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Predator by Melyssa Jay


by Melyssa Jay

Changeling Press

eBook BIN: 06136-01970

The New Jersey Devil. Yeti. Fascinating legends. But when Riley faces tragedy in the remote Northwest and winds up in the arms of such a beast, is he her captor or her rescuer? Should she escape or use her feminine wiles? Will she live to tell her tale?

Note: This title has no chapter breaks. Please enjoy the first scene.

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Scene One

“Bear!” Hmmm… Riley stirred in her sleep. “Bear.” Bear? Bear? The big, brown, ravenous beast lumbered toward her… No, it couldn’t be real. Of course not…
The rippling of the rolling river soothed her from the dream. She stretched her legs out. Her fingers ran across the thick grass where she’d been napping.
Growls rumbled in the surrounding forest. Manly grunts and soft moans caused Riley to stir awake.
Geez, Bella. Rob’s always humping you. I’m napping here. Go screw somewhere else.
Groans. Grunts. Body slapping body… Arousal kindled and she brought her thighs together. Yes, her bestie was getting her some. Mmm… maybe Riley should watch. She hadn’t had any cock in a while. A long while. She could be such a slut at times. But it was sometimes best to realize sex was sex — a physical activity. Less heartache that way.
She’d noticed the way Rob’s two cousins checked her out. Jacob was far too old for relationship material, but Hank? Hank was only a few years older than she was. Hell, either of the men would do for a quickie. Yeah, she needed to get her some.
Arousal heated her blood as her sensitive clit swelled. A threesome. Hank and Jacob battling it out to claim a hole. Her hand slipped down into her shorts and panties. Her pussy was wet as she tweaked her clit. Yeah, a threesome would be an experience of a lifetime, but masturbation would do just fine for now. She cradled her sensitive bundle of nerves between two fingertips.
Mean, fierce growls vibrated throughout her body.
What? Disoriented, she blinked and left off the sensual self-play.
The sun warmed her skin. Slowly, she stretched out her limbs and flexed her feet. Sighing, she blinked to get her bearings and shifted her head to the side to watch the flowing river. Beautiful.
She sighed. Vacations always made work worthwhile. And camping outdoors was her favorite way to spend a week. The Cascade Mountains never ceased to amaze.
“Riley!” A rough voice came from the west. The sun had already started its descent, casting shadows. “Riley!”
Not sure exactly what she’d heard or what was going on, she lifted her head. “Huh?” She sat up from where she’d been resting.
“Run! It’s a bear!”

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