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Repossession by Mychael Black


Soul Debt (multi-author series)
by Mychael Black

Changeling Press

eBook ISBN: 06235-02003

When Aaron Jacobs’ twin makes a deal with the Devil, it can’t possibly end well. Then Aaron’s twin skips town, leaving Aaron to pay the debt himself. Aaron has no idea what to expect, but it sure as hell isn’t the cloven-hooved, horned wet dream who’s come to collect.

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Chapter One

“What?” Aaron Jacobs dropped onto the couch, body numb. “What the hell, Andy?”
“Dude, it’s the perfect set-up! I go housesit for some rich fuck, get a little ass on the side from his chick, get paid, come home.”
Aaron didn’t know whether to kick his twin’s ass or run for the hills before the firestorm hit. Andy Jacobs had a knack for finding odd jobs that paid in one week what Aaron’s salary as a programmer paid in a month, but the jobs usually involved rich morons who didn’t notice, or didn’t care, that their trophy wives were getting it on with the hired help. Somehow — and maybe it was just dumb luck — Andy never got caught. Aaron knew that could last for only so long.
“Do I want to know where you’re going this time?”
Andy snorted. “Jamaica.”
Aaron’s head fell back, and he stared at the ceiling fan, whirling away overhead. “What about your half of the rent and bills?”
“I’ll drop you some cash now and wire more when I get it,” Andy said. “Aaron, man, don’t worry. Have I ever left you high and dry?”
“It’s been a few years.”
“See? I come through… eventually.”
“Andy, you’re an idiot. You know that, right?”
Andy snorted. “Love you too, bro. Later.”
The line went dead, and Aaron dropped the cordless phone on his lap. He and Andy had always been polar opposites, from dress style and music to work ethics and sexual preferences. Of course, Andy wasn’t the least bit shy to brag about his latest fling with a rich man’s wife. Aaron, on the other hand, kept his own sex life under wraps. Granted, that was partly due to his lack of said sex life. He was twenty-four and already tired of anonymous, random flings. Unlike Andy, Aaron didn’t go for the one-night-stands much anymore.
How the hell did Andy do it? Any other person would have been caught long before now, but Andy always managed to skirt out of the danger zone before the husbands ever got wind of anything. It made no sense. Aaron gave up trying to figure his twin out. All he wanted was a hot shower and a night of relaxation. Work had been hell all damn week, and he had the next two days to wind down before doing it all over again on Monday.
He hauled himself out of the recliner and hung up the phone before heading for the bathroom. As the water got going, filling the room with steam, Aaron thought about the last date he’d had, nearly a year ago. Work took most of his time, leaving little for anything resembling play. Hell, he wasn’t sure if he even knew how to kiss a man anymore.
Aaron stripped and stepped into the shower, the temperature just on this side of too hot. Eyes closed, he braced his hands on the wall and tipped his head back. Intense heat pounded his body, soothing aches he didn’t know he had. Images drifted through his mind — various men in his past, kissing, teasing, fucking. God, what he wouldn’t give for a hot body and a hard cock to play with right now.
A knock startled him out of his fantasies. Who the hell?
Aaron turned off the water and grabbed a towel as he stepped out. The knocking turned to banging, and Aaron growled. “Damn it, I’m coming!”
He tucked the towel to secure it and headed for the front door, long hair plastered to his bare chest and dripping water everywhere. He wasn’t expecting anyone. Fuck it. If his nosy neighbor had the gall to knock on his door at ten in the evening, Aaron was determined to give the busybody the shock of her life. He jerked the front door open.
“Mrs. Lyle, I really don’t have –”
Aaron blinked. His gaze traveled up strong legs and a muscular torso, over thick-muscled arms and to the sternest expression he’d ever seen. Long black hair framed an angular face. Dark eyes glittered with something between confusion and amusement.
“I –”
“Aaron Jacobs?”
Aaron swallowed and backed up. The man stepped over the threshold. Despite the voice in his head, screaming in protest, Aaron couldn’t deny the man entrance. “Y-yes?”
“I’ve come to collect…” the man’s gaze swept over Aaron “…a debt.”
“D-debt? What kind of debt?”
“A soul debt.” One huge hand caught Aaron’s right bicep and hauled him closer. “One I find myself quite happy to collect for once.”
Aaron couldn’t breathe. Trapped by a flesh-colored band of steel seizing his arm, he had no choice but to stare into fathomless irises the color of midnight. “Who –”
“Does the name Andy Jacobs ring a bell?”
Oh, shit.
“Yes. He’s my twin.” Aaron tried, unsuccessfully, to put a little distance between him and his “guest,” but the grip on his arm tightened.
“You see, he made a deal with my boss,” the man said. “Then the little shit skipped town.” Instead of letting go, the man leaned so close Aaron felt impossibly warm breath on his bare skin. “I figured, why chase after him when I could just as easily go for you?”
“But I –”
“Are so much more enticing than your twin,” the man interrupted.
The front door shut, and Aaron swore he heard the lock click into place. He didn’t want to know how. He should’ve been fighting with all his might, but the only thing putting up a fight was his damned traitorous cock. If the man didn’t notice it before, Aaron figured the guy sure as hell did now. Sinfully full lips quirked, and that dark gaze raked down Aaron’s torso like a touch.
“Do you always greet a guest this way, Mr. Jacobs?”
Aaron shook his head, utterly mute. He sucked in a breath when long fingers tugged at his towel. The terrycloth dropped to the floor and Aaron wanted to follow it, preferably into the ground itself. When he’d told himself he wanted a hot man and a hard cock, this wasn’t exactly what he’d envisioned.
“Something tells me you don’t share your brother’s… proclivities.”
