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Back Up Plan by Shelby Morgen

Backup Plan

Spaceport (multi-author series)
by Shelby Morgen

Changeling Press

eBook BIN: 05778-01852

Why settle for just one replacement body part, when you can own the whole thing? Prisoners are maintained in semi-stasis, their memories wiped, the cost of their physical care sponsored by aging aristocrats, hosts for future replacement organs. Now Ruth is one of them, and only Panama Red, the space pirate turned bodyguard who’s out to rescue Ruth, can save her. But will he still be willing to trust her with his heart, once he knows she engineered this hell?

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Chapter One

I’m coming! I wanted to scream. Those were the right words, that much I was sure of, but I knew better. No one screamed here. I held it all inside. Even as the orgasm ripped through me I wondered — somewhat cynically, I’ll admit — was it possible to get bored with sex?
I’d never had thoughts like these. Not until… hell, I realized I’d had no concept of time. That is, I did now, but before…
Something was happening to me. Something was changing.
No, not something. Me. I was changing. My mind was… waking up. The faceless body before me writhed, screaming soundlessly, and the final release tore through me, bathing me in the flood of pleasure that had always before brought these churning thoughts to a tumultuous end.
Release. Blissful sleep. The fulfillment of a promise
Ha. Make that hard work. Hot, sweaty sex. A partner well pleasured. Then sleep. Then on to the next rotation.
The harder, heavier body of the other… whatever it was… groaned, wrapping itself around me, almost smothering with its weight and heat. I’d never minded before. That was the reward for a job well done. Release. Euphoria. Malaised contentment.
So why was I awake? Why was I fighting the urge to push the other off me?
I opened my… my eyes, yes. I opened my eyes and fought to focus, rapidly learning how to adjust for the closeness of the body before me. Saw the mouth. The mouth I had kissed. The lips I had bitten, now bruised and swollen from our passion. The contented smile. The…
Revulsion swept through me, stronger than any orgasm. The thing might as well have been an inflatable doll. No sign of intelligence. No sign of anything at all. It was — he was — just a mouth. And a cock.
Or maybe I’d had it right the first time. It.
And what made me any different? Other than my lack of a cock? Until two rotations ago, I’d been little more. A mouth and a cunt.
Cunt. Somehow I knew the word was coarse, crude. Beneath me. And I liked the sound of it. Forbidden fruit. I smiled, placed my hands on the cock’s shoulders, and pushed. Hard.
Arms tightened around me, clamping down like steel bands. “You’re awake!”
“Let go of me.”
“Keep your voice down. Don’t move. Shut your eyes. And smile!”
All right. He. A lunatic, but gods, he had gorgeous eyes. The color of precious minerals, deep cobalt, flecked with gold. Still. “Get the blyat off me.”
“Hush! You just had the best sex of your life. Smile!”
“Arrogant prick!”
“Do you want to get us killed? We’re not supposed to be awake, damn it.” He smothered my reply with his mouth, giving my rapidly emerging vocabulary time to catch up.
Killed. Past tense of kill.
I understood the concept well enough to quit fighting. I tore his words apart like my guide to the mystery they were. We’re not supposed… Soooo. Wherever we were, whoever we were — both concepts seemed new, yet familiar — there were rules. We’d — I’d — been asleep, at least on some level. Now I was awake.
Awake was bad.
Click, click, click. “Check those pods. I tell you I heard voices.”
“You’re hearin’ things, Murphy. These pods are all on standard rotation. Not scheduled to wake up any time soon. Too damn blissed out to do more than fuck themselves senseless. If you could wake ’em up, not a one of ’em could tell you his own name. Not till they’re programmed. Useless as a dead battery.”
“Yeah, I know, you been here a whole two months, and you know all there is to know about everything. Well, I was here the last time one woke up early, and he nearly killed me ’fore I got him under control.”
“What’d you do? Fuck him senseless?”
“Just check the blyat pods.”
Click. Click. Click.
Cock shoved into cunt, hard. I shook from the force of it, slamming back against the… something. Surface beneath me. Behind me. I wasn’t exactly lying down. More suspended. And I couldn’t have been less in the mood for sex. Still, the unrelenting cock plowed into me, while the mouth covered mine, stealing my protests. I felt the change in the… the… space, and realized the cock had just saved my life.
“Just more fuck-bunnies, hard at it. I tell you, you’re gettin’ senile, Murphy.” Click. Click. Click… I knew that… sound. Noise. Remembered. Steps. Footsteps.
Footsteps, moving away. Two sets.
What did you say to the cock who had just saved you? The cock who was plowing your pussy with all the force it could muster? The cock who owned you, because he knew the truth?
