Dr. Feel Good by Ashlynn Monroe

Dr. Feel Good by Ashlynn Monroe

Dr. Feel Good

Operation Bliss, Book 1

by Ashlynn Monroe

Changeling Press

Ebook ISBN: 06217-01997

[ SciFi Romance ]

The crew of the Galactic Alliance exploration vessel Bliss has discovered many uncharted worlds. They’ve faced many dangers. Yet nothing has prepared them for the new threat burning through the crew like fire. Lust. When they rescue a dying alien, they have no idea he’s infected with an undetectable pathogen that will attack the crew through their most primal desires.

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Chapter One

Dr. Arely Sampson, ship’s Medical Officer, jumped as the emergency warning sirens screamed out. She nearly dropped the vial of blood she’d just taken out of the centrifuge. With shaking hands she put it down and took off her gloves.

“Incoming priority message,” VI, the ship’s AI computer, informed Arely in her slightly flat, albeit incredibly human voice.

Arely tapped the smart fabric on the arm of her uniform. The fibers lit up and the captain’s image appeared. “Doctor, we need your team to shuttle bay three,” Captain Zahara ordered. “We’ve run across an Emergency Escape Pod. We’re reading one life form. VI has swept the pod and reports the occupant is alive, but life signs are weak. We’ll need your crew to secure the pod and transport the patient directly to isolation.”

“We’ll be there right away, Captain.” Arely grabbed her scanner and her med kit. She tapped her comm again. “Lt. Tamalia, get a team together and bring the decon unit to shuttle bay three.”

“The security team is already on the way,” the lieutenant replied.

In the corridor Arely paused momentarily to glance out a starboard porthole. A robotic arm was attaching to the EEP and drawing it toward the shuttle bay doors. She broke into a run. “Level Three,” she told the elevator as she stepped inside.

Thirty-six seconds later, she exited on the level she’d requested.

“The decon unit is ready, and there’s a security crew waiting on the dock,” Lt. Tamalia replied to her unspoken question.

She nodded as they jogged toward the shuttle bay. “Understood.” Arely turned on the portable scanner.

“Cargo bay doors are now closed and atmosphere has been returned to normal,” VI reported. “You may enter.”

“Good, let’s do it.”

Six Bliss crewmembers dressed in bio-hazard suits burst in to surround the small emergency pod. The doors sealed tightly behind them. Lt. Tamilia ran a scan of the door to verify the seal was airtight. The decon tube was ready to transport the alien. A bright light danced over the smooth metallic surface as VI scanned the pod. The pod opened and Arely got her first look at the very naked, very male body inside. Her eyes widened as she noticed the length and girth of his penis. Even limp the thing was impressive!

Arely pushed the unprofessional thought away and focused on what was important. The alien lay very still. For a moment, she thought he might be dead but then the scanner bleeped. He was alive. Barely. She gazed down at the expanse of pale flesh folded inside the emergency escape pod. He was far too large for the small space.

She stepped closer and the armed security detail made room for her near the decon unit. The alien’s tall, muscular body twitched, and she took a quick step back. The others around the pod reacted immediately. She could hear the whirl of stunners coming off standby.

“We’re going to need to take the tube to the medical bay,” Arely informed the group.

The Chief of Security, Nikili Berak, gave her a sour look. The handsome man’s mouth twisted. “Doctor, I understand your professional curiosity, but I cannot jeopardize the Bliss so you can study this creature.”

Creature? According to VI’s readings, this being is humanoid and sentient. Per the 3056 act of medical reciprocity any Galactic Alliance ship is obligated to provide medical aid to all sentient beings we encounter. We will transport him to my med lab.” She glared back at the roguish Mobian. His people were fierce warriors, and he had a body that made her woman side purr — even as his professional side irritated her.

“Absolutely not.” A lock of Nikili’s thick grey-black hair fell into his eyes, and he pushed it way.

“VI’s already scanned the alien. He’s free of all known pathogens, and he’ll be in the decon unit,” Arely argued. “Besides, this is a medical emergency, and as the ship’s Medical Officer, this in my decision. His life signs are weak. We don’t know how long he’s been in this pod — the onboard computer’s not responding to VI’s inquiry. The unit’s life support nearly failed. Another few hours, and he would have been dead. If we don’t get this man some medical care very soon, he’ll die anyway.”

“I’m not risking contaminating the ship,” Nikili insisted.

Arely touched her sleeve comm, and the captain’s image lit up the wall. “Captain, Chief Berak is questioning my medical authority. The alien is in critical condition. We need to transport him to med lab immediately.”

In the background, she could see the bridge crew staring at the alien curiously. “What’s the risk to our crew?” the captain asked.

“VI has scanned the decon unit and found no serious health risks,” Arely reported.

“The alien entity is unconscious. It’s what happens when he wakes up that worries me,” Nik replied.

“He won’t wake up at all if we don’t provide him with medical care,” Arely insisted.

“The Bliss has never turned away any species in need. We won’t be changing that stance now,” the captain decided. “Help the doctor with our guest, Chief Berak, then report to me.”

“Understood, Captain.” Nikili kept his tone respectful, but Arely saw the disapproval on his face.

The wall went blank again as the captain ended the transmission. Nik turned to Arely. “Doctor, if this being is dangerous, the blood he sheds will be on your hands.”

“I’ve had your blood on my hands, more than once, and I kept you alive, Chief Berak. This being needs our help. I’m sorry if that makes your job more challenging today, but he’ll be restrained and isolated in the decon tube. I’ll just have to trust you’ll be on top of the situation if our guest isn’t the friendly sort.”

