Willing Captive by Ashlynn Monroe

Willing Captive by Ashlynn Monroe

Willing Captive

Outpost, Book 1

by Ashlynn Monroe

Changeling Press

Ebook ISBN: 06305-02026

[ Alien BDSM Romance, MMF ]

When Lord Xev and his lover, Ra, leave their home in search of a woman to bond with them, they know exactly where to go. Risen Outpost is the most lawless place in the galaxy, and Pale Moon Auction House offers the finest sex slaves on the market. What the Zaronians don’t expect is to find one of the legendary humans for sale to the highest bidder.

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Chapter One

Music reverberated through Kirin Ellison’s Mazda as she drove down the lonely two lane country road. Humming along to the radio, she glanced up at the sky. The black velvet above was dotted with stars. In the city, she never really had the chance to see the night sky — the view here was breathtaking.

No one was expecting her back in Chicago until tomorrow. She didn’t need to rush. Her camera lay on the passenger seat beside her. Pulling over onto the gravel shoulder, she parked next to a fenced pasture.

The warning bell dinged as she carefully pulled out her beloved equipment. Wedding and graduation photography paid the bills, but she couldn’t escape her true calling — she felt drawn to beautiful panoramic landscapes.

Kirin looked up at the silky night sky and began to visualize the shots she would take. The rural beauty was exactly what she wanted. These prints would sell fast in the city.

Chuckling to herself, she shook off the feeling that she was being watched. “I’ve been in the city way too long,” she muttered as she made sure the tripod was stable.

A sudden flash to her left made her straighten and turn. She gasped as three bluish-green lights hovered in the air. “Oh my God!” Kirin’s hands shook as she began frantically snapping pictures. Kirin focused intensely on the lights. She wished her camera had video capability. She expected the hovering lights to fly away, but they didn’t. These prints were definitely going to be a moneymaker.

The lights suddenly catapulted forward and to her horror, they now hovered directly over her car. Her courage held her for only three more shots before her shaking hands managed to free the camera from the tripod. Snatching up her equipment, she rushed back to the car, but froze when a bright light illuminated the area around her. Her eyes widened as the car levitated off the ground. The pulsating yellow light was actually pulling the Mazda skyward.

Kirin bit her lip and stumbled backwards. She had no interest in finding out where her car was going. Her foot slipped on the dew-damp grass and she tumbled backward into the darkness. Pain radiated through her head and her teeth clicked as her jaws snapped together. She blinked up and the darkness vanished. She lay bathed in bright yellow light. Something trickled down her neck and she realized she was bleeding, but that was the least of her worries right now.

Blinking rapidly, Kirin tried to clear her vision, but the lights went in and out of focus. She felt her body lifting. “No,” she moaned.

Unconsciousness claimed her.

When Kirin next opened her eyes, she blinked up at a bright light. She tried to swallow but something was down her throat. Soft plastic cradled her nose and mouth. She looked down her nose at the strange mask. The effort gave her an intense headache and she tried to groan, but the tube down her throat didn’t allow the sound to come out. She lay in a warm cocoon, perfectly cradled in softness. To her horror, she realized she was naked. She tried to move, but she couldn’t. The paralysis was surreal. Her vision was blurry and she blinked rapidly, but it didn’t seem to help. She felt as if she were floating.

Vaguely, she wondered if she’d been drugged.

A dark shadow blocked the light to the left and she tried to focus on what — or who — it was. Her eyes widened and she tried to scream. Being immobile added a sharp bite to her terror. The creature was tall and blue. It had tentacles jutting out of its rather large head, and it didn’t look happy. Coming closer, it made some sort of gibberish noise and ran its hand down her arm, then her hip and leg. She shuddered. Something moved in a blur to her left and she felt a quick stab of pain before her eyes fluttered closed and darkness dragged her back into oblivion.

* * *

“This trip has been long overdue, my friend.. The burden of politics wearies me,” Lord Xev muttered. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

The male between his legs took his cock into his mouth and bobbed his head passionately up and down on Xev’s shaft. Xev watched Ra’s devotion through his long lashes. Long, soft blond hair brushed Xev’s thighs. Eyes half closed, he stretched his arms across the back of the divan.

The crowd bustling about the tavern and the buzz of voices only made Ra’s fellatio more erotic. His companion made a loud popping noise as he pulled his mouth away from Xev’s erection. Ra’s big blue eyes gazed up at him adoringly. Xev could tell he wanted to say something.

