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Paid In Full by Megan Slayer

Paid In Full

Soul Debt (multi-author series)
by Megan Slayer

Changeling Press

eBook ISBN: 06226-02000

You know how people make deals with God? I made one with the Devil. For what you ask? A boyfriend. Little did I know, the Devil would not only take me up on the deal, but make it worth both our whiles — just not in the way I’d imagined. Turns out, nothing in my world is what it seemed

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Chapter One

I massaged my temples. Someone stood outside my apartment door thumping away. If it was the neighbors again, fucking in the hallways… I’d like to say I’d scream, but I’d probably stand there and watch. I mean, Adam and Alex are the two hottest men I can think of.
Part of me wanted to leave them alone. The other part dangling between my legs wanted to watch. Oh, what the hell.
I opened the door. “Holy Christ.”
“Not Christ. Not by a long shot.” The Devil stood at my door, arms folded and thick black hair waving in the breeze. I shivered and he inclined his head. Not a red-skinned half man, half beast like I’d envisioned. Nope. This Devil was handsome. A little taller than me, just like I liked, and filled out with muscle.
He crinkled his brow. “You know why I’m here. Turn around with your hands on the wall. Pay up.”
Alex and Adam swore the Devil would come for me. They said engaging in our threesomes was deliciously devious and sexy. How in the hell was I to complain or say no? Right. I didn’t. Every Friday I went to their apartment, and we did anything and everything to each other. Now the Devil wanted in? Sure. Wonder if Alex and Adam would want in?
“Excuse me.” The Devil tipped my chin, forcing me to look him in the eye. “You owe me. You don’t think I’d sit back and watch you fuck two of my best minions without getting in the middle, do you, Nicky?”
“No.” I didn’t. I knew he’d come calling… but wait. Alex and Adam were minions? That made more sense. They probably saw it as their calling to entice me. Oh, well. I liked being enticed.
“Turn around and give me what I want.” His voice wasn’t a roar, but I felt the insistence just the same.
I complied and stifled the grin. I knew damn well what he wanted — my ass, all for his pleasure. Worked for me. I wanted it as hard and fast as he’d give it. I popped the button on my pants, then flattened my hands on the hallway wall.
“We could go into my apartment,” I offered. I’m good at being bad, but sometimes bad can get you arrested. “Or won’t the neighbors see?”
“Let me worry about them.”
The next sound I heard was the tearing of denim. The shriek of fabric ripping split the air. Damn it. I liked those jeans, too. A whoosh of cool air caressed my bare ass. I spread my legs and wriggled my butt. My asshole puckered and my nerve endings tingled. Shit. I wanted this fuck more than I’d realized.
The Devil spread his hand over mine. His warm breath tickled my ear. He massaged my bare rump with his free hand. “You like dancing with the Devil?”
“Yeah.” I closed my eyes and gasped for air. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t breathe.
“What do you want for your trouble?” He speared one finger into my ass.
I grunted at the burn from his invasion and bore down on him. “Love.” I didn’t have to think, just feel.
“Is that all?” He stroked me from within, curling his finger and massaging my prostate.
I rode his finger and moaned. Earlier I had cared who might catch us. Now? The entire world could’ve been standing there, and I wouldn’t have noticed. My balls tingled. Maybe I did want the world to watch.
“More,” I panted.
“Greedy little shit.” The Devil added another finger and spread me wider. My brain waves fizzled.
I clawed at the wall and groaned. I’d come from his finger-fucking if I wasn’t careful.
“Not yet. Don’t want to waste this by coming too fast now, do you?”
He’d read my damned mind. Fuck.
The Devil pulled his fingers from my ass and wound the fingers from his other hand in my hair. He yanked my head back, arching my body to the position he wanted. I heard a slapping noise, but wasn’t sure what it was.
“You want love, hmm?” The blunt head of his cock breached my asshole. The burn from before grew and segued into pleasure. I said I like it hard. “A nice little cock to fill your ass every night. That’s what you want?” He pushed in farther, forcing me open.
I exhaled and relaxed. “Yes, Sir.”
“Sir,” he said, almost as if we weren’t in the middle of fucking. “I like that.” His grasp on my hair tightened. “Ask me.”
Ask him? With him in my butt, he wanted me to use rational sentences? Jesus. His pubic hairs brushed my ass cheeks, and his balls slapped against mine.
“Tell me what you want.” He swatted my hip. “Ask.”
“I’m tired of being alone. I want to be loved.” Not the question he wanted, but who cared?
He moved his hips, sawing in and out of my ass. I wouldn’t last long. I wanted this fuck way too much. I closed my eyes again and panted.
“Fuck,” he roared. His hips slammed into mine, thrusting me against the wall. “You want love, fine.” He grunted, and his seed spurted in my ass. “You’ve got it.”