“You could say that,” Aaron muttered.
The man smiled, and Aaron gave himself a mental kick in the ass for even remotely entertaining thoughts pertaining to that mouth. And those hands. And that body. And…
“I’ll make you a deal, Mr. Jacobs.” At Aaron’s raised eyebrow, the man continued. “Give me twenty-four hours of your undivided attention, and I will consider your twin’s debt paid in full.”
“What’s the catch?”
“You mean besides my cock in your ass?”
Aaron’s knees threatened to give out. “Yes,” he gasped.
“You can’t leave this house. You will serve me in whatever ways I see fit.”
The man laughed, the husky sound going straight to Aaron’s balls. “It beats the alternative, does it not?” The man’s free hand slipped between them, and Aaron bit his tongue to stop a whimper when long fingers wrapped around his shaft. “Sex. And you keep your soul.”
The stroking started, base to tip, slow and easy. Aaron would have given the man anything just to feel more. He nodded.
“Good boy.”
Aaron froze in shock when lips met his own. He moaned into the man’s mouth and thrust into the fist still working his cock. For a moment, he realized he didn’t even know this guy’s name, but the wicked tongue toying with his own soon chased away all coherent thoughts. To hell with names.
The kisses drifted along Aaron’s jaw. “My name is Roan.”
Aaron would’ve answered, but kisses turned to outright bites when Roan reached his neck. Aaron gasped, his entire body jerking when teeth scratched his flesh. The hand on his bicep dropped down to his ass and squeezed. Aaron pushed back against it without thinking. Roan’s chuckle tickled his throat. Aaron tipped his head to give Roan better access.
“Either take me to bed or take me here,” Aaron groaned.
A sharp slap connected with his left ass cheek and Aaron jumped. Roan’s dark eyes met Aaron’s, stern but full of hunger. “I call the shots. Down.” Roan released Aaron and pushed him to the floor. “Since you seem to have little experience in play of this sort, I will make it clear.” Roan opened his pants and a thick cock pushed out. Aaron licked his lips. “My cock, your ass, your mouth, your hand. Open.”
When Aaron did as instructed, the head of Roan’s cock pushed between his lips. Salty sweetness coated his tongue and he sucked on the tip, eager for more of that flavor. Roan growled softly and stroked a hand over Aaron’s damp hair. Aaron hadn’t done this in what felt like ages, but he certainly remembered how. He relaxed his jaw and throat, breathing through his nose as Roan thrust in and out. His own cock ached, but he didn’t dare touch himself. Something told him it wasn’t allowed, though Roan hadn’t said as much.
“That’s it,” Roan purred. “Yes…”
Aaron glanced upward and almost lost his rhythm. He’d figured, with the “soul debt” quip, that Roan wasn’t human. He hadn’t expected the man to look any different, though. Whatever illusion Roan held before, he now dropped, revealing what Aaron assumed was the demon’s true form. Black horns curled out of the black hair, and Aaron shuddered. No wings, but something scraped along the tiled foyer floor. Hooves. Roan had hooves — and a tail — a slender but agile length of flesh, almost as long as Roan’s powerful legs. The appendage curled around Roan’s left thigh, and Aaron wanted so much to touch it, but the tiniest hint of fear kept him from doing so.
The entire vision should have scared the ever-loving shit out of him, but Aaron found himself growing harder as he took in Roan’s true form. He renewed his efforts, eyes closing again. Roan gripped Aaron’s head in both hands and pumped in and out faster. Just when Aaron sensed the demon’s climax closing in, however, Roan pulled back.
“Up. I want your ass.”
Roan spun Aaron around and shoved him over the back of the couch. Aaron couldn’t have protested even if he wanted to. He spread his legs and bent as much as possible. Roan hummed his approval while one spit-slick finger traced a path down between the cheeks of Aaron’s ass.
“Open yourself for me.”
Aaron reached back and held himself open to Roan’s gaze. “Oh, fuck…”
Roan’s tongue circled his hole. It dipped inside, then back out to lick again. Aaron moaned softly. He’d only had a few lovers in the past into rimming, but no one had ever made it feel like this. Roan licked and thrust inside, strong hands gripping Aaron’s ass cheeks as the demon feasted on him. Aaron’s head swam. The sensations were almost too much, even with such a simple act. When Roan stopped, Aaron whimpered his frustration.
“Oh, don’t you worry,” Roan whispered close to Aaron’s ear. Two long fingers, surprisingly slick, surged into Aaron without warning. Aaron shouted, more out of pure need than any sort of pain. He rocked back onto Roan’s fingers. “More? My, but you are greedy.” Roan added a third and scissored them all.
“Oh, God. Fuck.” Aaron panted into the couch, fingers digging into his ass cheeks. Roan worked his ass open, and Aaron wanted nothing more than to beg this lover to hurry the fuck up.
The fingers left, but Aaron didn’t have time to protest before Roan’s huge cock filled him. Aaron’s ass clenched tight around the thick shaft, and the slight hint of pain only made him want this more. Roan moved Aaron’s hands, pinning them to the small of Aaron’s back. Captive in every way imaginable, Aaron moaned and rode the demon’s cock with every ounce of energy he possessed. Roan growled and the thrusts quickened, growing harder. Aaron ignored the way his arms ached, the way his legs stretched. The only thing that mattered was the heavy, muscled body over his and the hard cock pistoning in and out of his ass.
Roan slammed into Aaron and roared. The cock buried in Aaron’s ass swelled and filled him with heat. Aaron shuddered, coming so hard the world grayed out around the edges. He slumped onto the back of the couch, barely aware of Roan pulling out. In sharp contrast to the rough sex, Roan lifted Aaron gently and carried him down the hall.
Aaron’s head hit the pillow and he let sleep claim him, unwilling to think about the next twenty-four hours.

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