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Her Hands-On Man by Tory Richards

Her Hands-On Man

by Tory Richards

Ellora’s Cave

eBook ISBN: 9781419933127

Ivy’s brother makes the mistake of stealing from her ex-lover’s logging company. She finds herself in the position of trying to help him, only to have her offer of a payment plan shot down for a weekend of anywhere, anytime sex. How can she refuse when she never stopped loving Jake?

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Chapter One

Ivy Taylor checked her appearance one last time before opening the restroom door. She walked briskly back to the reception area, trying to hold on to her composure. She made eye contact with the receptionist, then purposely glanced up at the clock and back at the woman who only smiled. How much longer is he going to keep me waiting?
Apparently Mr. Remington didn’t believe in keeping his appointments on time. And Ivy was beginning to steam. She took a deep breath, hoping it would calm her racing heart. The cool assurance she’d entered the office with over an hour ago was gradually being replaced by a mixture of anger and uncertainty. A lot of good it had done her, arriving early. All it accomplished was giving her the time to think about her brother and what he’d done to put her in this embarrassing situation. Her gaze darted up to the clock again. Another ten minutes had passed.
Five more minutes… I’ll give him five more minutes and then I’m storming in there. She crossed her legs, tugging on her short skirt. Leaving wasn’t an option, she knew that. She was there to plead her brother’s case and hopefully keep him out of jail. Stealing from a man like John Remington was as bad as it got. He practically owned the whole damn logging town. And Ivy knew her history with his eldest son wouldn’t help her.
She swallowed, growing more nervous by the moment. “Do you think Mr. Remington might see me today?” She could have bitten off her tongue but it was too late to take back the anger in her tone. The receptionist, the only other person in the office besides Ivy, looked up and smiled.
“I’m sorry, Miss Taylor, but I’m afraid his end-of-the-week meeting has run over. Mr. Remington will be with you shortly.”
I thought I was his end-of-the-week meeting. Ivy forced a small smile. After all, it wasn’t the receptionist’s fault. She began to swing her crossed leg, reminding herself why she was there. She needed to keep her composure if she was going to work out a deal to keep her brother out of jail. Anger wouldn’t appeal to Mr. Remington’s forgiving side. She knew what she had to do, thanks to her brother Wally.
Finally, at six fifteen, the door opened and several people piled over the threshold. Ivy searched their expressions but it was hard to tell if their meeting with Remington had ended on a good note or not. After clearing the reception area, they separated and went their own ways. Almost immediately John Remington came through the doorway.
“Miss Jones, call my pilot and ask him to get the plane ready. I’ll be leaving for Anchorage in one hour.”
It was clear he was in a hurry. Ivy fought down panic and stood to get his attention. “Mr. Remington.” Did he forget about me? He swung her way. She could tell by his expression that he had.
“Oh Ivy, honey, I’m afraid our meeting will have to wait until I get back from Anchorage.”
“But, Mr. Remington, I’ve been waiting for over an hour and I have to talk to you.” He started to walk past the receptionist’s desk. It was as if he wasn’t listening to her. “Please, it’s about my brother Wally.”
He turned back to Ivy. His gaze moving at something behind her was her first warning that someone was there. “Oh yes. Nice young man I thought. Turned out to be a big disappointment, though.”
“Yes, I know. I’m sorry about that. But if you’ll just give me a minute —”
He shook his head. “I’m sorry, my dear. I have an emergency in Anchorage and —”
“I’ll take care of Miss Taylor for you.”
Ivy swung around with a gasp, her gaze clashing with the steely blue gaze that went with the deep sexy voice. That gaze moved down her body and back up again before she could take a steadying breath. That the owner was related to John Remington was apparent. A bigger, younger, handsomer version without the gray in his long black hair. His rugged expression was set in a way that Ivy remembered only too well. Jake Remington was still angry as hell at her.
“Thanks, son. Handle it however you see fit. I’ve got more important matters to attend to right now.”
He turned and walked briskly away, leaving Ivy to face the devil alone. “This matter is between your father and my family.”
“He filled me in on what happened. And as half owner of the company, I think I’m within my rights to make any decisions with regard to this matter. Besides, I’m interested to hear how you intend to bail your brother out of this one.”
