Heart’s Fall by Zenobia Renquist

Heart's Fall by Zenobia Renquist

Heart’s Fall

Trick or Treat (multi-author series)

by Zenobia Renquist

Changeling Press

Ebook ISBN: 06635-02134

[ Paranormal Halloween Romance, MF ]

A simple Halloween tradition turns into more than Vivian or Cala anticipated. They thought their wild midnight romp was a one-time thing, but the deep longing for each other that remains says otherwise. Fey magic is ready to bind them together forever, assuming they can find each other again.

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Chapter One

Vivian wished she were superstitious enough to believe in the myth of the Lord of Pumpkins — a title shortened to LP in the last few years. When Halloween fell on a Saturday — something that only happened every five, six, or eleven years — her friend’s hometown prepared a weekend-long festival. Part of that was choosing the biggest and best pumpkin as an offering to LP. Along with the pumpkin, the town chose a girl to present the gift. If LP liked her, he would keep her and grant her eternal youth and beauty.

More than a few couples owed their current wedded bliss to this Halloween custom since it was usually a man from town playing the part of LP. That was the true purpose of the tradition now — sex in an open field, in full view of the town with the town’s permission and encouragement.

But everyone had to play their parts. Vivian wore the appropriate sexy pumpkin costume. It was a cute and fitted strapless orange number with a splash of green over her ample breasts and a matching green headband to hold back her mass of micro braids. The dark brown — almost black — shoes she wore matched the horizontal striping running up her thigh-high, pumpkin-orange stockings that stopped just below the puffy skirt of her pumpkin outfit.

Not the costume she would have chosen, but it was all in the name of good fun. Vivian strolled along the path to the waiting pumpkin atop the hill, taking her time since midnight was still half an hour away — give or take a few minutes. She had left her phone with her purse back in her friend’s room. The chill of the night air made her wish she hadn’t forgotten her jacket.

Hugging her bare arms, she crested the hill and then stopped. Her jaw dropped and she stared. Blinking didn’t change the sight of the pumpkin before her. It was huge. The closer Vivian got to it, the bigger it got.

She hadn’t known pumpkins could get this big. The round, orange monstrosity was as tall as her chest. At five-foot-eight, she wasn’t short. If any of the past girls had gone missing, it was probably because the pumpkin had eaten them. Vivian didn’t feel safe standing next to the thing. Every horror movie involving killer vegetation came to mind.

She got closer and knocked on the thing. It sounded and felt real, not that she was much of a judge. All the pumpkins she had known had come in cans and pie shells. The thing was probably a fake. That made the most sense, so she chose that as the logical explanation.

Leaning against it, she sighed and wondered what time it was. How long before her mystery man arrived for their little romp? Why hadn’t she brought her phone so she could at least play some games to pass the time? Whose idea was it to come up here so early if nothing was supposed to happen until midnight?

Vivian shook her head and ordered herself to be patient. Not her strong suit, but nothing would make the clock hit midnight faster. At least the pumpkin blocked the wind.

It didn’t block the fog, however. Thick and white like clouds flying low, the fog surrounded Vivian and impeded her sight. There wasn’t much to see on the hilltop, but the fog blotted out the lights from town. She hoped she wouldn’t have to wade through this mess to get back. Or maybe the guy coming to meet her would bring a flashlight with him.

“I have come.”

Vivian yelped and whirled toward the rumbling, masculine voice. The owner stepped through the fog, causing the wisps to stir and swirl around him. He wasn’t anyone she recognized. Tall, toned and lean, the man stood almost a foot taller than her. The ears extending up to points above the top of his head and the long brown hair flowing free to his waist complemented his elfin features. Autumn leaves decorated his shirt and pants, making it appear almost as if his clothes were really made of leaves.

His piercing green gaze captured and held hers. “I, the Lord of Pumpkins, have come. What do you offer?”

Vivian blinked a few times to regain her concentration. She could be distracted by his looks after they went through the motions. “I offer this pumpkin and myself.”

LP held his hand out to her. “I will accept both… once I have tried each.”

“Fair enough.” She put her hand in his and then sucked in a sharp breath that LP echoed. Tiny tingles similar to static electric shocks trailed up her arm from her fingers. It didn’t hurt. The sensation got her heart beating faster as her body heated and her pussy flooded with moisture.

The large bulge straining against the front of LP’s pants revealed he’d felt the same thing she had and at the same time. Before she could ask what had happened, he yanked her against him and melded his lips to hers. His kiss was deep and searching, looking for answers she would gladly give if he let her speak. Not that she wanted him to let her go.

