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My Lieutenant
by BL Morticia

Rebel Ink Press

eBook ISBN: 9781937265359

Nathan Ellerby’s apartment has been ransacked by his ex who didn’t like the fact Nathan dumped him. Trouncing through the debris uttering a string of obscenities, Nathan’s shocked to see Lieutenant Bryant Duncan at his door claiming he’s already caught the offender. Sensing an instant connection, when Nathan finds out Bryant’s divorced and he’s straddling the fence between being gay or bisexual, Nathan finds himself in a quandary.

Chapter One

“Well fuck!” I yelled at the top of my lungs when I returned to my ransacked apartment from a gathering at the art museum. I determined it was most likely my last asshole boyfriend who thought I should just accept his bisexuality without question.
I placed my sketch case by the door, looking at my couch cushions and a slew of magazines on the floor. I stomped through, frowning, huffing like a mad man.
Fuckin’ faggot!
There was yellow tape over the door and a very heavy set cop inside taking notes. “Um sir, what happened here?”
The officer nodded. “Hiya. Officer Thiesmann here. It appears someone broke in but one of your neighbors caught the guys and turned them in. Do you have any clue who could’ve done this?”
I rolled my eyes, sighed, and simply answered. “Yes.”
What would be my next move? Go after the bastard with a crowbar? I wasn’t sure but this would teach me about dating idiots who claim to be on the fence. I’m so done with that. All because they look good. They’re nothing but trouble.
I kept walking through in horror as I saw all my personal belongings strewn about. My latest sketches torn to bits. “Goddamnit!” I heard a knock at my door.
“Who is it,” I called out in a menacing tone, trouncing through shredded paper.
The officer looked at me then in the direction of the doorway. “That’s the man that captured the thieves.”
I cocked an eyebrow and turned around. “Well Hello!”
A very tall, dark, and handsome bald headed man was standing there with a pearly white smile.
“Hey, listen, I think I caught the guys that went through your things.” He smiled and nodded.
“Seriously?” I opened up the door slowly only to lock eyes with the most gorgeous man I’d ever laid eyes on.
He moistened his lips. “I’m new to the building. My name’s Bryant Duncan.” He put out his hand.
A black Irishman?
I accepted it. His hands were warm but kind of rough just the way I like them. That moment, his skin on top of mine, sent heat to my groin. I took a whiff of his cologne. “Nice to meet you, Mr.?”
“Call me Bryant, please,” he interrupted me. “Like I was sayin’, I saw the bastards going through your place. When they saw me, they tried to get away but I called the cops and building security came up and helped detain them.”
Holy shit, my hero…
“You didn’t have to.” I was completely impressed that he cared enough to put his life on the line.
We stood silent a minute.
“Ahem.” The cop came up behind me. “Okay sir, I need you to come down to the station and give a statement. If you could meet me downstairs.” Thiesmann adjusted his belt. “Mr. Duncan, nice work and um, Mr.?”
“Ellerby, Nathan Ellerby.” I offered my hand.
The cop took my hand lightly. “Mr. Ellerby, don’t be too long okay?”
He walked back through the door and struggled to crawl under the tape. When I saw that I wanted to laugh but I had more important matters in front of me.
I gazed at him.
“I’m sorry. You said your name was?” Bryant raised an eyebrow.
“Oh shit, erm.” I cleared my throat, noticing our hands were still locked together. “Nathan, Nathan Ellerby.”
We gripped each other’s palm tightly. “Good to meet you, Nathan.” He released my hand and my gaze then reached into his back pocket of his loose, fitting jeans.
I couldn’t help but follow his arms, they were so big, muscular. I could imagine them cradling me during the night.
“Here you go. My number just in case you need me for anything,” he grinned.
I took the piece of paper, still gawking at those lovely brown eyes and tried to keep myself from drooling. “Man, I don’t know how to thank you.”
Bryant waved his hand, smiling. “No problem. I live right down the hall. I just happened to be on my way out to run some errands.”
“Yeah?” I leaned against the door frame. Suddenly, the robbery seemed less important.
“What fool tries to pull a stunt like this in the middle of the afternoon?”
“Interesting.” I licked my lips, looking away for a moment. I wanted to continue talking to Bryant, but Thiesmann was waiting on me. “Listen, umm, again, I don’t know how to thank you for what you’ve done. It was very brave of you.”
Bryant smiled, “Like I said, no biggie.” He put his hands together and rubbed them briskly.
