Bittersweet by Jenika Snow

A Story of Dominance and Submission, Book 2
by Jenika Snow


eBook ISBN: 1-61034-079-5

When Piper agrees to go on vacation to an exclusive sex resort, she finds it has more surprises than she is ready for. Because what Piper doesn’t realize is that when she agrees to play a submissive for two weeks, it won’t be with only one dominant man, but four.

Chapter One

“There is no way in hell I’m going to a sex resort.” Piper glanced up from the brochure her friend Lucie gave her. She knew disbelief covered her features, and she could hear shock lacing her voice.
“It isn’t a sex resort, per se.” Lucie looked down at her own brochure, excitement clear in her eyes.
“The hell it isn’t. There are naked people on the cover. How did you even find out about a place like this?”
Lucie shook her head and set the pamphlet down. “That doesn’t really matter. Listen, I know this is kind of extreme, but hear me out, okay?” At Piper’s silence, Lucie continued. “We’ve known each other for, what, fifteen years? Have I ever made you do anything you didn’t want to do?”
“Yes, as a matter of fact you have.”
“Okay, okay,” Lucie held her hands in front of her as if in surrender, “that blind date happened to be a fluke. How was I supposed to know he had that crazy fetish?” Lucie leaned back on the couch and sighed. “We need a vacation, Piper. Like a real one.”
“I agree, but to a sex resort?” Piper’s voice held speculation and a hint of irritation.
“Would you quit calling it that! It’s an exclusive resort catering to a woman’s fantasies, and before you go on saying you aren’t that type of person, may I remind you I have known you for more than half your life. I know all about you, including your dirty little secrets.”
Piper felt her face become hot. Lucie and she had been friends since they were thirteen, and although they shared everything, this whole scene was a little beyond the norm. “Even if I agreed to go, there is no way I could get the time off with such short notice.”
“Bullshit. You have been working at that firm since you got out of college and have hardly taken a vacation. If those pompous assholes won’t give you two weeks off, then fuck them.”
“Lucie!” Piper set the pamphlet down, and even though she sounded upset, she couldn’t help the smirk that tilted her lips. “Don’t talk about my bosses that way. They’ve been really great to me.” The law firm that Piper worked in was owned by the Grayson brothers. Just thinking about those four tall and heavily muscled men made her tingly all over. It was completely unprofessional to think of them so blatantly, but completely unavoidable.
“I’m serious. All the years you’ve been working there, you have taken, what? One week off, if that?”
Piper shrugged, hearing the impatience in her friend’s voice. “You just don’t want to go alone.” She knew how Lucie was, wild and reckless with a little bit of kinky thrown in there, but shy.
“No. I couldn’t care less if I went alone, you should know that, but the package is a two-for-one deal for all new female members, and this place looks incredible.”
Piper knew Lucie went to a place such as this, but suspicion threaded through her. “You’ve been here before, haven’t you?” She didn’t miss the pink that started to tinge her friend’s cheeks. “Is this about some man?”
Lucie cleared her throat. “No, I’ve never been there before.” Lucie’s eyes darted around, and Piper knew her friend was hiding something. “Okay, so when I went to visit my parents last year, I met this wonderful man, and well, one thing led to another if you know what I mean.”
Piper could only imagine. “So what? He’s going to be at this place?”
“We’ve been talking for the past year, haven’t seen each other but for that one weekend, but we decided to go to this resort. He apparently has been there before. He’s actually the one who told me about it.”
“Hold up.” Piper raised her hand to stop Lucie from continuing.
“If you want to go with this man and spend some ‘quality time’ with him, why on earth would I tag along?”
Lucie was silent for a moment. “It isn’t like you’d be hanging out with us or anything. We wouldn’t even be really seeing each other.” Lucie played with the hem on her shirt, and Piper saw anxiousness in her face.
“What’s up? You’re acting all fidgety and weird.”
“It’s nothing.” Lucie glanced up and smiled, but Piper could clearly see how forced it was. “All I’m asking is that you think about it. Look over the pamphlet, see what they have to offer.”
Piper hesitated before she spoke, “When do I have to let you know by?”
“They only have those two spots left, and if I want to hold them, I have to let them know by Monday.”
“That’s only four days away! Even if I agree to go, how am I supposed to get those two weeks off? We would be going next month, right?”
Lucie nodded. “Just think about it. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” Lucie stood and grabbed her purse. “I have to go, but I’ll call you tomorrow, okay?”
Piper nodded but didn’t move from her seat. When her front door closed, she picked up the pamphlet again and looked at the cover. Several nude and beautiful bodies graced the front cover. The ocean and setting sun were the backdrop, and every single person had a grin on their face.
“Bre’zail Resort,” she read the name aloud and flipped the brochure open. There was a list of the “normal” things someone could do, such as swimming, hiking along the tropical terrain, or even scuba diving. All of those activities sounded wonderful, but of course those things weren’t what held her attention or made her hesitant in going.
She scanned the next page which showcased all of the “adult” amenities which were offered. The resort was catered to fantasies, both mild and extreme. Her eyebrows rose as she read. Bondage, domination, submission, and even fetishes were amongst the many scenes that were offered. As she continued to read, she couldn’t help the flush running through her. Reading about letting a man control her, pleasure her with his possessiveness and dominating demeanor, had her so hot she thought she’d burst.
That was one of her dirty little secrets, or so Lucie had called them. She had never told anyone as much, but when she got drunk one night with Lucie, years ago, she had spilled the beans, so to speak. It had been awkward and humiliating to say the least, but then Lucie had revealed her own secrets, and Piper didn’t feel as embarrassed about the whole thing. She was a closet sub. Not anything extreme, but the very thought of a man taking control, telling her what he wanted and what he wanted her to do, made her so aroused she could scream.
Of course, she would never act upon her fantasies because, well, that is what they were, just a fantasy. As she continued to look at the pamphlet, she couldn’t help the excitement she felt. It truly did sound like an experience of a lifetime, but it was a daring one. It isn’t like you would even see anyone you knew. The place is on a freakin’ island. She set the pamphlet down.
Feeling resolve run through her, Piper decided she wouldn’t make up her mind until she was sure she could take the time off. Just thinking about asking the Grayson brothers anything caused fear and trepidation to wash through her. They were a fearsome bunch, and just thinking about them made her pussy clench with the need to be filled.

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