Lines of anger still marring his handsome face, Nik motioned for his security team to enter the portable decon unit. It took all six of them to unfold the large alien out of the pod and transfer him into the decon tube. Arely pressed the activator and the decon tube’s magnetic field lifted their guest up into the air. She pressed a button and the tube became opaque, hiding the alien’s exposed genitals from prying eyes.

The tube passed out of the decon unit, hovering just above her waist. She and Lt. Tamalia guided it out of the docking area and into the main corridor. Nik and his team surrounded them as they rushed down the corridor and into the elevator. She was amazed they all managed to cram into the small space.

A few meters from the med bay doors Nik grabbed her arm. “I don’t recognize his species. I will be keeping a guard on you and your med lab until the alien wakes up. You are a fine doctor but far too trusting.”

“Just keep your people out of my way,” Arely said coldly as she jerked her arm out of his grasp.

“May the gods guide your life force. I would see no harm befall you.” His intense look made heat burn in her cheeks. Then Nik stalked away. She let go of the breath she’d been unconsciously holding.

* * *

Nikili found his friend Lydon Zo meditating in the rec room. The man sat cross legged on a prayer mat, his body facing a wall displaying an image of an Alorian forest, complete with animal noises and even the scent of flowers. “Hello, telepath. I need you.”

Lydon opened his eyes. “Your anxiety was causing my head to ache. You’ve been sending off the greatest waves. I would’ve come to you, but I needed to find my center first.” He sighed. “I am improved. How can I help you, Nik?”

“It’s not me who requires your talent. Doctor Sampson has taken an unknown life form into the medical bay. I have guards at the door, but I would feel better if you could read this creature’s intentions.”

Lydon smiled softly. “The doctor is a woman of worth. I understand very well now, my friend.”

Nik scowled. “Stay the fuck out of my head.”

Your head was screaming at me. Besides, any man with eyes can see how you feel about the doctor. You are not alone in your connection. I, too, care for our sweet Arely. When my head aches and calling to my gods brings no relief, she has often relieved my discomfort with an Alorian massage. She cares enough about my condition to research ways my own people treat telepathic stress. The Galactic Alliance has no protocol for this. She could have simply given me drugs, but she understood why I won’t take them. They compromise my abilities. Lovely Arely found an alternative way to treat my condition.”

The idea of Arely giving the handsome telepath an intimate caress angered Nik.

“Fear not. Arely buries her needs as a woman. She is always the doctor first. I will not lie to you. If I had the opportunity I’d have her in my bed, but I would never hurt her.”

“I’m not here to talk about your cock. Get down there and make sure the med lab is secure. If you find anything suspicious about the alien let me know,” he ordered, scowling.

Lydon’s concerned gaze only pissed Nik off further. They work closely together. Lydon understands her work. He’d be a fine mate to the doctor, Nik rationalized.

Fuck. Why do I suddenly want to kill something? He should’ve reported to the captain before he went to see Lydon, but Arely’s safety was his top priority.

* * *

“Excuse me.” Arely was getting sick of asking the security personnel to step aside. Four seemed like major overkill. She’d sent three messages to Nik. They’d all been ignored. She resisted the impulse to swear. She needed to treat her patient, but with armed guards taking up her limited space, it wasn’t easy. “Would you please leave? This is ridiculous. This man is naked, asleep, and in an isolation unit. His physiology isn’t shifter, so he’s not going to get out of those restraints. I’m a trained alliance officer. I know how to defend myself.”

“Chief Berak has given us orders to stay,” the security officer replied.

Obviously, the security officers didn’t know who they were dealing with. “Nikili Berak is a stubborn, paranoid ass, and I outrank him. Get out of my lab! Now!”

The man looked uncertain for a moment, then he frowned. “We’ll wait outside,” the officer agreed. Arely waited for the bay doors to slide shut before she turned back to her patient.

The patient groaned. Her uncharacteristic annoyance forgotten, Arely rushed to the isolation unit and checked the monitors. He wasn’t awake yet, but she could see subtle changes in his readings. She looked down at the being. “Come on, open your eyes,” she muttered.

Suddenly she was looking at the most gloriously blue eyes she’d ever seen. The alien’s handsome face made her breath catch in her throat. He was the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen.

Despite the shielding of the isolation unit a strange, sweet fragrance filled the air. She sighed and stumbled back against the wall. The being gazed directly at her. “You are not the female I seek.”

She wasn’t sure if she should be offended or terrified. Snapping the restraints and pushing through the isolation field as if it didn’t exist, the alien stood up.

Arely rushed to block his path. “Please lay back, you’ve been ill. Let me help you.”

He began opening drawers and cabinets, searching through the med lab. The alien paused long enough to give Arely a disinterested look before continuing what he was doing. She gasped as he touched the ship’s computer interface and began to scroll through files. His fingers moved with such speed she had no time to try and stop him. The doors slid open and the security officers she’d unwisely ordered away rushed back in. Relief filled her until one of the men drew on him.

“No, stop,” Arely ordered. The alien glared at the men and another wave of scent permeated the air. This time it was almost a pumpkin pie odor. All the men collapsed. Only Arely remained awake. She trembled. Her vision blurred, and she shook her head in an attempt to clear her sight.

The med bay doors swished open again and Lydon rushed in. He stopped dead and looked at the alien with horror. “Don’t do this, please,” he begged before he went to his knees. Arely cried out and rushed to her friend without thought for her own safety.

Lydon looked up into her face. “Sex…” His voice drifted off and his eyes closed. Sex? She had no idea what he was trying to say. He collapsed and she couldn’t stop her cry of distress.

The alien crossed the room. He stopped next to her and Lydon. “You have a strong will. Interesting.”

As the alien stepped outside Arely noticed two more guards lying on the floor. She hoped everyone was just unconscious. Her vision was blurry. Nik


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