Silver Iris (Box Set) by Kate Hill

Silver Iris (Collection) by Kate Hill

Silver Iris (Collection)

by Kate Hill

Changeling Press

Ebook ISBN: 06371-02047

[ Vampire SciFi Romance, MMF ]

In the Silver Iris Galaxy, sexy aliens take adventure to the limits with romantic spoofs, alien bootleggers, horned threesomes and a dangerous spaceship race.

Publisher’s Note: This collection contains the previously released novellas in the Silver Iris Galaxy series.

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GreatSword’s Woman

Ireland, 1656

Mary Katherine O’Connor lifted her chin and made her way to the well in the village square. She ignored the snickers of men and the sidelong glances of women. It amazed her how quickly life could change, and how eager people were to gossip. Up until two days ago she might not have been well liked, but no one blatantly ridiculed her. Yes, she was outspoken, far more than any woman should be. Yes, that was probably the reason she was the only unmarried girl in the village, except for sixty-year-old Widow Taggart and the Donnell triplets who had just celebrated their first birthday, but that didn’t give anyone the right to judge her.

Now, just because she had spent the night with the four O’Leary brothers, people were treating her like the worst kind of rubbish. If a man bedded four women, he was praised for his virility. When a woman did the same, she was dubbed a whore.

“What are you doing tonight, Mary Katherine?” a man grinned as she continued toward the well. “Me six cousins are visiting and we could use some entertainment, love.”

Tired of ignoring the jibes, Mary turned to him and curled her lip. “If they’re as bald and toothless as you, John McFee, you should be making that offer to a blind woman.”

Several ladies gasped and dragged their children into their homes. Only an elderly, cane-wielding hag dared approach her.

“It’s ashamed of yourself you should be, Mary Katherine. Why, your parents are probably turning over in their graves about what you’ve become.”

“What have I become? You all make it sound like I’ve committed a crime!”

“You have. Against the church and the morality of your family.”

“I have no family, and I certainly didn’t see anyone jumping to help me when they all died in a wagon accident ten years ago.”

“If you hadn’t been such a brazen, vile-tongued girl, you would have been married or at least betrothed and had someone to look after you.”

“Turns out I didn’t need looking after at all. Now out of my way, old woman!”

Mary continued with her business. No sooner had she reached the well than a ferocious clap of thunder shook the village. The skies opened up in a torrent of rain that sent everyone rushing for their homes. Mary would have done the same but the silver brooch her mother had left her, the only thing of value she owned, dropped from her shoulder and into the well.

“Oh, bother!” Mary stomped her foot and leaned over the rim, hoping the brooch might have landed on a snag rather than dropping into the water.

Another clap of thunder echoed through the hills and valleys as a great gust of wind pitched Mary over the side of the well. Screaming, she fell into the water. It closed over her head, stealing her breath. No matter how hard she kicked, she couldn’t surface. Panic might have overcome her had a flash of bright light not hurled her into unconsciousness.

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