“You may speak,” he graciously offered.

“You are right, my lord. I have felt the burden of hiding my affection for you. I lust for you, my lord. Every time I am in the room with you, my cock aches for your touch.”

Xev smiled down at his lover. He cared deeply for Ra. Their friendship, and Ra’s servitude, had grown into a comfortable pattern, but something was missing. They both agreed on that point. “I understand, my friend. The Order would never accept our bond. Here we are free, but you know I can never leave the Order, even to delight in the debauchery of the fringes. This is just a short trip. We will return.”

The glimmer of hope died in Ra’s beautiful eyes and he quickly lowered his head and kissed Xev’s balls. When Ra glanced up, tears shimmered in his eyes. “I know your place, my lord, even as I know mine, but one can dream.” Ra’s voice drifted up. The hot puffs of breath each word created radiated off Xev’s sac. Xev groaned and grabbed a handful of the silken mane as he pressed Ra’s face to his cock. The man immediately complied with his need. Xev closed his eyes and licked his bottom lip. A low groan escaped him. Ra’s hot mouth worked him as only this man could.

“How much for your slave?” a male voice asked.

Xev looked up at a finely dressed Herrlon. Long blue tentacles flowed from the handsome man’s face, all six pierced with diamond studs, as was his nose. Xev smiled. “Ra is my lover, not my slave.”

“That is a shame. I pay well.” The Herrlon fished around in a satchel around his waist and brought out an information chip. Xev took it and a flash filled his mind.

Pale Moon Auction House, quality slaves trained and willing to service every need. Sexual performance guaranteed. Come visit floor six, quadrant nine, of the mercantile plaza to pursue clean and well cared for sexual servants of every species priced for every budget. Obi Kavarious Purveyor.

Xev handed the chip back to Obi Kavarious. “It is my pleasure to meet you. I am Lord Xev, and this is Ra.”

Ra was still giving him head, using all his talent to put on a good show for the slave trader. Xev grinned and arched his back. Having the man watch them was incredibly hot. Moaning, he glanced back and noticed a bulge in Obi’s robes.

“We are… actually here at the market… to make a… purchase. We seek… a female,” Xev managed, the pleasure affecting his ability to communicate.

Obi’s smile widened. “If your friend will demonstrate his skill on my prick next, I’ll allow you to purchase something special. I possess a creature of exceedingly rare beauty — a species that is difficult to locate. Her home world is a class D planet and off limits for contact. These barbarians are sexually vivacious once tamed and I believe she’ll be of extra special interest to a pair of Zaronians. You are from Zaron, yes?”

Xev hoped the man hadn’t recognized him. The last thing he needed was a blackmailer.

Obi raised his hands. “I mean you no offense, Lord Xev. This creature’s physiology makes her the perfect slave for a Zaronian. I see your concern, but this is a place of secrets. What happens here is not spoken of to anyone,” he assured them in a lower tone.

Xev’s curiosity was peeked. He relaxed slightly, but his guard was still up. “What manner of creature are you offering to us?”

“Will your friend suck my dick?” Obi queried bluntly.

Ra looked up at Xev and then at Obi. He nodded yes and then returned to his amorous suckling. Xev writhed, unable to restrain himself. Talking business while getting a good cock-sucking was a unique experience for Xev, but one he was enjoying. “Yes, if you give us a steep discount on a slave girl.”

Obi smiled. “What I have to offer will be costly, but yes, I will give you my very best price. She is Human.”

Ra froze. Xev sat up a little straighter. “Humans are a legend. They don’t exist.”

Obi chuckled. “You will see — and then you will buy.” He sat down next to Xev and took his hand. Xev didn’t resist as the man situated his hand under his ornate robe and around his genitals. Obi’s species had three balls and Xev enjoyed toying with the unusual equipment.

A few patrons were watching them with avid interest. Others were enjoying themselves sexually in the dark corners, but theirs was the only group of all males so they garnered a larger audience.

