Rookery Cove: Pixie’s Prisoner by Lacey Savage

Rookery Cove Volume 3

Rookery Cove Vol 3

by Lacey Savage, Kira Stone, Tuesday Morrigan, and Dawn Montgomery

Changeling Press

eBook BIN: 06124-01966

Ocean’s Call by Dawn Montgomery
Two seafaring men find the burns of their past healed by a selkie who loves them both.

Pixie’s Prisoner by Lacey Savage
An exchange of favors also changes the relationship between these two lovers, turning wrongs into oh-so-rights.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed by Kira Stone
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Chapter One

“Another, please. Make it a double.”
The bartender, an ebony-skinned man with a shiny bald head and thick, ropy arms, nodded his agreement.
As he shifted to grab the bottle of rum from the shelf, Laela caught his arm. “Never mind that. Champagne. The best you have.”
He grinned, showing even white teeth in the neon light swirling across the dance floor in front of the bar. “You celebrating?”
She smiled back, a tremor of excitement sweeping down her spine. “New job. I start tomorrow.”
He lifted the bottle in a silent toast, then tipped it so the bubbly liquid flowed into a flute glass. “Good luck.”
She took a sip, wincing a little as the carbonation hit her tongue. “Won’t need it. I’m gonna knock ‘em dead.”
An hour later, Laela Léa was still nursing the same glass of flat champagne. She twirled round and round on her bar stool, letting her legs hang over the edge. On each full turn, she peered out into the darkened dance floor. Bright laser beams bathed the Friday-night crowd, highlighting pink streaks in black hair, colored contact lenses that glowed florescent colors and more metal hooks, rings and studs than she’d seen in the entire tattoo and piercing parlor across the street.
The frenzied beat of the techno music that flowed through the hottest night spot in San Diego soothed Laela’s restless nerves in a way the alcohol couldn’t. She stopped spinning, her heart fluttering madly in her chest at the thought of what tomorrow might bring. Her head spun, partly from the alcohol and partly from going around in circles for the last five minutes. She caught her breath, swung her hand back toward the bar to grope for her glass and used the back of her other sleeve to wipe away a stray bead of sweat that dripped down her temple.
It was in the middle of that awkward move that she spotted him. From fifteen feet away, she could make out the hard line of the man’s jaw, the broad shoulders, the wavy black hair that barely brushed his shoulders. But as much as his appearance struck her, it was the way he seemed to stand apart from the rest of the crowd that had her stomach doing a quick flip-flop. Even surrounded by a hundred people who bounced, hopped and grooved all around him, he stood alone.
He looked as out of place among Club Surge’s typical crowd as a nun at a burlesque show. Aside from his hair, which was a little too long to fit the rest of his clean-cut image, he looked… normal. While the other men took obvious pride in their leather jackets, rough tattoos and spiky hairstyles, the newcomer wore beige pants, black shoes, and a polo shirt.
A polo shirt, of all things!
And yet, somehow, he seemed to blend in. It made no sense, but there he stood, in the middle of the gyrating crowd, looking for all the world as though he’d just stepped out of the pages of Town & Country magazine, and no one gave him a second glance.
No one but her.
His posture, stiff but somehow resigned, spoke of weariness, perhaps even disinterest. His eyes, however, betrayed him. She couldn’t make out their color from this distance, but she could see the intensity in that determined gaze as it swept across the room and zeroed in on the bar.
Without warning, that ardent gaze caught hers. And held.
Laela lost her balance. The three-legged stool tipped and wobbled precariously. As she groped for the edge of the bar and hooked her foot around one of the stool’s spindly legs, he began winding his way across the club. Heading straight toward her.
Heat pooled between Laela’s legs. It curled across her clit, sending a jolt of sensation deep into her pussy. She pressed her legs together and clenched her hands around the edge of her stool. Her breath halted in her throat as he came closer. The crowd seemed to part for him, though no one brushed against him or uttered the slightest disrespectful word. In fact, no one paid any attention to him at all.
She couldn’t begin to fathom why. For her part, if she hadn’t been hanging on to the stool, she’d have fallen off long ago. And all because she couldn’t take her eyes off this one man. A man, for Pete’s sake.
Laela didn’t go for men. She liked vampires, werewolves, even elves. Men were so… plain.
Only there was nothing even remotely ordinary about this man. He oozed sensuality from every pore. It dripped off him in waves, wrapped around her and scrambled her thoughts until she was entirely focused on nothing but him.
The woman who’d been sitting beside Laela stood, vacating the stool. The newcomer slipped into it as though he’d known all along it would be there, waiting for him.
“Bourbon, on the rocks,” he said in answer to the bartender’s unspoken question.
Even his voice made Laela’s pussy clench in anticipation. Low and husky, it sent a shiver down the length of her body.
