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Fangs In Fur by Cynthia Sax

Fangs In Fur

Fangs In, Book 2
by Cynthia Sax

Changeling Press

eBook BIN: 06163-01979

I’m not attracted to him — no matter how wide his shoulders or how high his pain tolerance. I’m not that foolish. Lasting relationships between wolves and vampires are forbidden, and this male has the gleam of forever in his wild eyes. He is determined to make me his mate and that, I know, will break the fragile peace between our species.

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Chapter One

“I’ll marry him. I won’t go against the council.” Sabella, my soon-to-be-wed best friend, stares forlornly into a shot glass of fermented blood, her sixth, tenth, twentieth; hell, I don’t know how many drinks she’s slung back tonight. I’ve lost track. I haven’t seen my blueblood buddy sober since she was told she’d have to marry some all-powerful wolf king, solidifying the fragile link between the wolves and the vampires.
I’d like to form a link between the wolves and the vampires — a sexual link. I cast a covert glance at the hunky hunk of a wolf shifter lurking in the shadows. He’s been hunting us since we staggered into the paranormal bar, his heated gaze making my previously sleeping pussy wake up and purr.
“And I guess I’ll have to let him fuck me,” Sabella concedes primly as though she hadn’t once banged an entire football team. “But.” She waves one pale slender finger in the air, her manicure as perfect as she is. “I’m not sharing my blood with a dog.”
A wolf, not a dog. I survey my wolf shifter’s obscenely wide shoulders, and I lick my lips, hungry for a taste of him. My pussy playdar predicts he’ll be a three-course meal in and out of the sack, well able to satisfy all of my healthy appetites, unlike the snack pack members surrounding him.
“If you don’t share your blood with your little doggie, won’t he die?” Charlotte has a death grip on the edge of the bar as though she’s afraid she’ll fall off her barstool, my colorful friend participating in a sympathy drunk.
I’m the designated sucker… driver, my friends knowing I’ll do anything for them. I’m like a damn dog in that way, loyal to a fault. I glance at my wolf shifter. Five long scars run down his cheek, the silver marks gleaming against his tanned skin. His hair is short and brown and appears soft to the touch, like fuzz on a newborn puppy’s belly. I hold his dark-eyed gaze, silently challenging him.
Come and get me, big dog.
If you dare.
“Then he’ll die.” Sabella slaps the wooden bar top. She must have liked how that sounded because she hits it again and again and again. The bartender, a grumpy ol’ gnome, gives her the evil eye, but doesn’t say anything. Like most of the bar’s patrons, he’s scared shitless of us.
Not my wolf though. I give him a small smile, flashing him some fang. He’s badass, alpha vibes rolling off of him in heavy sexy waves. Oh yes, baby. Who let the dog out? Woof! Woof!
“I won’t spend eternity with a male I don’t love,” Sabella, the council’s beloved princess, slurs, wobbling on her bar stool. The other more prissy council members would be mortified if they saw her now. I’m her best friend though. I’ve seen her batshit wasted. My recurring role in her drunken dramas is to hold her perfect hair as she pukes.
“You might love wolf boy,” I volunteer, playing Suzie Sunshine — my weak attempt at hauling this drunkfest out of the depths of despair. “You don’t know.”
“I do know,” Sabella snaps, her eyes blazing red. “I can’t love an animal and to have him touch me…” She shudders dramatically. “I’d rather do a human. No offense.” She pats Charlotte’s arm. Our newly-turned friend had remained more human than vampire.
“None taken.” Charlotte grins, her bubblegum pink lipstick smeared over her white teeth. Her crazy red hair sticks straight up, and one of the buttons on her bright yellow top abandoned the good ship Charlotte an hour ago. She’s a mess, but she has a beloved who adores her, the lucky beyotch.
And soon Sabella will have a beloved also. Wolf boy will fall in love with her because everyone loves Sabella, and I’ll be left alone, surrounded by wimps too weak to approach me. Sucks to be me.
“I heard.” Sabella looks around her. I don’t know what she’s looking for, and I doubt, in her inebriated state, she knows either.
“Come here. Come here. Come here.” She crooks her finger at us. We obligingly lean in, the alcohol fumes spewing from her mouth powerful enough to be considered an alternative fuel source.
“I heard they do it in wolf form,” she yells at ear-splitting levels, and I wince, deafened for the rest of my immortal life.
“Not all of the time,” I scoff, bluffing shamelessly, knowing ass all about how wolf shifters fuck.