She wound her arms around his neck and held tight. The kiss only intensified the heat sparking between them. Vivian found herself wrapping one leg around LP’s waist in a bid to move beyond kissing to something much more fulfilling.

The stuffing inside her puffy skirt crinkled loud as it was squished between their pressed bodies. Vivian wished she wasn’t wearing it since it impeded her getting closer to LP, though it seemed LP didn’t have as much issue with it as she did.

With one arm around her waist and the other securing the leg pressed against his side, he crowded close to her. The blunt tip of his erection, straining against the front of his pants, nudged her pussy lips. Vivian wanted to feel all of it, wanted to be closer to him, connected to him.

When she would have backed away from their kiss to put a little distance between them so she could undo his pants and make this first meeting a lot more intimate, LP tightened his hold. And she didn’t know when they had moved, but suddenly the pumpkin was pressing against her back. Her bare back.

Her costume had disappeared. The puffy, crinkling skirt no longer came between her and LP. Her stiff nipples rubbed against the hot skin of his chest as she started breathing harder. His clothes had vanished too. Nothing stood between them.

A single thrust and LP was inside her. Her pussy welcomed every inch of his dick without hesitation, slicking the way and holding him tight so he wouldn’t leave. But he had to. He needed to pull out so he could return.

Each stroke was short, quick, to the base, and had her clutching at LP’s shoulders in a bid to bring him closer. When she managed to free her lips from his, she rasped, “More. Please. More.”

“Oh, yes. So much more.” LP paused long enough to loop her legs over his arms. He held her thighs spread wide as he resumed treating her to his dick, hammering against her. His movements had them panting in time with each other. His green gaze mirrored the wonder Vivian felt.

No man had ever felt so right, so perfect for her. The air around him seemed to sparkle as though the universe was saying he was the one. And she believed it. She never wanted this to end.

Words bubbled up inside her — which words she didn’t know, but she had an overwhelming urge to say them. Something about them was important. Vivian tried to give them form but LP’s movements had her crying out in ecstasy instead. She couldn’t talk with him doing her the way he was, not in any way that would be mistaken for coherent.

LP closed his lips around one of her nipples and she gave up trying to talk. All that left her lips were satisfied moans as he flicked his tongue, sending arcs of pleasure through her body.

There was more. Some part of her knew there was more. That couldn’t be true. Any more than this and she would explode — not that she wasn’t close to that already. The glowing surrounding LP intensified. The words Vivian had failed to speak before returned, urging her to give them voice.

LP turned his gaze to hers. The tingling that had started this entire encounter grew to an intensity that Vivian’s skin prickled with it. It wasn’t painful. Nothing that felt this good could ever be described as painful.

She parted her lips to speak but LP’s mouth melding to hers stopped the words again. Like before, the tide of passion they shared swept the words away. Vivian cared about only one thing — the orgasm that tensed her muscles and had her burying her fingers in LP’s silky hair.

Planting himself to the base, LP spilled his release deep inside her. A satisfied rumble shook his chest, the vibration teasing her nipples. And then he started moving again. His erection hadn’t diminished. The cum inside her churned and mixed with her pussy juices, making loud squishing noises as LP pumped his hips.

Vivian didn’t know if she could handle another round and yet she didn’t want to stop, never wanted to stop. Every part of LP felt too good, too right. She might never feel something so perfect again. Knowing that, she wanted it to go on for as long as possible.

LP paused and backed up a step or two. He brought Vivian with him, not losing his hold on her thighs, making sure she stayed fitted against his dick. After maneuvering one of her legs up so her ankle rested on his shoulder, he resumed his surging into her.

With one of his hands now free, LP nudged his fingers against Vivian’s clit. The jolt of pure delight that shot through her pulled a surprise orgasm from her. She hadn’t known she was close, but the unmistakable quaking of her body as the sensation shook free couldn’t be denied. LP had made her climax from a single touch.

A touch he continued, tracing his fingers over her clit in tiny circles, making her wish she knew his name — his real name, not his title — so she could scream it for the town below them to hear. She settled on just screaming — loud and long and hurting her throat but still not enough to vocalize the amount of joyous bliss she felt being with this man.

Her gratification had her pussy muscles clenching around LP’s length, squeezing him tight enough that his shouts of pleasure mingled with and matched hers. The fact that he felt the same amount of fulfillment as she did added to the moment until Vivian orgasmed for a third time. LP was right behind her, filling her channel with his seed until the excess overflowed and dripped to the ground.

Still he remained hard. LP couldn’t be a real man. It wasn’t possible to come that hard twice and not lose his erection. But while his dick might be ready for more, the man himself stood on shaky legs.

