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Lustful Cravings by Paloma Beck

Lustful Cravings

Seven Sin Sisters, Book 1
by Paloma Beck

Secret Cravings Publishing

eBook ISBN: 978-1-61885-352-3

Madden is one of the strongest of the Valendite Breed, a group of near-immortal men originating from the Italian Wars in the 1500s. Today, the Valendite Breed serve as the Terrorist Elimination Unit (TEU), their only weakness being their body’s need for a mate to carry on the Breed. So now that Madden has found Layla, he will never let her go.

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Chapter One

“Open the damn door.” Madden’s deep voice vibrated through the thin door of the Sinster sisters’ home. He pounded and it seemed as if his large fists were going to knock down Layla’s door. He probably could if he wanted to. Clearly, he was holding himself back. And if this was his restraining himself, she was in trouble.
Crap. When she and her sisters headed home from that damn bar, her sisters had sworn he hadn’t followed them, and now their neighbors were going to hear all the noise if she didn’t let him in. They were always complaining that her family was too loud for the neighborhood, but darn if it was all her fault, with her sisters running in and out at all hours.
Their house was a gift from their parents. When the sisters were all grown, their parents left to travel back to their native land and gave them this home to stay together until each went their separate way, finding a mate of their own. Though they drove each other crazy, none could imagine living apart. Layla, in particular, wasn’t looking forward to the very thing that was at her doorstep even now. She and her sisters were part of Magdalena Circle and this man at her door, this breed, was most certainly her mate.
Layla knew she should’ve stayed home like she’d planned but when Gracie had begged her to come along for a girls’ night out, she couldn’t resist her sister. Layla preferred her quiet writing time when her sisters were out, choosing to pen her manuscripts during the night. Night seemed much more appropriate for the paranormal romances she wrote.
She was pulled from her thoughts back into reality by more banging.
“Damn it, Layla. I saw your eyes,” Madden continued pounding on the door as he shouted, “I know who you are to me.” He had the good grace to lower his voice at the final words, but she felt their profound truth. He needn’t say anymore. At those words, her hands became clammy, her heartbeat accelerated and a warm sensation grew in her stomach.
She knew this feeling simply because she’d experienced nothing like it in her life – that warmth in her lower stomach, that dull ache between her legs. It was one she had managed to avoid for years but still knew instinctively. Lust. It was her soul sin. She was destined to feel lust for only one being in her lifetime and until then, she would remain chaste. But when she did feel it –when she saw Madden tonight– she ran. Layla was all too aware that, as legend told it, lust that came on a night brightened by a full moon was for her mate. As a woman born into the Magdalena Circle, she was destined to mate within the Valendite breed and Layla knew beyond reasonable doubt the man outside her door was her mate.
She absolutely couldn’t believe this. Layla, the careful one, is the first to be taken. She knew –all her sisters knew– that this would happen to each of them. Their mother and aunts had explained it all, but she did not want to be the first. Damn. Out of all her sisters, she was the one who was least certain about mating. Her sisters would definitely torment her as only sisters could, teasing her that she had fallen first.
“Layla, you get two more minutes before I push this damn door in instead of acting the very gentleman I am.” Madden’s control must be stretched. There was a clear warning in his tone, and she would meet it head on. After all, it wasn’t like he was wrong. He was hot and she was horny. Lust had shown itself tonight and Layla couldn’t deny it. She wanted him. She lusted for him. Before the night was over, sure as destiny spoke, Layla would belong to Madden. But why not make it a little fun?
Layla squared her shoulders, lifted her chin and unlocked the large wooden door that gave entry into her family’s sanctum. As soon as she waved her arm, inviting Madden in, he stepped over the threshold. He placed his hands on his hips and looked down at her. Madden was enormous, larger even than he had looked in the bar, and incredibly intimidating Layla guessed his height to be a full six feet at the very least. Layla came just to his chest. She felt tiny but she remembered she was mighty–great things, small packages and all that stuff.