Ivy felt sick inside. That Jake hated her was apparent, no matter that his gaze moved over her with interest, lingering briefly on her breasts. It was obvious that he still found her attractive, but what was between them was in the past. Although facing him now was bringing it back at an alarming speed. She felt heat envelop her body and knew it probably colored her cheeks. She could barely meet Jake’s quiet gaze. Can I trust him not to take out his anger with me on my brother? As quick as the thought came to her, Ivy knew the answer. If he took it out on anyone, it would be her.
“He’s my only family. I’ll do whatever it takes.” For the first time Ivy saw emotion flicker in his eyes. If she didn’t know better, she’d swear it was humor.
“Really?” This time when Jake’s gaze moved over Ivy, her nipples hardened into peaks of awareness. She resisted the urge to run her arm over her breasts to ease the tingle.
Damn him! He’d always had the power to make her body betray her in the most obvious way, letting him know she wanted him, no matter where they were. When they’d been together it had usually led to hot and heavy sex. Now it was the worst betrayal. She watched one brow lift arrogantly.
“Is that why you’re dressed the way you are? Were you prepared to pitch that same remark to my father?”
It didn’t take Ivy long to realize what Jake meant. There was nothing wrong with her silk blouse, short skirt and stilettos. This was how she usually dressed for a day of work at McCaffey’s Jewelry Store. But the way his gaze was running over her, he made her feel as if she were dressed like a hooker or something. She reacted before she could think, raising her hand to respond to his obvious insult. Too late, she saw his sensuous mouth turn up in a smile.
He stopped her hand in midair. “Easy, sweetheart. There’s already one person in your family heading for jail.” His comment took the fire right out of Ivy. She relaxed her arm, although Jake didn’t release his hold. “That’s better. I think we should finish this inside.”
It was obvious he meant his father’s office. Ivy cast a glance at the receptionist, who quickly averted her gaze and pretended to be looking at something on her desktop. Ivy wanted to get the hell out of there. Being alone with Jake wasn’t a good idea. So why am I letting him drag me inside? She’d always been weak where he was concerned. She wasn’t fooled into thinking anything had changed in three months. The man was too damn sexy. And the worn jeans, boots and work shirt only emphasized his rugged appeal.
It was too late to dig in her heels. Before she knew it they were in the office and Jake was closing the door. Her heart skipped a beat when he reached behind him and locked it, never taking his gaze off her. Something in his eyes and the sudden tautness of his body brought back the memory of the last time they’d been together. Big mistake. The memory of that night opened the floodgates of emotion. Ivy stepped back nervously, gasping when she came up against the desk. She felt her heart beating out of control. A quiver of intense awareness in her belly released damp heat between her legs. The last time Jake had looked at her like he was now, they’d been naked and fucking as if there was no tomorrow. He stepped forward and her eyes widened.
“Why are you so nervous, Ivy?”
She cleared her throat. “I’m not afraid of you, Jake.” He couldn’t hurt her anymore. Could he?
A humorless chuckle passed through his lips. “Have I ever hurt you?”
Not physically. But a few months ago he’d broken her heart. A pain so raw she never wanted to go through it again. Ivy was determined not to rehash the past and decided to get right to the point. She took a calming breath. “I’m here on Wally’s behalf.”
“So talk.”
“He’s young, Jake. We’ve all made mistakes when we were his age. He deserves a second chance. He came to me the moment he realized he’d made a big mistake and asked me to help him make it right.”
“Why isn’t he here pleading his case? He’s a man now. When are you going to start letting him run his own life and grow up?”
“You don’t understand.”
“I understand, remember? The last time he got into trouble I heard it all. Has it changed?”
“He’s sorry he borrowed that money!”
Jake snorted. “Borrowed?” Ivy watched him move around the desk and sit. “I don’t want to hear any more. I’m not interested. All I want to hear now is how you’re going to make it right.” He paused before raising his brow and adding, “Twenty-thousand- dollars right.”
Twenty thousand dollars! Oh god, it was worse than she thought. Wally had led her to believe it was significantly less. She took a deep breath, wishing she had the answer. She’d come here with the intention of offering a six-month payment plan but it would take years to pay back that kind of money.
