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Gascon Victors and the Private Professor by Kate Hill

Gascon Victors and the Private Professor

Gascon Victors, Book 1
by Kate Hill

Changeling Press

eBook ISBN: 06223-01999

Professor Miles Taylor and the sexy janitor at his university are about to experience a mysterious intervention. Gascon Victors is determined to bring together Lacy and Miles, two people who have admired each other from afar.

On a stormy winter night, Gascon sets his magical plan in motion and gives them a weekend of passion that might last a lifetime.

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Chapter One

Gascon Victors’ life was riddled with secrets, some that he didn’t even know himself. He was certain of just two things — he possessed magic and he believed in love.
Nothing made him feel more fulfilled than bringing a loving couple together.
It was mid January when he was drawn to a northeast college located in a wooded area. For a week he observed two of the university’s employees — a math professor and a janitor. They were both single and quite infatuated with each other, though they had never expressed their feelings.
On this dark and stormy night — Gascon’s favorite setting for a romance — he worked his magic with the intention of bringing these two secret admirers together.
With a dreamy smile he stood outside the Hillview Building on campus. Inside, the janitor Lacy Brenner and Professor Miles Taylor were the only two people left. The university had closed early due to the weather, which was getting progressively worse…
* * *
Lacy tapped on Professor Taylor’s office door.
“Yes?” he replied in his deep, sexy voice.
“You called for maintenance, Professor?” she purred.
The door opened and the professor stared at her with vivid blue eyes. His white dress shirt was open halfway down his chest — unusual for the conservative professor, but most welcome to Lacy. His body was lean and hard looking. Glancing lower, she noticed the bulge in front of his black trousers. Her heart skipped a beat and she forced her gaze back to his face. A lock of dark auburn hair tumbled across his forehead and she longed to brush it away and run her fingers through his unruly curls.
“Lacy, I’d hoped you’d come instead of Phil.”
“Really, Professor?” She gazed at him with her steamiest look and said. “Don’t worry, I’ll always come for you.”
His eyes closed halfway and a low groan escaped him.
“What do you need, Professor?” She edged closer, standing so near that their bodies almost touched.
“My waste basket needs emptying.”
“Well, let’s see.” Lacy brushed past him and walked to the half-full receptacle. She bent from the waist, leaving her ass high in the air, and glanced over her shoulder at him. “I’ll take care of that right now.”
“Oh, Lacy, I can’t hide how I feel any longer. From the moment I saw you, I’ve wanted you. I know it’s not proper or professional or –”
“Forget that, Professor.” She straightened and turned to him. “I feel the same way about you.”
“Lacy, I want to kiss you. Tell me no.”
“Yes, Professor, oh, yes!”
“Please call me Miles.”
“Okay. Miles.”
He groaned again and pulled her into his arms. His mouth covered hers in a hot, deep kiss. Closing her eyes, Lacy thrust her tongue against his while running her fingers through his thick auburn hair. He wore it longish and she found the look incredibly sexy.
He grasped her waist and lifted her onto the edge of his desk, then he shoved his books and papers aside so she could sit more comfortably. “Oh, Lacy,” he breathed, nuzzling her neck. His hands roamed over her breasts that were covered by her long-sleeved T-shirt and jeans.
“Miles,” she murmured again, caressing his shoulders and back. She tugged his shirt out of his trousers and slid her hands beneath it. Her palms roamed over his warm, hard chest.
“You’re so beautiful. I want to devour you.”
“That sounds so good!”
He unfastened her jeans and pushed them down to her waist. Lacy leaned back slightly and pulled off her T-shirt. Miles’ gaze fixed on the smooth tops of her breasts that swelled above her bra. She removed the bra quickly and he grasped her breasts, burying his face between them.
Her heart pounded and her clit ached and throbbed. Miles ran his tongue from one nipple to the other, then sucked hard on the nub, making it stiffen and tingle.
Damn, she wanted him between her legs. Now!
Yet he wasn’t in a hurry. He took his time lapping and sucking her nipples until she thought she might go crazy from his sensual teasing.
“Miles, please,” she said, unzipping his trousers and stroking him through his silky boxers. He had always looked like a boxer shorts man to her. His cock was rock hard and she wanted to feel it without the barrier of clothes. She pushed down his trousers and his boxers, then curled her fist around his cock, loving the sensation of satiny flesh over steel.
“Please fuck me, Miles,” she breathed.