He gathered Vivian against his chest and then dropped to his knees. Vivian straddled him. Both leaned against each other as they focused on catching their breath. Vivian had never before had such frenzied sex. Fast fucks and quickies, yes, but not sex so urgent she had felt the world might end if they didn’t finish.

Nor had she ever had sex where she felt so satisfied at the end. She dropped soft kisses on LP’s head and tightened her hold on his shoulders. A contented purr left her lips as LP’s dick twitched inside her.

She shifted her hips in small circles that made LP dig his fingers into her ass as he tried to seat her more fully onto his dick. He couldn’t go any deeper and still she wanted him to try, to go so deep nothing would ever be able to separate them.

A sharp thrust of his hips so the tip of his cock bumped hard against her cervix got a high, excited cry from Vivian. It also started her moving, bouncing, riding his dick until they were both panting hard. The urgency of before returned and the frenzy started all over again. Nothing else mattered except this.

Vivian lost count of how many times she came. LP’s many releases had slicked her pussy so well she couldn’t clench her muscles tight enough to keep him from leaving her. LP lifted her off his unflagging hard on. She wanted more. She didn’t want it to ever end.

LP held his dick just outside her entrance as though he would return given the slightest prompting. Vivian opened her mouth to give him incentive. He pressed a single, hot finger to her lips and whispered, “No.”

Her pout and soft groan made him smile. He moved his hand so he cupped her cheek. “We are both fatigued past our endurance. It is time we end this. As well, I must return. Dawn approaches.”

“Dawn?” Vivian looked around at the all-encompassing fog. Nothing looked different. How could he know dawn was coming? There was no way they had been having sex for the last six or so hours. Her sore muscles and scratchy throat said otherwise.

LP held her steady as he shuffled back on his knees away from her. Once he was clear he stood. The glistening moisture coating his dick caught her attention. She licked her lips at the thought of helping him get clean, taking his length into her mouth and sucking until she wrung another release from him.

“Such passion. You make it hard for me to leave, but leave I must.” He bent, grasped her right hand and raised it so he could place a soft kiss against her knuckles. “I thank you for the offering, sweet one, and now leave you to your friends.” He released her and stepped back. That single step took him from sweaty and naked to pristine and dressed.

Vivian knew she hadn’t imagined the change because her clothes had reappeared too… minus her panties.

He nodded to her with a soft smile. “Farewell.”

What happened next Vivian couldn’t rationalize away as trick lighting or anything else except magic. Real magic. LP passed his hand over the pumpkin and it disappeared along with LP and the fog. All of it gone as though it had never been there, leaving Vivian sitting on the ground with a disbelieving expression on her face.

She stared at the spot where the pumpkin had been. Only an indentation in the grass remained. She crawled over and felt the spot to be sure. The pumpkin — that huge, heavy-ass pumpkin that had stood up to being a prop for vigorous fucking without budging — had vanished.


Her friend’s frantic voice made Vivian face the path to town. Bethany hobbled on her crutches toward Vivian with half the town following behind her. Vivian quickly made sure her costume covered her before she stood to greet them.

“Viv, thank God!” Bethany grabbed Vivian into a tight hug. “I was worried out of my mind.”

“Why?” Vivian croaked the question, partly because her throat hurt from all her screaming and partly because Bethany’s hold made it hard to breathe.

“Why? What do you mean why? Geoff came up here and said you and the pumpkin had vanished. We’ve been searching for the last seven hours trying to find you. Where the hell have you been?” Bethany was yelling by the time she got to the end of her tirade.

Vivian said the only thing that made sense. The truth. “I’ve been right here the entire time.”

“Bullshit,” Geoff snapped. “I came up here a little before midnight and you weren’t here. Some freak fog had rolled in but I didn’t see you or the pumpkin. I thought you had gone back to town.”

“I’m telling you, I’ve been here the entire time.”

Bethany asked, “Where’s the pumpkin?”

Vivian shrugged. “I have no clue. It was here when I got here and then it was gone.”

“Gone? Gone where? Who took it?”

“The Lord of Pumpkins.”

Bethany asked, “The Lord of Pumpkins?”

“Yup,” Vivian said with a nod. “Congratulations. You’ve made a believer out of me.”

The proof of LP’s pleasure slid down the insides of her thighs, soaking into the tops of her stockings. Vivian hoped her skirt hid the telltale sign of her night-long interlude.

Bethany said, “Let’s head back.”

“You shouldn’t have come up here on that foot.” Vivian was glad for Bethany’s dependency on the crutches, though. It made her friend slow, and Vivian needed slow. Her legs were a bit shaky and all her muscles ached in that way that said she’d done something very naughty very right.

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