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Stalked by Jocelyn Michel


Wild Things, Book 5
by Jocelyn Michel

Changeling Press

eBook BIN: 06145-01973

Cassidy Kerrigan is once again in search of a myth for her prime-time monster hunt Wild Things, this time for the Yeti of Nepal. Relying heavily on her hunky guide/cameraman/vampire lover, Andrei Dinu, she climbs a mountain in the Himalayas in the worst of weather conditions. Not only do they find prints of a Yeti, they run into two evil vampires who make those prints in order to lure innocent explorers, hikers, and climbers up their mountain. Is Andrei strong enough to take down two vampires out for revenge?

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Chapter One

I loved mountains… from a distance, that is. Close-up and personal, they weren’t nearly as pretty and could even prove quite deadly as they had when I climbed a New Zealand volcano in search of a fire god a few weeks ago. So why was I now scaling another peak, this one in Nepal? As host of Wild Things, my goal was to prove or disprove the world’s myths. That meant I had to go where the monsters were, in this case the Himalayas, home of the fabled Yeti.
I’m not sure why I chose such an elusive animal for this week’s episode, which was the fifth of what I sincerely hoped would be a long-lived series about the adventures of me and my guide/photographer/not-so-secret lover Andrei Dinu. Though I hadn’t intended to be the star of Wild Things when I pitched the idea to Earth Broadcasting Network, my estranged father and CEO, Sean Kerrigan, had stepped in, saying he’d only produce the series if I assumed the role. Naturally I took the bait. He obviously thought I’d fall flat on my face. I intended to prove that I wasn’t the pushover my poor mom, his ex-wife, had been.
Yeah. I had daddy issues.
That’s why I was now hiking at dusk at a high altitude through mud and over rocks with Andrei just behind me, filming as I gracelessly slipped, staggered, and stumbled. Rain mixed with sleet stung my face, and I could only hope the whistling wind wasn’t louder than my stammered commentary.
“Though many people believe — oops! — that the footprints mountain climbers and explorers have photographed in the snow — oomph! — are merely the prints of a local animal that have been distorted by melting — ooh! — others point out that the ones found in mud can’t be so easily dismissed — ouch! Damn it, Dinu. Are you positive this is a trail? Because it sure isn’t much of one.” I extricated my boot from ankle-deep mud, which resulted in a sploosh! that sent me tumbling backward, arms flailing.
I landed on my butt, just missing a sharp rock that would’ve meant the end of my tail bone. Always surefooted — a vampire trait that irritated the hell out of me — Andrei just stood there laughing his ass off. Did I want to kill him? Oh yeah. Unfortunately, he was an immortal, so that would take more than my simple death wish. Doing the only thing I could do, I scooped up a double handful of mud and lobbed it at him.
When Andrei instinctively dropped the camera to save it, mud splattered his chiseled cheek. With a sputter and a curse, he abandoned professionalism and returned fire, using supernatural speed to hurl handful after handful of freezing cold nastiness at my poor body. I squealed and ducked behind my arms, which made it impossible to hop up and get away even if my heavy backpack would’ve allowed it.
In a nanosecond he loomed over me, his camera dangling from a strap around his neck as he ruthlessly slathered my face, neck and clothing. My fur hat fell off my head, freeing the ponytail I’d earlier tucked into it.
“Stop! Stop!” Trying to roll off my backpack, I swatted and kicked at him.
“You started this, Kerrigan.”
“And I’m ending it, too.” Or not. Before Andrei could fully retreat, I scraped up one last glob of the stuff and smeared it from his handsome forehead to his scruffy chin.
He immediately grabbed the front of my jacket, unsnapping it with a firm yank and then wallowing his face in my red shirt. That tickled unbearably. Laughing hysterically, I tried to push him away. But instead of going quietly, he ripped my shirt open. Before the last button pinged off the boulders around us, he’d somehow gotten rid of his hiking pack and mine. He then freed my full breasts from their lacy constraint. Andrei tongued each taut nipple in turn, distracting me so much I didn’t realize he’d touched my belt, pants, or bikinis until my bare ass sank into frigid Himalayan mud.
Goosebumps skittered over my flesh, now exposed from tits to ankles. Andrei settled between my knees, pinning my pants and ankles to the spot. Capturing my wrists as well, only over my head, he began kissing my lips. Kissing him back with abandon, I managed to free my hands to unzip his heavy jacket and loosen his leather belt. A quick unzip later, I pushed his pants down enough to free his hard cock.