“I’ve wanted to fuck you since the moment I saw you, Lacy,” he said, lifting his head from her breast to nuzzle her neck. His big, warm hands stroked her ribs and belly. He pushed down her jeans and Lacy kicked them off, then pushed down her panties.
She was so wet for him already. If only he would take her. Fuck her against the desk, but he wasn’t quite ready yet.
Miles knelt between her legs. His tongue rolled over her clit and Lacy nearly screamed with delight. She leaned back on her hands, arched her neck and closed her eyes. Squeezing her ass, she thrust her hips, keeping time with his licking and sucking. Her clit buzzed. Any second, she was going to come.
Miles stood abruptly. Grasping her hips, he dragged her closer to the edge of the desk. She opened her eyes and stared into his fiery blue ones as he filled her with his thick cock.
“Oh, Miles, more!” she gasped.
“Lacy, you’re mine.” He grasped a handful of her hair, tugged her head back and kissed her throat while thrusting over and over, pushing her toward an earth-shattering orgasm…
* * *
Lacy grinned at her naughty fantasy about the new professor. Damn, it was so hot that if she’d been home, she’d have climbed into bed and masturbated.
Imagining Professor Taylor horny enough to make a move on her was far-fetched, but so much fun. She wished there was a possibility of them hooking up, but she didn’t want to try. Rejection wasn’t easy for anyone, and why would she bother with a man who would no doubt refuse even an overture of friendship.
The man was too adorable, but reserved and almost shy. She wasn’t sure how to approach him and believed that doing so would only make him uncomfortable, thereby making her uncomfortable. Still, she could dream.
Usually she tried to avoid thinking about sex with Professor Taylor while on campus, but tonight it didn’t matter. Due to the storm and the late hour, she was the only one left.
Lacy didn’t mind being alone in the Hillview Building. She had stayed to see that the plowing was done and also decided to wax the floors while the building was empty. She’d worked from the bottom floor up. Lacy actually enjoyed cleaning the floors, as it gave her time to think of new song verses. Her passion had always been music, especially folk and country. She’d long ago given up the dream of being a music star, but she still spent her spare time writing songs and playing guitar.
At the moment she was listening to a song she’d recorded the previous night and uploaded to her MP3 player. She stepped off the elevator to the third floor and was surprised to see a light at the end of the hall. Heavy metal music blared from the office that belonged to Professor Taylor of the math department.
Her brow furrowed and she pushed the waxer off the elevator. Stepping away from it, she pulled a screwdriver from her tool belt and slowly approached the office. She knew Professor Taylor and doubted he would be blasting that kind of music. Had someone broken into his office? A student perhaps?
Upon reaching the office, she peered inside. Her surprise turned to amusement.
Professor Taylor stood near his desk that was covered with paperwork. He was feverishly playing air guitar while shaking his head of unruly black curls. Since he’d arrived at the college three months ago, Lacy had developed a crush on him, resulting in sexual fantasies, like the one she’d had moments ago. The professor seemed so quiet and serious, so polite yet remote that she’d kept her distance. She’d overheard other staff members talking and they seemed to share her opinion of this private professor. Except when he was teaching, he seemed almost shy around people. His students seemed to enjoy his classes, in particular the girls. He was adorable with longish dark auburn hair, cut cheekbones, full lips and eyes that glittered like aquamarines behind his steel-rimmed glasses. His voice was deep and rich. If one was lucky enough to engage him in conversation for longer than a mere “good morning,” he had a habit of staring intently, making the person he talked to feel like the most important being on the planet.
Professor Taylor liked to work late in his office and his path crossed Lacy’s often since she usually worked late too.
Keeping a campus like this in order took time and effort. She wasn’t the only janitor, but other than her boss, an older guy named Phil, she’d been with the maintenance department the longest.
In the midst of his rock-star fantasy, the professor turned and saw Lacy standing in his doorway. The look on his face was priceless. He immediately stopped thrumming air and stood at attention, his face flushed from embarrassment. He pushed locks of unruly hair from his eyes, reached for his glasses that were resting on the edge of his desk and put them on.
“Lacy,” he said with a sheepish smile. “I thought I was the only one here.” He sounded cool and collected, but his blush still hadn’t faded.
“Sorry to disturb you, Professor. I thought I was alone too. I heard music and –”
