Secret Santa Sir by Katherine Kingston

Secret Santa Sir by Katherine Kingston

Secret Santa Sir

by Katherine Kingston

Ellora’s Cave

eBook ISBN: 9781419943591

When Maggie gets a note from a very unofficial Secret Santa during the office’s holiday gift exchange, she’s surprised to be tempted by it. This Secret Santa offers to help fulfill her wilder sexual fantasies, those fantasies she’s never admitted to anyone else. Normally the very professional, uptight Maggie wouldn’t consider doing anything so risky. She wants a husband and family, but she also has kinky sexual fantasies and no man has ever moved her.

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Chapter One

Day Zero—Tuesday, Dec. 12
Maggie Marino studied the two small packages she’d found on her desk when she got to work that morning. Their presence didn’t entirely surprise her since it was the twelfth of December and the first day of the office Secret Santa exchange. The fact that there were two items did. No way these were from the same person, so apparently she had two Secret Santas? She only had one person to be Secret Santa for, so that didn’t make sense. On the other hand, the giver of the second gift might have been a volunteer.
The stuffed kitten in the glossy red bag wore a tiny Santa hat and the placid self-congratulatory smile of the terminally cute. The small card that accompanied it proclaimed its origin with her Secret Santa.
Maggie set the kitten on the shelf over her desk and considered the other gift, which had come in a small, plain black box.
She reached in, unfolded the note that accompanied it and read it for the third time in the twenty minutes since she’d entered her cubicle and found it.


I saw the magazine you had hidden in your purse, and it confirmed what I already suspected about you. Yet I also suspect that you’re too inhibited to do anything about it. Are you ready to try stepping out of that ultra-proper, straitlaced persona you wear as gracefully as your expensive clothes, and give your wild side a little freedom?
This is an offer to help you discover the possibilities of your wilder fantasies. You’re not obliged to accept it, and even if you do, you can call a halt at any time. This is for fun and games. I promise you won’t get hurt any more than you actually want.
If you’re interested in doing this, put on the ring and wear it for the rest of the day. You’ll get additional instructions.
If you have questions or concerns, write them down and put the paper in the box. Leave the box on a corner of your desk with a paper clip sitting on it.
Live a little. Have an adventure. No promises, no commitments, no harm to anyone, no names, even, if you don’t want. But I’ll tell you this much. I’m male, single, responsible, law-abiding, gainfully employed, over twenty one and under forty, and I find you attractive and intriguing. That’s all you should need to know about me.
Should you decide not to wear the ring, you’ll hear nothing more from me.
Your Adventurous Secret Admirer


Maggie knew the magazine he referred to. It had stories that sparked her secret fantasies, the very secret fantasies she’d never admitted to another soul. She hadn’t meant to leave it in her purse, but had slipped it in there at one point and forgotten it until later. Though she racked her brain, she didn’t remember opening the purse where anyone would see it.
Someone had noticed it, obviously. Maggie set down the paper and dug in the tissue stuffing of the box for the ring itself. It was a pretty but not very expensive piece. Made of four or five thin strands of shiny, silvery metal twisted together, the only ornamentation was a raised bar, like a thicker strand, that ran across the top. It bore no engraving or other decoration. It wasn’t ugly, but it wasn’t her usual style of jewelry either. Still, when she slid it onto her finger to try it on, it fit perfectly.
She yanked it off again and put it back in the box. She wasn’t that crazy or that desperate. She put it in a drawer and turned to the computer to check her email.
It wasn’t as easy to put the ring—and the offer behind it—out of her mind. Even as she gathered her notes to put together sales copy for the new fittings, her thoughts slid away to speculate on who might have left the ring. It had to be someone who worked here at Morrison Avionics. There weren’t that many men in the office who fit the description of single, male and under forty. Her boss, the marketing director, was male and divorced, but she doubted he was under forty. Jerry, one of the inside sales guys was single, but he was barely twenty five. Too young for her, surely. Or was he…? He was cute and attractive…in an immature sort of way. If it was him, it might be worth pursuing… This didn’t seem like his style, though.
One of the guys from the manufacturing floor? Evan Barsky was single and in his early thirties. Hmmm… She could get interested in him, though he seemed a bit on the rough side. And one of the cutters was single, but she couldn’t even remember his name. Who else?
No one… Except Sean, their main IT guy. Oh please, not Sean. Any other man in the office she could cope with, but not Sean—even though he had starred in some of her favorite fantasies.
Sean shattered all stereotypes of the geeky IT person. In his early thirties, tall, blond and handsome in a craggy way, he wore a serious, almost stern expression most of the time, except when he was frowning and growling at someone for doing something stupid. Then his cool, light blue eyes could go very cold and his lips thinned into a mean slash that chiseled his striking cheekbones into even starker lines. She’d been on the receiving end of that glare several times, and it always left her with a firm resolve not to repeat whatever mistake had evoked it.
And yet… Those fantasies… Her fingers stilled on the keyboard as one of them filled her mind.


