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Demon's Captive by Selena Illyria

Demon’s Captive
Hellhound Detective Agency (Multi-Author Series)
by Selena Illyria

Changeling Press

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60521-689-8

Hellhound/werewolf Casey Mae can track anything put in front of her. The bounty is everything. She doesn’t have time for distractions, especially if they come in the form of a dark-haired, green-eyed sex demon. Just because he says he wants her doesn’t mean she has to want him. Does it?

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Chapter One

The trap was set. Everything was in place. Blaise moved around the room, testing each ward. She won’t be able to leave unless I give my say-so. He glanced over to where his prey sat, slumped in her chair, bound to the backrest and legs. Walking over on bare feet, he reached out and brushed away a hank of wavy, dark brown hair that had fallen into her face. Not a spot of makeup and she was beautiful. Long lashes rested on full cheeks, and her full Cupid’s bow lips were parted slightly.
Her chest rose and fell with every gentle breath, drawing attention to her full breasts. The tight, simple white tank top highlighted her trim waist, and her tight jeans outlined her muscular thighs. The hems of her denims were tucked into slouched and faded black, knee-high boots with low heels. It was something she could fight in but still be fashionable — not that she cared about looking up-to-date.
Casey Mae, Hellhound, bounty hunter extraordinaire, didn’t care about anything but the bounty. She denied everything feminine in her, shoving the woman inside as deep as she would go, only depending on her strength and paranormal abilities. Emotions and desires only got in the way of the job.
Blaise was tired of watching her deny their attraction just as much as he was of having her ignore her needs or take care of herself without his help. If she wasn’t going to do it, then he was going to do it for her. With her trapped in his suite of rooms, he was going to make her see she deserved to be taken care of, that it wasn’t weak in the least to allow someone else to give to her rather than take from her.
He had planned this moment for months, watching her, paying attention to every detail and gesture. Never once did she treat her bounties with cruelty, even at the expense of her dignity.
A memory of her covered in mud, soaked to the bone, and stinking to high heaven as if a hundred skunks had sprayed her came to mind. Not once had she complained. She just came to his little hotel, asked for a simple room and a cage for her skunk shifter bounty. That was it.
No spa treatments, no whining about her smell or the filth. She’d held her head high and cleaned up the room herself, even after he insisted on letting the cleaning crew handle things. Not a whiff of eau de skunk or puddle of mud was left to be found. She’d paid her bill and even left extra for the trouble she thought she’d caused with the mess. He’d tried to give her back the money, but she’d refused to see him or accept it.
Now he was determined to pay her back — for every moment she’d left him yearning and aching, for all the nights he’d dreamed of her and all the trouble she’d thought she’d caused him, as well as all the times she’d denied their attraction to each other. When he released her, he wanted her so wound up about him she wouldn’t be able to ignore him, and next time she’d be the one coming to him for more than just a room.
Blaise caressed her cheek. “Once you wake up, the fun begins, sweet, and this time I’ll be in control.”
He knew he was taking a risk in kidnapping and binding her, but he knew it was the right thing to do. Her Hellhound hadn’t risen up to take control of its host’s body and use its strength to break Casey Mae loose, which he took as a good sign. He crouched down. “I promise you, I’ll take care of her. She won’t ever lack for anything. I’ll give her all I have as long as she’ll let me,” he swore.
There was no response. Blaise hadn’t expected one. The Hellhound was just as taciturn as its mistress at times. He just hoped that meant the beast consented. It wouldn’t do to have the dog interfere. There probably wouldn’t be another opportunity like this. She would never trust him again, and he would hate that.
* * *
Ping. Ping. Ping. Pingpingpingping. Casey Mae lifted her head. Her head was pounding like a drum circle gone wrong. Her tongue felt wrapped in cotton. Swallowing took effort. For some reason her throat seemed dry.
She struggled to form thoughts but everything evaporated before it made sense. Disjointed memories floated before her eyes. She remembered a washed out bridge, a waterlogged road, mud — lots of mud — and a garish red hotel with a neon sign. Something about wine. Green eyes with splinters of gold flashed to the forefront of her mind.