Her eyes scanned upwards, not meeting his glare. Ooh, she wanted to touch. But not yet. She’d just take a look. His shoulders were like a linebacker’s, broad and strong. Layla had no doubt that the muscles hiding beneath his leather jacket and oxford shirt were corded and rock hard. When he strode by to look around, she looked herself. Her hands bunched into fists holding back the urge to squeeze his ass clad in tight jeans sweetly snug in the right places. His long legs carried him across the room in just a few quick strides before he turned back to her.
“So this is the elusive Sinster House.” Madden interrupted her perusal, his deep voice seeming out of place in a house so filled by women. Layla knew her sisters were hiding in the other rooms and listening but there was no way around that. She shrugged off the thought and focused on the hottie in from of her.
“This is it. You know, once you come in, we don’t let you go,” Layla teased.
“Oh, I do believe it’s the other way around,” Madden teased right back, tilting his head to the side to look down at her through his dark lashes. His big, beautiful silver eyes sparkled and his dark hair framed his face with just enough length to tug on. He was smoldering. She needed to put out the fire.
“Drink?” Her voice came out high. Damn him. He had her nervous. Now she just needed to figure out a way to make sure it wouldn’t be so obvious.
“Oh yeah,” Madden looked at her as if she would be the drink. He leaned against the table in the foyer and crossed his arms over his chest. His strength was like an aura surrounding him. So much like her father, she knew Madden manifested breed abilities but wondered just what his unique traits were. Regardless, there would be a claiming tonight. It wouldn’t be denied.
“Easy, Madden. I think a beer first would be good,” she said but grinned at his disappointment. With the distance between them now, she noticed another large part of his anatomy and nearly dropped to her knees. It was big. No, seriously, big—bigger than anything described even in the romance novels she liked to read. Her heart was thudding, and when she swallowed, she realized she really did need a drink. Her throat was dry. She also really needed to get a hold of herself.
She heard her sisters’ giggles. They could read her thoughts–they all could read each other’s thoughts courtesy of a trait passed on from their mother. All those born into the Magdalena Circle could read the thoughts of their blood siblings. Layla had never wanted that connection to be broken until this very moment when she was faced with this delicious man and had no idea what to do with him. Well, she had ideas, but aside from the racy romance novels she greedily read, she had no real experience.
Flashes in her head of her sisters’ thoughts bombarded her. “Take him. He’s yours,” said Amelia. “You can do this, little sister,” said Sadie. “Grab what you want,” said Gemma. “Be brave. Be bold,” said Paige. “Eat him up. He’s yummy,” said Gracie. “I so wish I was you,” said Eloise.
“…beer?” Madden was asking something and she only caught the end. She shook her head, trying to push her sisters out. “So they’re all talking to you?”
Layla’s head whipped around and she looked him directly in the eyes. “How do you know?”
“Ah, this will be one of those things you get to learn about me,” he said with a cocky grin that Layla wanted to lick off his face. Crap. She meant smack, smack off his face. No, actually, she didn’t, but she wished she had. What was wrong with her? Why was this man driving her so crazy?
More giggles from her sisters. Well, one way or another, the claiming would happen–destiny and all that—and she was glad for the man given to her. With a wink over her shoulder at the sisters she knew were watching, Layla linked her fingers with Madden’s and tugged him behind her towards the library.
His hand was cooler than hers but not cold, his skin smooth but firm. As her skin tingled, she realized she could sense his emotions; gentleness inside him swirled with hunger. She swallowed when she realized she was sensing his hunger for her. Would this hurt? Why had no one told her anything?
Her sisters gathered in the foyer, Layla was sure they knew they wouldn’t be seeing anymore. Giggling from the foyer brought a blush to her face; certain Madden could hear it as well. How childish could her sisters be? She was the baby of the family, after all. She closed the door. She might not be able to stop them from listening, but she could certainly block their view. She was no exhibitionist. Layla turned her attention back to Madden who had gone ahead of her to walk around the room.