“Oh, that.” He once again reached toward his desk, this time to lower the volume on his laptop. “Sorry. I was taking a break from grading quizzes. Is there something I can do for you?”
Lacy’s heart skipped a beat. She could think of several things this adorable man could do for her — none of them appropriate.
“I didn’t mean to disturb you,” she said.
“Actually, I could use the distraction.”
If he found her distracting, that might be a good thing.
“I’ll let you get back to your –”
“I hope I didn’t disturb you with the loud music,” he said quickly.
“Oh no. I love music,” she said and grinned. “Is being a rock guitarist a fantasy, Professor, or do you actually play?”
“I play bass, although I have to admit you’ve uncovered one of my fantasies.”
Now he was more than just brains and a pretty face. All this time she’d told herself they couldn’t possibly have anything in common. She’d been wrong.
“I play guitar,” she said. “Actually I’m in a band with some friends. We all have day jobs, but sometimes we get gigs on weekends.”
Interest glistened in his vibrant blue eyes. “What kind of music?”
“Mostly folk and country, but we play rock too. I like all kinds of music.”
Folding his arms across his chest, he leaned against the back of his desk, his long legs stretched out. He nodded. “I can see you as a musician. You look like a creative person.”
She raised an eyebrow. “I do?”
“Yeah. In my job I observe a lot of different people and you start to…”
“Get judgmental?”
He chuckled. “Maybe a little. However I meant what I said to be complimentary.”
She glanced toward the small window in his office. “Wow. It’s getting pretty bad out there.”
“Yes.” He walked to the window, looked out, then glanced at her. “And it’s rather cold in here. I’m about to make some coffee. Would you like…”
The lights flickered and then went out.
“Damn,” he muttered, walked to his desk and rummaged around. “I know I have a flashlight somewhere.”
Lacy pulled a flashlight from her tool belt and turned it on. She approached him and flashed it on the desk to make his search easier.
“Thank you,” he said, turning to her. He was so close that they were almost touching.
Again Lacy’s heart skipped a beat. His eyes were so beautiful and his cologne smelled great.
He moistened his lips and drew a deep breath. For a second she thought he might lean in to kiss her, then he abruptly turned back to the drawer.
“Ah ha.” He pulled out his flashlight and turned it on. “Unfortunately, around here the power might be out for quite a while.”
“No kidding. It looks like I won’t be waxing the third floor tonight. We should head out, Professor.”
“Good idea. I wish I had taken the time to get my snow tires on.”
She curled her lip. “You have no snow tires? Don’t you have that little blue car?”
“That’s me.”
“It’s probably buried by now, the way this snow has been falling. Why don’t you let me give you a ride to your place in my truck?”
“I don’t want to inconvenience you.”
“It’s no problem,” she said.
“I’m only about two miles from here.”
“Then let’s go.”
“Give me a moment to collect my work.”
“Take your time. I need to secure the building and lock up my office.”
They parted ways and Lacy couldn’t help smiling.
For three months she’d wanted to be alone with him, to get to know him better. Crazy as it seemed, this snowstorm was finally giving her the chance.
* * *
Miles could scarcely believe his good luck. When it came to women, he was a lost cause. Other than casual dating, he’d never been in a relationship. There had always been something to do. First it was his education — and that was an ongoing process. His teaching was quite time-consuming and he dedicated most of his free time to music. He played several instruments including piano, violin, and flute, but his favorite was bass guitar. In his youth, he’d dreamed of being a rock star. He’d never wanted to be the front man. Lead guitar or lead vocals didn’t appeal to him. He’d dreamed of playing bass — being a dark, mysterious musician who kept the rhythm of the band.
Most women didn’t want to spend the night talking about music or science fiction — for he was a major geek as well.
When Miles had first seen Lacy, he’d thought his eyes were playing tricks on him. Had he actually seen that lovely face and those fantastic curves? He’d actually stopped walking down the corridor to his office and turned to check again. She’d stood on a ladder, replacing a burned-out light bulb, her shirtsleeves rolled up and a tool belt wrapped around her shapely hips.
She hadn’t noticed him, of course. A woman like that probably preferred the jock-type, not a lanky geek with steel-rimmed glasses and unruly hair. In fact, over the past three months, his daydreams about Lacy had spilled into night. He’d awakened rock-hard and yearning from more than just one dream about her.
So many times he’d considered approaching her in friendship, but he’d always thought of reasons not to.
He was on his way to class.
A student was waiting for him.
He didn’t want to be late for a faculty meeting.
Lacy looked too busy to talk and besides, what would he say?