She’d goofed. She’d pressed a wrong key and managed to delete something she shouldn’t have. Sean fixed it for her, but then said, in his cold, hard voice, blue eyes freezing her with his gaze, “That’s the third time this week. I warned you what would happen if you did it again. I want to see you in my office this afternoon at five-thirty. Be prepared.”
Her heart rose into her throat, clogging it so she couldn’t talk, but she managed to nod, and that was enough.
Their work day ended at five and few people ever worked late, so the building was very quiet when she crept down the hall to Sean’s office in a back corner, behind the small room full of computers and equipment. He waited for her there, sitting behind his desk, working at a terminal.
“Sit,” he said, pointing to the other chair in the room. She did, and he then ignored her for the next few minutes as he continued to work. Finally he finished whatever he was doing and looked up at her.
She shivered at the look in his light eyes, but it wasn’t all fear. Excitement mixed in, tensing all her muscles, including those in her pussy and womb, arousing a sexual fire. She dreaded this and wanted it at the same time.
“We discussed what would happen if you messed up again.” He stood up and came around the desk to her. “Are you ready?”
She nodded.
“Good. Come here. Put your hands flat on the desk.”
Her heart pounded like a jackhammer in her chest. It was all she could do to keep from sobbing or running away. The panic almost choked her when he raised her skirt above her waist and lowered her panties.
The hiss of his belt sliding free of the loops seemed to echo off the walls, and the whiz as he swung it…