The library was her favorite room in the house. Designed as her haven, she spent hours here surrounded by the friends she found in all the books she read. It was simple for Layla to live a quiet life.; Some might say she didn’t live a life at all, but that’s not how she saw it.
Completely aware of her own reluctance to mate, Layla guarded herself against any potential sensual cravings. She was all too aware when the moment came for her to find her mate and her body allowed her to feel lust for the first time, her future would belong to another. She couldn’t lust without sacrificing her soul, and until she had seen Madden tonight, she hadn’t been prepared to make that sacrifice. Even now, she still wasn’t certain.
Layla’s writing career, though unconventional for a member of the Magdalena Circle, fit her perfectly. Alone in this room, she created the most amazing adventures, the most wonderful romances and worlds people typically called fantasy. Only Layla knew better. She wrote of the world she lived in. Now, most certainly, her stories would take on a different flair.
“Your scent is all over this room. I don’t smell the others so strongly here,” Madden looked as if he was trying to solve a puzzle.
“This room was designed for me. We each have our favorites and this is mine. It’s my office.” She smiled at the thought of him already knowing her scent. Her mother used to tell stories of her father being able to discern her in a room filled with women by her scent alone. She craved that kind of love. She was ready to have her mate but so terrified of the unknown. Why hadn’t she taken more care to learn the history as her mother had tried to teach?
“Ah, you like to read,” he smiled down at her.
“Yes. And I write,” Layla paused for his reaction but seeing nothing more than a nod, she asked, “Do you like to read?”
“Yes,” Madden answered as he looked along some of her shelves, “but unmistakably you and I do not read the same things.” He was holding one of Layla’s books with a scantily dressed cowboy on the front, clearly teasing her. His smirk brought light to his pale face and made her laugh aloud. Delight showed in Madden’s silver eyes as he watched her. They flashed green as she looked away. Layla’s heart thundered for a brief second before she regained her composure. She was not going to let Madden control this mating. Who was stronger would be determined tonight.
She walked over to the wet bar she had installed for her convenience and grabbed two bottles of beer. She handed one to him and sat in the chair closest to the fireplace. “How old are you?” Layla asked him.
“Is it important?” Still perusing her bookshelves, Madden didn’t bother to turn to her as he answered. However, when she didn’t answer him, he turned to her.
“To me, it is. I want to know everything about you,” Layla acknowledged, hoping to lure him in to answering her questions.
“I’d prefer not to sit in an interrogation.”
“And I’d prefer not to be mated with a man I don’t know just because I lusted after him. Guess neither of us is going to be happy tonight.” She scrunched up her nose in a way only her father thought was endearing, but Madden didn’t even blink as he walked closer to her. He chuckled once and leaned down to stroke his finger along her nose.
“Not going to work, Layla Love.” He laughed again as she just stared up at him. How’d he know? And why exactly didn’t it work? Would none of her powers work on him? Crap. She never did see her mother use magic on her father. He shook his head and smiled.
“I think I like you,” he said as he turned and moved to sit in the chair across from her.
“What a beautiful thing to say to the woman you’re trying to seduce.”
“Oh, but aren’t you mistaken? There is no seduction necessary. We are destined.”
“Are you calling me easy?” she blurted out without thinking. He was messing with her senses again.
Madden laughed loudly at that, a full belly laugh. His laugh echoed into every corner of the room. Layla liked how she could make him laugh. She actually thought she might like this man, too. Though he was no pushover—on the contrary, he seemed like an alpha hero she liked to write into her books—the challenge he presented her with would be quite frustrating, she was certain.
Once he stopped laughing and realized that she sat stoically waiting for his teasing to end, he said, “I truly do like you, Layla, smart mouth and all.”
She rolled her eyes but kept her smile. “I think I could try to like you,” she teased.
Madden smiled and nodded his head, taking a sip of his beer and watching Layla over the bottle. It seemed that he never really took his eyes off her and it was unnerving. She felt naked or at least like he was picturing her naked. Flushed with rosy cheeks, Layla couldn’t decide which was worse. She adjusted herself in her chair, uncomfortable with such intense attention.
