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Hot Rivals by Cheryl Dragon

Hot Rivals

All Male Nudes!, Book 1
by Cheryl Dragon

Resplendence Publishing

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60735-614-1

Jay and Robbie both bare their bodies at the most popular strip club in Vegas. Pleasing the customer is their main job. However, Jay isn’t going to let the new guy knock him out of the top spot without playing dirty. Dating another stripper is asking for trouble, but in the end Jay finds himself being seduced by the sexiest cowboy in Vegas!

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Chapter One

Jay Belfer watched his main competition from the corner of his eye. Robbie Sloan was fairly new to the Big D’s strip club. Sexy and friendly, Robbie made it easy to like him. The clients went wild for that cowboy charm. Jay worked hard not to get too close but kept an eye on the new meat. This was a job, and Jay had a lot invested in Big D’s.
Everyone knew the “D” stood for Dicks but the owner insisted it stood for her last name, D’Agostino. She loved well-hung men performing in her club, which was actually two strip clubs sharing one big building. One side for male patrons, the other for female.
The men’s half of the club featured all-the-way performances on stage. All the men—at least those working on the men’s side tonight—stripped down to nothing. On the other side of the building, another group of guys were doing the exact same thing for a screaming crowd of horny women. Jay never got tired of the rush of being on stage, no matter who he entertained.
In this crowd of gay men, he easily spotted the owner, Bev, watching Robbie shake his ass for the crowd. A professional stripper seven years now, Jay kept his eyes on the crowd and connected with the customers. He was still the top draw—for now.
The new guy, Robbie, was hard to resist and two years younger at twenty-five. He was tan with short brown hair and dark brown eyes. The guy came from a rodeo background so he was flexible and rugged, but rumors reported he had zero cash. Not unusual given the type of work he’d fallen into.
As the men’s pants came off, the crowd cheered. Jay gave them a little smile and saw a lot of regulars out there. Down to gauzy briefs that were pretty much see-through, he let the thrill of the crowd and exhibition turn him on. Jay insisted to himself that it wasn’t Robbie’s tight ass or slightly hairy chest getting his dick up. No way!
Bev generally demanded meticulous manscaping, but Robbie’s chest hair wasn’t overly thick and laid flat against his muscled form. She said it gave him added sex appeal and matched his wild western image. Jay glanced over and saw Robbie’s cock growing. Bev liked men to show it all on stage. It set their club apart. One side for women, one for men, but all of the men went nude and got turned on!
Having to show their erection on stage sent many newbie and wannabe strippers running for the hills. Most new guys thought it’d be easy money on their first day, but Bev was tough on her dancers. Performing took practice and work. The group of men turned and ripped off their briefs. Jay looked at Robbie and cursed himself. With his back to the crowd, Jay admiring other men didn’t matter for the show, but he was really getting turned on. This wasn’t just his usual showing-off hard on today.
Turning, they strutted their stuff and fanned out on the stage to display their full potential. The crowd went wild and after a few minutes, the strippers all headed back to the dressing room. Nudity never bothered Jay, and it didn’t last long. He’d done worse things for money.
Dressing for their next rounds, Jay didn’t have to rush. He was in the last group as a featured dancer. Robbie had moved around the lineup and was growing in popularity. Of course, tonight, he grabbed the chair next to Jay.
“Great crowd.” Robbie closed his jeans then tugged on a long-sleeved shirt.
“They’re good.” Jay noticed Robbie’s cock was still firm in the jeans.
His own member wasn’t relaxing as fast as it normally did. Damn attraction. He always wanted the wrong men! Robbie wasn’t a bad guy, at least not that Jay had found out, but he was the main competition.
Robbie layered a vest and a worn leather jacket atop his shirt. When he bent over to tug on his cowboy boots, Jay forced himself not to imagine Robbie blowing Jay’s cock there in a room full of mostly naked men. No other stripper had turned Jay on so much without even making a pass at him.