The pinging grew more persistent. A loud crash made her jump. The throbbing in her head increased. She groaned and opened her eyes. Pale golden lights filled her line of vision. They flickered back and forth. Casey didn’t understand why they were doing that. It took a few moments for it to dawn on her that they were candles.
Turning her head this way and that, she took in her surroundings. The throbbing dulled but the pinging continued. Another crash sounded, and the room was bathed in white light before fading back to candlelight. A fire crackled in a hearth not too far from her. From what she could see, the room had a long leather couch, two leather chairs, a dark wood table with a bench, a chest of drawers, a flat screen TV sitting against a wall and a large, sleigh-style bed with a slatted headboard.
A bedroom? Casey’s memories came back in a flood. She had been on her way to the compound for a new assignment. The bridge had been washed out, and the roads were flooded. She’d turned around and sought shelter at the Sinful Bordeaux, an inn catering to those of the paranormal community.
She thought she’d be safe there but, then again, there was Blaise. Green eyes with splinters of gold and framed by dark lashes gazed back at her from beneath thick, wavy, midnight black hair clipped short but with enough length on top to get a good grip. His lips were just perfect for kissing and nibbling. The cleft in his chin just begged her to explore it with her tongue. He had an aristocratic nose, not too pointed or wide. His scent was a combination of exotic spices and woods. She had always wondered if the cologne covered him all over.
Casey squeezed her eyes shut. Don’t think about that. He’s just a distraction. You have a job to do and he’s… untrustworthy. It was the same reasoning she’d always used to avoid him, to keep her distance. Blaise was a demon — a sex demon to be exact. They had a reputation for saying and doing anything to get laid. They were relentless when they targeted someone. She’d hunted a lot of sex demons before — and after — she’d joined the Hellhound Detective Agency. Nothing she’d ever seen during a case dealing with them ended up being good. The victims were often scarred for life, and the demons couldn’t care less about the damage they’d done.
Sex and charm rolled off him in waves. He could seduce with just a smile. From the moment they’d met, he’d been trying to get her into bed. She didn’t know or care why. Casey had more important things to think about — like her job. If she wanted sex, she could get it with her battery-operated boyfriend.
Besides, she thought Blaise just wanted her so he could brag he’d bagged a Hellhound. All demons wanted to have sex with a Hellhound. Hellhounds could sniff out a lie and were considered the hardest demon to tame. Demons couldn’t resist a challenge — or a good deal or a fool and his money. Casey Mae was no one’s trophy — and yet she found herself in surroundings she didn’t know. A jerk of her hands and legs and the feel of smooth, warm wood against her arms told her she was also tied to a chair.
And I may possibly be a prisoner. She reached for her Hellhound power. The dog within lifted its head but made no attempt to lend her its power.
Help me, she hissed to the animal.
The dog got up to all fours and padded off into the darkness in which it lived. Casey sat, astounded by what had just happened. Her Hellhound had abandoned her. That had never happened before. She wasn’t able to yell at the canine. The scent of exotic spices and woods swirled around her, grabbing her attention. Looking around, she couldn’t see Blaise.
“Show yourself,” she growled. Casey hoped he hadn’t sold her out. She had a lot of enemies, and any one of them could have decided to put a price on her head. Silence greeted her demand but the perfume of his scent grew thicker. The sound of rain pounding against the window increased. Lightning crashed overhead, followed by the deep grumble of thunder. The storm raged as she awaited her fate.
“I’m so sorry about this, sweet,” Blaise purred close to her ear.
She jerked her head this way and that, seeing nothing but the furniture around her. “Sorry about what? That you’ve sold me out? Betrayed me?”
“Not at all. You misunderstand my intentions. You’re here because it’s time for you to face the truth.” Blaise appeared before her dressed in jeans and nothing else. “You belong to me, and it’s time you acknowledge it.”
Belong. Desire prickled along her skin as heat coiled deep in the pit of her stomach. She tried to find the words to deny his claim. Sure, no other man had caught her interest or made her as wary and skittish as he did, but that meant nothing. She shook her head. I don’t belong to him. I belong to no one. She opened her mouth to say something but he cut her off. “Nothing to say, sweet? No denials or words of protest?” His lips slipped along the edge of her ear, distracting her, as his breath tickled the lobe.
