Lupercalian Feast by Silvia Violet

Lupercalian Feast by Silvia Violet

Lupercalian Feast

Candy Kisses (multi-author series)
A Changeling For All Seasons 6 (Box Set)
by Silvia Violet

Changeling Press

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-59596-534-9

[ Dark Fantasy Valentine’s Romance ]

When Julianne retreats to her family’s mountain cabin to spend Valentine’s weekend alone, she never expects to meet the men of her dreams, and she certainly doesn’t expect them to be satyrs.

Note: This title has no chapter breaks.

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Scene One

Julianne popped in the DVD she’d brought with her. She’d be damned if she’d miss out on a mind-blowing Valentine’s Day orgasm even if she had to give it to herself. As she cued up the video, she couldn’t stop her mind from replaying yesterday’s humiliating scene.

Her boyfriend Brad had never been willing to get as dirty or as kinky as she’d wanted. Yet there he’d been doggy-style fucking another woman on his kitchen floor, going at her as hard as he could. The horny couple had been completely oblivious to Julianne’s presence. Brad knew she had a key and that she was coming over to make dinner. The day before Valentine’s Day was an extra nasty time to cheat on your girlfriend.

Julianne spewed a long string of curses. Every time she’d wanted something more than vanilla sex in bed, Brad had put her off or tried to convince her she wouldn’t really enjoy what she’d suggested. She thought he was intimidated by her requests. Again she’d been hit with the Latin Professor Curse.

No man she’d dated seemed capable of believing that a good little girl who’d grown up to be a Classics Professor could possibly be interested in kinky sex. Did no one actually study the Romans anymore? Talk about a civilization rife with kinky sex practices. Fuck Brad and all the men like him. Her vibrator lasted a hell of a lot longer than most men anyway.

Now she was alone at her family’s mountain cabin. She’d been planning to ask Brad to spend the weekend with her so they could celebrate Valentine’s properly. Of course she was probably having a better time. She’d been craving some solitude. Sex with Brad had never been that great, and she’d become an expert at pleasuring herself.

She’d spent Valentine’s Day baking bread, reading a few sci-fi novels, and catching up on emails, but now she was restless, horny, and longing for a man who would do exactly what she wanted. At least she had some good porn and her favorite vibrator.

She tucked herself under a warm comforter, laying her lube, her double penetration dildo and a towel beside her. She picked up the remote and tapped scene advance until she got to her favorite section, two guys doing one girl who looked like she truly loved having both her holes stuffed simultaneously.

Her body tightened with longing as she watched the actors working the woman between them. She ignored the cheesy music and let the sounds of the three of them moaning and gasping heat her up until she couldn’t resist touching herself. After a few minutes of finger fucking, she pushed her vibrator in deep, filling herself front and back, just like the woman on the screen.

Within seconds, Julianne closed her eyes. She forgot about the film and transported herself to her own fantasies where a hot guy took her pussy while another filled her ass with his huge cock, stretching her until it hurt. She begged her fantasy men for more.

Julianne’s body tensed as she neared climax, and tingling heat raced through her body. She tilted the vibrator so it rubbed wickedly against her G-spot while the second shaft stretched her ass. She cried out as she went over, enjoying the moment of tight pleasure/pain before her body spasmed wildly, squeezing both the shafts inside her.

When she’d enjoyed every last pulse of her orgasm and recovered enough to move, she switched off the movie. She cleaned up herself and her toy before switching off the light and slipping back between the covers. Her body felt liquid and thoroughly relaxed. She should get a good night’s sleep.

As she drifted off, she thought about how if she lived in Ancient Rome, she would be celebrating Lupercalia tomorrow. Many people viewed Lupercalia as the precursor to the modern Valentine’s Day. It was a pagan fertility festival that the Christian church had been eager to stamp out.

To celebrate Lupercalia, young men and women drew names from an urn and then took to the fields to fornicate with their randomly chosen partners, definitely not something the Church could condone. Julianne giggled sleepily at the thought of enjoying such illicit pleasure. Flowers and candy paled in comparison.

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