“You okay? You looked lost,” Robbie said.
“Fine. Just some stuff on my mind. On stage, I can blank it out, but I don’t go on for a while.”
“I’m up now. See you later.” Robbie smiled wide and dashed for the stage.
Bev liked the contrast of going all nude at first then having men layer on the costumes and show off their individual appeal. The first dance with all the men let customers check them out. Whatever tips came in were split equally from that. From now until the finale, it was one to three guys on the stage performing.
Jay refused to get up and watch Robbie from backstage, no matter how much his cock twitched. Luckily, another dancer came over and sat next to Jay. Any distraction was welcome and Ken had been around Big D’s a lot longer.
“Hot guy. He’s got a crush on you,” Ken teased.
“He’s got a story.” Jay didn’t like competition, but no one could be on top forever. He’d unseated Ken as the top dog a few years back. Ken was blond with dark brown eyes and a swimmer’s body that made women drool. But at forty, he was a veteran. Women and men still loved him, but he wasn’t the new flavor anymore. Jay felt the tug of knowing he wasn’t new, either. Hopefully, he’d handle losing the top spot someday as well as Ken had. He hadn’t iced out Jay, and Ken certainly hadn’t given up.
“We’ve all got a story. I heard his family is in rodeo. They found out he liked dick and tossed him.” Ken adjusted his tie. His tuxedo costume was perfect for him. Classy, sassy, and let him show off his dancing skills at a slower tempo without screaming that he was the older guy here.
“There are gay rodeo riders. Tons of them. I’ve dated a few.” Jay had heard so many sob stories from new strippers that he’d turned a little jaded. Maybe he wanted to find fault with Robbie as an excuse to deny the attraction.
“I guess his family had money, and it was all wrapped up in their show or whatever. So he was out with nothing. He’s hot and can move, though. Bev can pick them.” Ken looked at Jay in the mirror. “You’re really not interested?”
“No, I’m not taking a new guy in and making it easy on him. As soon as he gets his footing, he’d dump me for someone else. Those types always want a nice guy to save them and then run off with a bad boy who’ll hurt them. I’m not into rebound relationships or dealing with someone else’s drama.” Jay didn’t have to spell it out for Ken. Some of the men in the profession were complete users and anyone would do. “Of course, he’s good, Bev doesn’t hire crap dancers.”
Jay made it through his rough years because Bev and one of his Aunt’s up in Reno had looked out for him. Bev had no reason to help thus she had his eternal loyalty and respect. A former Vegas showgirl who’d gone topless on stage and did all sorts of things in hotel rooms, Bev understood the tricks of survival and strength. Now pushing sixty, she helped young men without judging and used her experience to put on a show she swore would run forever!
“Don’t get bitter. You’re not even thirty. Romantics.” Ken chuckled.
“I’ve been called a lot of things, but that isn’t one of them.” Jay listened for the music. Shit! He suddenly realized he’d been waiting for Robbie to hustle his nearly naked body back here.
“You are. Sure, you hook up with guys. Date. But the second a relationship goes south or something bad happens, you bail. You want the perfect Happy Ending. Maybe this Robbie is the one?” Ken brushed off his jacket.
Chuckling, Jay ignored a tug of need in his gut. He wanted more than sex, but that wasn’t the world he lived in. “He’s the competition not the boyfriend. You should worry about finding yourself a man to settle down with. You’re old enough to have fathered some of these guys.”
“If I ever screwed a girl, may rattlesnakes strike my dick. Why would I want to settle down?” Ken stood and headed to the stage as the announcer took over.
Jay smiled but didn’t believe for a second Ken liked being alone. Neither of them had ever been with a woman, but it didn’t change the fact that age happened to everyone. In the end, no one really wanted to be alone. He wanted to see Ken find the right guy. It’d give Jay hope. Just then, Robbie strutted back, his tight g-string filled with money. All Jay saw were Robbie’s firm buns.
* * * *
The next night, Robbie was glad when work was over. The women’s side was fun but since they weren’t his natural preference he had to try harder to flirt and please them. The erection thing was no problem since he just thought about Jay and got hard. He’d been in front of plenty of crowds, so once he got over the nudity, he was right at home.