The space between stools was much too narrow for his wide shoulders and broad chest. His knee came within touching distance of her thigh. His arm brushed her elbow.
Laela had stopped breathing the moment he’d sat down, but the unexpected contact kick-started her lungs. She gulped in a big breath of spicy male odor. Not sweat, but not cologne, either. Something else… something entirely unique. And altogether much too irresistible.
She shifted slightly, rotating the stool so she was facing him. After that brief moment when their gazes had locked, he’d ignored her outright.
Laela cleared her throat, gathering up the courage to say something. What, she didn’t know. Something that would get his attention. Something that would make him want to pick her up in those powerful arms, deposit her on the sleek surface of the bar, hike up her skirt, and bury his head between her legs.
Yeah, that would do nicely.
“Come here often?”
She grimaced at the lame pickup line that slipped from her lips before she could stop it. She knew very well this wasn’t one of his regular hangouts, because it was hers. And she most certainly would have noticed him before now.
The man looked up from his drink. Instead of answering, his jet-black eyebrows arched up as he assessed her with a slow, deliberate sweep of his gaze. He started at the top of her head and worked his way down, pausing with what Laela hoped was appreciation as his gaze came to rest on her full breasts straining against her pink cotton tank top. After a moment’s hesitation, he continued his silent appraisal. She watched him glance at the strip of skin proudly displaying her navel just beneath the hem of her tank top, and then at her upper thighs, which a denim mini-skirt barely covered.
She expected him to stop there but he kept going, glancing all the way down her bare legs to her feet. Feeling slightly awkward, she wiggled her toes, absurdly grateful she’d worn open-toed sandals that showed off her polished pink toenails.
When he completed his assessment, he tilted his head to the side, an amused smile tugging at one side of his full lips. “Isn’t that my line?”
Laela lifted a shoulder in a playful shrug. She had to raise her voice to be heard over the music. “I thought I’d hurry things along a little.”
He took a long swig of his drink. The dark liquid disappeared in a flash, but he didn’t as much as flinch when it flowed down his throat. Unlike her, who grimaced at the taste of champagne.
“You’re in a rush?”
“It’s my last night in town.” She didn’t know why she’d told him. He didn’t need to know that. He didn’t need to know anything about her.
She’d walked in here tonight feeling restless, anticipation flooding her veins with adrenaline. She needed a release.
From the moment she’d climbed on her barstool, she’d been looking for something. She hadn’t even known what until she spotted him. Now there wasn’t a shred of doubt in her overheated body that what she’d been craving all along was exactly what he could provide.
Hot, sweaty, fabulous sex. With a man who set her body on fire with a smoldering glance. A man she’d never see again.
For humans, such an encounter would be risky. For someone like her, the opposite was true. As a member of the Papidae Laéane family — what humans termed Pixies — she was invulnerable to diseases of the flesh. Nor could she become pregnant by a human male. And if she happened to find herself in a rough encounter, she had a few tricks up her ethereal sleeve that would come as a big surprise to anyone who thought her easy prey because of her lithe build and casual demeanor.
The man watched her intently, frown lines appearing over the bridge of his nose. “Mine, too.”
She didn’t attempt to hide her surprise. “You’re kidding. New job?”
“You could say that.”
Without warning, he unbuttoned the few buttons on his shirt and tugged on the neckline, revealing dark curls across a tan, muscular chest.
Laela’s mouth went dry. In the brief flashes of neon light, she could make out a tattooed circle etched in black ink across his skin. Within the circle sat the perfectly drawn emblem of the Marine Corps.
Laela reached out and traced the shape of the eagle’s head. “You’re being deployed.”
He nodded, once.
She could barely contain her enthusiasm. Her grin widened, stretching her cheeks until they hurt. “Perfect.”
His answering smile held no humor. “You just met me, and you’re already trying to get rid of me?”
Heat rose into her cheeks. She ducked her head, realizing much too late that what she’d taken for intensity in his gaze was much more. Apprehension, perhaps. Indecision, maybe. Not fear, though. There was too much courage and determination in the depthless orbs to ever mistake his hesitation for true fear.
There was a story there. She could feel it. But asking the myriad of questions that might get him to open up would cross the line, taking him from nameless wonder to a man with the potential to be so much more.
Laela splayed her hand across his chest, marveling at the way warmth streamed through his body and seemed to pour into hers. “I’m sorry. That was thoughtless of me. Let me make it up to you.”
She didn’t remember much about the trek through the pulsing, writhing mass of people who stood in their way to the door. Yet she could clearly recall his hand in hers, the way his broad, masculine fingers dwarfed her smaller ones. The way she clung to his palm, her heart hammering against her ribcage until the door to the back alley opened and stale summer air forced its way into her lungs.
