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Jungle Burn by Sarah Mäkelä

Jungle Burn

Amazon Chronicles, Book 4
by Sarah Mäkelä

Changeling Press

eBook ISBN: 06238-02004

In the series finale, Sabina Rukan is ready to find her mate. She must choose between her close friend, Tiago, who lusts after her, and the object of her desire, Rafael. When the three of them come together, Rafael discovers the feelings between him and Sabina are mutual, and he’ll stop at nothing to make her his mate.

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Chapter One

Sabina Rukan knocked on the door to Tiago’s hut. He’d been her closest friend for a while, even though her parents had always preferred her to socialize with the other girls in the village. She didn’t really care. Growing up as Princess of the Amazons, she couldn’t help a slight feeling of entitlement.
The door to his hut opened, and Tiago stood there shirtless with a faded pair of jeans hugging his hips. He smirked at her with a wicked quirk of his lips.
She trailed her gaze over the muscular expanse of his chest. Seeing all his bare skin made her want to nibble on his torso and bask in its warmth. For the past few weeks, her hormones had gone into overdrive.
She’d noticed the werepuma men taking a greater interest in her, which was embarrassing, and yet her parents were still convinced she wasn’t ready to become a woman. If they weren’t going to trust her, she needed to take matters into her own hands. She’d known just who to come to.
He took her hand and kissed her knuckles. “Sabina, how are you doing?” His nose twitched a little, and his brown eyes darkened, as they tended to do whenever she came around. He wanted her, and she wouldn’t mind having him, either.
“I’m doing well enough. I need to talk with you.” She held on to his hand, pulling him out of his hut. With her being a weretiger, she had comparable strength to his, but she’d been taught not to use her full strength from a young age. That would only hurt people around her, which she was very careful about.
He didn’t look too sure about this, but he shut the door and followed her. “Where are we going? Why aren’t we talking in my home? There’s more privacy in there than out here.”
She stopped, turned to look at him, and sighed. “Not really. You know as well as I do, if someone wanted to listen in on our conversation, all they’d have to do is stand outside your door and concentrate. That’s not okay with what I need to talk about.”
At just that moment, a couple of male werepumas walked by them and looked her up and down. One halted his progress, his eyes flashing upon her as if he wanted nothing better than to push her to the ground and ride her. Her out-of-control hormones were a primary cause for the sudden surge of crudeness she faced, yet her Amazon kin wouldn’t understand.
Sabina was different from them. She was the only female werecat in the village, and in many ways, it felt like she’d been cursed. Her parents had forbidden the werepumas to tell her secret, and Kyle — their leader — made sure his people knew the lengths he’d go to help make sure the Amazons didn’t find out before they were ready. They weren’t sure the Amazons would stand behind her as they did her mother, the queen, or even her father or Rubia and Kyle. None of them was a creature next in line for the throne.
Frowning, Tiago shrugged. “Fine. Take me wherever you think is safe.”
She walked with him through the village, her gaze set straight on where she was going. Her shoulders were tense, but Tiago used his free hand to squeeze one of them slightly. “Relax,” he said.
Sabina let out a breath and took him into the trees. They didn’t go far, just enough to have some privacy. “Okay. I…” She paused, not knowing how to go about this. Her usual carefree personality stumbled with letting this off her chest. How could she ask him about her needs? “I was wondering…” She shook her head. “I’m sorry for bothering –”
Tiago hooked his index finger under her chin and forced her to look at him. “You’re not bothering me. Just let me know what’s on your mind.” He stared into her eyes, his gaze intense even in the dark night.
“I need sexual release.” The words left her lips before she could cage them. “I hear the mated women and men in their huts, and my body burns like it’s caught in a bonfire.” She licked her suddenly dry lips, and his gaze dropped to take in the swift motion.
“And you’ve come to me with this request?” His tone was carefully neutral, but the bulge at the front of his jeans spoke louder than his words.
She nodded.
“Your parents would kill me — hell, my parents would probably help — if I claimed you without their permission.” The wicked quirk of his lips teased her. She wanted to punch him in the face, but that wouldn’t help her cause.
“And?” She propped her hands on her hips.
“I might be able to help ease your desire.” He helped her to the ground then settled her onto her back. His hands went to the strip of cloth covering her chest, and he shoved it down, freeing her breasts. He leaned in, his mouth sucking on her nipple as his hand rolled her other nipple between his fingertips.
The sensation of him toying with her breasts nearly made her cry out, but they weren’t far enough from the village for her to do that. If anyone found them, they would both be in big trouble.
Tiago pressed his jeans-clad hips between her legs, grinding his hard cock against her. She bit her lower lip and whimpered. Her response only seemed to embolden him, and he slid his lips down her torso toward her waist. He nipped the skin near her belly, and he gripped her thighs, spreading them open for him. Leaning back, he pushed up her skirt, baring her pussy to the warm night air.