“Do it. Please.” I tangled my hands in his hair. “Now.”
I didn’t have to ask again. With a groan, Andrei took it from there, plunging that cock into my pussy. Was I ready for him? Oh yeah and then some. Nobody turned me on the way my vamp did, especially when we hadn’t fucked since the morning before. Was it cold? Yes. Was it wet? Yes again. Did I give a shit? Nope. And neither did he. Taking his weight on his arms, Andrei didn’t move right away. Instead, he kissed me, touched me, until I forgot the wind and sleet, and even that nasty mud squishing between my butt cheeks.
I slid my hands under his shirt, and oblivious to our surroundings, met him thrust for thrust. It was so easy to lose myself to the joy of being fucked by the man I adored. When my climax slammed me minutes later, I dug my nails into his back and hung on, moaning my release. He came seconds after, his whole body shuddering.
For long moments we lay there — two idiots panting for oxygen in horrible weather with our clothing muddy and askew. I raised my head to check for the Nikon that should’ve been lodged between my boobs, considering my lover’s current position. “Where’s the camera?”
Andrei felt for the strap and didn’t find it. “Damned if I know.” Rolling off me, he stood and pulled up his pants. Then he offered me a hand so I could get up, too. While I rearranged filthy clothing over an equally filthy body, he looked all around.
Even after I was dressed again, I wasn’t much help in the search. Darkness had fallen at some point, which meant I couldn’t see anything without a light. As for Andrei, I watched as he walked around in an ever-widening circle. I assumed his glow-in-the-dark eyes would do the trick, but they didn’t seem as bright as usual. Or were my own tired eyes playing tricks on me?
“Kerrigan! Over here.”
I realized that Andrei had the camera in hand and now stared at the ground a good three yards from where we’d fucked. I dug a small LED flashlight from my jacket pocket, turned it on, and joined him, teeth chattering now that I was damp and icky from head to toe. “What?”
“Look at that.”
Directing the beam of the light to where he pointed, I saw what appeared to be a footprint in the mud. A huge, very deep footprint.
“Are you kidding me?” I flicked the light around, looking for more. “There’s another one.”
Andrei moved ahead. “And a partial here. Got the plaster kit? We need to cast these before this rain washes them away.”
I located my backpack on the ground and began to rummage through it for what I needed. While Andrei filmed, I added bottled water to the bag holding the powder and worked the mixture with my fingers until it got to the right consistency, talking all the while.
“We spoke with some of the locals before we began our climb. Many reported finding Yeti and human tracks together, as well as signs of an attack and even blood. Since climbers and hikers have gone missing, it’s assumed that the Yeti attacked and killed them. That contradicts the traditional belief that the Yeti is an elusive creature that avoids human contact.” I smiled at the camera. “Let’s just hope whatever made these is one of the shy ones.”
I framed the prints with strips of cardboard that had come in the kit so I could pour the plaster. That done, I covered them so they could dry. Then Andrei and I searched for other prints. We didn’t find any, which seemed odd. The mud certainly wasn’t limited to that one area. I glanced up, wondering if the Yeti nested in trees. At that point we weren’t above the tree line. But I saw no broken limbs or gouged bark, which meant nothing that could make a print that big had climbed any of the trees we could see.
“Do I hear your teeth chattering?” Andrei asked, lowering the camera.
“I’m thinking that fuck probably wasn’t such a good idea. Not that I gave it much forethought. But still…”
“I’ll be fine once we get to that cabin.” Our destination that night was a shelter often used by hikers and climbers. Apparently many of these dotted the mountains, which drew visitors from all over the globe.
“Then let’s get those casts and get moving.”
We dug up the footprints, now immortalized in plaster, and carefully stashed them into our packs. Andrei abandoned filming for a bit and took the lead. I’ll admit I loved the view from behind him. Tall and a little on the lanky side, he had surprising strength that had nothing to do with being a vampire. I imagined that he’d always had those muscles and that amazing ass.
He glanced back just then. “Not far now.”
I smiled and nodded, lost in love for him. Did he love me back? Well, he’d never admitted it. In fact, he’d denied it, saying he’d lost his humanity when he was turned. But actions spoke louder than words, and no man had ever cherished me more than Andrei Dinu.
