Demon Chronicles (Box Set) by Cynthia Sax

Demon Chronicles (Collection) by Cynthia Sax

Demon Chronicles (Collection)

by Cynthia Sax

Changeling Press

eBook ISBN: 06785-02184

Maximus, a powerful blood demon, thinks he has seen everything… until a sexy vessel dances into his nightclub. Mina has to bond with a demon. She resigns herself to a passionless bonding of convenience… until one kiss changes everything. To save his sister, Augustine has to bond with a vessel. What he finds is a beautiful woman with a fondness for exhibitionism and a sexual appetite to match his own. Hadrian can’t remember the last time he had sex. Then he meets Claudia, a demon so powerless she’s almost human, and his interest in all things sexual reemerges with a vengeance.

With ancient demons, sex really does get better with age.

This collection contains the previously released novellas Demon on the Dance Floor, Demon of Convenience, This Enchanted Demon, and Demon for All Time.

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Chapter One

It was Friday night, and scantily-clad bodies writhed on the dance floor. Kayla moved to the pulsing rhythm, brushing against other dancers. She loved the decadent feel of skin. After a long week of little physical contact, she needed to touch. She looked up to the second level of the club. A man leaned against the railing, watching her. She needed to touch him.
His name was Maximus. Max to patrons. As far as she knew he had no last name. He didn’t need one. Everyone knew who he was. What he was. The blood demon owned the club. He was wealthy, ancient, and powerful. No one messed with him.
She shouldn’t mess with him either. She raised her hands, silently calling him to her. There was a flash of red in those demon black eyes. It could have been the strobe lights. Kayla fancied it to be desire. He slowly rolled up the sleeves of his black dress shirt, exposing muscular forearms. Her body vibrated with anticipation. He did that before he danced with her.
He never danced with anyone else. Kayla knew she was deluding herself by thinking that meant something. He was a demon. She was a mere human. He stomped down the stairs. Patrons scattered before him. He was large, looming head and shoulders over the average man. Those shoulders were impossibly wide, accentuating a trim waist.
He made his way through the crowd to her. Kayla resisted the urge to run to him. Instead, she danced, knowing he would come to her. That dark intent was etched into his face. Max wasn’t pretty boy handsome. His face was too wide and his chin too square. He was power personified. Black hair fell over his forehead. Kayla’s fingers itched to push it back.
A tall blonde danced in front of her, and Kayla lost sight of Max. All she saw were big breasts bouncing. She closed her eyes, blocking out her new view. She didn’t have to see that. She didn’t have to see him. She felt him approach. The tiny hairs on the back of her neck stood up. The music slowed to a throbbing primal beat. A big hand clasped her swaying hips.
That was what she needed. She needed Max’s hands on her body. She leaned back into him, reaching up to wrap her fingers around the nape of his neck. His other hand slid under her halter top, his callused fingers rough against her stomach. She undulated against him, shamelessly brushing her ass against his crotch. He moved with her, pressing her into him. They were as one on the dance floor.
She lifted her chin and breathed in deeply. He smelled of expensive cologne and that distinctive scent that was all Max. That scent filled her body. They danced, lost in each other. Max’s demon heat warmed her. He kissed and licked behind her ear. His fingers stroked an inch below her left breast, his touch making her pussy throb to the rhythm. It begged for release.
As if reading her thoughts, he turned her in his arms. This close, there was no mistaking his desire. His eyes glowed red. His jaw clenched. The throbbing in her pussy intensified.
He pulled her to him so she straddled his thigh, her short black skirt pulling up. Sweet heaven. She ground against him. He felt so good. His right hand was on her ass, his fingers cupping and squeezing. His left hand was between her breasts. Her breasts and legs quivered. She was going to come, right in the middle of the dance floor.
“Max,” she cried out, her voice drowned out by the music. She clutched at his shoulders, frantic with feeling.
“Come for me, Kayla,” he commanded. His voice, low and deep, reached down into her, pushing her toward pleasure. She was helpless to resist it.
The other dancers faded from her view. All she saw and felt and heard was him. He coaxed passion from her using ancient, crude-sounding words she did not know yet understood all the same. She rocked against him again and again, her fever building. She was burning.
