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Jingle Spells by Dakota Cassidy

Jingle Spells
Stocking Stuffers (multi-author series)
by Dakota Cassidy

Changeling Press

eBook BIN: 01620-00502

Far, far away, in another dimension where all the paranormal creatures of the universe live in perfect harmony…er, well, sorta, Nia Weston and Kier of Santori are about to shake up the galaxy.


Their constant bickering and competitive brawls have their co-workers going home each night with ulcers and one colleague in particular has had enough.

This Christmas Eve a snarky werewolf and an arrogant alien are about to receive the gift of giving.

Whether they like it or not.

Note: This title has no chapter breaks. Please enjoy the first scene.

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Scene One

In another dimension where all paranormal life forms, great and small, live in harmony — well, sorta.
It’s Christmas Eve — somewhere in the far off distant future
“Bibbedy-bobbedy-boo. Oh, and another boo for good measure.”
“Don’t tell me nothing, Luanne Montoya. I don’t know what the hell you’re doing, waving your hands around in my face, mumbling, but can’t you see I’m busy?”
“Yeah, I see,” she offered blandly, smoothing back her blonde, upswept hair from her face.
Nia Weston stared up at her friend and co-worker’s blank face, peering at her over the top of her cubicle and said, “Helllooo. Then go to the office Christmas party and leave me be. I bet if you hurry that weird vampire commander you think is so cute will be there. Whatshisname. Dimitri, right? How original. Aren’t all vampires named Dimitri or Declan? Never mind. I thought you liked him and if he’s going to be there, you’d better hurry before that little nymphomaniac, Nessandra, gets her naughty, multi-colored wings sunk into him and does you dirty. Remember last year’s festivities? Ahem… the ménage in the reception room? Allll Nessandra’s doing.”
“Yeah, yeah. I remember. You let me worry about Dimitri and that inter-galactic ’ho, Nessandra. Look, it’s Christmas Eve. Why don’t you knock off and come with me?”
Nia shook her head. “Can’t.”
“Cuz if I do, that jack off alien Kier will finish his proposal for the new sanctuary on Dimension Ten, er, Eleven… Whatever. He’ll finish first and we all know how much the boss likes the ass smoocher extraterrestrial. He’ll never look at mine if Mr. Close Encounters of the Third Kind’s is on his desk first.”
Luanne clucked her tongue. “Oh, he is not kissing anyone’s ass. You’re just angry that he knows how to behave in a social setting and you act like you’ve lived on Dimension Thirteen, fondly known as Dementia Thirteen, all of your life. You like the ass smoocher alien and you know it. He’s too hot not to like. He doesn’t even look remotely like the things running around in that old Close Encounters movie. God, humans are so imaginatively delusional. The problem is you just won’t admit you like him.”

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