How To Update

eBook Authors – Did your book go to print?

Print Authors – Did your book go to ebook? (Hey, sometimes it happens in the reverse.)

I’m more than happy to update your entry with this new information. The same rules as before apply. The book must be released in the new format before I will link to it. No pre-order links.

What To Do (pretty simple):

  1.  Email me at zenobiarenquistATgmailDOTcom, subject line “Update – Book Title by Author”.
  2. Include in the email body the title of the book (yes again), the new ISBN to be added, and the new buy link.

That’s it. 😀

For those who want to add sub-genres to your entry after the fact, use the same email and subject line as listed above. In the body of the email, include the book title and the sub-genres you want added.