“Max.” She arched, sliding her pussy forward on his thigh, thrusting her breasts up. He bent his head, his hot mouth dragging along her curves, and she broke. The darkness of the club burst into the light of a thousand laser beams. She convulsed, shaking in his arms.
He drew her up as she quieted, kissing along her body. He paused, his gaze fixed on her pendant. Kayla always wore it. It had been in her family for years, one of the last keepsakes she had from her parents. He smiled slowly and pressed his lips against it. The silver heated, burning her skin.
Kayla looked down in horror. The pendant was melting. Hot liquid dripped over her skin. Her body jerked as she was hit with an unrelenting blast of energy.
“Max?” She held on to him. The assault came from him. What was he doing to her?
“It’s okay. It’s okay.” Max held her, rubbing her back, in a feeble attempt at comfort. Her long brown curls tumbled like silk over his hands. His body ached with desire, and his mind spun. His frail human was not human after all. That realization brought with it both excitement and betrayal. He immediately dismissed the betrayal as an unreasonable emotion. She hadn’t held her identity back from him. She clearly didn’t know she was a vessel. She thought he’d done this to her, her brown eyes flinting with accusing sparks.
Max hadn’t done anything. Vessels were rare, sought after by every demon. He had never — in the over three thousand years he had lived — met a vessel without an accompanying demon. Once bonded with a demon, they were paired for life, forming an eternal unbeatable team.
Kayla was not bonded. The amulet must have concealed her true nature. He would have recognized her otherwise. Any demon would have. Calmness stole over Max. The excess energy, the energy that pulled constantly at his control, drained from him into Kayla. Her trembling eased as her body grew accustomed to the flow between them. He took her hand, careful to keep in physical contact with her.
“Come.” He spoke into her ear. The music continued to boom. He had to explain her transformation in a quiet backroom.
“No.” She pulled away from him. He whipped out his hand to regain the connection but it was too late.
* * *
Roars bellowed from all corners of the room, breaking the liquor bottles displayed behind the bar. Hell. Max rushed a bewildered Kayla toward the wall and then turned, standing protectively in front of her. The dance floor cleared as demons threw human patrons out of their way. The music stopped as the DJ ran for cover.
Adrenaline pumping through his veins, Max shifted into full demon form. His clothes shredded as he grew, horns protruding from his forehead. He swept his tail over Kayla’s stilettos, needing to touch her. She gasped, backing up. She didn’t scream or faint, though. Max liked that. The woman was brave.
The first demon to attack was a baby, less than a century old. The clumsy youth flew toward him, claws extended. Max swatted him out of the way. The demon slammed against the far wall.
The second and third demons synchronized their attacks, running at him from opposite directions. Max flung a fireball at the smallest demon. The demon raised his shields too late and burst into flames. Max turned his attention to the larger demon. He lifted the demon in the air and tossed him against a pillar. There was a satisfying crunch as the demon’s backbone snapped.
Three demons tried their luck next, flying at him from the left, right, and center. Two he disposed of before they reached him. The third, a green monster, got a swipe in with his six-inch claws. Normally Max would have dodged the claws, his reflexes lightning fast, but Kayla was behind him. He had to protect her. He grimaced as the skin on his chest tore. Although he healed instantly, it hurt like the devil. To dissuade others and to appease his blood lust, Max sliced with his claws, severing the green demon’s head from his neck. Blood gushed. The skull cracked on the dance floor. That wound wouldn’t heal.
His satisfaction turned to regret as he heard Kayla whimper. He’d scared her with his viciousness. He felt her fear. Max continued to fight but he moderated his kills, reducing the blood and gore. The demons employed various tactics, trying to take his prize away from him. They didn’t work. Max, having been around for a few thousand years, had seen all their tricks. None of the local demons challenged him for age or power. They were warm-ups for the battles to come.
When the final demon fell to the floor, Max turned to Kayla. She stood with her back pressed against the wall, her face pale, her eyes clenched shut.
“It is done, Kayla.”
Her body jerked at his booming voice. She opened one eye, took a look at him, her mouth rounding, and shut her eyes again.