“There must be something I can do.” She didn’t like the way Jake leaned back and studied her. When he linked his hands behind his head, she couldn’t take her gaze off his muscular biceps and the width of his chest. Then he brought his booted feet up and crossed them on top of the desk. Ivy’s gaze followed the length of his legs and powerful thighs up to the front of his dusty jeans. There was no disguising the growing bulge behind his zipper.
Fire erupted through her. She’d never stopped loving him or wanting him. And she wanted him now. She’d been addicted to him since the moment they’d met four years ago. I wonder what he’d do if I walked around the desk and unzipped his pants. In the old days she would have had the nerve.
His deep voice dragged Ivy back to the present and Wally. Her wayward brother was counting on her one last time. Because she’d made it clear this was it. The next time he screwed up he was on his own. Jake was right. He was a man now.
“Maybe we can work out some kind of a…ah, payment plan?” She chewed on the inside of her lip, realizing how weak and pitiful she sounded.
“I have a better idea, Ivy. Seeing you again has only reminded me of what I’ve been missing. With interest, a payment plan will take years. How about one weekend?”
One weekend? “I don’t understand. You know I can’t come up with that kind of money in one weekend.”
Laughing, Jake slammed his feet to the floor and leaned forward. “Come on, honey, you’re not stupid. But just in case you can’t read between the lines, let me clarify. I want one weekend.”
Her brows furrowed. “One weekend of what?”
There was a long pause. “Of you.”
He can’t be serious! “What?”
“One weekend of you, as many times as I want, wherever I want, in any position I want. One weekend of fucking you will erase the debt Wally owes our company.” Ivy swallowed with difficulty, even while a little thrill shot through her at the picture his words conjured. Jake was an exceptional lover. “You expect me to sell myself!”
“You should be flattered that I think you’re worth twenty grand.”
She shook her head. “You’re crazy, Jake. I won’t do it.”
“Won’t you?”
Ivy swung around in anger, going for the door. Blood was pumping hotly through her veins. Part of her was excited, the other half angry that she couldn’t control that excitement. She reached for the doorknob with tears in her eyes, remembering too late that it was locked. She fumbled to open it.
“Damn you!” Jake pushed her against the door with his body, growling low against her ear. “I loved you!” His unexpected roughness and having his hard body against hers fueled her desire. “I’ve never stopped wanting you, Ivy. Even after I found you in bed with my brother.”
She pushed back against him but he was like a pillar of stone behind her. Tears slipped down her cheeks. She closed her eyes, having no choice but to submit to his strength. Everything assailed her at once. The solidness of his body, the enticing scent of his favorite aftershave —something mild and earthly —the pulsing hardness of his cock against her ass.
“Nothing happened between us, Jake.” Ivy trembled with growing arousal. Why didn’t he believe her? She pushed back against him but to no avail.
“The hell it didn’t. Rick knew too many things about you he couldn’t have unless he’d known you intimately. He said you were the best fuck he’d ever had.”
“I think it’s funny that you’d take the word of your brother, who hates you, over the word of the woman you were supposed to love.”
Jake leaned heavily into Ivy, his breath hot against her ear. “Enough talk.” He ground the words out, then clamped his teeth down between her neck and collarbone. It was something he did when he lost control. And Ivy knew at that moment that there was no escape. She shuddered wildly in response as the memories of being loved and consumed by him flooded her.
He swung her around, crushing her against the unyielding door. His hands circled her wrists and he dragged her arms up over her head, pinning them against the smooth surface of the wood. “The weekend begins now, Ivy.”
He lowered his head and she knew he was going to kiss her. “I didn’t say yes.”
Jake jerked back from kissing her to meet her eyes, then grinned wickedly. “You will.”
As soon as Jake closed his mouth over Ivy’s, he knew there would be no turning back. Kissing her was like savoring the first mouthful of the best scotch money could buy. She had Angelina Jolie lips. Decadently full, velvety soft, sweetly wet. And even
though he suspected she’d opened her mouth to protest, he used it to his advantage, slipping his tongue inside to taste and explore hers. Her resistance melted away like a drop of snow on a sunny sidewalk.
Having her so near after months of going without her turned his cock so damn hard that he groaned in pain. He thrust against her, seeking relief, knowing he wouldn’t find it until he was buried inside her body. Releasing her wrists, he caressed down her soft
arms to her full breasts. Ivy whimpered and arched against him hungrily, encouraging Jake in the way he remembered. As their mouths continued to work feverishly against each other, Jake took hold of the edges of her blouse and ripped the fragile silk open.