Casey pulled her head back and turned to look at him. “Show yourself.” She resisted the urge to growl and snap. It wouldn’t do any good to become angry. Calm and a clear mind were what she needed, she told herself. She took a deep breath, using the pause to relax. After an exhale, she opened her eyes and allowed herself to truly see her surroundings rather than giving them a cursory once-over.
“Not yet. You haven’t earned it yet. Now, where were we? Ah, yes, getting you to admit your attraction to me.” Lips brushed against her neck, sliding down in a gentle caress, softer than a breeze, teasing her and ramping up her lust. Her pulse stuttered before beating just a little faster than before. Fingers played down her bare arms. She cursed herself for forgetting her jacket at the compound and wearing a tank top — easy access for him.
“I’m not attracted to you,” Casey gritted out, ignoring the heat building within.
“Then why is your body heating? Why do I smell desire on the air?” His breath brushed against her lips, causing them to tingle.
Her nipples tightened as her pussy filled with liquid. She licked her lips and felt the tip of her tongue make contact with something warm and salty with just a hint of mint. Electricity raced from that small touch to light up her body. Casey drew in a sharp breath as her breasts grew full and heavy, her nipples became diamond hard, and her cunt pulsed as her heart beat faster against her rib cage.
A whimper fell from her lips as her world shattered. All denials faded as sharp pangs filled her belly. Her mouth filled with saliva. She wanted more of that touch, more of his skin. Fire flared through her veins, consuming her in a firestorm so hot she thought she would melt or be consumed. Either option was preferable to the need clawing in her gut. Casey Mae leaned forward, hoping to touch him again with her mouth, her face, her skin — anything.
“Blaise,” she whimpered. She hated her weakness. That simple plea revealed more than she’d dared. Any protests, denials, ignorance had burned to ash in the wake of that one small caress.
“Fuck,” he swore. The air shimmered in front of her, and he stood before her once again, crouched down and gazing at her with a worried expression. “I wasn’t shielding that time.” He reached up and caressed her face. Rough, callused fingers ran along her skin, raising goose prickles and more need in its wake.
Her clothing irritated her skin. It felt too constrictive, too itchy. Casey flexed her fingers, wanting to rip off every bit of fabric so his touch would never end. “Blaise.” His name came out in a husky whisper, the sound so foreign to her that at first she thought another woman was in the room. Growling, she looked around, wanting to rip the woman apart. It took a moment for her lust-swathed brain to realize it was only them. Relief swept through her. She sat back, slumping against her chair before it occurred to her that something was wrong.
Narrowing her eyes at him, she asked him, “What’d you do to me?”
Blaise cupped her cheek. The warmth of his flesh sent an electric jolt through her. She arched her back and moaned as pleasure slammed into her like a wave against the shore.
“That. I wasn’t shielding you against my powers.” He gave her a sheepish smile. “I will tone it down. I promise.”
Panting, Casey tried to stir up some ire but found nothing beyond need. It scratched in her belly, beat along her skin like a heartbeat. Her panties were soaked, and her pussy ached to be filled. Every cell in her body felt alive, as if filled by white light.
“Damn you. You planned this.” It was a useless accusation. Blaise hadn’t known she was on her way to the compound. This was a moment of convenience, not some elaborate demon trap. The logic didn’t help her. She was still tied to a chair and still lacking her Hellhound power to break free of the knots. She was as close to human as she could be.
“If I had, I would be even richer than I am now. No, I took advantage of the storm. You and I will do the rest.” He gave her a seductive smile and rose to his full height.
Casey watched, fascinated at the smooth slide of muscle under skin, of flesh rippling in place. By the gods, he’s gorgeous. She couldn’t deny that but wouldn’t admit it out loud. He wasn’t too muscular, with thick shoulders, a broad chest and tightly ridged abdomen. His legs were long. The jeans couldn’t hide how muscular his thighs were. His skin was golden, as if kissed lightly by the sun. Not a tan line to be seen.