After letting a few women squeeze his backside, Robbie didn’t stop the bouncers from guiding the ladies toward the door. None of their propositions tempted him at all. Shows were over for tonight. He walked into the huge shared dressing room that connected both sides of the club to find Ken talking to Jay.
“There’s the new guy. Want to come out for drinks?” Ken offered.
“No, thanks.” Robbie shook his head. He didn’t have the money to pay for his quarter of the crap apartment he was in much less social stuff. He studied Jay and wondered if he was going out with his friends.
Ken looked from Robbie to Jay and shrugged. “Okay. You dedicated types stay behind.” He got up and left with a crowd of men.
“I wish Ken would find a good guy,” Jay said.
“I’m sure he will. He’s nice.” Robbie sat down for a rest. Admiring Jay was a bonus. The man had light brown hair and bright blue eyes. His body was perfect in size, muscle definition and flat-out sexiness. No wonder he was on top!
Jay had kept his distance since Robbie had joined the club. Everyone had their own troubles, but Robbie had learned from the other guys that Jay was a success story. He’d had rough start, though Robbie had no idea what that meant specifically. Now, Jay was successful, secure and someone to emulate. Robbie admired the man’s talent, work and body. The attraction refused to be ignored. He’d noticed Jay looking at him and believed it was mutual.
“You didn’t want to go out with them?” Robbie asked.
“Don’t,” Jay said flatly.
“Don’t what?”
“Getting involved with other dancers is asking for trouble. Don’t screw up your money for a fling.”
Robbie wondered if Jay meant him or one of the other men. Had Jay fallen for a dancer and got screwed over? Was that the rough start?
“What if it’s the real thing and avoiding it is impossible?”
“Real thing? Look, I like the guys here. I’ve worked with them for a long time. I don’t date them.” Jay nodded. “You should date elsewhere. Not customers and not other dancers.”
“You feel it, too?” Robbie pushed the button again, hoping for some admission of the chemistry between them.
Jay looked at Robbie. “You want the truth?”
“Sure.” Robbie sighed.
“I didn’t stay behind for you. I limit myself to one night out every other week. Too much partying forces you to work harder to keep in shape. Watch what you eat, workout and don’t drink too much. Otherwise, you’re just working out more to make up for it. If you want a boyfriend, sign up for a dating service.” Jay turned his back and packed his duffle bag.
Robbie tapped Jay on the shoulder. “It’s not that easy. I know I should be focused on building myself up here. Dating isn’t what I want.”
He’d spent his life taking risks. Assessing horses and bulls before he tried to stay on in front of massive crowds. Jumping on Jay didn’t scare him, but now, Robbie had no family to fall back on if he got thrown. All his life, he’d been alone with his secret love for men but protected by a big network of rodeo family with their heads buried in the sand. Now, he was out but totally alone. Something told Robbie that Jay would understand. Even better, Jay wanted him.
When Jay finally turned to look at him, Robbie took the chance and kissed the sexy stripper. For a second, Robbie held his breath. Jay might punch him or talk to Bev and get him fired. Except for this job, his life was already in shambles, and he dared to lose it all to taste Jay.
Strong arms pulled Robbie in, and the relief felt almost as good as Jay’s tongue curling around his. The heat made Robbie press closer as he nipped Jay’s lip. The top dog might believe this was just sex, but Robbie could live with that for now. Whatever it was, he needed it.
“This is a mistake,” Jay said as he pushed Robbie’s tight jeans to the floor.
With nothing underneath, Robbie’s cock sprang free and bobbed for attention. Thankfully, Jay grabbed it. His firm grip made Robbie thrust into that palm. “I need to feel something. Fuck me,” Robbie demanded as he reached for Jay’s fly.
“You’ll hate me or yourself tomorrow.” Jay pushed Robbie’s hands away.
“No, I won’t. Mistake or not, we both need to get it out of our systems.” Robbie had had his share of casual sex behind barns, in empty stalls at the rodeo and in open horse trailers. Since sixteen, he’d been picking out the hot guys who wanted him. Jay definitely fit that description.
