The Pack 1: Full Moon Heat by Lia Connor

Full Moon Heat Collection by Lia Connor

Full Moon Heat Collection
by Lia Connor

Changeling Press

eBook BIN: 06058-01944

When Dashika’s job takes her to the wilds of Vermont, she finds not one, but two men who appear out of nowhere — and transform into wolves. There’s no way Dashika is going to let her man — men — get away!

This collection contains the previously released novellas Full Moon Heat, Full Moon Rising, Full Moon Night, and Full Moon City.

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Full Moon Heat [Book 1]

Vermont woods. The still of the evening filled the air, broken only by the sound of the woman’s breathing. From the brush beside the path she hiked, close enough to touch, two wolves stood shoulder to shoulder, ears pricked as she passed by.
The larger black wolf nudged his friend. Come away for a bit. He backed away from the trail.
The second wolf, silver-tipped, followed him, placing each big paw carefully to make no noise. Is she the one?
She’s just what we want.
The silver-tipped wolf settled down on his haunches, tongue lolling out. So big. Shiny. Pretty.
You can see she’s part Native. With just a trace of the Kin in her. Can’t you smell it in her?
Silver-tips drew in a deep breath. She is the one.
The black wolf nodded. She belongs with us. He pawed the fallen maple leaves. As soon as I can figure out a way to talk her into joining us. She’s strong.
Maybe too much so. It worries me.
We’ll find a way. We have to, for the Pack, and for us. Black-wolf nuzzled into his companion’s ear, then licked his face. Silver-tips whined and licked at the bottom of Black-wolf’s jaw, showing his deference and affection.
The Kin are willing to accept us as a mated pair. They won’t mind us being together, as men or as wolves, if we find a female Alpha. A Lupa.
And she’s the one.
She is. I’ve never seen a woman so strong of heart and nature. Black-wolf narrowed his golden eyes. She won’t be an easy sell.
Silver-tips nodded his lupine head. So. How’re we going to bait the trap?
You’ll see.

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