He had her pressed up against the wall in the span of a heartbeat.
“You like to take risks, don’t you?” he whispered as be buried his face in her neck.
She moaned and let her head fall back against the wall. Tingles of anticipation thrummed through her bloodstream as he kissed his way up the column of her throat to nip at her earlobe.
“I don’t take risks.” Her breath sounded hoarse. Ravished. “I make calculated decisions.”
The resounding male chuckle shook the rest of her self-control. Her knees weakened and her sex clenched as moisture slicked her nether lips.
Her anonymous lover seemed to know just what she wanted. His hand quested between her legs, hiking up the short skirt so that it bunched up around her hips. The broad span of his palm pressed against the crotch of her panties, sending a wave of sensation to stream slowly into her cunt.
“Why?” His other hand moved up to her breast. He circled a nipple lightly with the tip of his index finger, his mouth never straying far from her ear.
She fought the euphoric mist clouding her brain long enough to focus on the solitary word. “Why what?”
“Why me?”
The question gave her pause. She tried to come up with a suitable answer, but the pressure against her cunt made it impossible to think. “Because you’re different,” she managed at last.
He sucked in a breath. His hold around her tightened. The hard length of his erection prodding her stomach told her he knew exactly why they were out in this alley, and it wasn’t to make conversation.
Fearing he’d ask her another question that would force her to assess the situation in ways she had no intention of doing, Laela wiggled just enough to give herself room to graze her lips across the firm line of his jaw. A layer of thin stubble tickled her mouth.
Parting her lips, she trailed the tip of her tongue across his skin until she found what she was looking for — his mouth. Her pulse quickened as she leaned in for the delicious kiss she’d been anticipating since the moment she’d spotted him.
Her mystery lover didn’t disappoint. With a groan that seemed ripped from the bottom of his soul, he claimed her mouth the moment she laid her lips across his.
Going in, she’d thought she’d have the upper hand. In the blink of an eye, he proved how wrong she’d been. He took control with the self-assurance of a man who’d done this a time or two. Skimming her breast with his palm, he worked his hand up across her neck and cupped the base of her head, supporting it as he plundered her mouth. His tongue plunged inside her with a rhythm that mimicked the act of fucking to sinful perfection.
When the full impact of his soft, hot tongue hit her, she gasped inside his mouth. Lust flooded her cunt. The thick ridge of his cock digging into her stomach became almost unbearable. Her clit swelled, aching with pent-up need against the heel of his hand.
She arched reflexively against him, bucking sharply when he slipped a finger beneath the edge of her panties and grazed a sensitive spot along her soaked labia.
Laela whimpered. Anticipation clawed at her with hot, needy talons. “I want –”
“Shhh… I know.” He peppered her mouth with kisses. Soft ones, fast ones, delicate ones, intoxicating ones. His finger delved deeper between her folds, finding her opening, slipping inside just long enough to make her inner walls clench before gliding out again.
Tendrils of pleasure swam through her pussy. She grasped at them, needing to come more than she’d ever needed anything in her entire life.
He pushed the panties to the side and slipped two fingers along her slit. He worked them from her clit all the way down to her channel, where he paused just long enough to slip inside again in that maddeningly brief way before plunging back deeper.
She yelped when he circled her anus, but he quieted her with another earth-shattering kiss. He didn’t even have to shush her this time. Her panting groan was lost inside his mouth.
He continued working her pussy with his fingers until she became a quivering, wobbly mess. She shook and ached in places she normally didn’t think about while having sex. The muscles in her legs tensed as she struggled to keep herself upright. Her stomach clenched and unclenched along with the inner walls of her pussy. Her breasts felt heavy and ripe, her nipples stiff as little rocks when they scraped across his chest.
His thumb flicked across her clit. She arched her spine and bucked toward him, but only succeeded in getting further away from the euphoric bliss streaming through her veins when he touched her.
“Please.” She didn’t know if he heard her. In fact, she had no idea whether she’d uttered her plea aloud, or if she did, if it went any farther than his intoxicating mouth.
A tempestuous climax built inside her. It threatened to blow over with every brush of his hand against her swollen cunt lips, but nothing — nothing — had prepared her for the feel of his cock.
He gave her no warning. He’d worked her into such a state of frenzy that she hadn’t even noticed him undoing his pants. One moment he was toying with her pussy and the next she felt the smooth tip of his cock nestle in the soaked crevice of her slit.