“That’s for damn sure.” Jay pushed Robbie down to suck his cock.
Opening the button fly, Robbie licked Jay’s familiar cock from balls to tip then sucked it deep. He’d studied every inch of Jay’s body from every angle and paid extra attention to his long cock, but always from a distance.
Now, he got to feel that shaft throb in his mouth as he took all he could. Massaging Jay’s balls, Robbie groaned at the scent of Jay’s warmth. There was a hint of mint in whatever body product he used, and it mingled perfectly with his manly natural scent. When Jay thrust into Robbie’s mouth, he groaned and worked his tongue over every ridge and vein to torment his soon-to-be lover.
Jay gripped Robbie’s hair and pulled him up. Robbie moved in for a kiss, and Jay gave in. His fingers probed Robbie’s asshole as their tongues tangled. Pressing their cocks together, Robbie surrendered to his desires, and his body opened as it had so many times before. Then it had always been hurried with the fear of being caught. Bev probably wouldn’t like it, but he’d bet she’d scold rather than fire them over it. The kiss didn’t last long, and Robbie found himself kneeling on a chair and holding on to the back as Jay spread his cheeks.
Having his ass tongued made Robbie’s cock pulse. Most men didn’t bother with that sort of foreplay, at least not when they’re trying to fuck you before the next round of competition. There was no more rushing or worrying. Robbie could screw all night with the right guy. Half of the men he’d hooked up with hadn’t been ones he’d want to date, but needs were needs.
Right now, Robbie needed Jay’s cock deep inside of him. Finally, that teasing tongue had had enough. The feel of lube coating his hole made Robbie look back. No doubt, they had any supplies required around here. The rustle of a condom wrapper told Robbie he had nothing to fear from Jay. He was safe and prepared. Naturally, they weren’t the first guys to fuck around backstage. With Jay’s strong hand on his neck, Robbie closed his eyes. The press of Jay’s cock to Robbie’s asshole made him moan.
Robbie slid back to take more as Jay sunk deeper and deeper. The familiar stretching and delicious fullness made Robbie shudder. It’d been months since he’d been fucked, and his body longed for relief daily.
“You like it?” Jay asked when he was balls deep.
“Hell yes!” Robbie tightened his muscles around that big cock, sparking his nerve endings even more and earning a groan from Jay.
“You’ve had plenty of cowboys riding your ass. Rodeo slut.” Jay pulled out and drove home again.
Robbie braced on the padded metal chair. Jay’s dirty talk only turned him on more. “Plenty there. It’s been too long.”
“What? A day?” Jay gripped Robbie’s cock and jerked it as he fucked the man.
Moaning, Robbie snapped back his hips on the hard member making his day. “A month, at least. I need this.”
“You’re going beg for more,” Jay said as he slowed his pace.
“Finish it!” Robbie insisted as Jay’s hand just teased.
“Let’s see if rodeo toughened up that ass of yours.” Jay’s hips went into overdrive.
Robbie braced and took it all as the pressure inside of him built. That big hand pinched the tip of his cock, and Robbie grunted as everything exploded. Pumping back on Jay, he hit that spot inside that relieved all of the pressure and made him come on Jay’s hand.
Smiling, he listened to Jay’s groans as he ground to Robbie’s ass. The sensation was incredible. Jay held Robbie tight, and finally, he cursed and muttered under his breath as his hips froze then tilted.
Eventually, Jay stepped back and caught his breath. The man was in great shape so Robbie took it as a compliment. They clicked, and Robbie knew Jay felt it, too.
“Had enough?” Robbie asked playfully.
“Don’t tease if you can’t handle it. You’ll walk funny tomorrow.” Jay wiped off his hand, dumped the used protection then pulled up his jeans.
“Prove it.” Robbie got dressed and ready to go. An all night screwing session required a bed. “I’ve got roommates.”
“Fine, my place but only to teach you a lesson.” Jay slung his bag over his shoulder and smirked. “You never bent over for any of those animals, did you?”
Robbie laughed. “No, I started young, but I liked grown men. There’s plenty of human cock on the rodeo circuit. But after years of riding animals trying buck me off with all their might, you won’t make me walk funny.”

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