I did my research on the furry four-legged kind, for Sabella’s sake, of course, not out of any unseemly fascination with beast men. I smile at my hunkalicious wolf shifter, ensuring his attention hasn’t wandered, and it hasn’t; his gaze is fixed on me. I looked for the wolf shifter porn, boy did I look, but the archives I know like the back of my hand hasn’t any, not anymore, porn the first items to be stolen by other vampires.
“They fuck in wolf form all of the time.” Sabella nods, looking damn sure of herself.
I gaze at my wolf stalker and I frown, the idea both bizarre and strangely stimulating. Stimulating, yeah, I know. I’m a sick freak, aren’t I? The thought of humping a dog makes me hot.
“Oh no,” Charlotte wails, heartbreakingly distraught. “The council can’t expect you to fuck Fido. That’s… that’s… inhumane. Surely if you explain –”
“We’re vampires. We excel at being inhumane. Look up the word in the dictionary and you’ll see our faces. And I don’t have proof,” Sabella grumbles. I meet her gaze, smelling steaming ripe bullshit. “I mean I have proof,” she amends in a rush. “Just not proof, proof, from a reliable source.”
“You mean from someone on the council,” I add, the council consisting of the oldest and most paranoid vampires in existence. I should know. I’m a member. Okay, not a real member. I can’t vote or anything, my role being archives administrator, but I know how my fellow bluebloods think.
Sabella’s gaze narrows, warning me she’s about to suggest something I won’t like yet I’ll agree with anyway because, as I mentioned before, I’m a sucker. “Now, if a member of the council fucked a wolf…”
“No way.” My face heats, my skin temperature approaching the surface of a sun, or so I assume, having not felt the sun’s heat in over three centuries. But I’m thinking someone would have informed me if the sun’s status had changed.
“You have to do this for me, Hel Bells.” Sabella plays dirty, calling me by my fledgling nickname, reminding me of how she’s saved my ass in the past. “I’d ask Charlotte but Viktor would decapitate both of us.”
“He would.” Charlotte beams, her face glowing with a love I’m envious of. “Viktor loves him some luscious Lottie.” She runs her hands over her generous curves, her bright yellow blouse clinging to breasts bigger than my head. “And he doesn’t like to share.”
Whereas no one cares who I fuck. I press my lips together. So I’m the sacrificial vamp.
My wolf shifter inches closer to us, his shoulders broad and his biceps bulging, his muscular chest threatening to split that T-shirt he’s wearing into two. I breathe deeply, inhaling the scent of musky male.
Maybe being the not-so-virginal sacrifice wouldn’t be that challenging of an assignment. “No, I…” Gods, I want to fuck him; my entire body throbs with need. I’ve never had such an extreme reaction to another being. It is almost as though… shit. My body temperature drops. No, it can’t be, not with a wolf.
“Helena, are you okay?” Sabella peers at me.
“Yes, no, yes.” I shake my head, clearing my brain of insane thoughts revolving around wolfish beloveds and doomed interspecies romances. “You remember what happened the last time.”
“Ohhh…” Charlotte bounces, her generous curves jiggling. “What happened the last time?”
Tell her and you die. I glare at Sabella.
Sabella ignores me. “She made the male cry.” Charlotte’s eyes widen. “But.” My friend raises her hand. “That male was a giant, not a wolf.”
“Wolves are smaller than giants,” I mutter. My gaze rests on my wolf watcher. Not much smaller. “I’m never again asking a male out. If a male wants me, he’ll have to prove he can handle me first.”
Sabella’s lips curl into a smug smile, her expression frightening me, and I’ve seen some scary shit in the past so that’s saying something. “Is that your only stipulation?”
Not my only stipulation. I glance at the wolf. He breathes deeply, his nostrils flaring and his chest rising. Does he smell my arousal? I rub my thighs together, and his brown velvet eyes gleam.
Focus, Helena. I return my gaze to Sabella. “You’re proposing I have a one-night stand with a complete stranger, a stranger belonging to an entirely different species, and you’re asking me if making him cry is my only concern?” How drunk is she?
Pretty damn drunk because Sabella takes this as a “yes” and climbs onto the bar, flashing her pale ass and bright red thong panties to everyone in the room, her black leather miniskirt hiking up to her waist.
“Sabella,” I hiss, pulling on her ankle. “Get down this instant.”
“No.” She kicks me and scrambles out of reach. Horny males lift their glasses of alcohol out of the way, watching her with open interest. “Attention, everyone.” Sabella waves her hands unnecessarily; everyone was already paying attention to her humiliating antics.
“Charlotte, help me get her off the bar.” I nudge her, needing assistance. Charlotte can’t be dislodged, maintaining her grip on the wood. Useless. I huff, bracing for the worst.
“Meet my friend, Helena.” Sabella waves her hands at me as though I’m a prize on a game show. “She’s looking for a big, strong wolf shifter, someone who likes their loving rough.”