She barely had time to gasp before he lifted her off the ground. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he pressed her to the wall. In one smooth motion, his cock glided inside her, filling her with its wicked, tantalizing girth.
His groan carried through the back alley. He held her prisoner against the wall while he waited for her to adjust to the intrusion stretching her cunt.
There was no need to wait. He’d driven her out of her mind with need. She was more than ready.
Laela began to move first, proving there was no reason to hold back. She wanted no restraint, no hesitation. She only wanted him. Every inch of him, hot and heavy and pulsing hard inside her.
With a growl, he pinned her into place, cupped her cheeks in his big hands, and forced her to look into his eyes. “I don’t know who you are, lady, or what you’ve done to me, but this isn’t like anything I’ve felt before.”
She whimpered, unable to answer. Her pixie heritage shouldn’t have been able to affect a human male this way. Whatever had happened between them, whatever bit of magic had gone haywire and had heightened this fairly ordinary experience from mere sex to mind-blowing ecstasy couldn’t be blamed on any pixie charm she knew.
Thrusting up slightly, she felt the brick façade scrape her back as she hovered at the top of his cock. Then, before he could say anything else, she let herself fall.
Her pussy took all of him — every last inch. They cried out together as her clit scraped his pubic bone so hard, it sent an intense jolt through her body that unraveled the final remnants of her restraint.
He had only to swivel his hips a fraction of an inch and she was breaking into a million pieces. Thankfully, the tight grip of her thighs around his waist held her grounded enough so she didn’t fall apart when pleasure careened through her.
He rocked against her, finding his release as she crested hers. A myriad of sensations bolted through her at once. She’d never felt anything nearly as intense as this man’s potent cum flooding her core.
She clung to his shoulders, inner muscles fluttering madly. The reckless rush of orgasm demanded all her concentration. She closed her eyes and gave herself over to it.
Laela’s head fell forward. She buried her face in his neck, breathing deeply, imprinting his scent on her senses. For a moment, she forgot she’d never see him again.
His heartbeat thundered against hers, its powerful rhythm challenging the music spilling out into the alley. Laughter and gleeful shouts invaded the privacy of their unlikely cloister.
When he scooped her in his arms and drew her away from the wall, all she wanted to do was sag against his powerful chest. She yearned to let him carry her away. Somewhere dark and private and quiet, somewhere they could get to know each other.
She could spend a lifetime discovering what made him so damned irresistible to her — her! — a pixie who prided herself on listening to her father’s advice and never, ever, ever letting a male of any species get inside her perfectly logical brain. Not to mention anywhere close to her closely guarded scientist’s heart.
In the back of her euphoric mind, logic still reigned supreme. Letting this man get close would be the end of her future as she knew it. If she let him, he’d burrow inside her very soul. He wouldn’t back away, wouldn’t let her have a moment of independence. He’d overwhelm her, possess her, until he stripped away everything that made her who she was. Until he left a mere husk of a paranormal being where a strong, self-reliant woman should have been.
She’d seen another relationship unfold in this manner, and she’d be damned if she let this devastating man turn her into her sister.
“I could stay a little longer,” he whispered in her ear. “I could call my Lieutenant and tell him I have a family emergency. You could stay, too.”
Fear warred with desire. Her body called out to him, begged him to remain here. Forever.
Or you could come with me. To Rookery Cove. Only… you don’t belong there. And I’m so scared
Reality came crashing back hard as that thought struck. Logic returned to take its rightful place front and center.
Panic careened through Laela in the span of a skipped heartbeat. She splayed her palms against the man’s chest and pushed — hard.
He stumbled backward, clearly caught off guard. She used that moment of imbalance to pull herself off his rapidly hardening cock and land on her feet.
Sucking in a deep breath as her cramped muscles groaned in protest of the abrupt movement, Laela barely took the time to straighten her skirt before whirling around and breaking into a run.
Halfway down the alley, she came to a guilt-ridden stop.
She could still taste his kiss on her lips. Her stomach twisted into knots. Remorse, regret, and rancid fear rose in the back of her throat.
When she looked back, he stood where she’d left him, head hanging low, dark eyes piercing through the shadowy alley to bore into hers.
“Thanks,” she called out. It sounded as absurdly stupid to her as it must have sounded to him, yet she couldn’t think of anything else to say.
He didn’t answer. He didn’t even move. He simply faded into the red brick façade of the wall and vanished from sight, leaving Laela to wonder whether the bartender had slipped something into her glass that had made her imagine the entire encounter.
The next morning, only the scratch marks on her back told her otherwise.

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