Silky’s Master by Kate Hill

Silky's Master by Kate HillSilky’s Master
Alpha Delicious, Book 2
by Kate Hill

Changeling Press

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60521-115-2

Undercover in the royal palace of Amazurn, Silky, a reporter, tries to gather evidence of abuse suffered by Princess Voluptia’s harem boys and meets the former gladiator Shawn-Dan Dawn. When the Princess abducts the Queen’s lover, Silky risks arrest to free Shawn and expose the secret harem.

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Chapter One

“This is a big day for you, Pearlann,” Princess Voluptia said with her usual condescending smile. The woman’s slanted blue eyes narrowed in her plump face and she swept a tendril of curly gold hair from her brow. “You’ve proven yourself a woman of similar tastes to my own. Over the past months I’ve enjoyed your company immensely.”
“I’m glad,” Silky replied. She had grown so accustomed to her alias that responding to it felt natural. Like the princess, she wore a satin robe, belted loosely at her waist, and high-heeled sandals. Dressed for leisure, they made their way down a hidden corridor beneath the princess’ chamber in the palace located at the Amazurnian capital. “When we met at the auction, I knew we’d be friends.”
The secret and illegal slave auction had disgusted Silky, as did her “friendship” to the princess, but it had gotten her entrance to the royal harem. Though men had far fewer rights than women on Amazurn, actual slavery had been outlawed. Other than the underground auctions, men could no longer be bought and sold. Some argued that those who worked in the legal pleasure houses or signed into the harems of wealthy women were no better than slaves. Others argued that since they kept the profits, their prostitution was not slavery, but a career.
For many men, working in a pleasure house or joining a harem offered more benefits than other careers. A successful prostitute or harem boy had wealth and security. Many handsome young men aspired to be selected for one of the royal harems. Queen Pussyanna had a vast harem and was known for her kindness. Her daughters, Voluptia, Marka and Rosetip, also had harems, though Voluptia hadn’t inherited her mother’s generous nature. Still her harem boys appeared to live in the lap of luxury, well-treated and protected.
However Silky had reason to believe life in Voluptia’s harem was not as pleasant as everyone thought. Since arriving months ago, she had not seen any serious abuse — some verbal scolding every now and then, but nothing alarming. Yet she knew in her heart something was wrong in the palace.
Surely if Voluptia harmed her men, she wouldn’t do so publicly. Queen Pussyanna, with her stance on abuse of servants, wouldn’t allow it. No, if the princess mistreated her men, or worse, she did so in private. Silky intended to uncover that dark, dirty secret, which explained why she had pursued a friendship with the princess under an assumed name.
“This is strange,” Silky remarked as they made their way down a long, twisting staircase. Light from the princess’ lantern danced on the brick walls and other than the click of their sandals on the stone floor, not a sound could be heard. “Why isn’t there an elevator?”
“Ages ago, when the palace was built, this was the old security section. Later it was moved and this staircase sealed off. The dungeon beneath is no longer used, thanks to modern prisons. I discovered it about ten years ago and paid very well for workers to come here in secret and turn the old dungeon into my private sanctuary. No one, not even my mother, knows about it.”
“Surely the workers and palace security –”
“Were paid well for their silence.” Voluptia smiled wickedly. “Besides, not everyone agrees with my mother’s indulgence toward male servants. Some members of security are my closest friends and enjoy this sanctuary as much as I do. At least here the ways of old Amazurn are preserved.”
When they reached the bottom of the stairs, they turned down a corridor illuminated by wall lights. Voluptia turned off her lantern and hung it on a hook. At that moment, a tall, redheaded woman with powerfully muscled arms exposed in a purple uniform vest stepped into the corridor and approached. She wore black trousers and boots and carried a stun pistol.
“Captain Ironess, this is my friend, Pearlann. She’s been living off world for the past twenty years but has returned with a longing for old Amazurn, if you understand.”
“Oh yes, Your Highness, I understand. She won’t be disappointed here.”
“Lead on,” the princess ordered and the captain bowed her head and guided them down another corridor.
They paused near a heavy wooden door reinforced by steel. Using an old-fashioned iron key, she unlocked the door and pushed it open. Two guards, dressed in black vests and trousers and also carrying stun pistols, blocked their entrance. At a motion from their captain, the women stepped aside and bowed deeply as the princess and Silky entered.
At first glance, this harem appeared no different than the ones upstairs. Several small rooms, once prison cells, some still retaining their iron bars, surrounded a large central room. Rugs and enormous pillows covered the floors. Lush couches and chairs were scattered randomly and each of the small cells contained a bed covered in silk or satin sheets. The scent of cologne filled the room.
If the harem boys upstairs had been beautiful, the men who lounged and mingled in this harem were exquisite. From the slenderest, sweetest-faced youth to the most strapping, ruggedly handsome hunk, they were pure male perfection.
A hulking blond wearing nothing but snug blue trousers clapped his hands and all the men rushed to the center of the room and dropped to their knees, their heads bowed before the princess.
All the men but one.
A tall, lean-muscled man with piercing gray eyes, a hawkish face and thick black hair tied in a tail down his back stood behind the bars of a cell. He looked defiantly at the princess. She curled her lip, waved her hand to the others who dispersed and approached the cell.
“Pearlann, come with me.”
Silky followed, though her full attention fixed on the man. She could scarcely believe her eyes. Could it possibly be?