There was no going back now.
Something within him seemed to change, and he’d suddenly become more than the friend she’d had since she was a kid. The intensity in his gaze as he looked her over startled her. Who was this man? Her body tightened, and she lifted her hips as desire rode her.
He took that for the invitation it was. He lay between her legs, shoving her thighs farther apart.
Her breath caught in her throat as his lips teased her moist folds. He parted them with his fingers and trailed his thumb along her slit, but he didn’t slide it inside her. She knew he was being as cautious as he could be with her, especially considering the improperness of the current situation. She gasped as his tongue teased her opening before gliding up to her clit.
His fingers tightened on her thighs, and she licked her lips. The idea of a man being able to please a woman like this had never entered her mind. While she wasn’t as naïve as some of the young women in the tribe, she was the first to admit to not knowing nearly enough about sex as she wanted.
Desire pulsed through Sabina’s body with each stroke of Tiago’s tongue over her clit. The tip of his finger nudged her entrance, but he didn’t penetrate her. She arched her back and caught sight of the man she really wanted, Rafael.
Damn it! What is he doing here?
He met her stare without flinching. Leaning casually against a tree, he adjusted the front of his pants, not bothering to hide his evident arousal. Did he really think of her like that? Was he just finding pleasure by spying on them?
The distraction caused her to falter, and Tiago nipped her clit with his teeth, causing her to cry out. She brought her hands up to her breasts. If Rafael wanted to watch, she’d give him a good show.
She tweaked her nipples with her fingertips as Tiago had done, and she moaned, pleasure building within her, exciting her to the point of no return. Knowing Rafael was watching fanned the flames of passion building within her.
Tiago’s lips closed around her clit, and he sucked hard, sending her flailing into release. A loud cry ripped from her throat. She tried to shut her thighs at the intense sensations radiating from her pussy, but Tiago held her legs open, licking and sucking faster and harder.
She fisted her hands into his shoulder-length blond hair. He growled low in his throat, and before she could react, she was face down on the ground with her ass in the air. Her reaction times were obviously sluggish.
Sabina looked up as movement caught her attention. An Amazon guard patrolled farther off, but she slunk in their direction, holding her spear up, ready to attack at a moment’s notice. Rafael must’ve noticed her too. He held his gaze on the guard for a few moments before staring back at Sabina. His eyes narrowed over her shoulder at Tiago, and she looked back at Tiago to see him watching Rafael.
Suddenly she felt very vulnerable. How were they going to react to each other? There had been cases of male werepumas who fought and died over potential mates before. The last thing she wanted was for that to happen between Tiago and Rafael.
Instead of coming at them, Rafael adjusted his thick bulge again, then headed toward the Amazon guard. The guard startled at his seemingly unexpected appearance before settling down.
“Ah, it’s only you,” the Amazon said, her voice still sounding a little breathy. “I didn’t know. I thought I heard something.”
Rafael shrugged his broad shoulders. “Sorry. Just decided to take a walk.” His voice held an edge to it that Sabina wasn’t sure she liked.
She pulled her top into place and began to slide her skirt down, but Tiago grabbed her hips, keeping her from doing so. He lifted her so she was on her knees with her back rested against his chest. His hard cock strained at the front of his jeans, pressing into her lower back
“I need to be inside you.” His voice was strained, and if she hadn’t known who was behind her, she would have been scared. He sounded nothing like the man she’d known since childhood.
“We can’t,” Sabina whispered, closing her eyes.
He leaned his forehead against her head and breathed deep. “I know. Damn…” He pulled back abruptly and fixed her skirt.
She snapped her eyes open, smelling the musky scent of Rafael. He stood mere feet away from them now.
“What’s going on here? Tiago?” Rafael crossed his arms over his chest. The two men had been friends since childhood as well. Yet Rafael had always distanced himself from her. With the way his reserved father, the werepumas’ second-in-command, was, she didn’t have a hard time seeing why he might be so closed off from her.
Sabina pushed away from Tiago, no longer worried about holding back her strength. He reached for her, but she moved away from him, out of his grasp. Her skirt was still crooked, so she kept her gaze away from Rafael and adjusted it, then plucked stray leaves from her hair. It wouldn’t do to go back into the village looking like a mess. Her kin would be curious, and she might accidentally give away what she’d been doing.
“Sabina, wait.” Tiago stayed on his knees.
Her gaze slid to him. What if he told? She shouldn’t worry since he would be in worse trouble than she would, at least eventually. Chancing a glance at Rafael, she saw him staring at her, his gaze intense and following her every move. His nostrils flared, and from the stiff way he held himself, she knew he scented her arousal. Just him being this close made her want to throw herself down and have him do the same as what Tiago had done to her, if not more.
