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Broken Wings Part Two by Stephanie Burke

Broken Wings Part Two

by Stephanie Burke

Changeling Press

eBook BIN: 06151-01975

With Klintic kidnapped by an evil scientist, Angel is left to find help among the geeks and weirdos of Angel Falls. But Klintic’s captors are merciless, and Angel may have to give up everything to get him back — even his most closely guarded secret.

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Chapter One

“– gel! A — gel!”
Was he underwater?
The sound of — his name? People calling–? It was so odd. It echoed through his heartbeat. Why could he hear his heartbeat? What had happened? Was he underwater?
He lurched as he realized someone was shaking him, screaming his name.
“F-ine.” Was that his voice? It seemed so distant.
“Please, Angel!”
“Hmm?” He tried to lift his head but it felt stuffed with cotton. His whole body was wrapped in the stuff. And it wasn’t the warm, safe feeling he had come to expect with his lover. No, this was sinister, insidious, a mummy-wrapped sensation, a feeling of being restrained that made his hair stand on end. He had to get out.
“Angel! Open your eyes! Please, open your eyes!”
Yeah, if he opened his eyes, it would be all better. He had to open –
“Gnnn,” he groaned, his eyes slamming shut when lasers tried to blind him.
“Come on, baby,” someone was demanding. “Open those beautiful green eyes for me. You can do it, Angel. Open your eyes.”
It was a voice he knew — trusted –
“Aaamber?” His mouth was dry and tasted sharply of panic, if panic could be assigned a taste.
“Yes, baby. Now open those eyes for me, Angel. Come on, baby. Open up those big beautiful eyes.”
He tried again and, through the blinding white, he could make out a dark shadow. It leaned closer and then colors began to show.
“Yes, baby. Come on, Angel. You need to wake up. We have to get you out –”
Out? Have to — Klintic!
He didn’t know he’d shouted the name until Amber spoke again. He lurched to his feet only to fall back down, hard.
“Gaa!” His knee was on fire, and it felt like a thousand needles were stabbing him all at once.
“He’s not here, Angel.” She reached for him, trying to keep him steady. “We have to think about you now.”
His vision cleared enough for him to notice the blinding lights were from the emergency vehicles surrounding his house. Amber was standing by him in a ratty bathrobe, her hair tied in a scarf, while two men with a gurney raced in.
“Amber…” His head felt like it was going to slide off his neck. Something thick and warm ran into his eyes, stinging them, making them water as he tried to focus on her. “They took him.”
“Who?” she demanded as the paramedics pushed her aside.
“I don’t know –”
“Sir? Sir, can you understand my voice?”
The paramedics were talking to him, but he had to find out what had happened to his lover. He had to let someone know. “Men in black, Amber. They looked like fucking paramilitary!”
He would have said more, but a paramedic rolled his naked body over, trying to straighten him out, and he let out a shout of pain. Then there was an oxygen mask being strapped to his face, a blood pressure cuff on his arm, and it seemed like even more people joined the crowd to lift him onto a gurney after a backboard was secured to his frame.
“Careful,” someone called out. “He’s covered in glass. Some of it’s embedded in his skin.”
“Sir? Can you tell me your name?”
“Angel Falls,” he answered through the gas mask, trying to look around through what seemed like hundreds of people in his living room for Amber.
“He’ll have to be debriefed at the hospital –”
And then a blanket was tossed over him. He began to shiver, his thoughts swirling, fear for his lover taking precedence over everything else. Who had taken Klintic? Why?
“Heart rate accelerating,” someone shouted, and he felt a pinch in his arm as an IV was inserted.
He was vaguely aware of being rushed out of his home, the gurney bumping along the stone walkway of his home, then two extra people coming to help lift him into the back of the ambulance. He tried to force his eyes open, but the lights — red, blue, blinding white — they all burned his eyes.
“Mr. Falls,” someone was yelling in his face, rubbing his wrists and hands.
“We… all… fall… dow-n,” he chuckled, thinking that truer words were never spoken.
He must have lost some time because the next thing he could clearly remember was doctors rolling him onto his side… which hurt like a son of a bitch.
“Ouch,” he managed, and someone in pale green scrubs leaned into his face.
“With us, Mr. Falls?”
Yeah, he was with them if the pain in his skull was anything to go by. But he nodded.
“Now can I have the words?” the doctor asked, shining a light into Angel’s eyes, not relenting even when he flinched.
“F-ine,” Angel managed, trying to ignore the growing pain in his head and back. Hell, there wasn’t an inch of muscle that didn’t hurt, and his knee throbbed vicious and hot.
“Wonderful. That head wound had me worried. Do you know where you are, Mr. Falls?”
“Hell?” he choked out, wincing as he realized the pain in his back was directly related to someone back there doing things to him.
The doctor laughed. “It may seem like that, but believe me, hell is a lot worse.”
Angel stared at him, at the look in his eyes, and knew that this man knew pain.
