Forbidden 4: New Beginnings by Marteeka Karland

Forbidden Collection by Marteeka Karland

Forbidden (Collection)
by Marteeka Karland

Changeling Press

eBook ISBN: 9781595967671
Print ISBN: 978-1595965530

The Gothe’maran are a harsh warrior people. When they collide with the men and women of Earth and are met with resistance, a war begins that will change the face of both civilizations. Passions collide with tradition and a new way of life must be forged or both peoples will lose the best parts of themselves. Both sides must learn that love is a force stronger than even the staunchest warrior, and sometimes the heart takes you places you never thought you’d be.

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Chapter One
New Beginnings [Book 4]

Alex was late. He knew it, but he didn’t care. Thrusting mindlessly into the cunt of his latest lover, he tried to ignore his growing impatience to get home. He knew once he returned, he’d be obligated to take Doriena to meet Bakac. The man might be his best friend, but he’d be damned if he’d let him anywhere near his little sister.
Tisheena moaned beneath him and he forced his thoughts back to her. She was really beautiful. Classically Gothe’maran. Her skin was a rich, creamy mocha and her hair dark as night. But she was too thin for his tastes. He generally preferred fleshier women, but Tisheena was lusty enough, and she didn’t expect a commitment.
And she had a very tight cunt.
That helped make up for the lack of cushion.
She raked her nails down his back and settled her hands on his ass, clenching and squeezing and urging him to fuck her harder. He obliged eagerly.
“By the Universe, Alex!” He loved how her voice became thickly accented and husky when she was turned on. “Fuck me! I want to come on your thick cock.”
Who was he to disappoint her?
Moving up onto his knees so he could get better leverage, Alex pulled Tisheena’s legs over his shoulders and gripped her thighs. Then he began a furious pounding. Over and over he thrust into her, pulling her back against him with each forward surge. The staccato rhythm they pounded out echoed in the vast bedchamber, as did Tisheena’s screams of delight and pleasure.
Realizing she was too close to hold back much longer, Alex redoubled his efforts. He rammed into her so hard, he scooted them across the bed, and Tisheena had to brace herself with her hands above her head on the wall behind them. With two last thrusts, Alex shouted his orgasm just as Tisheena’s muscles clenched around him and she exploded in her own pleasure.
Breathing hard, he rolled over. Nice. Very nice.
“You’re always such an enthusiastic lover, Alex.” Tisheena smiled as she patted down her hair. Alex managed not to snort at that. Not matter how wild their fucking, she never had a hair out of place. That she enjoyed their sex play, Alex had no doubt, but he knew if she ever found the right someone, Tisheena would be a handful.
He wasn’t the right someone.
And neither was she.
“I have to go.” Alex didn’t particularly like leaving right after sex, but this time he didn’t really have a choice. He was in enough trouble as it was.
Tisheena stretched, thrusting her breasts up at him. “So soon? I’d hoped you’d stay tonight.”
He smiled at her and gave her one last tongue-filled kiss. “I’d like to, but I can’t. My sister’s home from a month at the Academy and I promised her I’d be home tonight.”
“She’s not really your sister.” Tisheena pouted. “She’s not part of your family at all.”
“No, but I owe her the same respect I’d give a full blooded sibling, and I give it willingly.”
His stepfather and mother had taken Doriena in after the Earth Gothe’maran War when they couldn’t find her parents. Alex was only ten when she came to live with them, so she was raised as his sister.
Tisheena shrugged. “I suppose. But you can’t blame a girl for wanting a warm man in her bed, can you?”
Chuckling as he dressed, Alex said, “I seriously doubt your bed will remain empty for long.”
She grinned. “True, but I always have such a good time with you. You’re always welcome here, Alex. Come by whenever you like.”
“You’re an elegant Gothe’maran lady, Tisheena. I’m glad to know you.”
“Oh, please!” She waved a hand in dismissal. “We enjoy each other, Alex. Not only the sex, but each other’s company as well. Believe me, I’m not a lady. I’m a royal bitch and everyone knows it. I simply tolerate you better than most.”
“Take care of yourself.”
“I always do, my dear.” Standing up from the bed, she pressed her naked body against him and kissed him, reaching down to squeeze his cock through his pants. It swelled under her touch. “If you need to relieve that later, you know where to find me.”
Wishing he actually did want to stay a while longer, he said, “Keep the bed warm. I may take you up on the offer.” Alex winked at her as he left. He wished he actually felt that lighthearted. Dreading the moment he walked through the door and had to look his sister in the eyes, Alex started home.