Sabina had to go; she couldn’t be here like this. Without further thought, she raced back to her hut.
* * *
When Sabina was out of sight, Rafael turned his attention back to his best friend. Tiago kept his fists balled at his sides, and his gaze remained fixed on where Sabina had gone. Tiago’s breath came out in harsh pants, and his cock bulged against his jeans.
Jealousy whipped through Rafael, and he wanted to snarl his displeasure. He’d been watching Sabina ever since they were kids. Unlike Tiago, he wasn’t very good with social interaction, and Sabina always seemed to shy away from him, but he caught her stares.
His thoughts drifted back to her orgasm. She’d known he was watching, and yet she’d toyed with her breasts and moaned as if she was doing it for him.
“Tiago, what happened here?” He kept his voice low, not wanting anyone to hear them. “Sabina’s parents haven’t approved her to become a woman yet. I doubt they’d enjoy hearing about you –”
His gaze snapped to Rafael’s. “No! You can’t tell.”
“What –”
“She came to me asking for release. She’s different than the human women. You’ve seen how the other werepumas react around her. She’s in heat. I had to help her.”
“You wanted to help her.” Rafael’s knuckles ached from squeezing his hands into such tight fists. The fact that his best friend had tasted Sabina should’ve deeply angered him, but he could push that aside since he desperately wanted to taste her, as well.
Tiago ran his hands through his hair. “Fine, maybe I did, but if you tell anyone… My parents would not be happy.”
“I won’t, but only on one condition…” He crossed his arms over his chest. Should he even be asking this? The idea was crazy, and yet if it worked…
“Sure, what’s the condition?” Tiago breathed out a sigh as if he were out of harm’s way now.
“I want to enjoy her body, too. Next time she needs release, you’ll come to me, and we’ll both be involved.”
Tiago cocked an eyebrow at him as if he were crazy. When Rafael didn’t say anything more, his face filled with surprise. “You’re serious? Uh, sure… I just never knew you were interested in her. You always seem so distant when she’s around.”
Rafael rubbed at the building tension in the back of his neck. His upbringing hadn’t helped with his ability to communicate his feelings. Besides, how was he supposed to compete with the more outgoing Tiago for her attention?
“Don’t worry about it, Rafael. I’m not entirely sure she’ll ask again after all this. She looked pretty freaked out. If what you’re planning is to happen, we’ll need to be proactive.”
Proactive? He wasn’t the type to be proactive when it came to her. Yet his cock hardened at the possibility of tasting her sweet arousal. “What do you have in mind?”
Tiago’s grin lit up his entire face. The look caused a sting of jealousy to flare within Rafael’s chest, but he stamped it down. Sabina had gone to his friend, not to him. What if she had her sights set on Tiago to mate with?
He didn’t think so. The look in her eyes when she’d caught him watching them, and the way she’d toyed with her body just for him, proved otherwise. He couldn’t believe she’d just screw with him out of cruelty. There had to be some attraction or else she wouldn’t have given him a show.
“We’ll go to her. I even know a spot farther off from the village where we will be able to have some privacy.” Tiago jumped to his feet in an elegant, cat-like move. He sauntered the few steps toward Rafael, then clapped him on the back with some force. “This’ll be great. Good idea.” He laughed and headed back toward the village.
Rafael stood there, wondering if it he’d made a mistake. Had he ruined his chances at being with Sabina? Not been quick enough to show his interest? Time would tell.
Somehow, he’d lost control of the situation. He’d given Tiago the condition to hold something over him, yet now he felt like he was the one with something binding him. They’d see how long that lasted. He’d win this game.
He followed after Tiago, and they went their separate ways to their huts. Tiago lived near his parents and the Amazon royalty. He lived amongst the rest of the people, not too far away, but far enough that he wasn’t as close to Sabina as he’d like.
He kept his gaze straight in front of him, ignoring the people around him and trying to dull the raging hard-on that ached within his pants. A few of the women looked his way, even an older woman who was already mated to another werepuma. Her gaze followed his every step, making the hair stand on end at the back of his neck.
He pushed open the door to his hut, then closed it behind him. His balls ached with the need for release. Damn it. If he hadn’t followed Sabina and Tiago, he’d never have been put in this crazy situation.
He stripped off his pants, fisted his hand over his cock and tilted his head back at the sensation. He slid his fist up and down his shaft, slowly at first, then picking up speed. He imagined Sabina kneeling before him, her mouth sucking on his tip while her hand pumped up and down his length. The thought of her looking up at him, wickedness and innocence combined, sent pleasure racing through his cock.
He stroked it harder and faster, then switched to caressing the head of his cock. An orgasm tightened his abs, pleasure intensified through his tip and shaft, and he groaned as white, ropy strands of semen shot from him.
When Tiago had been with Sabina, only Sabina had been pleasured, which he was happy about, but would he be able to keep himself under control while she squirmed beneath his tongue? He’d seen Tiago’s control nearly shatter earlier. Who said he would be able to stop himself from going too far?

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