legs shaking, he tried to pull back, but she followed him with her mouth, latching onto him, sucking even harder.
“Damn, woman. For the first time, I’d like to come in you.”
Jessica hesitated and rocked back on her heels as she slid him out of her mouth. She pressed a kiss to the tip of his cock and grinned up at him. “For the first time?”
“You really are a sex fiend.” He reached for her arms and pulled her up.
“Are you planning on having me more than once tonight?”
“Do you have any objections?” Breathless with anticipation, he stared into her green eyes. Hopefully he hadn’t misread her desires and intentions.
“No objections. I just hope you aren’t all talk and no action.”
“If you’d have kept sucking on my cock like that there wouldn’t have been any action.”
Jessica grinned and placed her palms on his chest. She leaned against him, brushing against his painful erection. “Do you have a condom?”
He nodded and pulled away to reach for his pants. While he grabbed one, Jessica climbed back on the bed and spread her legs. She winked and opened her arms. His fingers shook as he tore open the packet and sheathed his cock. Even that movement brought him too close to the edge. He wanted to make this good for her, show her that he could keep her pleased in bed. If he came now it would all be over and she’d think he was a selfish prick.
“What are you waiting for, Chase?” She tilted her head and pouted.
“I want to look at you for a minute.” And look he did. At her full breasts and pert nipples, at her glistening mound, and at the hunger in her expression as she devoured his body with her gaze.
Her every pose and expression seemed too perfect. It was as if she was trying to look her best and most sexy. The way she lay there, spread open to his gaze with a sexy pout on her face, her red hair flowing around her shoulders and her green eyes dark with desire. She was the epitome of sex. How could she even think he was going to change his mind?
“Chase?” Her voice was husky with desire.
A shiver raced up his spine as he remembered what it’d felt like when she’d worked him with that beautiful mouth. Unable to wait, and not sure why he wanted to, he crawled onto the bed and captured her lips with his. He kissed her with every ounce of passion and desire in him.
Jessica moaned into his mouth and wrapped her arms around him. Soft and pliant, she welcomed him eagerly. Chase rubbed his cock against her clit, teasing her for a minute until her breaths came quick and shallow. Then he slipped into her welcoming dampness.
She gasped and broke their kiss, her eyes widening as she stared at him. He studied her eyes and the undisguised pleasure that filled them as he slid in deeper and deeper.
Her nails dug into his shoulders when he filled her completely. He pressed in even further, her eyelids flickering as she opened her mouth wordlessly and bowed her spine. Once he was buried in her, he held still, holding his breath.
“What are you doing?” She twined her legs around him and squeezed her inner muscles tight.
“Watching you.”
Several expressions skittered across her face, all too quick for him to identify, but he didn’t care when she grinned and arched, pressing against him. She rubbed her breasts against his chest and tugged him close for a kiss. This time it was a slow, gentle kiss.
The burning need to thrust into her hard and fast grew more difficult to contain. Slowly, he pulled almost out, then sank into her hot, wet pussy once more. He filled her completely and took it slow because he didn’t want to hurt her. When he was seated in her fully once more, he rubbed against her. What he wouldn’t give to have this every night for the rest of his life.
Chase groaned and pulled back out. He pushed in slowly again, watching her expressions.
“Damn it, Chase. I’m not made out of glass. Fuck me hard and fast or –”
Not letting her finish the threat, he pulled back and rammed in hard and fast as she’d requested. Her eyes widened, and an expression of pure unadulterated pleasure filled her features. Her legs tightened around him, and she whimpered when he slid out. He thrust back in, and watched her face. She didn’t realize how expressive her beautiful face was, or she’d never let him see her like this. Agents were trained not to show weakness, but damn if she didn’t look even more beautiful in the throes of passion.
She clutched at his shoulders, and her legs clamped around him like a vise. Chase panted as tingles raced through him. His balls tightened. He groaned and tried not to come.
“Mmm.” Jessica moaned and rocked under him.
Chase watched as she closed her eyes, her face flushed with passion. He panted and struggled not to rut like an animal. He wouldn’t come until she did. With steady movements, he thrust deep into her and pulled out, concentrating on her pleasure. His arms and legs shook from holding back his orgasm, and he knew he wouldn’t last much longer.
Desperate to make her come, he slipped a finger in between them, and rubbed on her clit. As soon as he pressed on it, she arched and screamed, her body spasming around him.
“Yes!” He groaned and rammed his cock in. He held still and bowed his spine as her pussy milked him. When he came, it was so hard he almost saw stars. Tremors raced through his body, setting his nerve endings on fire.
When her fingers threaded in his hair and pulled him down, he met her kiss eagerly and tenderly. Taking his weight on his arms, he was careful not to put too much pressure on her as he covered her body with his.
Jessica moaned and slid her legs down his. She massaged his ass, and buried her face in his neck. Chase kissed her neck and inhaled her scent. Even if The Boss caught wind of this and fired him, this — she — had been worth it.

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