Lips and teeth assaulted my nipples, pulling, tugging, licking, sucking. With each nip, the words poured into my brain. The support system that held us cocooned together bent and swayed with the force of his thrusts. A steady diet of sex was apparently far and away enough exercise to keep our bodies fit and toned.
“Monitors,” lips whispered against my ear. “Pretend you like this.”
The adrenaline rush of fear kicked in. A fresh wash of moisture lubricated my pussy. I’d ask later how we’d been cleansed from the last round, but we had, because when he’d reentered I’d been bone dry.
Pretend… Lie. I didn’t have to sort out that concept. And I didn’t have to pretend. The glow started again, the rich purple haze of passion filling the air. My pussy clenched hard around his cock, sucking him in, trying to capture, hold him in. Seeking, searching, for the oblivion of release, as if knowing instinctively that this was where I belonged. I clawed, raking his ass with my nails, trying to get closer, bury the cock deeper, find… find that thing I had lost. Contentment. Euphoria.
“Oh! Yes! Harder!”
“Fuck me, damn it!”
“There’s sex all around us. You hear any noise?”
“Don’t ask me to think!”
He bit my lip, hard, swallowing the cry as the pain engulfed me.
Pain. My senses cleared. Cleared enough to notice every sleek inch of skin under my hands. Every thick ridge of the cock pounding me. Pleasure. Endorphins. Some part of me that had been a… a doctor? Maybe…
I knew they controlled us through endorphins. We stayed in a state of perpetual bliss. Useless as a dead battery.
I hadn’t just spontaneously awakened. Pain had its own endorphins. Cock had rescued me. From what, I didn’t know yet. But I would. “Fuck me!” I whispered, reaching for his ear with my tongue. “Fuck me long and hard, and make it hurt so fucking good…”
He pinched my nipple, squeezing the swollen tip until I wanted to scream. Reaching between us, he did the same to my clit. My body jerked so hard beneath him I nearly knocked him loose, but he moved the hand from my nipple to my ass, holding me close, grinding his cock into me like a powerful weapon. Every stroke hit home, crushing the heat of his cock against my cervix, the rough friction lighting me up with pleasure and pain.
I bucked and writhed, twisting and turning, wanting more, trying to get away, trying to crawl inside the man who’d made me feel. My breasts begged for his touch, and I thrust up, pulling his head down as I twisted in his arms. Lick. Bite. Lick. Bite. Suck. Another orgasm wracked through me, robbing me of the ability to think. Till his teeth nearly pierced my flesh.
More. More. More! It was too much. I forgot to breathe. Even as the next orgasm hit and I lost hold of this reality, I knew. It would never be enough. I would always want more. Pleasure. Pain. I was addicted to this man with no name.
And I couldn’t very well keep calling him Cock.
* * *
Slicked fingers stuffed themselves deep into my pussy while teeth clamped down over my shoulder. Coming awake with a shudder, I somehow found the presence of mind not to scream. Instead I bore down on the fingers within me, clenching as hard as I could.
If pain was good for me, it must be good for him, as well.
“Good,” the deepest, sultriest voice I’d ever heard breathed over my ear. “You remember.”
“I remember it’s been three rotations since you’ve been here, and I’m tired of being used like a fuck toy while I wait for you to come back.”
“I’ll make this good for you. I promise.”
“I don’t want good. I want bad. I want hard, hot, and deep — burn till it hurts. And then I want answers.”
“You and me both. Do you remember anything? From before?”
“I — not really. I’ve been trying. But the others aren’t doing anything but going through the motions. Half hard cocks on sterilized dickheads. They’re too drugged out on their own bliss to even know they can talk. Useless.”
“You didn’t try to wake them up, did you?” His cock replaced his fingers, lubed with the juices he’s smeared over himself, ramming deep into me in one long beastly thrust.
I wanted to scream, it hurt so good. “Hell no. I’m not stupid.”
“No. You’re not. That much I was sure of.” It was tempting to let myself sink into the mindless rhythm of sex. Pull out. Thrust back. Deep, deep thrusts buried him within me until the coarse hairs at the base of his dick ground against my delicate skin. His fingers — the same ones he’d stuffed in my pussy — now crammed into my ass, fucking me back and front in a rocking staccato motion that left me breathless, yet more awake than I’d felt since last he was here.
“Oh, God. Slow down, or you’ll be done too soon, and they’ll rotate you on.”
“So. You’re learning. Awake enough to think beyond the scope of the pod.”
“You woke me up, didn’t you? You’re the one who brought me pain. Why me?”
A pause, my nipple twisted in his grasp bringing more pain, pain so intense I thought I might come right then, even though he’d stilled within me at the question. “I don’t know. There was something about your face when we fucked. As if you were feeling. As if you knew I was here.”
“Do you have a name?”
