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by Angie West

Cobblestone Press

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60088-693-5

Is he her soul mate? Or just after her soul? Savannah met a young boy as a child. Then her friend disappeared only to reappear the night before she graduated high school in a dream. Can she find love and a happily ever after with a sex demon?

Chapter One

Savannah was dreaming. She knew this because she was lighter than air. The white gown swayed in gentle waves around her ankles and lovingly caressed her slender frame. The dress was simple and elegant; her feet were bare. Fresh cut grass felt sinfully delicious as it edged between her toes, and she sighed long and deep. She stood in front of the most beautiful house she had ever seen. Three stories of Southern charm stood majestic and proud amid a backdrop of vibrant starlight. Shadows black as night gathered on the wide front porch to form the figure of a man.
“Savannah…” His voice echoed in the darkness, causing shockwaves of sensation to course through her body.
“Come here,” he commanded in a voice that flowed like honey.
“But I can’t see you.”
“Then come closer.” He emerged from the shadows with an outstretched hand.
Savannah smiled, fully engulfed in her dream-like state. He was beautiful; she drank in the close-cropped, golden hair and vivid, blue eyes.
“Are you an angel?” she whispered.
“Hardly…” His smile looked tinged with regret. “Yet here I am. Come closer, Savannah. Stand with me.”
Thick fog the color of his eyes swirled around her legs, pushing her forward, toward the house, toward him.
“Savannah…” His breath was a sigh against her rich brown hair.
“You look like an angel,” she insisted.
“Do I now?” He smiled down at her as she nestled in his arms.
“My own personal angel, come to rescue me. I like it.” She nodded her approval. “But what took you so long?”
“I’m here now,” he echoed in a broken voice. He pressed his lips to hers in the softest hint of a kiss and slipped her hand into his own. “Will you walk with me?”
He led her through the woods that lay beyond the house, following a glittering stream to the north. They stopped at a small clearing in the forest.
“What is this place?” Savannah gasped as a hundred twinkling lights began a soft glow along the trees. Blue paper lanterns hung from some of the lower branches, their gentle illumination cutting through the darkness. “Did you do this?”
“This is my gift to you.” He leaned in close. “It’s not every night that you graduate from high school.”
“How did you know…?”
“I’m an angel, remember?” He grinned and spun her around in a wide arc. “Dance with me, Savannah.”
“What a wonderful dream. Everything is so pretty.” She looped her arms around his neck and leaned in close, resting her head on a chest corded with lean muscle. He was so warm, the scene so romantic. The best part, she dimly reflected, was that he wasn’t real. She could do whatever she wanted, be someone else, because it was all just a marvelous dream.
So she didn’t feel awkward in the least as they swayed together under the moonlight.
“What if it wasn’t a dream, Savannah?” He peered down at her with an intensity that made her face burn.
“But it is a dream,” she whispered against his lips. They were warm and so very close. The slightest movement and—
“Savannah…“ he groaned when her tongue slid against his bottom lip in a hot caress.
“Shh. Don’t talk. Just love me.”
“I always have.” Her angel took control, his mouth teasing in one moment and demanding in the next. He was barely restrained, and a fine tremor shot through him and into Savannah, igniting her to a fever pitch.
Her skin felt too hot to bear, and she pulled restlessly at the thin straps of her gown, tugging them off her shoulders and past her breasts. His hands were everywhere, questing, pleading, taking her higher with every touch. He sizzled; she burned for him. Then he thrust a hand behind them and pulled her onto the found bed that materialized in one fluid movement. Savannah’s eyes widened, and she braced her hands on his bare chest; her legs straddled his hips, and she arched instinctively, filled with
a need that rasped against her nerve endings and set her on fire. Hard denim scraped at her delicate skin through the thin layer of her panties,and she ground herself against the bulge. In the next instant, the panties were gone and he loomed over her, bathed in starlight.
“You’ll always be mine, Savannah.”
“Yes,” she cried out as the colors burst around them to keep the night at bay.
Much later, they settled together in the deepening shadows and she pressed a kiss to his strong throat. “Don’t leave.” She yawned.
“I’ll never leave you alone again,” he promised, pulling her closer.
“Savannah!” The voice cut through the peaceful night.
“What was that?” She jumped.
“No,” her angel ground out, pulling her swiftly to her feet.
“What’s happening?”
“We have to get to the house—now.”
“Run!” He propelled her through the woods at a breakneck pace.
“It’s getting closer!” she said, her voice laced with alarm and her lungs beginning to burn from the exertion.
“Stay with me; whatever happens, hold onto me tight and stay with me,” he instructed.
“Wake up!” The voice boomed; she felt the pull and struggled against it. She was fading, her fingers already slipping from his grasp.
“No,” he howled in rage, sinking to his knees in front of the house.
She was gone.

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