Lustful Reflections by J.L. Oiler

Lustful Reflections
by J.L. Oiler

Rebel Ink Press

eBook ISBN: RIP0001309

Caught in a plot that could cost her family everything, Haylie must decide if she can submit to what’s best for her family and give herself over to the care of the Werewolves, the very men who sought to kidnap and trade her to her enemy. Men who offer more than a home and family, but the hopes of a love unmatched by anything Haylie has ever known.


Adrian Caproete took the silver blade from the table at his right and ran the sharp edge over his palm watching blood bubble from the wound. Smiling, he closed his fist and turned his hand so the bright red liquid dropped into the cauldron before him. He was so close to the power he desired he could taste it. Soon Adrian would control all the magic, which remained in this dimension, and his revenge on the Fairbanks would be complete.
He’d sold many cheap parlor tricks, performed a dozen fake séances, and even managed to dispose of several well insured lovers to secure the item that could finally buy him the means to destroy the Fairbanks and possess the Ahura amulet, the means for him to drain the magic from every living Fairbanks. All it took was a portal to Eridu, just on the other side of the large mirror Adrian faced.
Eridu lay in a dimension parallel to his own, an ancient world of magic and myth, moved there from the Euphrates valley by the ancient pantheon and now occupied by what remained of creatures know only in old tales told by mankind to frighten children. None of those individuals were the type to volunteer to assist without something in it for them. A quick glance to the purple velvet bag on the table said he had exactly the advantage he needed to secure their cooperation. Of course should these soldiers fail in this mission, Adrian had a backup plan.
Adrian spoke the ancient incantation watching as the mixture within his cauldron began to release a dark gray mist. Had he been more powerful, he may have been able to open the gate without all this, but it didn’t waver his determination, soon he’d be the most powerful wizard in the entire world. The mist twisted and floated covering the extra-large mirror as if it were paint poured out of a bucket. Soon the entire face bowed outward before swirling.
“Come forth Enyalios, warrior of Eridu. Come forth to claim what is rightfully yours.”
There was what sounded like a low roar as the room shook. A large hand reached through the mirror gripping the weathered wooden frame as its owner and two others stepped from their own realm into Adrian’s.

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