He just wasn’t sure he was dreading it because he knew he’d broken a promise, or because he was afraid this time Doriena might just see right through him. He was afraid she might figure out the reason he didn’t want her around Bakac was for his own protection and not hers.
* * *
“Is that a destabilizer wand in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?” Doriena Mak’un cocked an eyebrow as she addressed her stepbrother. The man had just said “good night” to his latest distraction, and the evidence of his failure to relieve himself properly was prominent.
“You’re a pain, Doriena,” Alex growled. “Mind your own business.”
“This is my business. You were supposed to be home three hours ago! Now you’ve ruined everything!”
“Don’t exaggerate,” Alex snapped. “You should have had Dad take you to the tournament.”
“Yeah. Like Dad is going to take me to meet Bakac Kemka. You know he only agreed to let me go because he’s your best friend.” Doriena was angrier than she could ever remember being. Angry and hurt. “The deal was I could go to the Spars as Bakac’s partner only if you went with me. Instead, I’m sitting home, and Bakac is fighting with someone else helping.”
“So?” Alex shrugged and shouldered past her to the kitchen. “The Spars are too violent for you anyway.”
“They are not! They’re just games, Alex. But being there with the reigning champion would have given me extra status in the Academy!”
“It would have labeled you as Bakac’s woman.”
“How is that a bad thing? I’d like to be with Bakac.” Doriena couldn’t help but smile. “He’s the best looking guy I’ve ever seen.”
Alex rounded on her and gripped her shoulders hard. “You don’t have a clue what that means, Doriena,” he growled. “You’re not ready for that kind of relationship.”
“How would you know?” She spat the question with as much contempt as she could muster. “You’re never here. You don’t spend any time with me. How could you possibly know what I’m ready for?”
“I know Bakac. I know the Gothe’maran people. Believe me—” He shoved her away from him and crossed his arms over his chest as he leaned against the wall. “—being a human female makes you definitely not ready. Hell, I’m barely able to deal with their sexual appetites.”
Doriena just looked at him. She’d heard about Bakac’s taste in sex play, and she wasn’t sure Alex was wrong in his assessment of the situation. She tried to be strong, tried not to let him see how truly hurt she was that he’d broken his promise to her.
Truth was, she was just as attracted to Alex as she was to Bakac. His dark blond hair fell below his collar, but was always neatly groomed. Sometimes he wore a goatee that emphasized the differences between him and most Gothe’maran men. There were very few blonds among their people. Mikkarn was the only one Doriena could think of. Every now and then, there would be a man or woman with snow-white hair, but few blonds. He was definitely as formidable as any male of the Gothe’maran race. He was muscular in an athletic way. He didn’t carry as much bulk as many Gothe’marans, but his finely toned muscles were sexy as hell.
He had always looked beautiful to her, but the fact that he was her brother always made her feel guilty. Well, stepbrother, anyway.
Right now, it didn’t matter. He wasn’t acting like a brother, he was acting like a man. All stupid and superior acting when he was just silly. She wanted to pout, but the truth was, she was just plain hurt.
“Go away,” she whispered. “Go away, and don’t speak to me again.”
Alex rolled his eyes. “When you’re older, you’ll thank me for this.”
She whirled on him. “You’re not my father! I’m old enough to know what I’m ready for and what I’m not. I’m nineteen!” When he straightened and would have interrupted her, she shoved him back against the wall. “I was old enough to enter the Warrior’s Academy for Military Command—I’m certainly old enough to know about the more carnal side of the Gothe’maran male.”
He simply stared at her a moment. She wasn’t certain—she wasn’t nearly as worldly as she would have him believe—but she could have sworn she saw a hunger in his eyes the likes of which she had never witnessed before. It didn’t take a genius to figure out the meaning of that look.
It excited her beyond belief.
Before she could be sure, it was gone and the heat turned to icy resolve.
“You’re a child compared to me and Bakac,” he said softly. “Stick to boys your own age, or you might find out just how much you don’t know.” With that, he headed up the stairs.
When she heard the door close, Doriena slumped against the wall. She felt like crying, but that wasn’t the way she dealt with things. Tears only proved she was weak. A member of Military Command never showed weakness. If she wanted to be the first female officer in Military Command, she couldn’t afford to show even the slightest hint of weakness.
Straightening, her back ramrod straight now, she calmly walked out the door. If Alex wouldn’t take her where she wanted to go, she’d go herself. She’d have to face her father’s wrath later, but damn it, this was her life. She wanted to live it.

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