Blood and Soul 3: Vampire Guardian by Kate Hill

Blood and Soul Collection by Kate Hill

Blood and Soul Collection
by Kate Hill

eBook ISBN: 978-1-59596-622-3

Follow the erotic adventures of the Ancients at Burgundy Peak

Lust abounds within the walls of Burgundy Peak, haven for vampires. Mortals and immortals alike confront their deepest, darkest fears and desires. Step inside to find out if they’re willing to pay the steep price for true love.

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Vampire Guardian [Book 3]

“Oh, fuck. Damn! Yeah, baby. That’s right. Oh!” Dechrista moaned, her head thrashing on the pillow. Her fingers sank into the guy’s shoulders and she wriggled her hips against the attack from his skilled tongue and lips.
He lapped her clit with the flat of his tongue, then used the tip to stab it with little thrusts. His hands slipped beneath her and gripped her ass, clutching and kneading the globes to the same rhythm as his tongue. One of his long fingers slid along the indentation between her ass cheeks and paused over her sphincter. Pressing against the sensitive hole, his finger drove her nearly as wild as his mouth on her clit.
When she’d picked the guy up, she figured he was just another john, only better looking than most. Tall and lean, with sandy blond hair and huge blue eyes, he reminded her of a soap opera star. With his boy-next-door looks, she never would have expected the demands he made, and she certainly had no idea that he would be this good in bed.
Gasping, she closed her eyes and panted hard, her entire body taut with impending orgasm. The way he was licking her clit with fast upward strokes, she was going to come any second. Suddenly he left her clit and poked his tongue into her cunt. It swirled inside her, tasting and exploring. Damn, she almost felt bad for charging this guy.
“Shit, baby, you’re doing everything right. Ah!” Her legs trembled uncontrollably and her muscles burned, straining for climax. The son-of-a-bitch knew just how to eat her to the point of pleasure-pain without allowing her to come.
Pressing the flat of his tongue to her clit, he rubbed her with pulsing motions that flung her into orgasm. Dechrista grasped his ears and held his head closer, her heart pounding and hips thrusting. She wanted his tongue on her until the very last ripple.
Apparently he had other ideas.
Yanking from her grasp, he flipped her onto her back and bit her ass cheeks.
“Hey! That hurt!”
“Sorry, but you taste so good.” His tongue ran over her bottom.
“I think you drew blood, asshole!”
“Umm, that’s the point.”
“What are you, some kind of fetish freak?”
“You might say that.”
She was about to tell him off and leave the apartment, but he parted her ass cheeks and dipped his tongue between them. Oh, damn, this was too much! He licked and prodded her nether hole. Warm, wet strokes sent shivers of pure lust up and down her spine. Sliding his hand under her, he found her clit and rubbed while licking her ass. To better accommodate his ministrations, Dechrista rose onto her hands and knees and thrust her bottom closer to his face. Panting, she gripped the mattress. Desire built quickly inside her. Heat enveloped her entire body and every pulse point throbbed to the violent pounding of her heart.
Suddenly he stopped licking. She strained to see over her shoulder, but he grasped her hips and held her firmly. Then, oh joy! His erection prodded her from behind. Inch by inch he slid inside her, filling her with his hard, velvet-skinned cock.
Dechrista groaned and wriggled her hips, wanting more of him. Shit, he was easily the best customer she’d ever had.
“How’s this, honey?” he asked, his voice deep and purring, reminding her of a lion.
“Oh, baby, you’re the best.” She panted, pressing her face against the mattress as his pace increased. That slick, hard cock rushing in and out of her was driving her wild. “What did you say your name was?”
“Herb, but my friends call me Superfuck.”
In spite of the marvelous sensations stealing her breath, she laughed. “Man, you have a lot of attitude.”
He growled, animal-like, and continued plunging into her. Passion flooded her entire body. By the wonderful tightening in her pussy and almost painful ache in her clit, she knew she was about to come again.
