Sexual Healing by Ashlynn Monroe

Sexual Healing by Ashlynn Monroe

Sexual Healing

Operation Bliss, Book 2

by Ashlynn Monroe

Changeling Press

Ebook ISBN: 06262-02012

[ SciFi Romance ]

Telepathic counselor Lydon Zo thinks he’s in love with the ship’s doctor, but when he’s forced to save a warrior woman he’ll find out he likes it rough. Just because he’s a telepathic therapist doesn’t mean he can always see the truth of his own emotions. The crew is still in danger, but saving themselves never felt so good.

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Chapter One

Doctor Arely Sampson scrambled over fallen equipment, her medical kit strapped to her waist. Lydon Zo, the ship’s Alorian telepathic counselor, watched the doctor go with grim concern. He hated the idea of her having sex with someone she barely knew, but the images coming from her mind told him she wouldn’t let him talk her out of it. The woman was amazing.

The doctor had given the prone woman at his feet a shot of emergency contraception and helped him strip her out of the uniform before they headed back to help the injured male. Now he had a sexual duty to perform as well. Looking down into the young face of the adorable brunette security officer, he prepared to get into her head.

Daynna Winter, a Verogona warrior woman, a valued security officer, lay before him in a state of mindless sexual arousal. His heart constricted. She was too young to die. She hadn’t come to him for psychological services, but he knew her from the moments he’d involuntarily found himself in her head. Emotional pain drew him into people’s minds, and this woman was always in pain.

He crouched next to the prone woman. The headache from overuse of his abilities was already beginning. Daynna, can you hear me? This is Counselor Lydon.

“Yes,” came her weak reply.

Lydon picked up her head and tenderly placed it in his lap. He closed his eyes to see into her psyche. The glimmering sensation and random pictures started to make sense. He knew how to save her now. His eyes popped open. “Fuck.”

She needed to take more than one of his bodily fluids.

Her people had a strict code of sexual conduct. She’d die before she masturbated. Self-stimulation wasn’t a guarantee for survival, in any case. Masturbating hadn’t worked for the man Arely had just gone to help. The wounded man had a laser burn, and he was still suffering from the same illness that affected Daynna. The poor man had jerked off multiple times with no relief. Because of the physiological differences peculiar to his species — a third testicle and penis spur — he needed to come inside a partner. Arely had selflessly volunteered even though she was back to being herself after Lydon and the ship’s head of security, Nikili Berak, had shared her body in the most spectacular way. Lydon’s cock immediately hardened at the memory.

Daynna moaned.

I’m here. He sent her the thought along with all the soothing energy he could spare. Her eyes fluttered open. The deep grey of her irises was beautiful. He couldn’t speak.

“Counselor, I — need…” she whispered brokenly.

The primal nature of her affliction manifested physically and he watched her fangs elongate. Lydon sucked in a sharp breath as a wave of her barely controlled violence hit his psyche. He lost his balance and fell back.

Daynna made a small growling noise. He felt her jumbled, erratic thoughts and realized the dependable security officer he knew was gone. This woman was all warrior and lust.

She rolled quickly and got on all fours above him. His vulnerable half-reclined position left him without an avenue of escape. A tingle of fear raced through his veins. He wasn’t a coward, but the wild expression on the woman’s face told him she was on the hunt and he was the prey.

Daynna. You can control this. You need a sexual release or you’ll die. If you won’t take care of this, please let me help you. Can you understand me?

She made a gruff sound. “I am no fool. I understand clearly. I have abstained for too long. I feel so — alive.”

The slow, halting way that she spoke, with such deliberately chosen words, gave him no comfort. Images of her hunger for real blood and not the specially formulated powdered drink her people now lived on consumed her thoughts. His mind touched hers. The mingling of their thoughts gave him a powerful echo of her lust and hunger. His cock ached as it strained against his uniform. She was looking at his throat and imagining herself riding him and drinking. The erotic image was so clear he moaned.

Daynna flipped him over onto his back so quickly he had no time to resist. She might look like a small human woman, but she had the incredible strength of her race. He lay under her, pinned down — a completely erotic experience.

The seconds that shock held him frozen in place cost him the chance to roll out from under her. She yanked the zipper of his uniform down with one quick motion. Daynna held his hips steady as she took his erection into her mouth. He gaped at her with complete surprise. Lydon couldn’t take his eyes off her. She looked amazing between his legs, but he didn’t trust her not to bite his cock off.

He’d never seen Daynna like this before, but right now, he couldn’t imagine a more desirable woman. He reminded himself he should remember she was under a compulsion and this was sex to save her and not for lust. His cock throbbed. Fuck me, this is lust. My prick doesn’t lie even if I’m trying to justify this. Damn, the way she’s looking at me is incredible. There was this strange combination of domination and innocence in her expression that drove him crazy, but a momentary pang of guilt interrupted his enjoyment. He cared for Arely, even if she didn’t return his feelings.

