Dragon Lords (Box Set) by Cynthia Sax

Dragon Lords (Collection) by Cynthia Sax

Dragon Lords (Collection)

by Cynthia Sax

Changeling Press

eBook ISBN: 06827-02198

Princess Taja dreams of a scarred dragon lord. Weary of waiting, Lady Sabine issues a sexy ultimatum to her laughing knight. A determined Lady Trinia faces fire, wax and an active volcano to win her red dragon. Lady Guinevere frolics naked with twin warriors. When the village needs a virgin sacrifice, Rhoslyn volunteers. Lady Celestria faces her dragon lord on the battlefield.

This collection contains the previously released novellas Dragon Lord’s Mate, Dragon Lord’s Prize, Dragon Lord’s Fire, Her Dragon Lords, Dragon Lord’s Captive, and Dragon Lord’s Destiny.

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Taja’s body trembled with anticipation as she glimpsed the black dragon. She’d waited four long nights, concerned he might not return. The thought was unbearable and the worry unwarranted. He was here.
Smoke drifted between them. When it cleared, the dragon was gone. In its place, there was a man. He walked toward her, clad only in black leather breeches, his powerful chest crisscrossed with scars. Although Taja called out in welcome, her words made no sound, the silence eerie.
He bent his head and kissed her, his mouth firm and heated and demanding, his nostrils flaring, his breath hot against her cheeks. His callused hands ran down her back, touching her as though she was frail and precious, seeing her the way she never thought she wanted to be seen.
Taja touched him greedily. She traced the scar on his face running from his left eye to his chin. She’d never realized she liked her men so battleworn. He stared at her, lightly touching her on the face and neck and arms as though reassuring himself that she was real.
He slipped the straps of her nightgown down her shoulders. She shivered with delight, her nipples puckering. He smiled slowly. Her breath caught at the unusual sight. He was normally so grim. He cupped her right breast, and she gasped as his rough thumb swept over her nipple. Taja arched, her fingertips digging into his shoulders.
His hard cock pressed against her. Would tonight be the night that he joined with her, the way she’d seen animals join with their mates? As though answering her unspoken question, he lowered her onto the ground unlike any other ground, soft like a featherbed beneath her. His body was over hers, propped up by a muscular arm.
He stroked her from her shoulder, over her breasts, to the curve of her hips. She did the same, tracing his scars down to the breeches. She pouted when she reached the waistband, sliding her hands as far as she could. Then in a blink, his pants were gone. She laughed silently at the magic.
With those dark, almost black eyes twinkling, he rolled onto his back, his arms folded behind his head, his body laid out for her to explore. She pressed her fingers against the vein on his neck, feeling his pulse. Taja kissed the deep scar on his right shoulder. She pinched his flat male nipples, fascinated by how they tightened, like hers yet not. His stomach muscles rippled under her palms. And then as she curled his coarse hair around her fingers, there was his cock.
She stroked him, reveling in the textural contrasts. Did all cocks feel like soft skin over marble? She didn’t know, having never touched another naked man. Taja swirled the precum on his cockhead down the shaft, smiling as he lost an ounce of his control and thrust forward into her hand. She licked from the head of his cock to its base, on top and then again underneath. His body vibrated as if with a groan. Taja pulled one of his balls gently into her mouth, teasing it with her tongue before moving to the other. They tightened, hugging his cock.
She fitted his entire cock into her mouth, his tip bumping against the back of her throat, and he kicked out, his feet curling. Taja maintained a constant rhythm of deep strokes. His thick fingers tangled in her hair; then he pushed his pelvis upward, stiffening, and hot salty cream squirted into her mouth.
As she swallowed, sucking the last drops from his cock, he pulled her up, kissing her on the lips, tasting of smoke and man. He turned with her, laying her upon the soft ground.
He rained hard, short, passionate kisses down on her. When he reached her breasts, he slowed, kissing around each nipple until she pulled him to suckle first one then the other. His mouth at her breast, he cupped her mons, running an index finger over her pussy lips. She was embarrassingly wet, but he didn’t seem to mind. If anything, this excited him more. He spread that wetness over her clit, flicking it lightly, and then he entered her with one finger, stretching her. He maintained the same rhythm she had, his thumb swiping against her clit with each stroke.
She closed her eyes, feeling it building, that wonderful pressure he’d taught her to crave, and when she thought she couldn’t take it anymore, he added another finger, filling her further, all the while sucking her breast. As his rhythm increased, so did the pressure of his mouth on her breast, pulling at her nipple. A nip, a hard thrust deep into her, a rub against her clit, and her world came apart. Her body shook, light exploded against her eyelids, and she collapsed.
He took her in his arms, rolling onto his back. His powerful chest heaved under her; his hand rested on her stomach, his breath on her hair. Taja laid her head back, closed her eyes, and slept.

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