Other than brief exchanges when passing each other in the corridor, they had spoken little.
Until tonight.
It amazed him that they had a common interest. Even more amazing, he was about to ride home with her. Now was the time to find out if she was interested in him at all — no excuses.
Driving with her would mean leaving his car on campus, but that didn’t matter much to him. Generally he jogged a couple of miles every morning, so it would be no problem to jog to work to pick it up. Tomorrow was Saturday, so it wasn’t like he would end up teaching classes after breaking a sweat.
After gathering his work and putting on his coat, scarf, knit hat and gloves, he walked down to the first floor to wait for Lacy.
She joined him a few minutes later. Was it his imagination or had she applied lipstick? He would have noticed if she’d been wearing it before. The raspberry color made her luscious lips look even moister and more kissable. He’d love to taste them.
No! Stop thinking about it. Now wasn’t the time to become aroused, yet how could he help it? It happened to him every time Lacy was around — or any time he thought about her.
“Ready?” she asked. “My truck should be warmed up. I cleaned it off and left it running before I locked up my office.”
“After you.” He held the door for her and they stepped into the freezing night. Snow fell heavily. Had tomorrow been a weekday, no doubt the campus would have closed due to the storm.
Lacy had a large red pickup truck. He dumped his briefcase and laptop into the back seat and helped her dust snow off the truck.
Then they climbed in and he gave her directions to his house.
“You’re sure this isn’t an imposition?” he asked.
“Not at all. Actually you’re on the way to my place, sort of. At the fork in the road where we go right to your place, you go left for mine.”
“I didn’t know that.”
“How would you?” She smiled and glanced at him from the corner of her eye. She had an adorable profile. Her slightly snubbed nose was so cute.
Due to the heavy snowfall and darkness, visibility was bad. Even with her studded tires and four-wheel drive, Lacy traveled slowly and concentrated on the road. While the weather concerned Miles, his main focus was on Lacy. He had her completely to himself and he was wasting the chance to get to know her better.
“So where are you from?” he asked. Couldn’t he think of a better question? That sounded lame.
“Vermont originally,” she said. “So I’m not a stranger to this weather. How about you? You have an accent that’s definitely not New England.”
“No it’s old England.”
She smiled again and this time glanced at him from the corner of her eye.
“Actually it’s a hybrid accent. My mother is American and my father is English. They split when I was sixteen and I came here with my mother and siblings.”
“That must have been difficult.”
“Wasn’t that bad.” He shrugged. “The strange thing is, about five years later they remarried.”
“That doesn’t happen very often. Have you ever been married, or should I say, are you?”
With a wry laugh, Miles shook his head. “No. When it comes to romance, I’m the family jinx. I have a sister and a brother, both happily married. My grandparents on both sides were married for over sixty years and as I just said, my parents married each other twice.”
“So you’re not interested in getting married. I’m sure lots of guys would agree with you.”
“You know it’s funny how everyone thinks guys want to stay single forever. If that were true, there would be far less long-term relationships in the world. The truth is, most people I know are married.”
“Yeah. Me too. Or at least they have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Something like that.”
Her words got his hopes up. “But not you?”
“Nope. Like you, Professor, I’m a lone wolf.”
“Would you…”
“Yes?” This time she turned to look at him, her dark eyes gleaming in the light of an oncoming car.
“Watch out. He’s flagging us down,” Miles said.
She slowed the truck and rolled down the window to the police officer, who had stopped his cruiser.
“Something wrong, officer?” she asked.
“You’re not headed left down the fork in the road, are you?”
“Yeah, why? Or at least I will be after I drop off my… coworker here.”
“There’s a massive tree down. There’s no way you can get through right now. It might be a while before the road is drivable. Also, I’d get off the street as soon as possible. It’s a state of emergency. You don’t want to get stuck out here.”
“My house is just another mile or so away. We can stay there until the weather improves,” Miles said. His heart thumped a little faster at the thought of Lacy spending the night. Not that he expected them to tumble into bed. He just liked the thought of being with her. Although he kept busy between work and music, living by himself in his country house often got lonely.
Lacy glanced at him, her eyes wide with surprise. “I… that’s…”
“All right. Be careful driving,” the policeman said, then drove off.

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