Daynna’s pink tongue darted out of her small mouth to rapidly lap at the head of his dick. He quickly forgot why he felt guilty.

* * *

Roch, the Herrlon weapons expert, gazed at Arely’s body as she slowly stripped off her uniform. It fell to the floor in a whisper. His massive cock touched his stomach as he sat propped up against the wall. She’d just finished taking care of his laser burn, but now she had a life and death situation to attend — Roch’s cock. She’d had to cut the pants off him to treat the burn on his thigh and his cock had remained erect, even when he’d been in pain. Now he was ready for the rest of his prescribed treatment.

Her breath came out in little pants. The lust pathogen wasn’t completely gone out of her system — at least that was what she was telling herself. She’d never been promiscuous, yet the idea of experiencing sex with this burly alien made her wet. Her pussy throbbed and ached. She stood naked looking at her patient. They had treated his burn, but if she didn’t treat his lust, he’d die. Arely bit her lip. She noticed the little barbed spur at the base of his cock. She wondered how it would feel when he latched on inside of her. Butterflies tingled in her stomach.

“Come to Roch, pretty doctor,” the Herrlon male whispered. She saw a flush spreading on his cheeks and felt heat burning her own. I should just mount him and do this as professionally as possible. She pushed the thought away. Her stomach muscles tightened and she gave a little gasp as the big man grabbed her wrist and pulled her down. He grasped her hips and positioned her so that she straddled him. He slipped one arm around her back while he softly caressed her nipples with the other. “So soft. I think you want this, doctor.”

“Yes,” Arely breathed, unable to help herself. “Will the spur hurt?”

“Do you like pain, doctor?” the big man questioned gently.

“I don’t know. I’ve never had rough sex,” she replied honestly.

“I will be gentle. The women of my kind have a g-spot where the spur attaches. I don’t know what it will do to a human woman. I am glad it is you instead of the unwilling one. I — I almost raped her! And I’ve never hurt a woman.” His voice shook a little.

“None of us are ourselves.” Arely knew the man’s life was at stake, but the pleasure of his hands on her breasts made her compliant. She didn’t just straddle him, but instead let him take the lead. Roch smiled at her and she felt an unexpected affection for him.

He pinched her nipple gently. She hissed a breathy pleasure sound of contentment. The large calloused hand that rested on her back slowly moved lower until he grabbed her ass cheek and gave it a firm squeeze. “You have a nice ass, doctor,” he muttered.

Arely pressed a small, light kiss to his mouth. He groaned and his facial tentacles swarmed over her lips, a dozen hungry mouths tasting her. Whimpering, she parted her lips to let his questing tentacles explore her mouth. The Herrlon made a satisfied sound and she rolled her tongue against his tentacles. With his free hand he grasped the back of her head and pulled her tightly against him. He deepened the kiss with a passion that made her heart beat rapidly in her chest. She couldn’t breathe due to the intensity of the feelings he stirred inside of her. He released her as he cried out in pain.

Arely gazed at his contorted face helplessly. She’d dedicated her life to helping the injured. Seeing his agony was terrible. “Hang in there. We’ll make the hurt stop,” she said as she reached between them and took his cock in her hand.

* * *

Lydon gazed into the beautiful face of the impassioned warrior as she pulled her lips off his cock so that she could look up at him. His telepathic ability gave him insight into his partner unlike that of most races. She was strength and power, but under all of that, she was a woman. She was vulnerable. That realization made guilt rise up until his erection started to deflate. “I hope you’ll forgive me,” he muttered.

She tilted her head to the side. His sixth sense picked up her confusion right away. “I ask for no apology,” she said before she took his cock in her mouth. His back arched with pleasure. She took all of him — right into her throat. She gave him head as if she was an expert, but he knew that wasn’t true. He’d accidentally picked up on her thoughts of her virginity once when he’d been tired and his guard had been down. His people knew how to shield their thoughts, but other species projected without censure. That night Daynna had been projecting loudly because she was worried other crewmembers were gossiping about her lack of a sex life. She feared they’d discover she was a virgin.

“Are you sure you want this?” He moaned the words as his hips bucked involuntarily.

“If I said no, would you want to stop?”

“No,” he said honestly.

She smiled a slow and sensual smile. Her full red lips curved up in an adorable bow. She appeared flushed and he could feel the heat of her fever. Her thought pattern wasn’t as clear as it should be. “I don’t want you to hate me when this is over, but if we don’t do this you’ll die.”