This time my eyes didn’t follow. I tried to think of something else to say to keep his attention. “I, um…I need to figure out a way to repay you for this. Maybe I could take you out to dinner or something?”
Bryant grinned, nodding. “Yeah, maybe we can grab a bite to eat. If you need my statements or anything, make sure you use that card and give me a call,” he said before disappearing back down the hallway.
“Thanks so much, Bryant. I’ll be calling you to setup that dinner.”
“Cool.” He backed away. “See ya, Nathan.”
“Bye,” I said, watching his cute backside make its way down to apartment 17D. “Shii…” I mouthed to myself after I closed my door, grinning like a Cheshire cat. The man was my hero. In the span of five minutes I was in love.
Thank goodness for petty crime!
* * * *
Once I made it down to the station and confronted the loser, my ex offered to pay for the damages to my place if I wouldn’t press charges. I refused because nothing he’d torn up could be replaced, especially my drawings which I’d have to redo. You can’t put a price tag on that. Besides, the devil in me said he needed to do a little time for what he’d done. It would teach him not to mess with me.
Karma’s a bitch and so am I.
Still, there was some good that came out of this situation. I got to meet my new, brave, sexy neighbor, Bryant Duncan.
Hot damn!
The black Irishman had killer abs and a winning smile. We definitely had something and I wondered how far he was willing to go with it. Would he shrink back or allow me to pull him through my rainbow colored door? Who knew, but I was mighty anxious to find out.
The following morning I woke up covered in a cold sweat from a bad dream about my ex coming back through my place again with his new man in tow.
I rubbed my eyes then put my hand up to block the sun as I searched for my phone.
Only seven fucking a.m.
I placed my feet on the cold floor, making my way to the bathroom to take a leak. It had been a long, tiring night after I finally got everything cleaned up from the mess the asshole and his boyfriend had made. I wished I could go after him with more than just charges but he wasn’t worth the trouble.
As I stood there I thought about Bryant and the heroics he displayed without even knowing me. I wondered what prompted him to do that. Was he looking to be rewarded? Why did he not turn the other way? Where had I been not to notice such a hot man living in my building? What the hell were those two jags from security doing that they didn’t see those fucks in the first goddamn place?
Probably jacking each other off.
I took a look at myself in the mirror. I hadn’t shaved since last week. My cheeks had way too much fur for my taste and it was time for a haircut.
While I combed my curls with my fingertips, I reached for my Norelco and heard a knock at my door.
Well shit, who the hell is that?
I strolled back into my room, grabbing my robe.
“Yes?” I peered through the hole seeing Mr. Hottie, wondering how he knew I wanted to see him.
“It’s me, Nathan. Bryant.”
I opened the door wide, leaning against the frame. My eyes went from his lovely browns all the way down to his crotch. I licked my lips, smiling. “Well hello, good to see you this morning.” I didn’t bother to pull my robe together.
Bryant was dressed in loose, gray jogging pants and a light blue wife beater. “I was taking a chance by knocking on your door this early. I just came back from my run. Did I wake you?”
I shook my head. “No, I was just about to shave and shower.”
“I feel ya. Hey, um, if you weren’t busy I was wonderin’ if I could take you up on that meal?”
I raised an eyebrow looking at my new friend, my hero who didn’t want to forget his reward.
“Of course. Maybe this afternoon?”
“Actually,” he rubbed the back of his bald head. “I was thinkin’ we’d go out for breakfast. There’s this real nice diner I like goin’ to. I thought I might introduce you to it.” He grinned at me.
I smiled wryly and moistened my lips before I started drooling. “Um, okay, well, I just need to get showered and changed. Then we can go. I’ll be ready in say, about an hour? I need to shave and…” I stopped talking a moment to tousle my hair. I always do that when I’m nervous. “I need to do something with this mop on my head.” I laughed as did he.
“There’s nothin’ wrong with your hair. I like it. Anyway, let me go jump under some water, too. I’m sweatin’ like everything right now. I’ll see you in sixty.”
I nodded, taking a whiff of his manly scent. Too bad he can’t jump in with me. “Okay, see you then.”
Bryant backed away, walking towards his door. When he pressed against it, he grinned at me again before going inside his apartment.
“Wow,” I mouthed to myself. “Bryant obviously has the hots for me, doesn’t he? Hmm.” I shut my door, going back to the bathroom. After dropping my robe, I reached for the knobs, turning them on, watching the water spout.