“Are you picturing me naked?” she squealed, her voice sounding high even to her.
He raised his eyebrows, which made him look even sexier. “Why would you ask that?” He sounded so innocent; though his emotions were still new to Layla she could read Madden well enough to know innocence was not a word to describe this man.
“I feel different when you look at me.”
“Hmm. Different how?” He was stalling. She knew it. Why must he answer all her questions with questions? That had to stop.
“You answer me first.”
He considered her, licked his upper lip and answered, “seventy-seven.”
“I’m answering your first question. I am seventy-seven years, but with the Valendite Breed, we mature to mating age after the first fifty years. So in your terms, I am still just twenty seven which makes me five years older than you.”
Layla heard him talking. She was listening to his answer but couldn’t figure out how they’d gotten back here. She wanted her other question answered and she could tell Madden was going to make her ask again.
“Do you want to know anything else? I believe you very much wanted to play the interrogation game with me.” His grin taunted her—he was playing—and she was willing to play along. Having six sisters had taught her the fine art of bantering.
“Not funny, Madden. You’re avoiding my question,” Layla gave him a pointed look. Any decent man would cower. Not Madden, though. He just continued to grin at her. “And I know you are aware of all my powers, so spill it. I want to know yours.”
“Not going to happen.”
Layla decided to change her tactics. Her hands went to the buttons on her shirt. “How about one button for one power?” she asked.
Madden’s eyebrows lifted. She got him. Yep, he was definitely interested in this game.
“You start,” he said. Layla popped one button. He could see the pulse point near her collarbone.
“I can block any witchy mindreading you try on me, or that anyone else tries, for that matter,” Madden admitted.
“Bummer. Ok, that’s one.” Layla popped another button. He could see the top swells of her breasts and swallowed. She was fairly certain he’d seen her Circle of Magdalena sign just above her right breast, the tiny symbol for lust. Every woman had a sign on her body to symbolize the soul sin she embodied.
He shook his head, clearing his thoughts before giving another answer, “I can use telekinesis. But not on people, just objects.”
“Cool. I’m impressed,” Layla taunted and continued, “That’s two.” She popped another button. The lace of her bra was showing now. She watched him lick his lips as she ran her fingers along the swell of her breast. His eyes were turning a deeper shade of green again.
“I’m strong. I’m durable. Please let’s stop this game. I know you’re ready for me. I can smell it.” Madden moved quickly so that he was kneeling in front of her chair, his gaze on her chest.
“Hmm…another of your powers…that pesky smelling thing,” Layla teased. Maybe later, she might tell him how much she loved that he could smell her.
“I have double jointed fingers,” he said placing his hand on her calf and slowly moving it up under her skirt. It felt good. Layla knew she couldn’t hold out much longer, but she wasn’t willing to give in so quickly. She popped her final button and shrugged out of the blouse to bare her chest, her laci demi-cup not more than an adornment. She heard Madden gasp. His eyes were blazing.
“One more,” she prompted, “about that seeing me naked thing?” Layla lifted his chin with a finger so he was looking into her eyes instead of at her breasts. She could feel Madden’s gaze like heat on her flesh.; She loved it, but she’d never be able to stay in control if he kept doing it.
“Yes, I was visualizing, as you might say,” he looked almost guilty, “but it was entirely your fault. You looked delicious. It was simply unfair.”
“Did you just blame me for looking delicious?” Layla asked incredulously.
“Absolutely.” Madden’s hand was now sweeping against her lacy panties. Thank the Mother Goddess she wore matching underwear tonight.
“I was thinking the same thing about you,” Layla admitted. She licked her bottom lip and bit down on it, watching him. When she felt Madden’s finger reach under her panties, she jumped.
“It’s ok, Layla love. We will be perfect. Let me show you.” His mouth descended to her breasts as he kissed her ripe nipples through the lace. She ran her fingers through his soft, dark hair and let the feelings take her to another place.