She pressed her mouth against his to silence him. He let her set the pace of the kiss. It was intense. Her lips seared him with the heat of her passion. She tasted like Melorian wine — sweet but hot enough to burn his mouth. Lydon groaned. He’d kissed many women, but nothing was like this contact. When she pulled away from him, he was lust drunk and dizzy. The sounds of their rapid breathing was all he could hear.

“I want to feel your cock inside of me, counselor,” she murmured.

He’d never heard a sexier request in his life. She’d lost all trace of innocence. He wasn’t going to give her another chance to change her mind. This time Lydon rolled her over onto her back. He held her with all his strength and let himself forget what a man should do and instead let his primal alpha male take over.

“I’m going to make you scream my name, sweet one, and then I’m going to fill you with every ounce of cum my cock has for you. Do you want me to fuck you and fill you up, sweet little Daynna?”

Her hazy expression of lust and slow smile was an answer, but he wanted to hear her sultry voice say the words.

“Tell me.”

* * *

Daynna couldn’t believe she was so horny, or so hungry for fresh blood. Yes, even a virgin had moments of lust, but this was so overwhelming. Somewhere in what was left of her rational mind she knew the counselor was telling the truth. She could die from this raging lust. But she didn’t feel like she was ill. The only thing she felt was the ache in her pussy and the tingling awareness that sizzled in her cunt. She’d never felt better — or so alive. “I want you to pump every drop inside of me. I want to know what a cock feels like. Take me!”

He smiled. She’d always thought the counselor was handsome, in the soft way of a man who thought for his bread instead of fighting for it, but right now, he was glorious. Lydon pulled her up into a sitting position so that her legs were around his hips and they sat facing each other with her on his lap. His brown eyes regarded her warmly with open desire. He didn’t try to hide his erection. The man wanted her. Her.

Realizing she’d made his cock hard was a shocking revelation. She’d never had that effect on a male, as far as she knew, and it gave her a sinful rush of pride. Her hand reached between them and she stroked the nicely formed manhood tenderly. What will this feel like inside of me?

It will feel very good. I promise. I will keep you from discomfort and give you only pleasure.

Startled, she jumped slightly, but he kept his arms tightly around her. She’d almost forgotten that he was telepathic. The idea that he was in her head — maybe even right this second — was slightly unsettling and very intrusive.

When I’m having sex it’s hardest to keep my mind from that of my lover. Forgive me, but you make part of me very hard and strong and other parts of me weak.

The men of her tribe would never admit weakness.

Don’t doubt my manhood. I will show you just how strong I am — warrior or not. I will make you feel things no man of your tribe ever could.

All men have the same equipment. His boast means nothing. She felt a tickle in her head and realized it was some sort of psychic reverberations of his laughter. The sensation was very strange, but also oddly enhanced the intimacy between them. She’d never felt so connected to another person. The nudity was surely part of this new feeling, but his voice in her head and the connection of being so completely a part of him was endearing. Her pussy tightened. How close to him will I feel with him when he enters me?

Soon I will show you, but not yet.

She shivered with the anticipation his words caused. Lydon’s large hand cupped her breast and he slowly, albeit firmly, rolled her nipple between this thumb and middle finger. Her head flopped back and she writhed slightly in his arms. She looked down at his hands on her body.

The sight of his fingers manipulating her round nipples was extremely erotic. She’d never seen anything else that made her feel so sexual. A long low moan erupted from deep within her. His mouth found her other nipple and the combination of the wet warmth drawing hard and the other being pinched made wetness trickle down her thigh. She sighed and laid her cheek on the top of his head. His blond hair was soft and she relished the sensations he made her feel.

“I want more,” she moaned. She’d woken up ill, but now her body hummed with vitality. Everything inside of her bloomed for him and she’d never experienced her womanhood so perfectly.

He pulled his mouth from her breast and looked deeply into her eyes. “You shall have it. Today I’ll give you everything I can and you’ll know what it is to be my woman,” he whispered in a husky voice.

My woman? That has to be a figure of speech among his people. He doesn’t even know me.

He didn’t send her a thought or qualify what he’d said. Instead, he just smiled at her and pulled her head to his to kiss her with a wild abandonment that made her toes curl and her hands grasp his back with a sexual violence her warrior nature approved of greatly.

Suddenly pain radiated throughout her body and she shuddered and convulsed in his arms. She felt him trying to touch her mind, but the magnitude of the terrible trauma didn’t let her think. She was nothing except the misery that rolled then ebbed and then escalated again in a terrible crescendo of agony. Warriors didn’t cry, but tears filled her eyes as her body reacted to the most wretched experience she’d ever endured. Blissfully, darkness claimed her. She passed out from the escalating suffering. A single whimper left her lips.

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