He grinned, shaking his head. She was adorable. He picked her up by the waist and slung her over his shoulder. She punched and kicked at him, her strength already magnified with the absorbed power. He ignored her efforts, carrying her into a backroom. His staff would clean up the mess on the dance floor. That was one of many things they were well paid for.
Kayla gave up trying to escape. She wouldn’t escape. She was being carried by a demon. Her mind spun. Kayla knew Max was a demon. She knew but she didn’t know that. He had looked human, not like now. Now, he was big and strong and red. She looked down. He had a tail. It swung back and forth and was attached to a tight, red ass, a very naked tight, red ass.
He abruptly released her. Scared of falling, she grabbed onto him. What she grabbed onto was his horns. He groaned. He had horns. She stared up at the gigantic things. She moved her hand along one. It was hard like bone yet covered with soft skin and pulsed with blood-filled veins.
“Kayla, please,” he roared. She had thought his voice deep before. In demon form, his voice sounded like the ground rumbling. “Please let go of my horns.”
She stared into his demon eyes. They burned with a fiery desire she had never before seen. Touching his horns was arousing him. She immediately dropped her hands. He slid her along the side of his body. She held onto him, her hands running over wide shoulders, a muscular chest, a flat stomach and… she pulled her hands back. He was indeed aroused, and his cock was proportional to the rest of him — a massive erection the width of her wrist. “Max?” Surely he didn’t plan to use that thing with her. It would rip her in two.
“Don’t worry.” He laughed, his chuckle a low roll. “I’m smaller in human form.” She recognized his familiar grin and it reassured her. This wasn’t any demon. This was Max. “Not much smaller, mind you.” Her feet touched the ground. She stepped back. “No.” He pulled her forward, his huge hand gentle on her arm. “You have to touch me. If you don’t, the other demons will feel your presence. They will find you.”
She remembered how the demons looked at her and shivered. “Why do they want me?”
“You are a vessel.” Max’s body shrunk in size. His horns sucked back into his skull, his skin becoming the brown tan she was accustomed to. “You are very rare and very valuable. They wish to have you, bond with you. You will make them stronger.”
She was a vessel. What did that mean? She was human. “I feel stronger around you.” When he’d melted her pendant, she’d felt his power flow into her. “You melted my pendant,” she accused. Why would he do that?
Glaring at him, she realized he was still naked, magnificently naked. He was right. He wasn’t much smaller in human form. His cock remained erect, his cockhead broad and purple, his shaft slightly curved, dark hair curling around his base, over his balls. He’d fill her and then some. Her pussy moistened.
His nose twitched as though he smelled her. Her face grew hot. “Time for that later.” He grinned, squeezing her arm. “Hold onto me as I dress.”
He opened a closet. Multiple sets of clothes hung there. Kayla touched his back and his muscles rippled. He released her arm.”Melting your pendant wasn’t intentional. It must have been designed to ward off demons.”
He pulled on a pair of black dress pants, pushing his erect cock to one side in order to zip up. He hadn’t put on underwear. She gaped at him. During all their previous dances, he hadn’t been wearing underwear. She had been one zipper away from bare skin.
“It didn’t ward off you,” she pointed out. Had he only wanted her because she was this vessel he believed was so rare? Did she care?
“Come here.” He sat down on a desk — the wood groaning with his weight — and positioned her between his legs. “I thought you were human.” His thighs touching her, he shrugged into another black long sleeve shirt. “I didn’t know you weren’t.”
“I am human.” She frowned, shooing his hands away to button his shirt herself. “So I have to get another pendant and I’ll be fine.” Where would she find such a thing? She wished her parents were alive. They might have known. She sighed, her fingers reflexively closing around her pendant. She grabbed air. She didn’t have her parents and she didn’t have her only keepsake of them. She had nothing except for one horny demon.
One handsome, horny demon. Max leaned forward and kissed her forehead, his lips hot against her skin. “If that is what you want, to pretend to be human again, we’ll get you another pendant.”
“I’m not pretending to be human. I am human.” She had to be human. That was the only thing she knew how to be. She couldn’t be anything else.
“Hhhmmm…” He didn’t meet her gaze and that worried her.
She was human, right? Right?

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