The firestorm within increased as she imagined Blaise lying nude on a towel and allowing the sun to warm him, turning his smooth, pale flesh into gold. He looked so relaxed in her little daydream. It made her want to join him, curl her body around his and enjoy the moment, to savor his warmth and the nearness of him. She wanted to nibble a path down the center of his chest, trace her tongue along the dips and peaks of his abdomen and tease his navel before moving farther down.
Her breath caught in her throat. Dizziness assaulted her. Casey could almost imagine his cock — long, thick steel covered in velvet. A wide, flared head with just a droplet of temptation on the tip waiting for a taste. A crack of lightning brought her out of her daydream. Horrified at where her thoughts were going, she tried to shove them away but they wouldn’t go. Another crack of lightning shook her out of her reverie but the warmth lingered.
“Where were you just now? Your eyes turned to liquid black, and your desire increased.” His head was cocked to the side. A smirk hung on his lips, making her want to not answer him.
“Let me go.” It was a futile command. If Blaise did release her, there was nowhere she could go she would feel safe. And she had no clue what she would do to him to punish him for breaking her trust. The thought of not seeing him again disturbed her, damping some of the need and heat rolling through her. She couldn’t understand what it was about him that fascinated her, made her thoughts drift to him when she was in the throes of passion when using her fingers or vibrator to relieve some of the arousal after a job.
Better not think of that. She refocused on the situation. “Why have you done this? Is it money you want?” Casey didn’t buy for a second that this was about attraction. He was a gorgeous demon, extremely rich and powerful. Blaise had adapted quite well to living in the human world, whereas most of their kind still used their old tactics to get by. Some didn’t even bother to hide the horns or tail. She looked Blaise over — not a horn or tail or red skin in sight. That didn’t mean he didn’t have any.
“Stop trying to make this about anything other than desire. I want you and you want me.” He disappeared from sight.
Casey growled. “Get back here.”
Laughter floated around her. “Find me, and maybe I’ll let you have control at least once. We’re playing my game now, sweet. Relax and enjoy it. Trust me.”
Casey jerked her hands and tried to get up off the chair. Nausea swirled in her stomach. She wasn’t sure whether to throw up, be outraged or sit back and relax. Trusting him was difficult. Nothing about the situation put her at ease. She doubted she could enjoy it as he’d suggested. If she were free and there was a bounty on his head, she wouldn’t have hesitated at taking him in. Now she didn’t know what to do with him.
Staying under his roof had always been a risk. Blaise wasn’t the most trustworthy of allies. He’d betrayed her trust now, but she didn’t feel she was in danger. Not yet, anyway. She blew out a breath. What to do? What to do? I can’t escape without the help of my Hellhound. Besides that, the road and bridge are washed out. Let’s see what he’s got planned. He’d let me say no, right? “What do you want with me?”
“I told you. I want you, and I want you to admit you want me too.” Blaise came out of the darkness like the demon he was. The golden light painted shadows against his skin, and his eyes seemed to glow with some unearthly energy. Tiny pinpricks of desire burst along her skin. The sensations weren’t unpleasant. It was just a tease of what he could do. That much she knew. Hellhounds couldn’t seduce — not unless they wanted to. They were bred for the Hunt, for the fight, for war. All Hellhounds could battle in some way or other.
Casey rolled her eyes. “Yes, you did. Attraction. Uh-huh. Why didn’t you just say you wanted to get laid?”
Blaise crouched down, a move of grace and elegance that she could only hope to mimic. “Not just sex. This isn’t about a momentary coming together. Let’s not make it that way. You and I, we’re not as shallow as that, and I wouldn’t pursue you if it was just vanity. If I wanted to get laid, as you put it, I could snap my fingers and several women — and even a few men — would come to my call. Why would I want something so fleeting when I can have you?”
A dark eyebrow rose in question. He confused her. She wasn’t sure why he would want her, much less why he would expend so much effort on her. “How long have you been putting this together? Would you have waited until my next visit to carry out this ridiculous plan, or maybe you’d have tried to sneak onto the compound grounds to kidnap me?”
He smirked. “Give me some credit, will you? I’m a patient man.”
Casey rolled her eyes.