Xev closed his eyes. The feeling of the other man’s warm, firm genitals in his hand and his lover’s mouth on his cock sent him over the edge. His body tingled. Gripping the cock in his hand tightly, he arched his back and gasped. A small cry left his lips as his orgasm took him. Xev spilled inside of Ra’s mouth and his friend greedily lapped down every drop. Xev gazed down at his truest companion. The adoration in Ra’s eyes was a sucker punch to his gut. He took the man’s face in his hands and pulled him up to place a long, tender kiss on his full, swollen mouth. He could taste himself there, and it only made the contact more passionate. He swirled his tongue against Ra’s and a whimper escaped his lover.

Xev pulled back. “You honor me,” he whispered as he gazed intensely into the blue eyes looking up at him. His dearest comrade’s strong, heavy features seemed to light up, and he looked a decade younger in that moment. Ra licked his lips and gave him a sensual smile. Then turned to Obi.

“I’d like to watch,” Xev said softly. Ra grinned. Obi opened his robes and Xev removed his hand. Ra began by lapping delicately at the man’s unusual testicles. Obi stroked Ra’s hair as the subservient male sucked a testis into his mouth, then licked the shaft of Obi’s penis. Obi’s eyes fluttered shut as Ra gently slid his lips over the thin blue cock. He began sucking in a rhythmic pattern, drawing in and then releasing the exotic erection.

Obi jerked and a small sigh escaped him. “His mouth is skilled and tender. Ah, it has been too long since I’ve had a man between my legs. I’d almost forgotten… ahh… forgotten the pleasure.”

Xev lounged contentedly as Ra devoured their new acquaintance. Ra loved an audience. Watching the full pink mouth working the blue shaft was amazing. Obi hissed out another sigh, panting as sweat dotted his blue brow.

“Oh, my sweet friend, I will sell you the human for the cost of her capture,” Obi declared as his body convulsed and he grabbed Ra’s head, forcing him to take him all the way to the back of his throat. With a skill born of his submissive side, Ra accepted the alien’s rough treatment. He seemed to relish Obi’s abuse. The slave trader’s hips bucked as he fucked Ra’s mouth roughly.

Obi gave a loud cry and then a long groan rumbled out of him as he held Ra’s blond locks in his fingers, tugging mercilessly, and gave a final brutal thrust. Ra’s throat worked furiously as he swallowed the man’s release. Obi collapsed back against the couch and Ra straightened Obi’s robes.

Ra remained kneeling between the man’s legs. Xev could see the massive bulge in his friend’s leather pants. Ra liked to suffer. He would be hard for a very long time, and Xev would enjoy watching him squirm.

Obi’s breath slowly returned to normal. A naked slave came over and gave them each a bottle of Herrlon ale before rushing away. Obi looked at the bartender and raised the bottle in salute. The bartender folded his hands and bowed slightly before returning to his work. A man who’d been watching them intensely grabbed the slave and threw him over a stool. Xev watched as the man slid his cock into the squealing slave. He tossed the bartender a coin. Obi chuckled. The slave’s protests quickly turned to moans.

“Watch, he won’t cum. He was one of mine. Look at his face. Do you see how he not only accepted, but embraced his service? I won’t sell them until they’ve reached this level of perfection, but I’ll make an exception in your case. Your human won’t need training.”

Xev tore his eyes away from the beautiful assault on the male slave and turned to Obi. His eyes narrowed. “I don’t understand.”

“One touch and she’ll belong to you completely.”

Xev’s eyebrow rose. Obi gave a hearty laugh and turned back to watch the man’s ecstasy as he filled the upraised ass he was using. He pulled out of the slave and gave him a hard, resounding slap before walking away. The slave stood awkwardly, his proud erection jutting out. A Herrlon female walked over and gave the engorged cock a hard squeeze. The slave’s eyes fluttered closed. She pulled him along behind her and he followed obediently. Xev watched her take him into one of the private rooms.

“Come, let us go meet your human,” Obi said as he stood and offered Xev his hand.

They took a few steps before Xev turned back to Ra. “Come.”

Ra stood and followed a few paces behind them.

“Your lover is very well trained,” Obi observed. He let go of Xev’s hand.

“He is my life-guardian. He has been raised to be obedient to me, which makes him all the more fun to fuck.” Xev spoke loudly enough for Ra to hear every word. “He is very skilled at maintaining his erection, as well. The last time we went away together, he pleasured me for a full day and most of a night before I gave him permission to cum. There was such beauty in the level of gratitude he showed me after that I almost wept.”

“I am so pleased to be placing the human in such competent hands.”

“I still doubt the validity of her existence.”

Obi chuckled.

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