With just one bite in the middle, he tore her bra so that it fell to either side. His stare heated her skin, his breath cooled it and then the feel of his lips on her nipples heated her all over again. Madden devoured her breasts, worshipped them. Never had Layla felt something so tantalizing. Madden’s mouth and tongue were warm, a striking difference against the cool touch of his lips. She arched into his mouth, greedy for more, and he laughed.
“You like it, love, just as I knew you would,” Madden’s voice was devastatingly deep and rough. He brushed his lips against hers, slowly at first but then deepening the kiss. Layla sighed and opened to him then felt his tongue swipe inside her mouth. She challenged him with her tongue, back and forth they played as she ran her fingers under his shirt. Oh, she loved this. He really was delicious.
Touching him, running her hands along his chest was like touching power itself. He was electric; the vibrations emanating from him flared Layla’s desire higher, brighter. Madden was huge, so tall and broad compared to her smaller frame, and his muscles bulged as his arms moved to stroke her. He was power. Together they were magic.
The heat inside her was growing more intense. She couldn’t still her hands and wanted to touch him everywhere. She pulled at the soft tresses that came down along his neck. She pulled at his shirt until it was over his head and out of her way and then ran her hands across the firm ridges of his chest around to his shoulders and his muscular back. Light sprinkles of hair tickled her fingers as they floated across his skin. Everywhere she touched was hard hunky male.
* * * *
Madden pulled away from her, just slightly, and she whimpered in protest. He chuckled and kissed her nose when he saw her wrinkle it. Struck by the flush of her cheeks, Madden noted the same flush running down her throat and to the very top of her breasts. As she took deep breaths to calm herself, he placed his forehead against hers. But Madden only paused for a moment because he had no intention of letting the emotions he was pulling from Layla subside. He would not let her gain the control she was wrestling for. A woman off-balance was what he needed her to be.
As part of the Valendite Breed, Madden had been raised to know the prophecy, to appreciate the significance of finding your mate and claiming her. He planned to worship Layla until the day they died. The sharing of blood so sacred, nothing could tear them from one another. Not only would their blood bond them together but it would also sustain Madden and prolong Layla’s life so she lived as long as he did.
Madden moved his hands to frame her face and drew her head up to meet her eyes. He brushed a soft kiss against her full lips before speaking, his voice husky with desire. “Take your tongue, Layla love, and touch it to my sharpest teeth. The blood exchange will bind us and I can take you then. Ho bisogno di te. Please don’t make me wait.”
Madden’s words were barely finished when he took her mouth again. Gently his tongue drew hers out, slowing to let her catch up to his need. When he felt the puncture wounds and tasted the first drop of her blood, he moaned low inside himself. He felt Layla tense at first and then soften her body as it settled into his own. Her moans began to mirror his. He could feel her desire as if it was his own, and it multiplied the urge to claim her and demand she submit to him as his mate.
Madden held back with every piece of control he had been trained to possess. This moment required him to remain in control, to ease her in the mating. He felt her pull away. Her body shuttered and a small whimper bubbled up from her throat. He was suddenly struck by her vulnerability.
“What’s happened, Madden? Why do I feel this way?” His Layla was frightened and he wanted nothing more than to comfort her. Her feisty golden eyes now appeared panicked. Madden couldn’t bear it.
“Layla love, we’re bonded now. You will forever feel what I feel just as I will feel the emotions inside of you. It is a powerful thing for mates. It will make the next act we perform even richer than any romance book you’ve ever read.” He rose then from the floor between her legs and pulled her to him, carrying her out of the room.
“Which way to your bedroom, Layla?”
As she guided him, he took in the house she would soon leave. Eclectic was certainly the best description of the home with each room they passed differing greatly from the one before it. Layla’s head remained on his shoulder, and her eyes were half closed.
“I feel nearly weakened. I’m scared.”
“Everything is as it should be. Your energy will bounce right back once your body is replenished. For now, just let me take care of everything. Allow me to take care of you.”

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