“Maggie? Earth to Maggie, come in.”
She snapped out of the reverie to find Lydia Pearson standing beside her desk. “Oof, sorry. I got kind of distracted.”
“I’ll say,” the marketing department’s executive assistant said. “You were out of it. The galleys for the T-16 brochure came in. Don wants them to go out on Friday, so he needs them proofed by the end of the day.”
“Put them there,” she said, breathing out a sigh. “I’ll do them in just a minute.”
Lydia set down the papers she held. “It must have been a nice fantasy. You looked like you were enjoying it.”
Maggie felt the heat of a blush creeping up her cheeks. “My mom’s birthday’s next week. I’m not sure what to get her.” It was true but not the truth.
Lydia wasn’t buying it either, but all she did was stare a minute before saying, “Right.”
Maggie tried harder to keep her mind on work. At lunch, though, she went out to a fast-food place by herself rather than eating with coworkers. She needed time and space to think. The ring had arrived at a disturbing moment, and it added to the restless feelings that had plagued her for the last few months. Her younger sister’s wedding a few weeks before had forced on her the realization of how empty her life was, and how fast her time was slipping away. At twenty eight she’d had only a few serious relationships and none of those had gone anywhere. She’d just ended another one, with a perfectly nice guy she liked but couldn’t get excited about. Worse, she’d started to have glimpses of why so many perfectly acceptable men didn’t turn her on.
She’d spent years forcing herself to believe she wanted a nice, safe relationship with a sweet, attractive guy who would give her the standard two or three children and the house in the suburbs with the nice yard. Not that all of it was self-deception. She did want a relationship and children and maybe even a house. But the nice, bland guys just didn’t seem to do it for her, no matter how hard she tried.
Sadly, her one or two ventures into dating rougher sorts of guys hadn’t worked out all that well either. She’d had only one serious relationship in her entire life, but even he eventually realized that she wasn’t really all that into him and moved on.
The restlessness in her personal life was starting to spill over into her job. Even though she liked it well enough, she’d been contemplating looking for something else, simply to make a change. She’d played the cool, confident, perfectly competent businesswoman long enough. The trappings seemed to fit, but that business suit was starting to define who she was in a way that scared her.
Which was why she was so tempted to actually put on the ring. There was no telling where it might lead. Nirvana or disaster seemed equally likely. But why not take a chance? She’d played it straight for twenty-eight years. She was polite, gracious, nice to all, never took chances… And where had it gotten her? A decent income, a nice apartment and no social life worth talking about.
So maybe it was time to take a chance, take a leap of faith, try something different, something exciting and a little risky. Or maybe she’d just fallen over the edge into insanity. But she was going to do it. After all, he’d said no commitments. And she could call a halt at any time. She just hoped it was Evan or Jerry and not Sean behind it. Please not Sean. She could handle Evan or Jerry.
She went back to the office after lunch and put on the ring.
She spent the rest of the afternoon on the edge of her chair and the edge of her nerves, wondering what would happen next. Nothing else did that day. She watched everyone she came in contact with, trying to see if they looked at her finger to check for the ring. If anyone did, she couldn’t tell.
Stella from accounting must have seen it when she brought by a couple of reports with questions about a couple of the numbers, but she didn’t appear to notice it. Jerry gave her some concept drawings around four, but if he even glanced at her hand, she didn’t see it. She passed Evan as they both walked out to the parking lot in the afternoon, but he didn’t even acknowledge her. Sean didn’t put in an appearance.
* * * * *
“She’s wearing the ring,” Stella reported to him at four-thirty. He tried to keep the relief and satisfaction that gave him from showing, but she would’ve guessed it was there anyway. The woman was at least sixty, but she still had a romantic heart and a soft spot for him.
She shook her head. “I’m still not convinced this is the best way to do this. I know, it’s romantic and mysterious, but I still think a phone call to her at home would be smarter.”
Of course, Stella had no idea what was in the note he’d left with the ring, no idea what he was asking of Maggie. He was sure the older woman would be thoroughly shocked or appalled if she did know. He’d probably go way down in her approval ratings.
He shrugged with a nonchalance he didn’t feel. “I felt this would be the best way.”
Stella frowned at him. “I can’t figure out this lack of confidence. You’re young and smart. You have a good job and you’re not bad looking. A bit on the gruff side, admittedly, but still— Why wouldn’t a nice, attractive woman like Maggie be interested in you? And she is, make no mistake, even if she isn’t willing to show it. I’ve seen her watching you. Of course, she’s got her own issues. Way too uptight for someone so young and pretty. But then… Hmm… Okay so maybe I do see why you’ve taken this approach.”
She sighed as she walked away, but stopped at the door to say, “I hope it works out. For both of you.”
He did too.
Maggie Marino had drawn him since the first day he’d started work here. Her looks attracted his attention first, but something deeper kept it, even though he hadn’t dared let her know. A few weeks ago, he’d had reason to be in her cubicle while she wasn’t there, and he noticed the magazine sticking out of her bag.
Careful to be sure no one else saw, he peeked in it to verify his quick first impression. Sure enough, it was a collection of erotic stories with a BDSM theme. No doubt she’d be mortified if she knew anyone else had seen it, but he was thrilled. It confirmed what he’d suspected, what she knew but probably resisted, being as straight-laced and uptight as she was.
The plan had begun to take shape right then, and today he’d set it in motion.
A frisson of sheer terror crawled down his spine. What if it didn’t work out? If she wasn’t really ready to indulge those fantasies? What if he’d misread her entirely? Stella had said she’d broken up with the last guy she was dating and not seeing anyone else, but what if she was wrong.
No. Maggie wouldn’t have put on the ring in any of those cases.
But still, he couldn’t begin to predict where this might go.

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