Boy, did I have it. Come all in my butt and an ache to last at least three days. Best time yet. The Devil reached around me and curled his hand around my throbbing erection. He squeezed tight, then started to stroke me. I pressed my face against the cool plaster of the wall and trembled.
“I. Need. To. Come.” I don’t know how I formed the words.
“Come,” he replied. The word came out in a whisper.
I panted and drenched the wall in my come. From my head to my toes, I wobbled. I’d never felt so spent in my whole damned life.
“You’ll have love, but it won’t be pretty, and I will come back for what’s mine.”
Through my post-coital haze, I heard him speak and tried to process what he’d said. Not pretty? I opened my eyes. My clothes clung to my body and my ass froze. He wasn’t behind me? I glanced over my shoulder. No Devil. Fuck, fuck, fuck.
I heard footsteps on the concrete stairs. Shit. The hallway went fuzzy, and I tripped pulling my pants up. Instead of looking cool, I fell flat on my face, pants around my knees.
“Alex, I believe the Devil has come to collect.” Adam knelt next to me. “Don’t tell me you’ve asked him for something.”
I considered my answer. I could be honest and have them laugh. Or lie and see what happened.
“He did.” A pair of arms hiked me back to my feet and the scent of Alex’s cologne wrapped around me. “And he paid dearly,” Alex said and rested his head on top of mine. “Sucks.”
I wasn’t sure what they meant, but I let the two of them escort me into my apartment. I tried to collapse on the couch, but Alex kept me in his embrace. “Nope, big guy, we’re heading to the shower.”
Adam looked me straight in the eye. “Then we’ve got to talk.”
* * *
I refused to look at Alex while he propped me up in the shower. Shame washed over me with the water. Shame for making a pact with the Devil, and more so for enjoying it. My ex had sworn my need for sex would be the death of me. I guess I should’ve listened.
Alex reached around me and turned off the water. “He’s ready for you.” He handed me off to Adam, who stood before me in nothing but his boxer shorts.
I wanted to drool. The guy was a fine specimen. Swimmer’s build, sandy blond hair with a slight curl, and blue eyes to die for. Adam smiled and rubbed me down with the towel.
“Nick, you’ve done something we both swore we’d never do. Fuck the Devil.” Adam tossed the towel onto the rack. “Welcome to the club.”
“You’ve screwed up, too?” Hope brimmed in my heart. If they’d gone through what I went through and seemed happy, maybe things weren’t so shitty after all.
“Kind of.” Adam twined our fingers. He led me to my bed and stretched out. “Get comfortable. This could take a while.” He nodded to the shower. “Alex is a neat freak of the first order. I swear, the world will run out of hot water before he’s done.”
“I asked him for love,” I blurted. I should’ve kept my mouth shut, but what the hell? It wasn’t like they’d never find out.
“Something worthy, good.” Adam threw his arm across my chest. “The Devil works in tricky ways. He knows when you’re low, and when you want something so bad it hurts. That’s when he swoops in and exploits it.”
I wanted to cry. Okay, so the fucking was fun, but looking back, I wasn’t so sure it was worth it, as I’d initially figured. “So now what happens?”
“Well, he came to you and without really giving you a chance to say no, he got you to ask for what you wanted. Love. Now, you’ll get love, but it won’t be what you expect.”
Alex strolled into the bedroom. “Meaning what we did as a threesome is done.” His black hair shimmered in the light, and water droplets decorated his tanned skin. Alex’s ribs showed with each breath. His nipples puckered.
“Because I’m dirty?”
“That’s not it at all. We are what you call the procurement team.” Adam opened his arms. “Our lot in life is to find souls the Devil can exploit. It’s not glamorous and the hours can suck, but we get to be together.”
Alex settled next to Adam. “One of these days we’ll figure out a way to free ourselves from him without losing each other.”
“So now what?” I wasn’t sure I wanted to know what would happen next.
“We leave you here, and you go about your life.” Adam sighed. “But you’ve made a pact with the Devil. More than likely he’ll pull the rug out from under you when you least expect it.”
“We can’t even keep you company tonight.” Alex closed his eyes. “The directive hasn’t come down, but I guarantee we’re going to be sent somewhere else very soon.”
“Will I see you again?” I hated goodbyes, even with lovers I barely knew, but I felt a kinship with Adam and Alex. They understood what I’d been through and weren’t looking at me like I’d fallen on my head.
“Maybe. If we’re in town, we’ll say hi. Or grab your ass.” Adam winked.
“Or take your ass. You seemed to like it.” Alex grinned. “It’s going to be okay. Not what you want, I know, but it will.” He stood and hiked his soggy jogging pants up past his hips. “Later.”
“If you need us… we’ll try to come for you.” Adam patted my arm, then followed Alex out of the room.
Well, shit. The guys I fucked occasionally were leaving, the Devil had conned me into a pact I didn’t even realize existed, and the love I wanted so bad wasn’t going to be what I expected. I slumped against the sheets. So much for thinking I’d had my life sorted out. What in the hell was going to happen next?

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