“Yeah, oh, Herb! Oh, baby!” Dechrista convulsed, quivering from head to toe.
Herb’s warm hands clung to her hips. If possible, his thrusting increased, forcing her back up the road to orgasm. Not that she was complaining, but this guy was insatiable. Most johns wanted it over quick. A couple of thrusts or a few sucks on his cock, and it was all over. Not Herb. It seemed like he was just getting started.
Dechrista closed her eyes tightly and enjoyed the ride. As a third orgasm approached, she realized he was finally breathing heavy. His fingers sank into her hips and he slammed into her pussy. Sure, he was a little rough, but she was so wet and ready that it felt good. Her internal muscles clamped hard around him, pulsing in yet another spine tingling orgasm. Grunting, he lunged deep inside her, his hips straining. With a savage cry, he came long and hard.
Releasing Dechrista, he flopped onto the bed beside her. She collapsed, panting and shaking in the aftermath of the best sex she’d had in… actually she couldn’t think of a time when she’d had better sex.
“Fuck it, Herbie, you’re okay.” She grinned, lifting her head and gazing at him.
He patted her ass and winked. “You’re pretty damn hot yourself, Dechrista, but I know a way to make things even hotter.”
Her interest stirred. Did he want to do drugs? Maybe he had some kind of fancy dildo he wanted to try. “Like what?”
“Like this.” Rolling her onto her back, he covered her body with his. He used his knee to part her legs, then prodded her pussy with his cock.
“Shit, Herb, you sure have staying power, I’ll give you that.”
“It’s in my blood,” he whispered, burying his face against the side of her neck while sliding fully inside her. His hips shifted, stirring her desire slowly. She was getting a little sore from his powerful movements and seemingly insatiable need. As much as she wanted another of those terrific orgasms, she wasn’t sure her body would be so kind.
Something smooth and sharp slid along her neck.
“Hey, what the hell are you doing?” she demanded, almost overcome by panic. Did the bastard have a knife? Had she finally picked up somebody who would take her out of this horrible existence? Sure, her life sucked, but now that it was being threatened, she clung to it instinctively. She struggled hard, punching and clawing at his shoulders. “Get off me! Get off!”
“Hey.” He lifted his head and gazed into her eyes. Some of her fear dissipated. He didn’t look like a killer. “I just wanted to show you something nice. It’s nothing to be scared of.”
“What were you doing to my neck?”
“I was going to bite it. I’m a vampire.”
Dechrista broke into laughter. “A what?”
“You heard me, honey. Let me give you just a little love bite. If you don’t like it, I’ll stop.”
“Leave it to me to get tied up with some fetish freak.”
“You’ll like it.”
She sighed. “Well, I’ll try anything once. You will quit if I tell you to, though?”
“Scout’s honor.”
“I think I need a drink before we do this. Maybe a little –” She pointed to her nose.
“Not that I don’t like drugs, but you won’t need them for this. Trust me. It will feel better than any drug mortals create.”
Wow. This guy was out there. Dechrista started giggling again, but a moment later her laughter turned to breathless cries of passion. Whatever Herb was doing to her neck sent tidal waves of pleasure crashing over her. She was literally drowning in lust. He sucked and lapped her neck while driving his cock in and out of her quivering cunt. Rather than a build up followed by a few seconds of ultimate pleasure, this was like an extended orgasm. It went on and on until she could no longer see or hear, only feel.
Slowly, he withdrew from her neck, and she whimpered, trying to pull him back.
“If I take more I might hurt you,” he panted.
It must have been the aftereffects of the drugs, but when she looked into his eyes, they glistened with a reddish tinge.
“Unless you want to become like me.” Herb smiled. “You would make one hot vamp. What do you say? Let me make you one of us?”
“If this is what being a vampire is like, then what the hell?” She tilted her head to the side, exposing her neck. “Go ahead, stud. I’m all yours.”

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