“Fine. Demon, I’m a patient demon. I can wait as long as it takes to get what I want. Besides, the compound is warded against the uninvited.” He lifted his hand and brushed his fingertips against her cheek in a light caress. Shivers of heat swept along her flesh, racing down her neck, arms, her chest, curling around her nipples, sliding along her stomach to glide between her thighs.
A gasp was torn from her throat as she bowed her back. Pleasure shuddered over her in endless waves, slamming into her over and over as she gasped and groaned. Her cunt contracted as fire flooded her body. Whimpers passed through her lips. The sensation passed, and the heat died down to embers. Panting, she looked up at him. Her vision was blurry, and sweat beaded on her brow, upper lip and chest. She wanted more. Needed more.
Her nipples ached for contact, for his touch. Clenching her fists, she prayed he wouldn’t do that again. As pleasurable as it had been, she’d have preferred not to be seduced by demon tricks. “No.”
The single word had him pulling back until he was a few feet away. He might as well have been a few states away. She felt cold without him and hated it.
Licking her lips, she tried again. “No tricks,” she managed to get out in a ragged, torn voice.
Blaise tilted his head, his brows coming together. “What?”
“No tricks. Untie me. Talk to me. This is madness, what you’re doing.” She paused to lick her lips before continuing. “You’ve tied me up, given me no choice, and all for what? To convince me you desire me for more than a mere fling? Show me. Let me loose.” Casey waited, hoping he would do as she asked.
“And you’ll stay?” Conflict showed in his eyes. His thoughts were plain on his face. Blaise didn’t trust her not to run, just like she didn’t trust him at the moment. Or did she? Casey Mae didn’t trust herself at the moment but her instincts said yes, he wouldn’t put her in harm’s way.
“I’ll hear you out,” she promised.
“Fine.” He snapped his fingers and the ropes fell away, knots and all. “Now, what will we do? You’re free, and I’m sure you’ll run.”
“Out in this weather?” She raised an eyebrow and stood. Casey didn’t miss the way he watched her every move, drinking it all in. Maybe his desire is genuine. “Now, what were you going to do to me?”
He gave her a dirty grin. “Fuck you until you couldn’t possibly think of leaving me ever again.” Blaise lifted a shoulder, his grin becoming a filthy smile that spoke of untold debauchery.
“That would be kind of difficult. I am a Hellhound after all, and I have a job to do.” Casey found it amusing that his wants were so simple. At least, he made it sound that way.
He shrugged. “I can share you with your job but no other men. I’m selfish, I admit.”
She laughed. “Who says there is another man or men?”
“A woman of your beauty surely has men trailing after her with their tongues hanging out.” Mischief glittered in his eyes.
Casey decided to play along and looked around her. “Just you and me here, unless they’re hiding out in the rain and mud.”
“Could be.” Blaise moved toward her with predatory grace, smooth, sleek and dangerous.
“Despite the ropes being off, am I still your prisoner?” She wondered if there were more demon tricks awaiting her if she tried to escape.
“You’ll just have to find out, but that’s a tale for another time.” His eyes smoldered with barely restrained heat. “Tell me, Hellhound, what you want to do to me. Tell me all your fantasies and let’s make them come true.”
Blaise caressed her cheek again, trailing his fingers down the column of her throat and laying his hand against her chest. Her heart thudded against her rib cage as it became difficult to breathe. His masculine scent whirled around her. The heat of his palm seeped through the thin fabric of her top, and her skin burned. The fire spread outward, enveloping her, bringing her pleasure once more. A small wave of desire sizzled along her spine as electricity crackled through her, lighting up her nerve endings. Casey couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe. All focus was on him and what he was doing to her.
“Tell me, sweet. Tell me all those dirty little thoughts you’ve had about me, those crystalline moments of pleasure you get from your fingers as you fantasize about my cock inside of you. Whisper every filthy little dream you’ve had, and I’ll make them come true. I promise.”
He sounded so sure of himself, so deliciously confident that he could indeed make her open up and divulge to him. “You’ll have to guess them. I’m not going to tell you anything.”
Blaise’s lips quirked in a small smile before it disappeared. “Fine.” He snapped his fingers. The ropes wound around her wrists again, binding her tightly. She fell forward at the sudden imbalance and loss of control.
“Damn you, Blaise,” she hissed.

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