Oh my gods. Give me a stake. I want to die.
The drunk horny males rumble, and burly wolves push forward through the crowd. Backs are slapped and sleeves are rolled up. I have no idea what they plan to do with those hairy forearms and why they need them bare.
“Is anyone here wolf enough to bang her?”
There’s a stunned silence and then all hell breaks loose. The wolves rush toward me, shifting as they move, Sabella’s theory on them fucking in beast form clearly correct. I back against the bar, trapped, my heart pounding, my chest tight. I want one wolf, not thirty.
“Mine,” a pussy-moistening deep voice roars. That one wolf, my wolf, leaps into the air, his clothes shredding, thick brown fur covering his tanned skin, his arms extending. He closes his huge jaws around a gray wolf’s neck and tosses him as though he weighs nothing.
“Holy shit.” Sabella covers her mouth with her hands.
Holy shit describes the situation perfectly. A big black wolf jumps forward, his claws extended. The wolves roll, clawing and snapping; blood scents the air, and when the rolling stops, only one wolf staggers to his feet — my wolf.
He swats a small wolf out of his path, growling menacingly. The other wolves back away, watching him closely, as though they’re looking for any indication of weakness.
He doesn’t have any weaknesses. He’s magnificent, a beast in his prime, large and fit and muscular. Strong and mine. I tremble, wanting him, the wolf, the man, knowing a relationship between us is impossible, only one vampire and one wolf shifter allowed to be permanently bonded — Sabella and her wolf king.
A white wolf saunters forward, his ears back and his teeth bared. This wolf is massive; the same size as my brown wolf, and he’s rested, fresh, not having already fought two wolves. A trickle of fear creeps down my spine, my casual choice of wolf lover no longer quite-so-casual.
They circle each other, two superb animals, primitive and savage, fighting for dominance, for the right to fuck me, that truth hot yet scary. My wolf growls, the sound low and deep. The white wolf’s head lowers and then with a jerk, he raises it.
My mouth drops opens and my nipples tighten. My brown wolf almost subdued his rival with his voice alone. That is power.
The white wolf lunges forward. The brown wolf, my wolf, meets him midway, their muscular bodies colliding. Claws rake fur, teeth pierce tough hide. Streaks of blood mar my wolf’s shoulder, yet he pushes forward, driving the white wolf back. He heaves his chest, barking with effort, and the white wolf flips onto his back, his soft belly exposed.
My wolf pins him to the floor, blood dripping from his canines. Their gazes meet and hold. The white wolf whimpers, bowing his head in submission.
I inhale sharply, hoping he shows mercy, feeling like a hypocrite. I’m not a saint. I’m a vampire, a predator as he is, and my bloodstained past is littered with victims.
My wolf slowly backs away, his gaze fixed on his rival, and I exhale, relieved, grateful, caring too much about an encounter that has to stay casual.
He stands protectively in front of me, bristling with emotion, his haunches raised and his canines gleaming. He sensuously sweeps his tail against my bare legs — back and forth, back and forth, a mindless, sexy caress.
I play the vicious vampire bitch, glaring at the other wolves, allowing my eyes to glow red, my fangs to lower, and my claws to extend. I’ve made my choice, and they won’t harm him, not any further. He’s mine to abuse now. Gods help his beastly soul.
One by one the wolves sink to the floor, their gazes fixed on our feet, showing us the respect we deserve — a vampire teamed with a wolf unbeatable in battle.
“Holy shit, Helena,” Sabella repeats, sounding as though she’s about to hyperventilate. She always did have a flair for the dramatic.
“Happy now?” I turn to her. She nods, speechless for once. “I’ll fuck your wolf. You two take a cab home,” I instruct through gritted teeth, both looking forward to and dreading the upcoming sexual encounter. Please let him be as tough as he looks. I cross my fingers. I can’t take another crybaby.
“I’ll ensure they make it home safely.” Nico, a renegade vampire, steps forward, his long black jacket swirling around his legs.
“Not this one.” A big hand lands on my shoulder, and I’m spun around. My view is filled with gorgeous man chest. I tilt my head back and a possessive brown-eyed gaze meets mine. Gods. I gulp, stunned by the stark emotion in his face. “This one’s mine.” He grabs my waist and hoists me over one of his shoulders, his body covered with golden skin and silver scars.
“For tonight,” I add breathlessly as he walks toward the door, his ass cheeks clenching and unclenching with every step.
“For forever.” He slaps my leather-clad ass hard, the impact shocking me, arousing me, warmth and strength radiating from his palm. “What I win, I keep.”

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