Taking Control by Sam Crescent

Taking Control
by Sam Crescent

Rebel Ink Press

eBook ISBN: RIP0002003

Bruce thrusts Melissa into a world of passion, fantasy and desire. His only demand that she gives her body and heart into his care and to trust him absolutely. Together they will steam up the sheets, but will Melissa be able to give her absolute trust in the man she loves and accept his final demand being with another man, for the ultimate pleasure?

Chapter One

It was time.
No more waiting.
He was done with waiting. His mind and body couldn’t take anymore. Bruce glanced down at his sleeping wife, love and desperation consuming him. Making love to his wife was supposed to be a wonderful, fulfilling experience. He loved making love to his wife, she was everything to him. The thought of being without her was unbearable. However, they needed more. Melissa needed more. Tonight was the last time and he was so angry. Not at Melissa—at himself. Tonight in the throes of passion, Melissa faked her orgasm. His wife faked an orgasm on him.
On him!
It sounded so ridiculous. A lot of women faked orgasm. He knew they did. In fact, he didn’t blame half of them that did, but Bruce had never and this wasn’t a boast, never had a woman fake an orgasm with him.
He took pride in the pleasure he gave his woman, it was everything he wanted.
The pleasure he gave his woman gave him pleasure.
Melissa was his woman and he would give her the world if he could.
Bruce gathered his wife against his chest where she instantly melted against him with a soft sigh.
Mine whispered across his thoughts.
He squeezed her ever so slightly, his possessive instinct coming forward.
He would teach her more, he vowed. She would float on a cloud of pleasure. His woman would no longer feel shame in completely letting go, in abandoning all of her principles, all of her views on what sex and making love was all about.
Melissa was a sexy woman with so much passion begging to come out and Bruce was adamant he would be the one to unleash it.
He loved her with all of his heart and soul. He was going to show her that no matter what turned her on or what her fantasies were, he would provide them and do it with love in his heart. Bruce accepted her and he would take the next step to satisfying their sexual appetites. No more faked orgasm, no more fear, only absolute pleasure based on love and trust.
Melissa heard her husband sigh, curling around her body, squeezing her slightly, his cock snuggled between the cheeks of her ass, still hard even though they’d just made love. The most boring experience of her life. She needed more but she didn’t know if Bruce was prepared for that. Bruce had been her first and only sexual partner. She’d gone to his bed a virgin and it had been a magical experience.
Her whole life she’d grown up with the idea that sex was bad, something that needed to be done to make children. However, with Bruce it felt so natural. She wanted him so badly it left her hot and aching for him.
Would he be repulsed by her? Reject her? Fears, questions and possibilities swarmed through her mind, each scaring the hell out of her.
Melissa wanted to be a sweet loving wife.
She really did.
Lately, however, their sex life was becoming mundane and it felt like a chore. She wanted more and needed more but the frustrating part was she didn’t know what she could do about it. How could she be so restless all the time when she completely adored and loved her husband? She couldn’t believe she’d faked her own orgasm. How could she do that?
Nothing she did, not even masturbating, gave her an orgasm. She was so scared
and afraid of letting go. Her mother’s taunts and jibes over the years still terrified her.
“Just lie down and take it…men think women are tramps if they like sex…you’re dirty…”
On and on her mother would rant and rave about a woman’s place. And her father having left her alone with her monster of a mother didn’t help matters. Was it because her mother made sexual demands? Did she become overbearing in the bedroom?
Melissa couldn’t bear to lose Bruce.
She sighed, snuggling closer to her husband. Closing her eyes, she hoped sleep would claim her and in the morning all would be better because it would be a new day.
Bruce watched his wife sleep. Melissa looked like an angel when she slept, so peaceful. She filled him with so much love it was the strangest thing he’d ever experienced. He loved women, he loved the pleasure they could bring to his life and of course he loved fucking women. He never had a particular type. He loved everything. Then one night a mutual friend introduced him to Melissa and since that moment ,he’d never wanted anyone else. He couldn’t recall being tempted by another woman even though there had been offers since his marriage.
Finding out that he’d be Melissa’s first shocked and pleased Bruce. The memory of their wedding night was still clear in his mind. Tenderness consumed him for his woman and it was that tenderness that made him get out of bed now, and shower and dress as quickly as possible. He needed to get some perishables from the local shop down the road