“I’m Dr. Fernando Chase, and I’ll be your personal demon tour guide. Behind me is Dr. Lyle Bennett, our resident anesthesiologist, and he’ll be your angel of mercy. Do you remember why you are here?”
Angel stiffened. Klintic!
“Police,” he gasped, struggling to sit up. “I need to speak with the police right now.”
Machines around him began to beep, and there were suddenly hands holding him steady.
“Calm down, Mr. Falls,” the doctor ordered, reaching out to grip his shoulder. “The police are here and after we finish –”
“Now! It has to be now! They took him!”
“Who?” the doctor asked, motioning toward a nurse — one of the many hands touching him, he realized — to leave the room.
“My lover,” he gasped, blinking as fresh waves of pain swamped him at his every movement. “They came and took him. They have to be stopped!”
Angel stopped struggling when two men entered. He recognized one as the sheriff, Richard Strong, and one of his officers.
“Angel,” he spoke as he moved into the room, his deputy, or whatever he was called, on his heels. “Can you tell me what happened?”
“Men in black stormed my house and took my lover. Go find him.” In his mind it was that simple — though it couldn’t be that simple.
The sheriff blinked then looked over at the doctors. Bennett was pulling a syringe from the IV attached to Angel’s hand. “Something to calm you,” he nodded, stepping back.
“Who took him, Angel?” the sheriff asked urgently. “We need something to go on.”
“Men in black,” he mumbled, “Tear gas — they were hurting him.”
“You have no idea? Did they say anything?”
“That — that I was no good –” He closed his eyes, his mind going back to the point where he was on his knees with Klintic flinging out golden whips, of Klintic surrendering when they threatened him. He shuddered and closed his eyes, fighting the helpless tears that wanted to fall. “I was only good to keep him in line.”
“So they were after him?”
“I don’t know… yes… maybe?” Angel stammered, shifting to look at the sheriff. “There was another man there — he was calling the shots.”
“Did you get a look at him?”
“Gas masks.” Angel felt himself sliding back into that place, getting lost in the memories. “Boots and tranquilizer guns,” he muttered. “They shot him… he was fighting them off. He was try — trying to get me out.”
He could feel his breathing increase as his heart began to race, and he fought for control. The pain meds were making it hard to stay coherent. “There were five of them, I think. I was fighting one and Klintic was fighting…” He trailed off as he thought of the frantic look in his lover’s eyes. “They were going to hurt him.” He looked up at the sheriff, desperation in his voice. “You have to find him.”
“We’ll do what we can, Angel. We already have roadblocks in place. No one and nothing is getting off the mountain until we search the area thoroughly. Now, is there anything you can tell us about Klintic? Why would anyone want to take him?”
“I don’t know.” Angel knew he had to tread carefully here. “He’s not from here. He’s from Sweden, and he doesn’t read English but he can speak it.”
“Good, good,” the sheriff soothed. “Anything else? Any enemies, Angel?”
“No.” He shook his head, wincing at the renewed pain in his scalp. “No, he’s a good friend and… and more.”
“Your lover,” the sheriff said. “This is a formality as we all saw you together in the papers. Word is that the story broke internationally, and they’re showing uncensored photos in Europe.”
Angel went on as the sheriff continued. “I only bring it up, son, because maybe someone didn’t take the news that you’re gay as well as some.”
“I’m not gay,” he muttered. “I’m open to good people.”
“Be that as it may, son,” the sheriff went on. “Some people take offense to their heroes not standing on their own personal pedestal. Maybe someone who wanted you purely straight had an agenda to correct you.”
“Or because of the movie,” he muttered, his eyes fluttering closed.
“Movie?” he asked
“Yeah.” Angel nodded, beginning to drift. “Klintic looks like a drow –”
It was getting harder to think. “Blue hair, solid black… eyes…”
“You have to leave now,” the doctor interrupted. “We need him in surgery to remove the glass from some of these wounds and to get him stitched up. Come back tomorrow when he isn’t in shock and get the rest of your questions answered.”
Angel was grateful for the doctor’s interruption, because he had a feeling maybe he had said too much.
But Dr. Bennett injected something else into Angel’s IV, and the world got blurry. Blurry like his vision in the smoke… when the men in black came… and his Klintic screamed…
* * *
“Damn it, we have to lay low,” the scientist hissed into his phone. “I didn’t expect this hick town to mobilize this swiftly. But we have the target, and we managed to find a hiding spot.”
He shifted in his seat and looked over at the winged man, bound hand and foot, gagged and laying on his stomach on the floor of the abandoned house they’d found in the woods.
“This place is crawling with reporters, and the townsfolk are up in arms. I figure we lay low for three days and then sail out of here with the reporters’ vans. No one will give us a look then. This place will become a zoo, and we slip out in the chaos.”
He nodded, staring at the naked winged man now in his possession — who was glaring up at him with his alien black eyes — and he smiled.

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