Do I? But he wouldn’t know, and I didn’t want to hear him tell me that. “Not that I can remember. I think it’s more than the endorphins. I think we were wiped. Our memories erased. Except I didn’t know that was possible.”
“Oh yes. Memories are chemical signatures, stored in the brain’s electrical current. Change the pH, subject the body to small, repeated electrical charges, and you disrupt the long term memory.” I closed my eyes, and I could see the room. White lab coats. “We were developing… we… I… I… I can’t quite…”
“Shh. It’s all right. Don’t try to remember too much at once. It hurts. And not in a good way.” He pulled out, leaving my body naked and wanting. And alone. I heard the sharp hiss of the chemical wash spraying him down. Why had he pulled back like that? Why? I hadn’t come. My body ached all over from the combination of abuse and lack of fulfillment. Damn it. Damn him. Damn him to hell.
Would he leave, now? As if he’d completed his rotation?
The spray hit me hard, a cloud of fog coating me outside and in, rinsing away any leftover epithelials, any trace that he’d ever touched me.
No. I wouldn’t let him leave. I chased after him, reaching out in the fog, grasping blindly for something. Anything. “Stay!” I hissed as loud as I dared.
“I’m not going anywhere.”
The voice came from behind me again, glittering with amusement. I didn’t question how I knew that, how I read the emotion in those few words. Humans — that was the name for us, as a species — were born with the innate ability to process emotion. With age, the process refined, but the ability was so deeply ingrained, even a total wipe wouldn’t be able to remove that knowledge.
How do I know that?
“Don’t ask questions. Not yet. Give yourself time. Explore your environment, and your memories will fill in as you test the limits of your senses. Don’t fight it.”
“I think — I think I may have been a… a doctor. But more. I was working on… us. This. Whatever we are.”
Holding me with my back pressed against his chest, he stroked my skin with what would look like slow, lazy caresses, should anyone be monitoring us. “Good! That’s a start. What do you remember?”
“These pods. They’re shaped like giant eggs, and they create the stasis field that supports us. It feels like nothing, but it’s not nothing. It’s… it’s like gravity, radiating out from the center in all directions. That’s why there’s no up or down, but our muscles haven’t atrophied. And it’s why we can have sex without grabbing on to something or landing against the edges. We’re always supported. The straps that anchored us are just to keep us from spinning till we get dizzy. Safety harnesses too, in case the gravity field drops suddenly.”
“That’s way too specific to be a random something you read somewhere. Maybe you helped build the pods.”
“Yes. No. I did more than that. I engineered them. They’re my creation.”
“Fuck. Then what are you doing in one? Maybe something went wrong, an experiment…”
I shook my head, squirming with need, trying hard to concentrate on the memories, even though his fingers were squeezing my tits. “No. It wasn’t… something else… they were for space. My team… we were developing alternatives for long term space travel. A means to hold space goers in stasis without losing their physical fitness. Do you think we’re in space?”
“Feels more like a sick, sadistic prison. Or a mental hospital. I’m expecting the scary movie theme music any time.”
I loved the dark edge of laughter in his voice. “What do you remember?”
He nuzzled my ear, licking, probing with a not so delicate touch. “I was looking. Searching. Something, someone. I had to find… Had to… find.”
Someone. Not someone with a name. Just someone. Someone else. “Have you found her yet?”
“I do believe I have.” He thrust his cock back into my pussy, a long, slow, easy glide, gentle this time, a new kind of torture. Dozens of tiny bites rimmed my ear. “Every time I wake up I feel this urgent need, to search, to find… it’s almost a state of panic. I have to find… until I’m with you. Then I can stop looking. Then I can feel. Then I can just be.”
Oh. A great sense of peace washed over me. This wasn’t just an accident, the way we fit together. He was mine. He’d come for me.
Oh. That meant wherever we were, whatever trouble we were in, I was likely the cause. Otherwise, he’d not… “They must have captured you, when you tried to rescue me.”
“Shh. Shh. Whatever happened, whatever we did, or didn’t do, I know there’s no place I’d rather be than here, with you in my arms. We’ll figure this out, one fuck at a time. We’re together. For now, nothing else matters.”
Together. Nothing else matters… The sweet promise of his whispered words soothed my straining mind even as my body reached for more, squeezing, clenching, surging against the fingers that teased my clit, driving back against the fingers that plundered my ass now in slow, lazy thrusts. The orgasms came, one after another, interspersed with just enough pain to let me hang on.
Together. Nothing else matters
Until the next rotation.

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