So damn anxious!
Did he want me that badly or was he hyped to have a free meal? I hoped the former since I really liked what I saw last night and this morning. He seemed so sweet, like a person I’d definitely like to get to know better.
I stepped in, grabbing my favorite shower gel along with the loofah I loved to use. Water cascaded over my tingling body as I soaped up. Goose bumps popped up as I thought of my hot and sexy neighbor.
Is he gay, too?
I pondered over the probable answer. I really did have a valid reason to question what his motive was. Did he really want to see me or was he Jonesing for the free grub? Well, I guess I’d find out once we got to the restaurant. I wasn’t one to pull punches when it came to getting to know someone and since Mr. Hottie begged me to make our meal breakfast instead of lunch, he’d be giving me some answers while I was chewing on some bacon.
After I got dressed and shaved, Bryant was at my apartment door once again. I invited him in to have a seat on the couch given that I’d taken a three way call with a friend and an art collector. Even for the hot neighbor, it was too important of a call to miss.
“Yep…” I waved my hands, giving Bryant the signal to make himself comfortable. “Uh huh…” I nodded then looked at my guest, mouthing, “Do you want something to drink?”
He put his hand out, shaking his head. I grabbed my remote, turning on the TV for him. “I’m so sorry…” I whispered.
Bryant only smiled at me as I handed him the remote. I noticed the Here channel was on the screen. I figured this would be one way to find out what he wanted.
“Uh huh…” I walked out the living room into my kitchen, peeking at my new friend through the opening.
While I continued my conversation, I saw Bryant point the accessory towards my flat screen, putting on the TV guide before pressing 32 for Turner Network Television, which at the moment was playing a re-run of Law and Order.
I rolled my eyes, leaning on the counter, staring at the back of his bald head. The hurrying this morning meant nothing but the fact he wanted to collect on his good deed.
I’ll be damned.
“Uh huh…” I drew up my lips, looking at my fingernails as I tried to get my head back into this phone conversation. Especially now that I knew the schmoozing with Bryant was only first meeting niceties.
* * * *
Once we made it to the Hot Plate diner, Bryant and I sat across from one another in a small booth towards the back. On the way, we talked about me, my paintings and my taste in music. We’d figured out both of us liked a little bit of everything which was great.
Now with our menus over our faces, we were completely silent. This couldn’t go on, even if he was only interested in breakfast. I had to at least attempt to make friendly conversation.
“So, this place,” I started after putting the menu down on the table. I drummed my fingers on the wood. “You come here a lot? The food looks delicious.”
The waitress came over, filling both our cups with coffee.
“Yep, I love it. It reminds me of an old time restaurant like back in the sixties or seventies.” Bryant picked up some cream, pouring it in his beverage.
I smiled, pointing at his cup. “You don’t like your java dark, huh?”
He put the mug to his lips. “Nope, I like a lotta cream,” he smirked, sipping the hot drink while his brown eyes fixated on me.
Well, shit!
I grinned, raising an eyebrow.
Did he just flirt with me?
I cleared my throat, adjusting myself on the cushion. My trousers felt more than uncomfortable. We locked eyes again. “I see, well, I happen to like mine a bit darker.”
Bryant leaned forward, licking his lips, the sight of which made my dick twitch. I reached under the table, tugging at my pants.
“Like caramel,” he asked, giving me a wink.
I slurped a little, nodding my head in agreement. “Yes, light. Right in the middle.”
He was teasing me and I liked it.
What the fuck?
Didn’t he turn the Here channel off in favor of Law & Order? Time to find out the truth. “Um, Bryant…”
“Yes?” Bryant leaned in closer.
“I wanted to ask you…” I tried to collect my thoughts.
“Yes…” he nodded, taking another drink. “Yes, I do like what I see. Yes, I am attracted to you and I would’ve turned my head if it were anyone else but…knowing it was your place, I had to step in.” He continued to drink from his cup of Joe.
My eyes widened, not believing he was openly confessing that he liked me. “I…” I stammered.
“Listen, Nathan. I’ve only been in the building about two weeks and ever since I saw you, I wanted to get to know you better. I’m a little shy. I didn’t wanna just come out and say it.”
“Okay, well, then… I guess that answers my questions…sort of.” I grinned again, still dumbfounded by what I’d heard. This hot man, who seemed to be so straight, said he wanted to get to know me.
