Two Minute Orgasm by La Marchesa

Two Minute Orgasm
by La Marchesa

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Answering a bizarre newspaper ad at a research clinic, Janine Taylor’s life is turned topsy-turvy when she agrees to be a test subject for a study on extending the length of orgasms for women. Caught in a debauched world of sexual nirvana, Janine, soon becomes their star pupil.

Chapter One

Day One
It was a beautiful spring day in sometimes smoggy Pasadena, so I suggested to my co-worker and friend, Anne, we eat lunch outside, in the hospital courtyard.
Sitting at an umbrella covered table, Anne perused a Los Angeles Times which someone had left at the table. Suddenly, Anne, exclaimed, “Wow, look at this, Janine,” pointing to an ad in the morning Los Angeles Times. “They’re looking for female subjects for research on extending…are you ready for this…orgasms.”
My arm shot out. “Let me see that?”
As Anne slid the paper to me, I set my iced tea down and scanned the ad.
Test subjects for research on the extension of orgasms. Females between eighteen and forty. Mustn’t be shy, sexual experience a must. First come, first served. Apply Sanoma College Medical Research Dept.
714 – 555 – 6996
A tinge of excitement coursed through me. Test subject for sexual research—for orgasms, no less. This was something I needed to look into.
I handed the paper back, stood, picked up my cafeteria tray and said, “Thanks Anne.”
Anne looked up in surprise. Where are you going? Aren’t you going to finish your lunch?”
“I’m going to check this out. Besides, I don’t need the extra calories.”
After depositing my tray in the cafeteria, I found a secluded spot, dug my phone out of my purse and punched in the number in the ad.
After explaining to the receptionist what I was calling about, I was switched to…
“This is Doctor McDonald, may I help you?”
I was taken aback at first by the man’s deep sensual voice, but I cleared my throat and answered, “I hope so. I called about your ad.”
“Yes, we had three vacancies and two are filled. If you want to see about the last spot, I suggest you apply before four p.m. today.”
“I’ll be there. Where are you located?”
“We’re in Burbank, near the Bob Hope Airport. Do you have a computer handy?”
“Yes, why?
“I’ll email you directions.”
As I entered, a pleasant looking middle aged lady glanced up from her desk. “May I help you?”
I smiled before answering, “Yes, thank you. I’m Janine Taylor, I called earlier about opening for a test subject.”
She looked me up and down and asked, “For orgasms?”
I nodded. “Yes.”
Her lips tightened and she shook her head slowly. “I’m sorry, that opening’s been filled, but we may have openings in other study groups. Please fill this out and I’ll have Dr. Charles interview you when you’re finished.”
“But there was one spot left when I spoke with Dr. MacDonald not even an hour ago.”
“I know. Orgasms go so fast. She handed me a clip board with a form attached. “But if you fill out the questionnaire they may want you for some of the other studies.”
“Like what?”
“I’m sorry, I’m not at liberty to discuss that, but be assured there’re all kinds of sexual research going on.” Once again she scanned my figure. “What’s more the turnover is fast, so if you fill out the paperwork you could get called for the orgasm program in case of a drop out.”
Taking the clipboard, I found a seat and perused the first sheet. Hmm. No big deal. I clicked the pen and filled in the spaces. When I finished the general information on the first sheet, I flipped that sheet over prepared to fill in the second sheet. However, these questions shocked me. Sexual orientation, how many partners have you had, have you had sex with multiple partners, have you had same sex liaisons, have you had STD? The list went on and on. “Boy these are sure personal questions,” I said to myself. At least I thought I said them to myself.
“They have to be,” a sexy male voice responded.
Looking up, I beheld a devilish smile on a handsome sandy haired, blue-eyed man wearing a white physician’s smock. He offered his hand. “Hi, I’m Doctor Evan Charles, but everyone calls me Charlie.”
I must have thought aloud, because he sure knew what I’d been thinking. I smiled and shook his hand. “I’m Janine Taylor. I came in to apply for the orgasm research, only to find out it’s been filled.”
Holding his hands out to the side as if to indicate, It couldn’t be helped, a sound of frustration emitted from his mouth. “Ah, yes. I’m sorry about that. I accepted the third applicant not ten minutes ago. Orgasms go fast. I’ll tell you what. I have some time. Why don’t you come into my office and I’ll help you fill that out. See where we can fit you in.”
I nodded agreement and rose.
“Here let me have that.” He took the clipboard and led me through an obscure glass door and down a hall. He stopped at the sixth office on the right and directed me in. “Have a seat. Can I get you anything to drink—water, soft drink, anything?”
I shook my head and took a seat. He walked around his desk and sat. “Okay, sheet two. What’s your orientation?
That flustered me, not so much for that question, but some of the other questions on the list. I shrugged. “Straight, normal…hetero. Is that what they say?”
He looked up and smiled. “They were all fine. Please don’t worry about the questions. We don’t judge you. There are all kinds of people in the world. We don’t think about what you say, we only write it down. Now, how many partners have you had?”
I felt a flush course through me as if my answer was excessive. “Five.”
He looked up again. “Hmm, not that active. How long are your climaxes?”
“The only climaxes I’ve had were self-induced.”
He cocked his head and teased me with a sweet smile. “All right. How long were they?”
I shrugged. “I don’t know. I forgot to set my egg timer.”
He chuckled. “Funny. Take a guess?”
“A minute.”
He shook his head. “I’ll save that one until later.”
“Have you ever had sex with two or more partners at the same time?”
“Ha-ha.” I tittered nervously. “No. Definitely, no!”
“Not interested, huh! Have you had any sexually transmitted diseases?”
“From what stimulation do you receive the strongest climaxes?”
“I told you. The only orgasms I’ve had were self-in—”
“From masturbation. I know.” Dr. Charles pursed his lips. “Ms Taylor. You do us no good if you cannot have an interactive orgasm. I would like to take you into an exam room and see if we can use you.”
“What are you going to do?”
“With your permission, I’m going to stimulate you to orgasm using my fingers.”
I shivered as a chill ran through me. I crossed my arms under my breasts. “That seems a little drastic, don’t you think?”
He stared at me blankly. “Ms Taylor. May I call you Janine?”
“Good, Janine. You are applying to be a test subject for sexual research. If you were to be accepted, we would be doing the same things and more. If you really want to be in our program, ability to climax is requisite. That is why I’m willing to make sure you would are a viable test subject. I will attempt to make you come with my fingers. Failing that I will use my fingers and tongue.”
I fidgeted in my seat as the concept of this handsome doctor playing doctor with me sunk in. “And if that fails?”
“I hope not to get into the advanced techniques so soon. Are you onboard?”
What have I gotten myself into? Despite the fact my pussy was heating up like a flame thrower, I demurred. “I don’t know. This is all so sudden, and it will be so embarrassing.”
He smiled and took my hand. “I know. That is why the ad says you mustn’t be shy. Let me make a suggestion. Go home and think about it overnight. If you decide it’s something you can and must do, call the receptionist and make an appointment with me. I’ll work you in.”
Did he wink? I think he winked.

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