“I see it.” Andrei paused and waited for me to catch up.
Together, we closed the distance between us and what was more of a mud hut than the log shelter I’d imagined. But anything beat braving the elements as we were now. So wet that I was sloshing, I headed straight for the door.
Andrei stopped me. “Better let me check it out first… just in case something else has had the same idea.”
Something? Just call me the biggest coward on the mountain. I nodded and waited while he opened the door and stuck his head inside.
“All clear.” He motioned for me to precede him.
I ducked indoors and gratefully set my backpack on the dirt floor. Digging my flashlight out of my pocket again, I turned it on and let the narrow beam sweep the one-room dwelling. I saw a rustic table and two chairs, a wooden platform that was probably the bed, and a rock fireplace with a big black pot hanging from a metal crane in it.
A modern plastic storage tub, sitting in a corner, felt like an anachronism. I saw it held canned goods plus some other things I couldn’t quite make out; another tub held blankets and a couple of ragged towels. A pile of split wood lined one whole side of the hut. I also saw a bucket and some digging and cutting tools as well as a kerosene lantern. Andrei, who had camping skills, immediately began stacking logs in the grate so he could start a fire. I lit the wick in the lantern. A few minutes later, delicious warmth emanated from the wood, and though it didn’t quite neutralize the chilly winds whistling around the hut, I knew we’d be okay if we stayed close to those dancing golden flames.
“You’d better get out of your wet clothes,” Andrei said.
“You, too.” Not that he ever got cold. I sure did, though, and quickly stepped out of my boots and then peeled off my filthy jacket, pants, and what remained of my shirt. A glance at my mud-streaked body made me groan. “Ew. Am I a mess, or what?”
“You’re a mess, but then so am I.” Andrei, already undressed, looked down at himself and chuckled. “If I’ve got mud on my dick, then you’ve probably got it in your pussy.”
“Oh great. Just what I need.” My bra and panties hit the floor next. “I’d really hate to put on clean clothes without a bath.”
“Hm.” My guy made a show of looking all around. “Don’t see a real tub, but we can probably improvise with one of those plastic ones. There’s a stream outside. I’ll get water to heat.” Andrei got the bucket and went right out the door, still naked. Not for the first time, I marveled at his vampire stamina and strength. Nothing seemed to pose a danger to him except weapons that could decapitate. According to Andrei, no species could survive having its head chopped off. He also hated fire, which I’d seen cause him terrible pain even if it hadn’t killed him.
When he returned, he found me still nude and as close to the fireplace as I dared. He went right to work, pouring some of the creek water into the pot and swinging the crane arm so that flames licked the bottom of it. Since I guessed heating the water would take forever, I wrapped up in a blanket and dug out some of the astronaut food, as Andrei called it, that I’d tucked into my backpack. I chose a self-heating stew, which took only seconds to warm and didn’t taste half bad when I scooted the table close to the fire and sat down to eat my dinner. My guy, still naked, ate nothing as usual, which reminded me of our deal.
“Aren’t you getting thirsty? It’s been forever since you promised me that I could be your sole blood source.” I’d made him swear that when I learned he had to get the blood he needed for survival from animals. So far, he hadn’t imbibed.
“I’m fine.”
“You always say that.”
“Because I always am.” Andrei began checking out the tubs. In addition to the canned goods, I saw a first aid kit, a flashlight, bottled water, a knife, a can opener, plastic plates and bowls — basic survival stuff that might save the life of a lost hiker. He next took all the blankets and towels out of the second one.
Andrei moved that empty container near the fire and then checked the temperature of the water heating there. “This’ll do.” He crooked a finger at me. I got up and walked to him. “Step inside this. I’ll be the showerhead.”
Not sure just how this would work, I dropped my blanket and did as asked. Andrei got one of the bowls he’d found and dipped it into the pot. Then he held it over my head and let the tepid water trickle down my body. I washed my face first. Well, it was more of a rinse than a wash, as in no soap was involved. But at least I didn’t have dried mud caked on my face or ponytail when I got through with them. The rest of me came next. Andrei dipped and rinsed a scant bowlful at a time as I swept my hands over my arms.
When I tried to move them lower, he stopped me. “I get the good parts.”

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