Bryant broke our gaze a moment as he chuckled. “Look, I’m sorry for being so forward, it’s just…well…it’s been hard being so secretive the whole time, you know? Now that I’m getting the chance, I don’t wanna hold back.”
Interrupting our conversation, the waitress came back with our food, placing it on the table. I really wanted to hear what else he had to say, especially that sentence about being secretive. What the hell did that mean? I guess I’d find out after we had breakfast but at least I knew I was way off base about Bryant’s feelings. That made me very happy.
* * * *
At the table, our chat never did return to the stage it was before the waitress came over with our food. After we finished, Bryant asked if I had anything planned for the rest of the day. I replied no. I intended to work on those sketches that were ruined in the burglary but I couldn’t turn Mr. Hottie away. Especially when it seemed he had so much to say.
Even on the way back, he only wanted to know more about me. It was cool since I did enjoy talking about myself but, I really wanted him to explain what his earlier comments meant.
When we arrived back at my place, I pushed on the door, waving him inside. He strolled to the couch slowly, taking a seat while keeping those gorgeous orbs on me. He leaned back on the cushions, patting the space next to him.
“Come on over here, Nathan, don’t clam up on me now.”
Chuckling, I took at seat right next to him after tossing my keys on the table.
He licked his lips again, tilting his head. “So, as I was saying…”
“Yes?” I nodded. “You were talking about being secretive. What did you mean?” I hiked up my pants a little.
“Well…” He looked up a moment, shrugging his shoulders, sighing. “I’ve been on the low for a while and…I finally decided to come out.”
When he completed the statement, I smiled in approval. “That’s awesome. What made you want to do it?”
He hesitated, drawing up his lips. “You,” he stated frankly.
My eyes widened at that statement. I felt flush and cleared my throat. “I see. Well, that’s really nice of you, Bryant. If I may ask, why did you have to stay under the radar?”
“Guilt, marriage, the Navy…” he said in succession.
I figured the first would be one but the other two I wasn’t quite prepared for.
“Erm, marriage? You were…”
“Married to a woman.” He put his hands together and tapped his feet. “I never did love her. I just wasn’t ready to accept that I was gay.”
“I see. So what made you decide that you wanted to do this now?”
Bryant glanced down at the floor. “ I was tired of hiding. I mean, I was in the Navy almost ten years. And my father was an ordained minister. I knew he’d disown me.”
“Yeah.” I rolled my eyes, thinking of my own situation with my family. They never did like the fact I didn’t want to be hitched with kids. My parents hadn’t spoken to me since I left their household almost eight years ago. “I certainly can relate, but then you said you got involved with a woman?”
“Only to make my dad happy and because I was still straddling the fence.”
Hearing those last few words made me cringe. I drummed my fingers on my kneecaps. I didn’t want to deal with anymore of that bullshit.
What the fuck!
I gulped hard, trying not to show my disappointment. “But…”
“But…” Bryan looked at me, taking my hand inside his.
Adrenaline flowed through me at his touch. His fingers felt so warm against mine that I imagined them on my body.
“It’s way different now. I’m…pretty sure this is what I want.”
Again, I cocked an eyebrow. He wasn’t completely sure? Why the hell was it always me who ended up in situations like this? “Bryant, I um…well…”
“I hope that doesn’t turn you off,” he paused, gripping my palm tightly. “I mean, I really would like to get to know you, Nathan.”
I really didn’t need to be involved with another man who wasn’t sure of his sexual orientation. I wanted to probe a little further as a result, just to see how far into the rainbow he was willing to step.
“I’d like to know you as well, Bryant. It’s just…” I pulled my hand away and sighed. “These days I’m looking for more of a sure thing and since you still aren’t positive of what you want…”
He took my hand again, moving closer to me. “Nathan, I swear to you, I’m a lot closer than I used to be. I mean, being in the Navy is hard when you have these feelings going on inside you that you can’t reveal to anyone. Fearin’ that someone may out you to the Commander. Man, I was always minding my p’s and q’s.”
“Junior Grade Lieutenant Bryant Duncan.” He put his hand to his head in a salute.
I smiled at him, noticing the smirk on his face.
I bet he looked amazing in a uniform.
“Okay, but…” I still wasn’t sure I wanted to get in too deep. Bryant seemed really nice, so damn sweet, but the reason I was alone in the first place was because of the last one not knowing what the hell he wanted. Not to mention the fact that he tossed my apartment.

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