Blind Devotion by Brannan Black

Blind Devotion by Brannan Black

Blind Devotion

Wolfman Tales, Book 2

by Brannan Black

Changeling Press

[ Futuristic Paranormal Romance, MMF ]

Attacked by vicious rabids, Derek’s life hangs in the balance. Jay fears our rescuers have ulterior motives. Why else would they offer to help? It’s not like we have a choice, not with Derek’s life at stake. Meeting a compound full of lonely women adds a whole new set of problems. And then there’s Frank. He just can’t leave well enough alone. And if he’s not careful, my boys are going to rip him to pieces.

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Chapter One

Laughter and the clang of pots and dishes pulled me into waking. For a few moments, I thought I was at home before the virus, when people still laughed. But these laughs didn’t sound like my family. Memory flooded back as I came fully awake. Beasts. A sly grin stretched across my face. Insatiable sex beasts!

I stretched and felt a delicious symphony of sore muscles and a well-satisfied pussy. I ran a finger gently over one bite-mark, then the other. They hadn’t broken my skin those few days ago when they mated with me but the bruises still hurt if I pressed on them.

Mated. It sounded so oddly romantic. Like married, only more? Mentally I shook myself. That these two hard bodied hotties wanted me for their mate still blew my mind. But did it really mean what I thought? Did they understand what they meant by mate? Sometimes they seemed so young.

“Hungry, Pretty?” Derek called from the kitchen.

I sat up and heard the sudden catch in their breathing. Damn. I pulled the sheet up to cover my nakedness. “Um, any idea where my clothes are?” They’d stripped me on the way to bed last night.

Jay snickered from nearby. “Here, Pretty. Not that we mind seeing you naked but we thought you might like to eat first.”

First? Oh lord, those two had one thing on their minds. Not that I objected. As lovers, they were considerate and skilled. I dressed and headed for the bathroom. My bare feet tangled in something that shouldn’t have been there, but Jay caught me before I hit the ground.

“Whoa, easy, Pretty.” He steadied me.

I took a deep breath and hoped they would understand. “It’s important that nothing be left on the floor or moved out of place. That way I can move around freely without help or hurting myself.” I’d warned them before but experience told me it might take a while until they remembered. I’d dated one guy who I swear would leave stuff around on purpose!

I heard rustling and soft whispers of movement.

“It’s good now. All picked up.” That was Jay again.

“Thank you. Living with a blind person is different.” I hated to remind them but at the same time I needed to be able to move around without help or risk of injury… or embarrassment.

A warm body hugged me from behind. Make that hot, and hard. Derek’s unique sent filled my nose. A familiar warmth sparked inside me.

“Worth every effort for our Pretty.” Derek gave me a kiss on the neck to emphasize his words. He let me go with a light push forward.

As soon as I’d finished in the bathroom, Jay escorted me to the table. They’d raided the storeroom and made a passable stew. For some reason, I’d expected breakfast. Living underground killed any chance I had for keeping track of time. The guys didn’t seem to care. Now mattered, and they ate whatever was to hand whenever they got hungry. So I could be having stew for breakfast.

“You need some fresh meat, Pretty.”

I snickered and licked my lips, getting the appreciative whines I wanted. “Hmm. Raw, hot meat. I’d love some of that.”

They both laughed. “Happy to satisfy your hunger, Mei. Just not for the stew pot!” Jay shot back, the teasing in his voice barely covering the lust.

It was so easy to forget they weren’t quite human anymore.

Someone very tall snatched me up against his hard chest. My yelp of surprise turned into a moan of desire. His lips nibbled along my chin, up my cheek to land butterfly kisses on my eyelids. The heat of his hard cock started a fire low in my belly. My hands caressed around his naked chest and down over his firm and very naked ass.

I heard Jay suck in a breath and felt Derek pressing my hands into Jay. I slipped them around Derek and hugged Jay between us. Jay’s sexy growl vibrated deep inside me. My pussy swelled and moisture pooled.

Hands, two sets, now caressed me. Jay’s longer fingers cupped my ass as Derek stroked whatever he could reach, regardless of whose body. He slid his hand down and worked in between us. I tilted my hips back. Jay’s gasp told me Derek had him firmly by the cock.

“I want to fuck you while you’re inside Mei. God, it would be like having you both at the same time.” He rubbed the broad head of Jay’s cock against my mons. I parted my legs and he slipped it between. Jay flexed his knees while I rose on my toes. I was still too short for this to work.

“Um, let’s move this to the bed.” I tugged softly on Jay’s arms and stepped back. A low growl was my only warning before I was swooped up. Two long, fast strides and he dropped me on the mattress.