He wasn’t playing games.
He pulled back enough to take in the bounty of her beautiful breasts. Ivy had never liked wearing a bra, but she had one on today. A scanty piece of lace that was sexy as hell. Enticing cleavage and soft flesh spilled over the lace shaping them and Jake could just make out her erect brown nipples. Losing control, he lowered his head and began to kiss, lick and suck the little crowns until she was squirming wildly against him.
Ivy cried out. He recognized her sound of pleasure, knew what she wanted. The next thing Jake knew, her hands were buried in his hair and she was holding him tightly to her. When he was done with her breasts, his hands fell to her writhing hips. He held her firmly, groaning weakly, letting her movements tease the throbbing hunger of his seeking cock. Damn, it had been too long! She felt too good against him and nothing else mattered at that moment but fucking her.
I don’t give a damn where we are. Lust was riding him hard. The need to bury his cock in her tight pussy was driving him past finesse and protocol. They didn’t have time for foreplay and Jake knew he’d never make it anyhow. His hands went to the edge of her short skirt. He lifted the material up her thighs until it was around her waist.
“Oh god!” Ivy twisted with a mixture of panic and need in her voice. “Jake, not here.”
He was aware of her hands trying to push her skirt back down. He laughed huskily, easily overpowering her. “Anywhere, anytime, any way.” He groaned with pleasure at finding the sweet treasure between her legs.
Ivy gasped sharply. “I didn’t agree to anything.”
“You forget that I know you, baby. The sounds of your pleasure, the way your body comes to life when I touch you. You’re as horny as I am right now.” He flicked his finger across the silk covering her wet mound. He felt her legs tremble with reaction.
“No, Jake…”
Jake ignored her. If she really meant no, he’d know it. There was too much history between them. Her resistance was minimal at best and more for show than what she really felt. The proof was in her soaked panties and hard nipples. The intense expression on her flushed face. Looking deeply into her glazed eyes, he watched her pupils dilate when his finger wormed its way beneaththe silk and into her hot, dripping pussy. Ivy’s teeth clamped down on her bottom lip, her nostrils flared. Before her watchful gaze, Jake slowly withdrew his finger and brought it to his nose.
First he inhaled her excitement, which caused his to accelerate. Then he put his finger against his lips to taste her essence. That act alone was all it took for both of them to give in to a need so strong that nothing else mattered. Jake slammed his mouth down on hers, forcing Ivy even harder against the door. Her hands were no longer pushing him away but clutching him to her. She was returning his passion and hunger, opening her mouth so their tongues could mesh.
Jake’s hand returned to her pussy. Beneath her panties he found her swollen clit. Ivy arched her hips as he glided over the hard, smooth nubbin several times. Her response turned wild and her hands dropped to his belt buckle. In record time she had his pants undone and was pulling out his rock-hard cock. The feel of her small, warm hand on his shaft nearly caused him to explode. She knew how to bring him to his knees. He tore away from their passionate kiss, panting.
“I want to take my time with you, Ivy, but it won’t be this time. It’s been too long.”
Jake picked her up and, holding her braced against the office door, tugged her panties aside and guided his aching cock inside the welcoming warmth of her body. A deep groan rumbled up his chest at the exquisite feeling of her tight pussy sheathing him. Just as good as he remembered. He knew he was damn close to coming. He closed his eyes and grew taut, reaching for control, trying to prolong the pleasure as long as he could when all he really wanted to do was fuck her hard and fast.
But this was Ivy. The only woman he’d ever loved. When he opened his eyes again and fell headfirst into amber pools of desire, his control snapped. Her pretty little legs tightened around him as though to remind him where he was, and he began to thrust into her slowly. But it didn’t take long for sheer desire to take over, and Jake found himself fucking her as if it was their first time, their last time, and there was no tomorrow.
Heavy breathing and delicate gasps filled the room. Ivy’s sweet mouth was working its way over his face, her nails digging into his back through his shirt. When her teeth clamped down on his ear, followed by her tongue burrowing deep inside, he pulled out of her with a growl. It was either that or come inside her without protection. He didn’t carry condoms with him —there’d been no one since Ivy. His hips continued to move, his cock fucking air.
