Women of Steel 5: Strawberry Daiquiri by Camille Anthony

Women of Steel collection by Camille Anthony

Women of Steel (Collection)
by Camille Anthony

Changeling Press

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60521-233-3

Now is the time for warriors with backbones of steel.

The Harmon women are such soldiers, Amazons bio-engineered for such a time as this. Three women: Martini, Daiquiri and Thalassic Harmon have made war their life’s work. They are warriors, unsurpassed, Women of Steel undefeated on the battlefield.

But there’s another battlefield called Love. It is here they’ll face their greatest challenge…

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Chapter One
Strawberry Daiquiri [Book 5]

An inquisitive finger nudged her nipple. It quivered under the soft stroke, and she lay with bated breath, waiting, hoping for more. A feather light brush of fingertips over her other crest caused her breath to hitch and Daiquiri Harmon, General serving in Earth’s Planetary Repulsion Force, groaned with hedonistic pleasure.
Masculine thumbs and forefingers grasped both nipples between them and tugged, their tight pinching a harbinger of tighter pleasure to come. “How much more would you have, my queen?”
“Every last bit more, my warrior lover.”
The heat of the bed sands, the even hotter feel of Lorrkar’s focused, erotic caresses soaked through to the marrow of her once chilled bones. She stretched under his liquefying touches, offering her naked breasts to his obsession with her flesh.
“How does this make you feel?” His hands drifted down her body, cupped her sensitive mound. In no hurry, he thumbed the throbbing thimble of nerves; dragged a careful fingernail over the too sensitive nub. With a series of languid unhurried moves, his thumbs parted her swollen labia, tongue curling out to lap along the steamy channel of her sex, sipping on her spilling juices. He caught her clit between his teeth and lashed at it with the tip of his tongue, tormenting the bit of flesh until it ached and burned.
“Ah!” Her eyelids drifted shut. “Yes… yes, Lorr, eat me!”
Her palm curved around the base of his broad neck, held him close as she arched her hips into the decadent sensations of his hot mouth nibbling at her most intimate flesh. Her body reveled in the warmth denied it for so many years. She’d been frozen from the heart out until Lorrkar’s love had resurrected her, defrosted her cold dead heart and filled it with joy.
Daiq moaned as Lorrkar pressed two fingers inside her tight opening, dipping in and out, stretching her channel for his cock. Teeth nipping, tongue lapping he tucked his hands under her bottom, raised her to his mouth and devoured her like one maddened with hunger.
Eons later, Lorrkar lifted his face, chin wet and dripping with her essence, to stare into her face. His eyes, fierce despite their soft velvety brown color, gleamed down at her from a handsome but stern visage, sharp planes chiseled by adversity. “And what do you want now, my delicious feast?”
“I want you to fuck me, fill me up until no inch of me is left cold and empty.”
“Gladly.” He answered her demands with his body, with the slow, sensual slide of his skin along her hungry curves. She ached for him, for the close, intimate touch of one attuned to her mind as well as her body, and quaked as he fit himself against her… pushed in and began to make love to her.
Their languid fuck grew turbulent and Lorrkar, his hand pressed to her lower back, rolled them over, maintaining their intimate connection. She sat up and sank down on his upstanding cock, riding him hard.
When the crisis struck, they came screaming, clutching each other close. Lorr’s carapace snapped into place around them, enclosing them in peaceful darkness, shielding their privacy, guarding their secrets. She fell asleep on his chest.
Daiquiri was dreaming…
She stood on a high hill, overlooking the training facility on Gedde Prime. The purple trees held white flowers and the wind swept the long grasses to one side. Light clouds scudded by in a deep yellow sky holding a small pink sun. Martini and Tequila stood on either side of her, shouting out the answers to the trivia questions she’d devised.
It was summer, ten years since Darvic had left their mother — or she’d thrown him out. That was the only year all three Harmon sisters had been on GP.
Martini’s homesick tears had driven her older sisters crazy. Yet every time they’d offer to vid home and beg their mother to relent, she’d reacted with terror. For some reason, Marti had always been certain the sisters would never see each other again should they become separated.
“I married Denzel and Spike but I lost Sean somewhere along the way. We’re expecting a son and a daughter.”
She’d know that voice anywhere. “Marti.” Daiq turned and met her baby sister’s brilliant smile head on. “What are you doing here? How did you get here?”
“I’m dreaming and so are you. We can go anywhere we dream… if we want to.”
Marti wore a soft gown, the pastel folds falling to her feet. Her bare toes peeked out from the floating hem and Daiq remembered how this sister would kick her shoes off at every opportunity.
“You little hoyden, are you still refusing to wear shoes? What does Mother have to say about that?”
Her tinkling laugh was the stuff of sweet memories, the harbinger of childhood innocence. “Not a damned thing! I am just like my mother.”
“Impossible!” Daiq laughed. Marti had always denied the resemblance between their mother’s nature and her own.
Drawing her slim body into a straight line, Marti — sounding very much like Thalassic — barked, “Impossible. That is a word not coded in the Amazonian dictionary.”
“You’re right, you are like the general.”
A sad smile softened the lines of Marti’s face. “Only in the dark. Only where it counts.”
“What of Tequila, Marti? Did she survive the battle?”
One tear and then another dropped until a flood ran down Marti’s cheeks. “Tequila is lost in the dark, where nothing counts. Tequila has no sunrises left inside her.”
But Tequila was the brightest of us… the happiest heart.
“Tequila’s heart is cold… cold… cold… cold… cold… cold…”

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