Jay’s rougher chest hair tickled me as he kissed up the insides of my thighs. Derek’s weight shifted the bed and he gripped my chin, turning me to his kiss.

I moaned and opened to his probing tongue. He swept inside, laying claim to every bit of my mouth. I sucked on his tongue. He groaned, his body pressed to my side, hard cock thrusting against me.

I gasped, letting Derek go. Jay’s agile tongue swept across my lower lips then he gently sucked one side. I arched and cried out.

Not to be outdone, Derek had taken my breast, suckling my nipple and rolling it with his tongue. Sensations threatened to overwhelm me. My hands clenched into their hair, then at a warning growl, loosened so I could stroke their heads.

Pleasure rolled through me in waves. “Ahhh!” I gasped again, arching into Derek’s mouth then curling my hips and spreading my legs for Jay’s probing tongue.

“Shit, that is so sexy watching you eat her out!” Derek licked a nipple and nipped lightly. His hips rocked insistently against me. Wetness spread from the tip of his cock. Oh, yeah, he was really getting into watching. It just made me hotter.

“Fuck her with your tongue.” Derek’s words were as much demanding growl as speech.

I moaned and rocked onto Jay’s thrusting tongue. Oh God, I could come like this! He curled his tongue, stroking that spot that sent me into orbit. My body tensed.

“God, Derek!” I wanted to howl my frustration along with Jay when Derek pushed him away.

“Soon, Pretty.” I felt shuffling on the bed, my pussy aching and impatient to be satisfied. I heard Jay suck a breath.

“Now Jay, make her come.” Jay’s head dipped back between my thighs. God, how I wished I could see what Derek was doing to make Jay quiver like that. “That’s it Jay, suck her good while I rim your tight ass.”

I moaned, my own tight asshole clenching as I imagined what it would be like.

Jay’s tongue probing my G-spot sent all thought from me. I thrashed, clutching at the sheets. Jay’s whine vibrated on my clit. Pleasure rocketed through me so fast I arched off the bed, convulsing in pleasure.

Jay howled, jerking over me. Hot, wet cum sprayed my thigh and hip. Jay pressed down onto me, whining softly, his big body twitching in the aftermath.

His head lay cradled on my pelvis, his body stiffened, and he braced. Derek groaned deeply. Was he riding Jay? Jay rocked hard a couple of times and then Derek’s howl echoed around the room.

“Like a fucking angel our Derek is when he comes, Mei. God, I love it.” Jay sounded breathless and awed. “I love even more feeling him inside me, so hard, so hot. God, it feels, it feels so…” His words trailed off into a needy whimper.

Oh, wow! That got my motor running again. My pussy clenched, wanting something hard inside me. “Now, Jay, I want your fat, hard cock in me.”

He moaned and I felt the bed shift and dip as he positioned me on a couple of pillows. The fat head of his cock pushed at my entrance. I moaned and thrust up, taking him in. With a deep groan, he sank all the way in, filling me completely.

I rocked my hips, begging him to move.

“Easy, Pretty, hold still a moment.” Jay bent to trail hot kisses up my neck and over to possess my lips.

Jay settled heavier onto me. “Aggghhhh! Shit! That feels amazing.” Jay’s breathless voice sounded in my ear. He braced with his forearms bracketing my head, his fingers twining in my hair.

Slowly, Jay’s hips rocked into mine. His moan became mine as his thick cock rocked deeper, then back. I tilted my hips up, rubbing my clit on his hard body.

“Yeah, unnggn, yeah! So hot, it’s like I’m in both of you! Agggh!” Derek’s breathless cry urged us on.

Jay moaned, dropping his head next to mine, his ragged breath tickling my ear and neck. A hand grabbed mine, pulling it out and pinning it to the bed. I reached for Derek’s hip with the other, feeling the flex of his tight muscles. His thrusts grew wilder, stronger.

I could feel Jay’s cock swelling in me, ready to spill his seed. I clamped down with my pussy. He gasped and howled as he came hard. His shudders rocked me, driving me higher.

Derek’s hand nearly crushed mine as he too, gave in to pleasure. Knowing I did this to them tumbled me over the edge into a freefall of bliss.

I floated back down, my own cries of ecstasy ringing in my ears. Derek still rocked, gently now but each thrust had all of us quivering with aftershocks.

Derek rolled off me, pulling Jay with him. I sucked in a breath, just now realizing they had both been laying full on me. Might explain the swimming feeling in my head.

“Mei? You all right?”

I laughed. “More than all right. Every time I think it can’t get any better, you two find a new way to rock my world.”