before he went to work. He needed to make sure Melissa never faked an orgasm again and he had something in mind for this morning. Bruce just hoped it all worked well.
Melissa’s mother was a nasty, vindictive woman, always filling Melissa’s head with skewed ideas about sex. Of course Melissa didn’t know her mother cheated on her father numerous times before the guy finally up and left. Bruce should probably tell Melissa that he knew her father, but he personally believed it was up to her father to come forward.
No more dwelling on what he couldn’t control, it was time to get his wife to trust him and to show her there was nothing she could ever demand from him that would scare him away.
The following morning was supposed to bring calm and peace but again, all Melissa felt was restless. Bruce must have woken and gone to work early, leaving her to wake alone. Not bothering with changing, she went to the kitchen and seeing a full pot of coffee, she smiled with appreciation for her thoughtful husband. He knew how to make her happy in so many ways. She couldn’t concentrate in the morning without her coffee.
After she poured a generous mug, she sipped at the hot liquid whilst looking out the window and she didn’t hear the door open or close she was so consumed with her thoughts. Melissa started to move when large hands landed on her shoulders, holding her still. “Don’t move,” a deep, husky voice demanded. Melissa stopped, her whole body becoming alert.
She knew the voice but there was something different. Bruce spoke in soft tones and loving words. This was not soft nor loving.
Her gown fell open, exposing her tits to the cool air. Melissa gasped as her nipples responded, budding out, tightening. Her stomach knotted and she was shocked by the anticipation coursing through her.
“I’m going to fuck you here and now then I want you to suck my cock.” His voice penetrated her foggy, aroused mind. As his crude words sent a wave of pleasure through her body landing straight on her clit, she would’ve fallen in a crumpled heat on the floor if Bruce hadn’t been holding her up.
“Bruce, what are?”
Cutting her off, he covered her mouth with his hand.
“Did I tell you to speak?” His voice was harsh and rough.
He jerked the gown from her body roughly as she tried to turn but couldn’t. He held her in place with one hand while the other squeezed her breast harshly. She should hate this, the roughness, the slight pain, the submission he was demanding, but Melissa’s body responded in ways she didn’t think possible.
Bruce was going to fuck her in the kitchen. A sizzle of excitement erupted. Melissa didn’t understand it. She loved his demanding presence, the slight pain from his attention to her breasts driving her crazy, and better yet, her cunt clenched tightly forcing her to clamp her legs together. Her pussy was begging for his cock to drive into her and her clit pulsed.
She couldn’t stop a scream of frustration escaping her lips.
Melissa panted and squirmed, her body so alive and humming with arousal she’d
do anything for release.
“Bruce,” she gasped as he lightly stroked between her pussy lips, “I-I need.” She stopped when he fingered her clit, hoping he wouldn’t make her say what she needed. She didn’t want to beg for it.
“I know what you need, baby, but I won’t give you anything until you ask really nicely.” He moved her legs further apart, pushing on her shoulders until she bent over the counter, her nipples grazing the surface.
He stopped thrusting against her backside and gave her a moment to realize he wouldn’t do anything until she asked. His fingers ran lightly over her whole body, touching her but not enough to satisfy her.
Melissa shook and shrieked and gasped as every second passed, her need to feel Bruce inside her turning into desperation. Her legs were like jelly, her clit red and swollen and her pussy leaked cream. But still he wouldn’t touch her. Sweat clung to her forehead, her lips bruised from her biting as she tried to contain her pleas. There was no way she could tell him what she wanted.
He pulled her pussy lips apart exposing her but still not enough. He kept teasing her until she couldn’t stand it anymore and angrily she screamed, “Just fuck me, Bruce! I need to come.” She thrust her ass back against him, encouraging him.
He held her in place, lightly tapping her butt cheek.
Melissa didn’t know what to do as he went to his knees on the floor. Melissa was about to ask him as his lips brushed the inside of her thigh, slowly travelling up between her legs, each movement leaving her shaking with anticipation until he finally took her clit between his lips and sucked, causing her to rise up on her toes, groaning, rubbing her clit against his lips. It felt so good she pushed herself down on him, making him take all of her. When he grasped her hips pulling her away, she moaned in frustration.
“Bruce…please…please…please,” she moaned, wanting to be fucked, not caring how she begged. “Fuck me, Bruce.”