“Like a breeder who keeps an unruly but supremely beautiful horse solely for her own perverse pleasure, I keep Shawn-Dan Dawn.”
A jolt of shock shot through Silky. This was Shawn-Dan Dawn, the man who, two years ago, had won the queen’s gladiatorial challenge in the single fighters division. He had accepted her personal invitation to fight against some of the greatest male warriors on Amazurn. Such warriors lived on the Alpha Islands, where dominant males were banished to prevent them from wreaking havoc on society. Though the men on the islands basically ruled themselves, they were prisoners there, not allowed to leave the islands or travel off planet. The winners of the queen’s gladiatorial challenge were given a large sum of money as well as the freedom to leave Amazurn.
Since Shawn-Dan Dawn’s win, Silky, like the rest of the world, believed he had left the island, never to be heard from again. Rumor had it he had fled the galaxy, having despised his exile on Alpha Island East and wishing to be as far from Amazurn as possible.
While some men enjoyed their lives on the Alpha Islands, others considered themselves little more than slaves and wished to leave. Shawn-Dan “The Master” Dawn, as he had been called in the arena, often made public his loathing for Amazurn tradition regarding men.
How then had he landed here, a slave in every sense of the word? Men who entered harems did so of their own free will. They signed legal documents stating that they wished to serve their mistresses. Perhaps the men in this dungeon hadn’t agreed to anything. What if they had been taken against their will?
Silky’s gaze met Shawn’s. In her business she’d seen many horrors. She’d met saints and sinners, missionaries and cold-blooded killers, but never had she seen such an expression of hatred and revulsion as in this man’s eyes.
“Magnificent, isn’t he?” Voluptia continued. She reached out a fingertip to touch Shawn’s chiseled lips and he stepped back in disgust. The princess sighed. “Not trainable, however. One would think a former gladiator of his quality would be quite trainable.”
“If I remember him from news interviews, he doesn’t like taking orders,” Silky replied softly. Seeing this once proud athlete behind bars disturbed her. Though she didn’t agree with some of the rules of male gladiatorial sports, part of her had been compelled to watch the magnificent fighters. Shawn had been among her favorites. He had been like a tornado in the ring — powerful, skilled and darkly beautiful. Proud with a fiery personality, he had been the ultimate gladiator. She’d been in the audience the day he had won the queen’s challenge and supposedly secured his freedom. When he’d stood in the arena, his fist raised in victory, his powerful chest heaving and his magnificent body gleaming with sweat and blood, she’d experienced a rush of overwhelming joy for him. Though she had never met the man in person, she had followed his career and knew how much freedom meant to him.
Now to learn it had all been taken away —
“Is something wrong?” the princess asked. “Pearlann?”
“I just… I was a gladiatorial fan and I never imagined being this close to him, that’s all,” she replied, trying to conceal her horror at his situation by slipping into the role of fan girl. It wasn’t difficult, especially considering Shawn had once been her most notable celebrity crush. Now he no longer seemed untouchable. Obviously he was just a man like so many others on Amazurn — under the control of a power-hungry woman.
“Yes he was marvelous in the arena, wasn’t he? Unfortunately he’s not so marvelous anywhere else. Yet he is quite handsome. Pleasing to the eye and when restrained and gentled, pleasing to touch. Would you like to touch him?”
“I don’t know,” Silky replied coolly. By the look of rage in his eyes, he didn’t want to be touched. Still she couldn’t back off now. If Voluptia questioned her intentions, it would blow her cover and her fate would be as ugly as the fate of these poor bastards trapped in the princess’ dungeon. “He looks dangerous. He’s not a typical Amazurnian male. Alphas are –”
“The most fun to tease. Captain, see that Shawn is secured in the petting zoo. In the meantime, I’ll show Pearlann around.”
“Yes, Your Highness,” said the captain.
Beckoning Silky with her finger, Voluptia said, “Come. There’s much to see down here in my world.”
They walked through the harem. Each man dropped to his knees as the women passed.
In the corridor, Silky followed the princess. “Does your mother know about this?”
Pausing, the princess raised her eyes to the heavens. Placing a bejeweled hand to her full breasts, she said, “My mother? The Queen of Bleeding Hearts? She gives her men far too much freedom. You should see how she dotes on her servant, Satin Hood, the world’s oldest harem boy. It’s disgusting.”
“He’s been with her quite a long time, hasn’t he?”
“Men should be discarded once they reach a certain age. The young, handsome ones are the easiest to keep. Some middle aged ones are still beautiful, but they begin to lose certain abilities, if you get my meaning.”
Silky grinned. “Isn’t that what drugs are for?”
Now that she’d recovered from the initial shock of finding Shawn, she fell back into her role of rich, sleazy mistress.
“Ah.” The princes smiled. “Are you simply good at guesses or have you suspected my little tricks all along?”
“Having gotten to know you so well, I suspected.”
“There’s much for you to experience down here, much for you to learn. But not all in one day. Let’s take it one step at a time so you can fully enjoy this sanctuary.”
The princess continued down the corridor. She showed Silky her spacious suite, as luxurious as her chamber in the upper palace. They visited the kitchen where servants prepared delicious, healthy foods to keep the harem boys strong and the princess satisfied. Voluptia took her on a tour of the gym where still more gorgeous males used cardio machines and free weights to tone their perfect bodies.
Partway through the tour, the princess received a call from the captain on her wrist communicator. They turned around and headed toward the other end of the corridor.
“The section we visited is for everyday living,” explained the princess. “The section we’re about to see now is for pleasure — the darkest, fiercest pleasure on Amazurn.”

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