Jay grunted a sleepy reply. “Perfect, so damned perfect between…”

Whatever he meant to say faded away. Derek snickered. “I think we wore him out!”

Jay mumbled something that sounded like agreement. The gentle in and out of his breath on my skin suggested he slept.

* * *

Some while later, I unwrapped myself from our pile of intertwined limbs. I really needed to pee and take a shower. After which, I would straighten the kitchen and see what I could find for our next meal. All this great sex worked up an appetite.

As soon as I started digging around in the pantry for food, I heard them stir.

“Hey, let Jay and I go hunt something fresh.”

“Sounds good to me. Have you seen any herbs growing nearby?”

They both snorted but Derek spoke. “Wouldn’t know an herb from a weed, Pretty. But while I hunt, Jay can help you check out around the shed and house. They used to have some gardens. Looks like something bigger in the back. It’s got a fence to keep deer and rabbits out. We’ve found edible things in places like that before.”

I smiled and rummaged for a basket to put any finds into. Fresh food. Sounded like heaven! Life with my young beasts… no, mates! Life with my mates was really getting good.

The sun felt warm on my face even though the breeze still held a hint of chill. Was it morning or evening? “Jay, is the sun rising or setting? What’s it look like?”

“Um, not either one. It’s toward the mountains though.”

I nodded as he guided me toward something. “Tell me where we are going and what you see there.”

For the next hour or so, Jay learned to be my eyes and how to help me figure out how to get around the area without help.

“But, Pretty, you must never come out without us.” Derek’s stern voice startled me.

Bastard! They moved too quietly! “I hate when you sneak up on me like that!”

“It could have been any beast sneaking up on you.” He switched from stern to playful in an instant. “Wha’cha got in your basket there?”

He’d made his point and moved on. I liked that about him. He never stayed angry or held a grudge. At least not with Jay and me.

“This is an old garden and I think some of the last vegetables went to seed. We’ve found carrots and turnips, some lettuce, and over here is the herb garden. There’s thyme, tarragon and sage running rampant.”

He tugged at the basket, sniffing. “So these are herbs? You flavor the food with them, right?” I nodded. “Cool, what goes good with rabbit?”

“Hmm. To start, we dug some decent enough carrots and turnips. Wish we had some onions. The thyme and sage should be good with it. I don’t know if we can just roast the rabbit or if it would be too tough to chew.”

Silence — that usually meant confusion on their part.

“Too tough for me to chew.” I bet they could chew shoe leather into submission.

“Oh, no idea. We only cook it if we have a fire for warmth.”

My stomach churned slightly. Rabbit sushi, yuck. “Well, I need my meat cooked.”

“OK with us. You fix it, we’ll eat it.”

I snickered. It reminded me of Zan as a teenager. Mother swore he’d eat anything and everything. No such thing as leftovers with him around.

A pang of loss hit me in the gut.

“Hey, Pretty, why so sad?” Jay wrapped his arms around me.

“Just remembering my family, that’s all.”

Derek joined in hugging me. Something soft and furry brushed my hand. “Uh, can you clean and skin those?” I wondered if we should save the skins. Like I had any idea how to tan them!

Derek kissed the end of my nose, his soft hair brushing my face. He smelled of sun-warmed skin. And copper… blood. “And uh, wash please.”

They both chuckled, a wicked sly chuckle suggesting they’d love to wash me! I felt heat creep into my cheeks. Still chuckling, Derek moved away.

* * *

The rabbit went in a roasting pan with the carrots and turnips. Oh, for some butter or olive oil, among other things. We puttered around the shed and yard while it cooked.

“This is really good, Mei.” Jay gave my hand a squeeze.

“Um hum, but didn’t go very far.” I heard Derek crunching something and then sucking. Bones and marrow. These two would eat anything. They’d shared the organs I hadn’t wanted to cook, raw. I shuddered slightly. On the other hand, not being picky was a very good survival trait.

“Yeah, next time we should head to the creek or lake, see if we can find some deer.”

I expected Derek to jump on that eagerly. He remained silent and Jay tensed next to me. I reached over and felt the worried lines of his face.

“So, what’s wrong?” No way would they get away with shutting me out. I reached for Derek’s hand. Tension knotted his arm.

“Nothing, Mei.”

“Bullshit. Don’t coddle me because I’m blind. Or are you planning something you don’t want me to know about?” Dear God, don’t let them leave me!

Derek growled at my tone but I was not backing down. I waited.

He sighed. “We haven’t been here long enough to have hunted out all the prey, but even finding two rabbits was harder than it should have been.”


“Didn’t smell any.”

“So what you don’t want to say is there could be other beasts out there.”