Bruce pushed Melissa down across the counter, opening her legs wide with his foot between her legs.
“You want my cock?” he growled.
Melissa nodded, screaming her pleasure as Bruce thrust his cock all the way into her dripping cunt from behind, circling her clit with his fingers before bringing them to her lips. “Taste your cum, sweetheart. Taste your sweetness.”
She took his finger, groaning and Melissa pushed back onto his cock as her taste exploded in her mouth, her mind and body out of control. Never tasting her juices before, she wanted more, Melissa wanted to taste him. This was completely new to her.
She’d never sucked his cock before. Married for five years, she’d never sucked her husband’s cock. Suddenly Melissa wanted to change that. Melissa wanted to do everything. She moaned, her pussy convulsing at the thought of his taste, the way he would feel in her mouth.
“You’re so wet and so fucking tight, I could fuck you for hours. My cock’s so hard for your soaking cunt.” Bruce fucked her harder and deeper as she ground back against him, sucking his cock into her pussy.
“That’s it sweetheart, fuck my cock. Fuck me harder. I’m gonna come so hard and deep in your pussy.” His wicked words turning her on, he grasped her hand and pushed it between her thighs. “Play with yourself, make yourself cum around my cock,” he told her. She hesitated and he stopped. “Play with yourself or I leave you here.”
Melissa gasped at his order. Bruce would leave her alone and unsatisfied? Her fingers began to circle her engorged, slick clit. She caressed herself the way Bruce had shown her on their wedding night, screaming with each flicker.
“That’s it, feel it pulse.” Thrusting his cock inside, feeling her inner walls pulse, her juices soaked his cock. Her body covered in perspiration, she panted, her fingers working faster and faster to bring herself to climax. Bruce has one hand on her hip pulling her back onto his cock while his other hand squeezed her nipples, rolling each between his fingers in turn. “After I cum inside your sweet pussy, I want you to suck my cock. You want that sweetheart? My cock in your mouth, making you take me between your lips until I come in your mouth?” He felt her release around his cock, her scream echoing round the room, sweet music to his ears. Bruce took her hips, ramming into her, not holding back as he fucked her hard and fast, never stopping. When felt his cum getting ready to erupt, his hands tightened on her hips. His grip hard, Melissa wondered if he’d leave bruises, but she held on as his thrusts became faster and deeper and moments later his growl announced his release inside her channel.
Melissa orgasm exploded through her, intense, all consuming. She’d
never felt anything like it, so much pleasure at once bordering on pain. Not a bad pain but a pain she needed, a pain she wanted.
“You like that, baby? Did you like me fucking you? You like it up against the counter, in front of the window?” He growled against her neck, his cock still hard inside her. “Anyone could see you. You know that Melissa? Any man could have walked by and saw me fucking you, making you scream.”
Melissa moaned, her pussy pulsing, wanting more. She’d just climaxed but she wanted it again.
“What are you doing to me, Bruce?” she whispered.
“I’m fucking my wife. Taking control of her desires. You think I couldn’t tell you faked your orgasm last night?” He held her still when she tried to turn and face him. Melissa didn’t want him to think she didn’t love him. She did. She loved him with all her heart. “Don’t worry sweetheart, I’m not mad. But last night made me realize something. You’re ready for me. You’re ready to explore that little temptress inside that’s been begging to come out to me.” He lowered his voice close to her ear. “You want everything. I’ve been waiting to fucking give it to you. Give me her, Melissa. Give me the temptress and you’ll never regret it.” He stroked her clit, causing her to moan.
“Y-yes,” she yelled at the top of her lungs, her body so alive, her senses so attuned. “Yes Bruce, I want it, I want everything you can fucking give me,” she screamed, repeating his words.
He pulled out, swinging her abruptly to face him.
“That’s good because I want you on your knees sucking my cock.” He shoved her to her knees.
Melissa didn’t think it was possible but her pussy wept as he pushed her to the floor. She loved every minute of being commanded by him. His cock perfectly level with her lips, she looked at her husband’s huge, thick cock glistening with their juices. Wanting to taste them both together, her cum and his combined, she opened her mouth and licked along his hard shaft, moaning.
They tasted exquisite.
Bruce let out a moan, his dick jerking as she licked, nipped and sucked. She never took him completely with her mouth, teasing and tormenting him until finally he grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her head back. When she gasped, he took advantage of her open mouth, took hold of his cock and fed it to her. From the simple contact of his dick in her mouth, her pussy responded, creaming with the force, the dominance, the control he took, almost driving her over the edge again.