As if sensing his dilemma, Ivy lowered her legs and dropped down in front of him. Before he had a chance to comprehend what she intended, she swallowed his pulsing flesh.
“Jesus, Ivy!” He braced his hands against the door before he collapsed from her sweet ministrations. His hips began to move of their own accord.
As her mouth moved up and down his cock, her tongue paid special attention to the sensitive head, dipping into the slit there. Ivy knew how to love a man with her mouth. She knew what gave him intense pleasure and she knew what would send him over the edge. Her tongue came out to lap at his balls, drawing them gently into the warmth of her mouth, sucking on them tenderly before returning her mouth to his blood-engorged cock. Licking, sucking, she scraped her teeth along the length with just enough pressure to send him over the edge.
Shuddering, Jake threw his head back and released a loud grunt, losing control. A river of cum spewed into Ivy’s sucking mouth. As his hips continued to buck she kept her lips locked around his shaft, swallowing every drop. Even when he was drained, deflated and barely able to remain on his feet she kept her mouth on him. It was torture and pleasure rolled into one. When Jake couldn’t take it any longer, he reached for her, pulling her up by her shoulders.
Their gazes met and held. “You always were able to drain me dry.” Jake kissed her, uncaring that the essence lingering on her mouth was his release. How many times had they sucked and tongued each other off, only to kiss and taste their own cum later? Which reminded him, he hadn’t seen to Ivy’s needs.
“Your turn.” He picked Ivy up and carried her to the leather sofa. His father had added it after spending too many sleepless nights in his chair, after working too late to go home.
“I’m okay —”
Jake glanced into her eyes. “Well, I’m not. I’m going to get my fill of you this weekend, Ivy. And right now there’s nothing I want more than my mouth loving your pussy and the taste of your cum on my tongue.” She lowered her gaze and he watched as color filled her cheeks.
He lowered her to the sofa, pulled her fanny to the edge and fell to his knees before her. Their gazes clinging, Jake watched her reaction as he put his hands on her knees. Then slowly he parted them, caressing her soft thighs as he moved along until he reached the apex of her legs. He leaned in close, catching the musky scent of her sharp arousal. He couldn’t resist bending and giving her a tender bite on the inside of each thigh.
Her breath caught and she fell back against the sofa. Jake grinned as she parted her legs farther without any coaxing from him. That was all the invitation he needed. He buried his face against her mound, inhaling deeply. Hot, sweet, exotic. Jake wasted no time in removing her panties and dropping them on the floor. And for the first time in ninety days he got a look at the most beautiful, cock-satisfying pussy in the world.
“Beautiful,” he murmured, moving in. Using his tongue, he parted her plump pussy lips, caressed her pebble-hard clit and burrowed into the sweet, nectar-filled cavern beyond.
Her hips almost left the sofa. “Jake!” she cried.
“Easy, baby.” A hand on each thigh, he easily held her down. His tongue darted out a second time and a third, each time gliding over her engorged clit, going deeper into heaven. Her gasps echoed through the room, her hips rising and falling each time his
tongue penetrated her. When her hands tangled in Jake’s hair, he knew she was lost in the moment.
“Oh god…oh god…oh god…”
Tiny tremors warned Jake she was on the verge of letting go. Her breathing escalated. He let her hands guide him where she wanted his tongue. Even if she hadn’t, he would have known where, discovering early on in their relationship exactly where her special spot was. He made sure to give extra stimulation to her clitoris as well as the soft area just below. When he felt her body tense and heard the change in her breathing, he knew she was climaxing. Clamping his hands on her thighs, he kept Ivy from closing her legs against him, instead jabbing his tongue in as deep and as hard as he could.
Her tiny scream, the wild twisting of her body —she was overcome by a powerful orgasm. As the sweet, salty taste of cum covered Jake’s tongue, he tortured Ivy by continuing to tongue-fuck her pussy until she collapsed. Only when Jake sensed she was drained did he pull away.
Ivy’s eyes were closed. Her breasts were still heaving. Her pretty lips parted. Jake knew she would be hungry now. She always was after they’d made love. He’d give her a few minutes and then take her to his home. After this there was no way he was letting
her out of his life again.
Especially when he realized that he still loved her.

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