“Maybe, or were here recently enough to have hunted the game down. I didn’t find any fresh sign so it’s likely they’ve moved on.”

Uh huh, and why so worried sounding then? Then I remembered, they’d told me they always moved on at the first sign of trouble. Taking me with them would slow them down. I rose and started on the dishes.

“Mei, Pretty, it’s probably nothing. I’m just overcautious is all.” Derek nuzzled my neck.

The ever-perceptive Jay slid his plate toward me. “We aren’t leaving you, Pretty. If we have to go, you go too.”

“Shit, Pretty! Is that what’s worrying you? We’re pack, together always.” Taking the base of my neck and shoulder in his mouth, he gave it a gentle shake.

“OK, OK! I can’t help it sometimes. Everyone I’ve ever cared about has left me one way or another.”

“Not us, Mei. Never.”

Ah, the confidence of youth. It’d still hurt, even if they didn’t leave me by choice.

“Why don’t you relax? We’ll clean up.”

I nodded. Jay jerked me to a stop just as my toe connected with a boot. Frantic cleaning noises followed. I couldn’t help chuckling.

“Good to go, Pretty.” He sounded more than a little contrite.

Smiling, I proceeded to my bookcase to find something to read. It’d been days since I’d read anything. Something racy sounded good…

* * *

Derek slid onto the arm of the chair. “Hey, sexy Mei, wha’cha readin’?”

I smiled wickedly. “A romance novel.” I felt his breath along my neck.

“Smells so damned hot!” His hand stroked up the inside of my thigh.

Oh, yeah, a very hot book. Despite all the great loving they’d given me, I still wanted more. I gasped as his fingers brushed over my crotch. The book fell from my trembling fingers when he reached my breast. He cupped it and using his palm, massaged it. My nipples peaked hard under his hand. He pinched one lightly through my shirt.

Warmth settled on the opposite arm of the chair. Jay nuzzled my neck, cupped my other breast. I gasped and arched into their hands. Tingles of warmth flooded through me to burst into flame in my pussy.

I slid a hand over each one’s naked thigh. I was beginning to think they had something against clothes. Unless they were headed outside, they seemed to prefer naked. Not that I minded in the least.

I stroked in lazy circles, higher and higher up their thighs. Soft cries came from both. As usual, Derek’s voice sounded much more commanding, and Jay’s, filled with yearning. A sharp bark of pleasure came from Jay. Derek hissed as I toyed with their balls.

They released my breasts and pulled my T-shirt over my head. Low growling whines came from both. I gasped and arched into their hands. Pleasure flowed to my pussy, eager for more.

Jay pulled me to my feet while Derek worried my jeans and panties off. They closed around me, much like that first time. I moaned my pleasure as they rubbed me between them. Hard cocks rubbing on my belly and back; chest hair rubbed my aching nipples harder. I reached up, grasped Jay’s neck and pulled him down to kiss me. Derek feathered kisses along my shoulder.

Their thrusts grew frantic, precum slicking their motion. “I want to fuck you, Pretty. Just like this.” Derek moaned in my ear.

Jay lifted me and I wrapped my legs around his waist, not sure what they had in mind. Derek caressed down my back, sliding between my ass cheeks. I tensed. Oh, I wasn’t sure what to make of that.

“Easy, Pretty. Soon I’ll take you there, but not this time.” His fingers slid forward. He moaned as he sunk them in my needy pussy. I gasped and arched my back, begging him to thrust harder, deeper.

Jay’s hands rested under my ass and I gripped around his neck. His hard cock thrust along my belly, leaving a wet streak behind. Our lips met and I moaned into his mouth. Sensations overwhelmed me.

The head of Derek’s cock slipped between my pussy lips. I moaned and rocked back against him. Hot, he was so damned hot! My juices flowed, coating his cock.

I gasped and sucked a kiss tight to Jay’s neck. Derek thrust into me hard, shoving me into Jay. His muscles flexed and he held me firm.

Derek’s sighs and groans sent more need rushing to my pussy.

“Ahhgggh!” Jay rocked his hips in counterpoint to Derek’s thrusts. His thick meaty cock rubbed between us, urgent in its need. I had no hand to spare but he didn’t seem to need it.

Almost as one, Derek howled, pumping his cum into me. Jay tensed and then, in jerking spasms, joined him.

It was too much, their pleasure tipping me over into my own orgasm.

Sex while standing felt amazing. The collapse in a limp pile of satiated bodies shocked me. And then, in the aftermath of such pleasure, I started to laugh. Soon all three of us rolled around trying to untangle our limbs, laughing all the while.

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