“That’s it, baby, take it all.”
It was such an erotic experience and she loved that they could be caught by anyone as they performed in front of the kitchen window. Melissa moaned, thinking about someone, a stranger maybe, peeking in, watching her suck her husband. The thought alone left Melissa whimpering for more. What would they think if they saw her naked and Bruce fully clothed apart from his pants, which lay around his ankles? The image left her quivering with need.
“That’s it, baby, suck it hard,” he growled, encouraging her with his words.
Her pussy pulsed with every word he spoke, the faked orgasm from the night before forgotten in the heat of the moment. Her body shook, quivered and pulsed with pent up desire. She’d never tried this without a push and now she wanted it all. She wanted to taste him on her tongue to take everything he had to offer and more. Melissa wanted to give Bruce everything he desired. She wanted to feel his cum shooting down her throat, so naughty and wicked.
“Ahh, that’s it, I’m gonna cum sweetheart. Do you want that? You’re going to swallow my cum?” He asked her.
Melissa nodded, moaning around his cock. She wanted it, she wanted everything he had to offer. With one final thrust the surge of his cock in her mouth pulsed releasing a load of cum shooting to the back of her throat. She could do little more than swallow every delicious drop.
“Good girl.” Bruce stroked her head, his voice husky and satisfied. Melissa could see the pleasure in his eyes.
She rubbed her face against his smooth thigh, sighing in contentment. Happy and pleased, she’d given her husband pleasure.
“Well, well, well. That was definitely one of the best ways to start the morning,” a deep voice interrupted the moment.
Melissa gasped and flew to her feet, snatching her wrap from the floor and burying herself inside it. Heat suffused her cheeks and her whole body trembled. Although she wanted it, Melissa was embarrassed at being caught. Embarrassed, yet turned on at the thought Chris, her husband’s best friend, had seen and watched what they were doing.
Had he enjoyed what he’d seen?
Completely confused and embarrassed about her thoughts, she left the room as fast as she could. She couldn’t deal with this, not yet.
Bruce turned to his friend with a smile on his face. “You ever heard of knocking?” he asked as he put his cock back into his pants, zipping them up in the process.
“I never expected to see you and Melissa doing the dirty in the kitchen,” Chris said.
“Last night was the last straw.” He filled the pot with more coffee so there was plenty for his friend, knowing Melissa would try and stay in their bedroom for as long as possible. “She faked it last night,” Bruce admitted.
“I thought you said she didn’t like to blow you?” Chris said. Bruce knew what Chris meant. Bruce could only imagine the sight Chris met as he walked into their usually placid home. Melissa was always calm and conservative. Bruce would have loved to have seen her completely lost, to see Melissa so taken, so fuelled with passion.
Deep down Melissa was a sensual woman, Bruce knew that but sadly, Melissa didn’t. Bruce acknowledged that for once, Chris and his advice seemed to have come in handy.
“Until this morning I gave her a choice. Today there was no choice. I told her to suck me and she loved it.” With the memory of her lips wrapped around his cock still clear in his mind, his cock began to stir in his pants. His wife could definitely suck cock, her little biting and nibbling a big turn on. He looked forward to changing the innocence within her. He filled two cups and moved to the table, sitting opposite Chris.
“I think it worked. You were both completely gone.”
“How long were you watching?” Bruce asked with a knowing smile. Chris loved to watch.
“You were up against the counter when I first came in,” Chris replied. Bruce knew what his friend saw. Melissa exposed, her pussy lips creamy, flushed, begging for her husband’s cock. Instead of sitting talking to Chris, Bruce wanted to be sinking into her tight channel again. Was Chris feeling the same way?
“Will you get me the supplies?” Bruce asked, knowing Chris understood. Bruce needed a few good sex toys given he planned to show Melissa everything.
“I phoned them through while you were fucking Melissa,” Chris told him.
“I want you to be ready, too” Bruce told him.
“Ready for what?”
“Ready to help me fuck my wife, to give her complete, absolute pleasure. I want her to accept all the kinds of pleasure open to her and know that she can trust me.” Bruce watched the arousal intensify in his friends eyes. Chris would be the perfect man to help him bring out Melissa’s sexual side.
“I’ll keep my phone with me at all times.”
Bruce nodded, planning their next move in his mind. Half an hour later, Melissa came down, keeping her eyes averted from Chris. A blush remained stained to her cheeks.

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